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I batted my eyes and slowly became aware of my consciousness. Just barely awake, realizing I slept on the couch. As I lay there, I started to feel the cool leather underneath me. I take a deep breath and let my belly fill with air. I turn over to face the middle of the room.

At first I did not register who was in my living room in front of me. I rubbed my eyes and lifted my head up lightly. Squinting, and disoriented, I make the connection that my best friend in the whole world laying below me. Jax.

Of course it was Jax. The memories of last night come coursing back. He was peacefully sleeping on his back under a thin top sheet.

I remember texting him, shortly before I must have blacked out.


I wonder what state I was in when he got here.

I look down at my body. I feel nothing amiss. No condoms around. We’ve never even kissed before. But he’s never stayed over either.

I recently had a bad breakup with a man that had no business breaking hearts.

Jax has been there for me the whole time. I’ve never felt safer and more cared for than in the last 2 months.

As I lay pressed against the sofa I find myself entranced looking at his body. The sun gleaming off the golden hairs on his chest. The way his lips are slightly curled up and brow furled. I wonder what he could be dreaming about.

His shoulders and traps look so perfect and his soft snore put me at ease.

I feel a pull in my tummy suddenly.

Jax shifts slightly putting one leg slightly creased

and then reaching down to his….

He quickly adjusted Side Escort it which set off a chain reaction underneath the top sheet.

My mouth gaped. ‘No freaking way.’ I thought.

The astonishing tent appeared. Offsetting his otherwise flat position as he now laid still.

There IT was and there HE was. Feet away from me.

Now insanely turned on I had to pet my kitty a few times to keep at bay. ‘I couldn’t do this to him? Could I?’

I wanted to slither off the couch. Crouch right next to his hips, slide off the top sheet from his mid section and gently cup my hands on his package.

I wanted to feel from the base of his cock and the ripple of the skin on his balls up to his perfectly domed cock head. I wanted to knead and wiggle the base and to feel what he has been working with.

I suddenly felt insanely jealous that his cock had been in so many other holes but not mine. Have I been that naive to deny Jax my body as well?

Is that all guy friends want? No, surely not. Just my exes.

Jax was possibly the best, kindest, most patient man I knew.

It is only now that I am able to look at him and see what I had been missing..

Of course he came to save me from myself last night! I was in a bad way. But right now I needed no more convincing. It was so clear to me that this man was in for more than my friendship and I’d been so oblivious.

I had never been so turned on and curious as to how he would react.

I started to act on my imagination. Sliding off the couch and getting dangerously close to his warmth.

I Side Escort Bayan studied him further at this angle, seeing him breathe in and out normally.

I slipped my hand under the sheet and along his lower belly. Tracing my fingers along his V cut lines. I decided I could no longer put off kissing him. I pushed off his belly slightly and leaned up to kiss his lips with a peck. It felt like we had done that a million times before. It felt so natural. Like even though he was asleep our bodies knew each other. His sleepy mouth kissed me back.

I shuffled back down to his hips and flipped up the cover. Delighted to see one less layer I slid my hand into his boxers and rubbed around the droplet precum that had started to leak out already.

Being stiflingly aware that my own thong and booty shorts were slipping out of position, sliding further in-between my lips. I then dipped my head down and lapped my tongue along the cloth covering his cock.

His breathing had noticeably shallowed in his slumber by this time. I coated the fabric in saliva.

My free hand started to file around for the hole in his boxers and the other finally poked the pink rock hard pole out of it. “Oh my god it was perfect!”

Being careful to not over stimulate him I focused my mouth around the sides and avoided the top. Gently sucking the skin and blowing warm air on it.

I heard him start to moan slightly. His hips finding a slight writhe to them.

I went up for another peck, eagerly taunting his “gentle awakening.” Then I found myself trapped in his Escort Side embrace. He hugged me at his side and kept his hips rocking. I looked up at his complexion and sleepy grin on his face and knew this felt right.

It was so, so, so sexy to see his unfiltered pleasure in this state.

My shirt had ridden up and we were fully skin to skin. I was in bliss.

Reveling in this moment I continued to reach my hand down and pump on his cock slowly then with increased speed.

Jax flitted his eyes open and immediately moaned my name. With some surprise and excitement we made eye contact. The biggest sly smile eventually draped across his whole face. It was a look I knew only I could give him.

I was now even more happy he was awake.

He pulled me up to passionately kiss me like I’d never been kissed before.

In the heat of the makeout I began to wiggle against the fabric straining against my pussy. My hand was now coating his cock in his own juice. I slipped out of my skimpy shorts and thong.

He brushed my hand away and pulled his cock out of the waist band of his boxers and tucked his balls out so they were keeping the band from riding up.

With his strong hands he pulled me on top of him and I knelt hovering above his thick, sopping, meat rod. We longingly studied each other’s naked bodies for what felt like a millennia. My pussy juices are dripping. I tremble. We both are breathing in sync. Staring at each other in such desire. No words are said.

He looks down and takes one slip off his cock along my slit to find the entrance. I slowly, achingly slide down the entire length never breaking our eyes.

I feel him pump up into me only once and I absolutely collapse on top of him tensing and combining and mixing our sex inside of me. This was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32