Two Thighs Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 And Still More Benefits

Temporarily exhausted and still nude, the two couples retired to the living room, bringing towels with them to put on the sofas before they sat on them. Without any one saying anything, Nora joined Gerald on one sofa while Aiko sat with Ryan on the other sofa.

For several minutes, they quietly basked in the fading after-glow of sexual satisfaction. In those minutes, the two couples were silent, each spouse not quite sure what to say or do next. Some gobs of cum were dripping out of the women’s pussies onto the towels that they were sitting on. The women used tissues to clean up.

Aiko decided that she had better take the initiative even though she was then guest rat her than the host. “Let’s take a break,” Aiko suggested.

Good idea,” Nora agreed, we’ve got some snacks and I’m a little hungry now.”

“I hope you’ll be hungry later too,” Gerald said smirking.

“Oh please, Gerald, Aiko groaned, “can’t you keep mind off sex for just a few minutes?”

Gerald shrugged his shoulders. “Nope, can you?”

“Nope,” she replied laughing.

The two couples went to the kitchen to eat and drink.

After chatting about ordinary things for a while Aiko finally asked, “Do you have any doubt now that swinging is fun?” she asked.

“No,” Nora replied honestly, “as matter of fact our sex life has actually started to improve since that weekend at the cottage and then added quickly, “although it was pretty good already.”

Ryan nodded his agreement.

* * *

After finishing their food and drinks, the four of them took seats in the living room.

Gerald then popped a question. “Do you two think you two would be interested in joining our swinging group at some point?”

Hesitating, Ryan replied, “Nora and I will have to talk about it first. We’ve just taken a big step just with you already. Now you are asking us to take another even bigger step. At least we know you but your swinging friends are total strangers.”

“Don’t push them so hard, honey, all in good time,” Aiko urged.

In his own mind, Ryan wanted to give Aiko a positive answer. In fact, he was all for it. He had enjoyed watching his wife give herself to another man. He had also enjoyed taking another man’s wife for his own personal pleasure. Plunging a different pussy was a thrill all by itself.

Although he had not met Aiko and Gerald’s swinging friends, he surmised, knowing his neighbours’ attitudes and personalities, that their swinging friends would likely be compatible with them as well. Of course, the only way to find out for sure was to actually meet them.

His main concern was his wife. Although Nora seemed to have overcome her initial shyness, her new openness to swinging with Aiko and Gerald did not necessarily translate into a willingness to swing with other people, especially people they had never met. He was afraid that, if he pushed too hard, he would only succeed in turning her off to expanding their swing horizons. To be safe and to be fair to her, he did not want to commit himself without consulting her first.

If Ryan had learned anything at all from their swinging friends, Aiko and Gerald, whatever he and Nora did as a couple always had to be voluntary and mutually consensual. The rules that applied to one had to apply to the other.

“How many couples are in this group?” Ryan asked, deciding that he should ask for more information about their swinging group.

“Four including us,” Gerald replied. “We met two couples on a cruise. We recruited the other couple who came from India. The husband is on assignment here from a company based in Bombay.”

“You’ll really like them, I think,” Aiko added. “They are all very nice people.”

Aiko and Gerald then described the other three couples in their group as accurately as they could and recounted the stories of how they met them.

“If you like,” Aiko suggested, “we could introduce them to you one couple at a time, just socially.”

Nora and Ryan exchanged glances.

“Again,” Ryan said noncommittally, “we’ll have to talk about that.”

After about a half-hour of chatting, the two couples went to the living room, each couple sitting with their own spouse.

Gerald, who was sitting with Aiko on a sofa, took the initiative. “I’m in the mood for another round,” he proclaimed. “Come here,” he said addressing Nora.

She glanced briefly at Ryan to see what his reaction might be. Seeing no objection, she smiled broadly. “Sure,” she agreed and walked over to Gerald.

Almost simultaneously, Aiko got off the sofa to make room for Nora and took her place next to Ryan on the couch. “Let’s watch them for a little while,” she suggested to her lover. Aiko knew that Ryan a voyeuristic streak and needed to have the spectacle of his wife having sex with another to re-energize his flaccid cock.

As Nora was about to sit down beside him, Gerald told her, “I want you to sit on my lap facing me.”

As she approached, he said, “Put your knees next hd porno to my hips.”

She had to spread her legs to comply and put her knees on the sofa cushions, causing a wave-like motion from the sofa that stopped as soon as she had settled herself on his lap.

Gerald put his arms around her hips and drew her in close to him so that her body was flush to his and her pussy was flush against his limp cock. He kissed her, sending his tongue deep into her mouth.

Nora responded with a moan accepting the sensual intrusion into her mouth and returning his kisses in kind. Her generous breasts brushed against his chest causing her nipples to stiffen. She felt her body tingle again and moisture begin to ooze between her legs with the contact. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him to her, urging him to continue.

Stimulated by the kissing and the heat of Nora’s lush body pressed against him, Gerald’s cock stirred and pulsed as it started to stiffen once more. Nora knew what was happening as well because she felt his cock start to poke at the fleshy lips between her legs.

“Well, it looks like to me they’re going to go at it again,” Aiko whispered to Gerald, “and this time it’s going to take him longer. Look. His cock is trying to worm its way inside your hot wife.”

Aiko noticed Ryan’s cock twitch as he watched his wife in the erotic embrace of another man. She took it in her hand, stroking it up and down, bringing more life back into his manhood.

“Keep watching. You’ll be able to see what it really looks like to see a cock go in and out of your wife’s pussy.” Aiko said it loud enough for Gerald and his wife Nora to hear her. She was well aware that he had seen it before but she had kept him preoccupied by riding his cock. This time, she wanted him to watch more closely with far less distraction.

Gerald understood Aiko’s cue. “Lift up your beautiful ass, Nora.”

She obeyed. She put her full weight on her knees. When she looked down, she saw Gerald’s penis was now fully erect and pointing straight at her. She glanced briefly at her husband.

“Put it in,” Gerald commanded.

Nora put Gerald’s cock between her lower lips and then sat down on his lap again letting his cock penetrate her deeply. Then the two started to hump each other in a slow and leisurely manner, each relishing the intimacy of their activity.

“We can’t really see very much from here,” Aiko stated, speaking more for Ryan’s benefit than her own.

Gerald took that cue as well. He pushed lightly on Nora’s hips, indicating to her to get off his lap. She got off and stood up.

He gave her a couple of throw pillows. “That’s for your knees,” he told her. He pointed to a spot on the floor. “Now get on your hands and knees.”

Again, she obeyed. She put her knees on the cushion and then leaned over to put both hands on the floor. Her bare behind pointed in the direction of her husband and Aiko.

“Put you head down closer to the floor and lift up your ass up,” Gerald demanded.

Nora complied. This position exposed her glistening pussy for all to see. It also made it easier for Gerald to align his stiff member to her vaginal hole. She could not imagine a more submissive or vulnerable pose, a pose that exposed her pussy to anyone who wanted to take it.

Gerald got her into a position that put them at an angle that would allow their spouses on the couch, especially Ryan, to watch their spouses mate and see Gerald take possession of his wife with the objective of leaving behind of another deposit of semen in her vagina.

Gerald then got down on his knees and placed himself behind her. Her pussy was perfectly placed to let him take her doggy style. He aimed his love weapon to align it with her hole. Taking hold of her hips, he thrust forward slowly, placing the head of his penis between her labia and then slowly penetrated her until he was fully inside her hot sleeve. Once he was firmly ensconced deep in her body, he reached underneath her and took her glorious tits in his hands and began to play with them, sometimes massaging the whole breast and sometimes tugging at her sensitive nipples while slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy.

The spectacle of seeing his wife let another man sent an electric jolt through Ryan’s cock, causing it inflate to its fullest extent almost immediately.

Feeling something warm and wet on his cock, he looked down briefly to see that Aiko had taken him into her mouth. When he returned his attention to Gerald and Nora, he saw that the copulating couple had become completely absorbed with each other and seemed to have lost track of, or did not care about, their audience.

Aiko also watched the other couple for a while, but she was more interested in getting her own pussy stuffed with a hard, eager cock. She decided to stopped sucking Ryan’s cock. She realized that the combination of watching his wife having sex with another man and constant oral stimulation to his cock might cause him to cum in her mouth. sex izle Aiko did not want that. She wanted him inside her, filling her eager pussy with his cum.

Aiko released Ryan’s cock. She took his hand, pulled him off the couch and then led him to a spot on the floor near the other rutting couple where he could have an even better, closer view of his friend pumping rhythmically in and out of his wife.

Ryan was so absorbed by the detail of what he now saw that, for the moment, he forgot about Aiko. His wife’s sexual union with Gerald almost seemed to give real-life substance to his sexual fantasies. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that he and Nora would have sex outside the sanctity of their marriage. And now his beloved wife was submitting herself to another man’s sexual cravings.

The two lovers’ bodies were bodily united in intercourse. Each time Gerald thrust into her soaking wet interior. Nora replied by pressing back against him as if she was attempting to get his cock even deeper into her body. Her eagerness and willingness to give her body to another’s base lusts should have upset him, but instead, he wanted her to complete her taboo act, to allow another man’s sperm coat the insides of her vagina and make their way to her womb.

“He’s not wearing a condom, Ryan,” Aiko suddenly told Ryan. As she said this, she looked at his cock. She saw it pulse. She could have sworn that it had become even bigger and harder. The thought that another man could or would make his wife pregnant definitely stimulated him. She was looking forward to having his powerful rocket blast inside her, taking her to sexual heaven.

Ryan’s heart beat faster. His mouth turned dry. His whole body tensed.

‘Surely, she’s not going to let him cum inside her without protection!’ he tried to convince himself despite what his eyes were telling him, that another was already in his wife’s vagina with no protection. ‘It’s so unreal, so surreal!’ he thought.

At the same time, he could not help but recognize that the thought of having his wife be taken in this manner excited him tremendously.

At this point, Ryan was almost oblivious to the fact that Aiko was still gently stroking his cock. But Aiko was aware of his pre-occupation with the rutting pair in front of them She was looking forward to having his hard rod inside her pussy but was also conscious that he was becoming lost in the moment. She stopped stroking his cock but he did not seem to notice.

Ryan’s reverie was interrupted a few minutes later when Nora moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum,” she sighed. “Please do me, harder and faster.”

“Me too,” Gerald grunted. He could feel his balls tingle in anticipation of adding another deposit of his cum in her cum-slick pussy.

Obliging her, he pumped harder and faster into her while she pushed her buttocks hard against him to make sure the entire length of his cock filled her insides. Suddenly, moaning loudly, the two lovers crashed into a simultaneous climax. Spurt after spurt of Gerald’s cum splashed into her eager spasming channel.

And then it was over. Gerald rested briefly in place above and behind her, leaving his now shrinking cock inside Nora until it slipped out of its own accord. Then he dismounted,

Suddenly, much to Aiko’s surprise and disappointment, Ryan got up, walked over to his wife and immediately inserted his hot iron-hard rod into the slick space that her lover had just vacated. His cock’s intrusion pushed out some of Gerald’s cum, causing more to drip down Nora’s thigh. Nora had barely started descending from her orgasm when Ryan started pumped vigorously into her. He seemed to be like a man hell-bent on retaking possession of his wife, and making sure that his baby makers predominated inside her vagina.

Nora found herself heading toward yet another climax, this time joined by her husband who, grunting loudly, emptied himself inside his wife’s thrice-used pussy.

When Ryan withdrew, Nora toppled over onto her back. The sexual juices of three people, herself, her husband and two times her lover once again seeped out of her, down her thigh and onto the floor.

Aiko, however, felt short-changed. She another wanted and needed another release too, but realized that the men had probably exhausted their balls. She had not expected Ryan to leave her hanging in favour of his freshly mounted wife. She had expected him to take her again as a type of payback for their rutting behaviour.

Aiko also realized that her friend, as shy as she appeared to be, was quickly shedding her shyness. She was proving herself to be somewhat of an exhibitionist. Nora wanted her husband to watch another a man take her and seed her seed her seemingly unprotected womb. Then she wanted her lover and his wife to watch the wife’s husband mount her in front of them. Almost instinctively, she realized that her husband was turned on by the spectacle of other men taking her spurting their fertile semen into her pussy.

When Ryan was done altyazılı porn shooting his cum into his wife used pussy, only then did he recall that Nora did not take the pill and Gerald had used no condom. Like many men he did not keep track of his wife’s menstrual cycle, and had assumed that she would have turned Gerald down if pregnancy was possible. Then his sex-fogged mind remembered, with a sigh of relief, that Gerald had had a vasectomy and could not make his wife pregnant and that Aiko was no longer fertile. He breathed a sigh of relief and almost felt some disappointment.

That latter thought reminded Ryan that he left Aiko hanging and unsatisfied. She was also a little annoyed with herself for miscalculating his reactions.

Ryan saw the disappointment in Aiko’s face. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “That was very selfish of me.”

Aiko smiled. “It’s okay, but now you owe me one and I intend to collect.” She said loudly enough for Nora to hear.

By this time, Nora was standing beside her husband.

“Agreed,” Nora answered on her husband’s behalf. “You owe Aiko. Turning to her friend, she said turning to her friend, “Aiko make sure you collect the debt, any time.”

Aiko smiled and nodded her assent.

Gerald took Aiko’s hand in his and kissed her lovingly on her lips. “I think we’re done here, for now, that is. Let’s go home.”

Gerald and Aiko put their clothes back on, said their good-byes to Nora and Ryan and walked backed home hand-in-hand.

* * *

Once they closed the door and locked the house for the night, “I’m sorry you didn’t have a better time,” he observed.

“It’s okay. It can’t be perfect all the time,” Aiko replied. “he had to reclaim his wife.”

“It’s still not okay,” he objected. “Let’s get washed up and get ready for bed,” patting and then lovingly squeezing her ass.

About an hour later the two of them were lying in bed facing each other. Gerald propped himself up on an elbow. He leaned over to her to kiss her on the lips. “God, I love you so much Aiko. You are perfect. No other woman can measure up to you.”

She gladly and joyfully accepted his flattery and loving kiss. “I love you too,” she said smiling. “You’ve given a wonderful life. You are a superb father to our daughters. As exciting as sex with other men has been, none of them measure up to you because you’re the only one I love, and that makes you special. And my family thinks I’m the luckiest girl in the world. And they’re right.”

She sought out his mouth and kissed him.

“Hmm,” they moaned as their kisses became more passionate.

She reached for his cock and found that it was semi-hard. Although he had intercourse twice with Nora, it seemed that he still had something left for. It was not uncommon for him to be able to come twice in one day during their sexual romps with other couples. But three times, that was rare. His semi-erect state was sufficient evidence for her think this day could one of those occasions. Aiko was not going to complain. She was going to work. She had no intention of wasting a chance to satisfy her own need for sex.

Aiko decided to take the initiative. She straddled his legs and then leaned over to suck his cock and play with his balls. Then she switched, licking his balls and stroking his cock. She wanted to make sure that she kept him in an aroused state so that his tool would be hard enough to help her achieve her own pleasure.

Still facing him, she moved up his body until her feminine nether lips were above his mouth. Gerald knew what was coming and was more than happy to oblige his tasty wife. She put her pussy directly above his mouth so that he had easy access to her labia and clitoris. He loved the taste of his wife and licked and sucked on her to his heart’s content. She moaned with pleasure, especially when he brushed his tongue over her tender fleshy nub or stuck his tongue into her delicious opening.

Gerald lost none of his lingual vigor while his wife sat on his face. Performing cunnilingus and letting her use him like a dildo to satisfy her unrequited lust were both turn-ons.

Aiko’s own excitement grew along with Gerald’s. She got off his face and shifted her way back down his torso, leaving a trail of pussy juice on his chest and belly. She placed herself above his cock, which was at full mast, and then gently slid her soaking channel down his hard rod. Because he had cum twice already, she knew he would last a long time.

Gerald reached up to knead her breasts as she rode him like a thoroughbred.

Aiko came twice before her husband finally emptied himself inside her hot depths.

She flopped down beside him. “We’re acting like rutting animals,” she said giggling.

Gerald laughed. “We are rutting animals. And the truth be told, we love every minute of it. Sex between us is special because we both love each other and lust after each other. Sex with our swinger friends is both a hobby and an aphrodisiac.”

She smiled and kissed him. “Thank you for making a reasonably good, if a little bit disappointing, day into a terrific day.”

She headed to bathroom. When she got back into bed and had made herself comfortable, she looked at her husband again. He had fallen asleep.

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