Two Tennis Belles

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In the fifties, in Swansea, Capitalism still ruled. Large detached houses were still owned and occupied by rich ship owners, factory owners and mine owners. Their sons and daughters were naturally sent to the best English public schools and we used to come together in dances and house parties in the holidays. In the Christmas holiday of 1957, I went to 12 dances at the Langland Bay Hotel in a fortnight; I got fed up hearing the same tunes from the same band.

Anyway, after I left school, we all stayed in touch, and in the summer, we used to have tennis parties. Since I played at school I was quite good and at one of these parties this girl Julia saw me and asked if I would like to come to her house and play. So I went over a few days later in my red TR2, with my tennis outfit and racket in the boot.

Julia greeted me at the door, and introduced me to her girl friend Linda. “We were at Roedean together.” “Jolly Hockey sticks!!” I said, remembering the white thighs above the stocking tops of the Sixth formers in the ‘Belles of St Trinians. Both girls were already dressed for tennis, in white blouses and short skirts.

We played two against one until I gave up the unequal struggle and let the two girls play each other. Sitting down watching them play I started to feel an erection, because their short skirts would fly up showing their tight white panties. Both girls were tanned and had their hard pointed breasts poking through the white cloth of their blouse.

They antalya escort finished playing and all flushed, we went into their lounge through the French windows. We were alone in the house, with Julia’s parents away on holiday and their housekeeper out. Julia went to get some lemonade and Linda and I collapsed onto the large sofa together.

I could smell her warm body and see beads of sweat on her upper lip. We looked into each other’s eyes and moved our heads slowly together. At first, our lips were closed, and then she opened hers and I slipped my tongue in, she responded and our tongues battled and twisted tighter. My prick really stirred now. My left hand moved up her thighs under her skirt and I stoked her bum through her panties. She in turn moved her hand over the bulge in my pants.

“Let’s do this properly” Linda said and stripped off her things. I followed suit. My prick reared up into the air from my crotch. She grabbed hold of it, and swung her leg over mine and positioned herself on top. She looked down on herself and moved the plum head of my prick up and down her slit to lubricate it, then slowly eased herself down onto me. Just at that moment, Julia came back in with the drinks. Linda smiled over at her and moved up and down.

“Carry on, I’ll want to have fun too”. Julia said with a smile.

She put the tray of glasses down and stripped off. I watched with my head sideways, as she opened the buttons on her blouse and then kemer escort took off her skirt and then slowly, seductively, pulled her pants down. This distraction helped me last longer inside Linda otherwise I might have shot my lot too quickly as I had with other girls. Julia came close to us and kissed Linda on the mouth. I could see her tongue go in, her right hand went down where the action was and rubbed the top of Linda’s cunt.

I reached out with my left hand and pushed between Julia’s thighs. Her quim was neat with no outer lips protruding and only lightly covered with light brown pubic hair. She was juicy to my touch and she came closer.

“Why don’t you mount him?” Linda suggested, so she climbed onto the sofa and placed her legs either side of my head. I had my first close up view of a vagina. I had read about it, masturbated over pictures of it and now here it was in front of my face. I pushed my tongue upwards and pulled her hips close with my two hands on her round bum cheeks. It tasted good. I tried to get it right up into her and then I moved up and down the slit.

“Concentrate on the bit at the top,” Julia told me. I did so. We hadn’t been told that the bump was called a clitoris, in those days. Meanwhile Linda was moving faster and faster. I pulled my head back and called out to her

“I’m coming,” Linda immediately pulled off me and then pushed the head of my prick downwards so that I came all over my own konyaaltı escort belly. I gasped with pleasure, my hot breath sending Julia over the top as well, she slumpt forward, then climbed off.

“We were lovers at school,” Linda said to me, ” but I think I prefer to have a boy’s prick inside of me.”

“Do you think you could manage to do me as well?” said Julia politely. “I’m still technically a virgin!”

“Rub it a bit then, and put your mouth on it then,” I suggested. Julia knelt down on the floor and leant over my sweaty body. Her sweet soft wet mouth went over my limp prick and she moved her hand onto it as well. It stirred itself and slowly got stiffer, when it did she let go and moved off.

“Do her like a dog, from behind,” Linda remarked. So Julia turned round and with her head on a cushion pushed her bum up into the air. Her legs where together, so I placed mine outside of her thighs. I held my prick in my hand and placed it at her lips, and pushed in.

There was no obstruction, no hymen, I (I’ve never yet met one!). Instead it was wet and warm and felt glorious. I moved in and out, holding onto her neat smooth cheeks.

“Don’t’ come inside me, please!”

“I won’t” and carried on a bit more. Julia was gasping with pleasure. Linda was leaning back on the sofa, her fingers playing a tune on her cunt. I reached my climax, I felt it coming and pulled back and out then thrust forward and pushed it up the crack of her bum to shoot over her back. Julia also cried out as she came too.

We all stopped moving and sat back for a few minutes with stupid grins on our faces.

“Fantastic, my first time and it was fantastic,” Julia managed to say.

“Beats playing tennis any day,” I replied.

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