Two Tales About Jack And Mary

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This is a story in two parts. Two very different parts. One common complaint I have read about my stories that involve young girls is that they aren’t realistic. I have tried to explain that these kinds of stories really can’t be realistic, at least not to me. My girls have physical attributes of young girls, yet have the maturity of someone much older. Young girls aren’t ready emotionally or physically for sex or intimacy, no matter what they might think, so I create an impossible world, much like Hollywood with every action movie ever made. This time, however I created two stories with the same characters, one in an imaginary world and one in a more real world. How old is this girl? Use your imagination because I’m not sayin’, Make her an older teen, or as young as you like, that part of the story is up to you. Now, on to the story and I hope you enjoy it.

Mary stood at her bedroom door, her heart pounding in her head as she pressed her ear to the bedroom door. Who did she hear? Was anybody there? Mary caressed the door and closed her eyes tightly and hoped Jack was out there. Her mother had just been arguing with Jack a short while ago, but now all was silence. Mary and her mother had moved in with Jack a few months ago, and already Mary felt things for Jack that she had never felt before, feelings and affection that she had heard about, but until now she had never known. Mary looked down and let her fingers drift over the shiny brass knob that would answer her question. She hesitated, just feeling the cold, smooth surface then closed her eyes, “Please be there” she whispered to herself, and quietly opened the door.

The apartment was quiet and all she could hear was the distant rumble of the traffic in front of the building. Mary walked on her tip toes down the short hall to the family room, then froze and listened… nothing! Mary peered around the corner, the family room was empty, the TV was dark but she could hear the soft ticking of an unseen clock. Her head slipped further around the corner and surveyed the room, but still saw nobody. Mary took a few more exaggerated steps, trying to be as quiet as she could, until she was near the kitchen, and once more she listened, and this time she heard something. Someone set a glass down on the kitchen table and sighed. Mary’s heart raced, “Jack” she said in her head. Mary took a deep breath and stepped into the kitchen.

Jack sat alone in his kitchen and nursed a warm glass of milk. Warm milk always settled his stomach when he needed help getting to sleep, and he knew he would need help tonight. His girlfriend Cheryl had just stormed off again after already disappearing once before this very same month. Jack just stared into the warm, white glass and wondered how he always managed to get hooked up with the nut jobs. He would have kicked Cheryl out after she had run off the first time, but he felt sorry for Cheryl’s sweet daughter, Mary. Mary was a cute young thing, always sweet and friendly to Jack and always well behaved and helpful. How she could be Cheryl’s daughter, he didn’t know.

Jack heard something and his heart began to beat faster, Mary must be out of her room and walking around. Jack listened quietly but when he didn’t hear anything more he began to wonder if he was hearing things. Mary had gone to bed about 9:00, but that was three hours ago, so when her smiling face didn’t immediately appear he went back to nursing his warm milk. Jack had just set the glass down when Mary walked silently around the corner, “Hey there kid, what are you doing still awake”?

Mary looked just like her mom with thick, dark hair that fell down in waves to the middle of her back, beautiful green eyes and full red kissable lips, and while Cheryl had a dark side that Jack had discovered too late, Mary didn’t seem to have a negative bone in her body. Mary was thick, like her mom and she was a little self conscious about it, but Jack thought she was beautiful just as she was and he was jealous of the undeserving slug that would someday marry her, “I couldn’t sleep… I heard you and mom arguing”.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to hear any of that”.

Mary smiled sweetly, “I know, Jack”.

Jack stood up and asked, “How about a nice warm glass of milk to help you get back to sleep”?


Jack added some milk to what was already on the stove and turned on the burner. He turned back to Mary who was facing him with her back to the sink, she was wearing pink cotton pajamas, pants that went to her knees and a tank top, both made from fabric that was almost see through, it was so thin. Jack smiled and Mary smiled in return. Jack couldn’t help but look her over, his eyes drinking in her pretty face, those striking eyes and full, red lips. His eyes softly caressed first her budding breasts and then the gentle curve of her belly. Her pajama pants clung seductively to her round hips and as form fitting and thin as they were, Jack was delighted to see Mary wore nothing underneath. “I’m glad you’re here, I could use the company”.

Mary smiled sweetly, she had seen his gaze and she knew he liked her, “Why do you put up with her”?

“Oh… I don’t know”.

“It can’t be love. The way she treats you, you have to know she doesn’t really love you”.

Jack was amazed at how mature Mary was, he always had been and he really wanted to say that he let them stay because he didn’t want to lose Mary, and he didn’t give a damn about Cheryl. “Your mother is a complicated person, kiddo. She….” How should he put it without putting Cheryl down? Mary was her daughter and as much as he wanted to call Cheryl a worthless bitch and that he wished there was some way to make Mary his own, he was afraid he would scare her away, and never see her again. “Mary… your mom has problems”.

“Yeah, she’s a drug addict and a bitch”.

“Mary! Please, she’s your mother, show her some respect for that”.

Laughing now, Mary said, “What has she ever done for me, or for you! My mom takes from everyone, and now she taking from you. Taking and not giving you anything in return”.

Jack felt like he was hit in the gut. Mary was right, like she always was. He plopped into a chair and for a moment let his chin fall to his chest, then with tears welling up into his eyes, he looked up into Mary’s concerned face, and in spite of himself, Jack opened up to Mary in a way he swore he never would, “That’s not true. Your mom has given me something. Something so precious, that I’m afraid she will take it from me and I’ll never see it again. If that happens, I… I think I couldn’t live another day”.

Mary’s jaw dropped, and she began to weep, a tear on each cheek, she approached Jack and sat in his lap. Mary had never been so close to Jack, but it felt so natural to fold herself into his arms, she whispered, “I’ll never let her take me away from you, Jack, I’ll kill her before I let her do that”.

Jack held Mary close, his face buried in her sweet smelling hair, he embraced her, and said “Your staying or leaving isn’t Elazığ Escort for you or me to say”.

Mary had always dreamed of running her fingers through Jacks hair, and now she couldn’t resist doing just that. Mary felt Jacks tears on her neck as he nuzzled her and she breathed deep the scent his hair, she wanted to always remember what he smelled like. Mary cradled Jacks head and kissed it, “No one can keep me from you. Nobody has ever made me feel like you do and I won’t let that get away”. With her cheeks streaked with tears she lifted his face to hers and she kissed him.

Jack was shocked at this turn of events, but his conflicted mind kept him from doing the right thing and pulling away. His love for Mary filled his heart and his desire for her filled his cock. He began to kiss her back, timidly at first but then with a growing urgency and an increasingly unwieldy lust.

Mary kept her hands on Jacks head, cradling his beautiful face, covering his rugged skin lightly with her lips then with long and increasingly lustful kisses. During one of those kisses, Mary felt Jack try to probe her mouth with his tongue. Her first French kiss filled Mary with joy. She held onto Jacks face and turned herself so that she straddled his lap. Jack placed his hands on Mary’s hips and pulled her tight against himself.

Mary felt Jack’s erection resting against her belly, and she smiled. Mary had learned in school that a man’s hard penis meant that he thought the girl was pretty and he was ready to have sex, Mary knew she wanted to have sex with Jack because she felt a growing tingling in her belly, and a warm feeling filling her vagina, making her wet. Mary’s hands began to drift down from Jack’s face, first to his toned and muscular chest then softly down across his flat stomach and finally to the mysterious penis that was sprouting between her legs. Mary sighed when she finally touched it, her hot breath mingling with Jacks as his tongue thrust and curled with hers, gentle and erotic sword play that delighted Mary.

Jack finally stood with Mary clinging to him, her lips locked against his and he carried little Mary to his bed. Mary’s heart raced when she figured out where Jack was taking her, she knew he was going to make her his lover and she would lose her virginity, Mary smiled to herself and began grinding her vagina against her soon to be lovers hard shaft, amazed at how good it made her feel.

Jack set Mary down on his bed and with one quick motion, he dropped his shorts

“I always hoped you’d like me, Jack, because I really like you”.

“I more than like you, baby, I think you are something so very special”.

“What about my mom”?

Jack smiled, “What about her? If she never came back I wouldn’t miss her. If she took you away, I’d hunt you down and take you back, I can’t live without you”.

“Then I won’t leave” Mary smiled.

Jack was on top of her, and Mary felt so small, and helpless under his hulking mass, but at the same time she felt loved, and safe. Mary wrapped her hands around Jacks neck and pulled his face to hers and once more they kissed, but this time just for a moment before Jack broke away, breathless, “I need you Mary” he said.

Mary stared into Jacks eyes and said ever so softly, “I need you too”.

Jack seemed hesitant, even to Mary, but he quickly regained his nerve and he took hold of her top and began to pull it slowly toward her head. Mary arched her back to make it easier and then lifted her head as Jack unveiled his lovers torso, then Jack sat back and admired his young lover. Her soft belly was so pale as were her gently rounded breasts. Mary’s nipples were small, about the size of a nickel, and each was topped by small, hard, point and it excited him to finally see them erect and uncovered.

“Am I too fat” Mary asked, nervous at Jacks long silence?

“What? Oh… no, no… you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I wouldn’t change a thing about you”.

Mary smiled, thrilled at being called “Beautiful”, and then she allowed her eyes to wander over her older lover. Jacks short, tousled hair and rugged face were a handsome combination. His chiseled and broad chest was covered by neatly trimmed hair and crowned a slim and flat belly. Mary reached out and caressed Jacks arms, marveling at the gentle strength they possessed, but finally her gaze fell upon the the ultimate mystery, her lovers long, thick cock. Mary still had trouble believing he was so long and hard for her, but what else could she believe, because there it was standing tall and proud, “Are you going to put that inside me”?

“If that’s OK” Jack said softly.

“I’d like that”.

Jack smiled and reached for Mary’s waist band. Mary lifted her hips and slowly Jack uncovered Marys most intimate and private parts. Mary watched Jacks face, still worried she and her young body wouldn’t meet his expectations, but all she saw in his eyes was wonder.

Jack felt his cock jump when her saw Mary’s virginal pussy for the first time and while he had begun the unveiling slowly, he finished with a flourish as he tossed the thin, cotton pants aside and perhaps a little roughly he opened Mary’s legs.

Mary gasped, but never was afraid, never feared this man who was going to take her places she never dreamed existed, her heart pounded in anticipation of a night filled with adult pleasures and the security of another’s love, “Ok Jack” she whispered breathlessly.

Jack, like a man possessed opened Mary’s legs and with a glazed look on his face brought his lips to the warm space they hid. Mary smelled of long frustrated lust, the musk of simmering desire, and when his tongue touched her tightly closed blossom, she suddenly opened, her pink petals covered with the dew of desire, the taste of spring and youth. Jack was a man possessed, a rutting buck, panting and chuffing as her devoured Mary’s innocence. Jack would pause briefly every now and again to express his feelings for his goddess of youth, “I love you Mary”, he would say, or “You are the most beautiful creature in the world”.

Mary’s heart swelled to hear these words, and the electric feeling of this man’s ministrations on her sex only accentuated the feelings she held for him. The bonds of love were being welded by the heat of their desire, their lusts. Mary’s breathing was becoming ragged as Jacks tongue worked her most sensitive spot. She had long dreamed of this moment, and her excitement was building far more quickly than even she had dreamed, “I love you too Jack” she managed to say. Jack stopped what he was doing and looked her way, a big, wet smile pasted on his lips. Mary smiled in return.

Jack grabbed Mary at the hips and rolled her to her belly. Mary followed her experienced lovers lead, but was slightly confused when he lifted her hips off the bed and she found herself on her knees, but then Jack did the most amazing thing, his tongue found her slit once more, but this time he also brought his finger, and with it he began probing Elazığ Escort Bayan a little deeper than his tongue could. Mary settled her head back down to the pillow and closed her eyes. Jack’s fingers were slipping in and out and also circling her slippery little button, and all the while his tongue continued to probe the outermost edges of her virginal opening. Jack then pulled his face back and watched himself bring these new pleasures to his young lover, but his gaze was brought again and again to the pleasantly rounded ass, and he watched as her muscles contracted and relaxed as she experienced each little flash of pleasure, firing over and over and Jack slowly built of the nerve to push things just a little more.

“I love you Jack” Mary whispered once more, “I love you so much”.

“I love you too, baby” Jack answered breathlessly, “and I need you like I’ve never needed anyone ever before”, and with that Jack brought his lips down to Mary’s ass. He kissed first one cheek, then the other, and all the time Mary just continued to coo her approval, then with determination and purpose, Jack brought his tongue to Mary’s little pucker hole. He pressed it against her tightly closed folds and began to massage her.

Mary took in a great breath, “Oh, Jack” she exhaled, and buried her face in her pillow and began to groan.

Jack thought he might cum right then, but he wanted to wait until he was inside Mary. He wanted to fill her with his seed, he wanted to take away Mary’s virginity and mark her as his own. He knew then that he would even murder Cheryl to guarantee that Mary was always with him. Mary stiffened and began to moan into her pillow, when suddenly her ass spasmed open and Jack let his tongue go deep into Mary’s dark recess. Mary felt and tasted better than he imagined anyone could, but most of all Jack was pleased that Mary enjoyed what he did as much as he enjoyed doing it. As Mary’s orgasm slowed and eventually stopped Jack reluctantly rose from his position and they both found themselves smiling at each other, until Jack moved to kiss her. Their tongues were quickly in a wrestling match, twisting and twirling around each other.

Mary finally rolled and broke the kiss with a playful giggle, “That was amazing”.

Jack climbed over her and sat against the headboard, his erection reaching for the sky. He was so sensitive, he realized he wouldn’t last but a few moments the first time, but hopefully long enough to break in his young lover, “Come over here, beautiful”.

Mary got on her knees and moved to Jacks side and then he guided her to straddle his lap, “What do you want to do now” she asked playfully.

“I think you know” Jack almost growled.

Mary smiled at him, perhaps she should have been nervous at what was coming but she only felt the need to please her man, to satisfy him like he had satisfied her. Jack pulled Mary’s pussy against his ridged manhood and kissed her lustily once more. Mary let him and began sliding her slick self up and down Jacks cock. Mary was beginning to feely those electric shocks once more and she cradled Jacks face in her hands. Jacks hands were at Mary’s other end, squeezing and kneading the ample round globes that she was beginning to realize Jack had a keen interest in, and interest Mary was keen to satisfy. Jack lifted Mary and she soon felt the firm tip of her lovers rod probing at the entrance of her waiting shaft, and with no time to react in either protest or encouragement Jack was inside, but just.

Mary gasped and tensed, her eyes suddenly wide in fear, the tip of her nose at the tip of Jacks nose, and like this the two lovers stayed, frozen and silent but for their breathing.

“I’ll go slow, if it hurts too much, I’ll stop”.

Mary nodded her head, but her look was still fearful. Jack lowered her, just slightly, then brought her back up. Mary’s juices were flowing freely and liberally covering Jack aching cock. Jack lowered her once more until he felt the resistance of Mary’s cherry, her soon to be late hymen. Mary began kissing Jack once more, but just a little less lustily, her kisses were soft and gentle, an unconscious encouragement for Jack to do the same, and all the while Jack raised and lowered her, effortlessly, pushing and straining, but not breaking Mary’s virginal shroud, but as Mary grew used to this intruder, and began to realized the pleasures it could bring her, she began moving her hips, forward and back, as her kisses returned to their formerly lusty state, and then with determination Mary thrust as Jack lowered her and she broke through. Mary winced and froze for a short moment, but then she felt something happening inside her, she felt Jack move, a slight twitch at first, but then she heard him moan in her ear and he began to pulsate inside her, and to her amazement, she felt his warm seed filling her. Jack tried to move Mary up and down, just a little, but he was having trouble, so Mary began rocking herself on Jack, looking at his handsome face, his eyes closed and the strangest expression on his face, so this is how a man looks when he orgasms, she thought. Jack was beet red, the veins on his neck were bulging and his nostrils flared as Mary did her innocent best to help him to pleasure, and as suddenly as it had begun, Jack relaxed and sighed his satisfaction and then slowly opened his eyes to look into Mary’s glowing face, “I love you sweet Mary” Jack whispered, and then softly he kissed Mary’s warm lips.

Mary kissed him back then whispered in return, “And I love you to”.

Jack began to nuzzle Mary’s ear and neck, and in voice filled with love he said, “Run away with me”.

Mary pulled back, surprised, and tears filled her eyes, “Do you mean it? Just you and me”?

His heart leapt in his chest when he saw haw happy that made Mary, “Yes, just you and me”.

“When” Mary’s excitement was overflowing, “right now”?

Jack laughed, “Why the rush” Jack asked as he pulled Mary close, “I want to hold you all night long”.

Mary smiled slyly, “What if my mom comes home tonight”?

“We’ll tie her up and then make love till morning”.

Mary laughed softly as she kissed Jack, this was going to be the best night of her life!

Part II

Mary stood at her bedroom door, her heart pounding in her head as she pressed her ear to the bedroom door. Who did she hear? Was anybody there? Mary caressed the door and closed her eyes tightly and hoped Jack wasn’t out there. Her mother had just been arguing with Jack a short while ago, but now all was silence. Mary and her mother had moved in with Jack a few months ago, and already Mary felt things about Jack that she had never felt before, feelings that she had heard about, but until now she had never known. Mary looked down and let her fingers drift over the shiny brass knob that would answer her question. She hesitated, just feeling the cold, smooth surface then closed her eyes, “Please be gone” she whispered to herself, and quietly opened the door.

Normally Mary Escort Elazığ would have stayed in her room, the flimsy lock gave her a small feeling of security, but tonight she was driven by hunger. Mary hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning, and she got terrible headaches when she went too long without eating. The apartment was quiet, just the ticking of an unseen clock, so Mary tip toed toward the kitchen, pausing occasionally to listen, but always, silence. The kitchen was dark, and Mary smiled and sighed, she was alone and stepped into her nightmare.

“Hello Mary”.

Mary yelped and turned to the sound of Jacks voice, “I just came to get something to eat”.

The dark figure at the table waved a bottle toward the refrigerator and slurred, “Go ahead, sweetie. What’s mine is yours”.

Mary turned to the possibility of food, sweat seeping out onto her forehead, and asking herself what she had done to deserve this life. When she opened the fridge she found little to eat, a small empty jar of mayo, and some desiccated and half eaten leftover bits of fast food. The only fresh food in there was the beer.

“What’s wrong, don’t see anything you like”?

Mary felt the tears begin to well up in her eyes as she slowly closed the door, “I guess I’m not really hungry” she whispered.

“Grab a beer, that’ll help you sleep”.

“No thank you” Mary said as she tried to extricate herself from the kitchen, but suddenly there was a loud clattering as Jack jumped up from the table.

“What’s your hurry” he said as he grabbed her.

Mary squealed, “Please let go”.

“You’re not afraid of me, are you cupcake”?

“No… no Jack, you just startled me”.

“Good, then why don’t you keep me company for a little while”.

Mary could smell the stale beer on Jacks breath and “I’m really tired, I think I should be getting to bed”.

“Nonsense, stay up and keep Jack company, we’ll have some fun, what do ya say”?

Mary pulled and struggled against Jacks grip, but she was being held tight, and that’s when Mary noticed the small tent pole in Jacks boxers, “Please let me go Jack, I have school tomorrow”.

Jack growled menacingly, “I think your schoolin’ is going to begin tonight”.

Mary’s heart was racing and she looked around for some escape but found none. Jack pulled her against himself and she felt his bony hands begin pawing her, but worst of all was the feel of his little erection rubbing against her back as she struggled to escape, “Please Jack, I want to go to bed”, and as soon as she said that, she regretted it. Too many time she had heard her mother’s cries as Jack had beaten her lock inside his bedroom.

“That’s a great idea” he laughed as he picked her up and began to carry her to his room.

Mary felt Jacks hands touch her places she didn’t want anyone to touch, but she was defenseless, Mary screamed, and quickly regretted that too.

Jack flung her to his bed where Mary landed like a rag doll amongst the smelly sheets and blankets, the smell of stale bodies and sweat filled her nose as she tried to scramble away, but Jack grabbed her ankle and dragged her back and his bony fingers quickly slapped Mary’s tender face, “Where do you think you’re going, you ungrateful bitch. You’re just like your mother, just take, take, take, well what about me, what about my needs. At least your mom is out tonight earning some money, but what the hell good are you”?

Mary was panicked, this was worse than she had ever dared imagine, she knew Jack was going to rape her, and couldn’t do anything about it.

“Well… you haven’t been any good to me, but I’ll change that, I’ll teach you a useful little skill. I’ll teach you how to please a man and you can join your mother turning tricks, how does that sound? Hmm” he added for emphasis?

Jack dropped his boxers and Mary looked at him, repulsed at what she saw. Jack was skinny, almost wasted, and his crooked little erection did nothing but make Mary want to retch. Jack grabbed Mary’s pajama bottoms and ripped them from her, her pale skin exposed to Jack’s leering gaze for the first time, and Mary felt her skin crawl at the thought of this creature finding her deserving of his attentions, and she tried once more, “If you stop, I promise I won’t tell my mom what you did”.

Jack laughed deep and hearty at that, “What make you think I care about what that bitch knows or thinks? Now spread you legs, little girl, because I’m about to make you a woman”.

Mary did the only thing she could think of, she kicked at Jack, but this time his reaction was a split second too slow and Mary felt her foot contact the part of Jacks anatomy that sickened her most, and when she did she saw an immediate change in Jacks expression. Jacks eyes opened wide and his mouth formed a tight little O, and then, as if watching life as a slow motion film, she saw Jack stumble back one step, then two, and then due to forces unknown she watched as Jack fell backward, his arms reaching out to grab invisible supports, but finding none, his body continued on its journey. Down and down he fell and Mary sat up higher, surprised, but unsure how to capitalize on her good fortune. Before Jack hit the ground, his head made contact with a chest that was behind him, and Mary heard a sickening sound she was sure she wouldn’t soon forget. Jacks body finally landed in a heap on the floor, and quickly began to shake in fits, his mouth foaming, and strangely his eyes still half open.

Mary scrambled from the bed and dashed from the room, and flinging the apartment door open she dashed outside into the night, half naked, and crying inconsolably. She flung herself down the stairs into the courtyard below and began screaming for help. She saw faces appear in the windows that rung the courtyard, but no one came to her aide, so Mary collapsed into a ball amongst the weeds that had perhaps once been a lawn, and she wept.

She wept until she felt someone’s hands upon her shoulders, “What’s the trouble, sweetheart”?

Mary looked up to see the handsome face of a young police officer. Mary immediately felt at ease, she would be safe now. Mary quickly vomited the details of her evening nightmare to the ever more troubled officer’s face.

The young officer radioed for assistance and assisted the girl to his patrol car. Unable to resist the officer looked at his young charge, and he admired her shapely rear ass and for a brief moment, he imagioned how it would feel to touch it, but he stayed ever the gentleman, and as soon as he had a chance he covered Mary, but not until he had one more glance at her treasures, the vision of which would keep him warm for many nights to come.

When help arrived, the young officer recruited a female officer to watch Mary and then with a parting smile he joined the others as they made entry into the apartment to fine the mortally wounded Jack lying where Mary had left him. The officers all milled around as they awaited the Paramedics to arrive and pronounce him dead. The young officer stayed away from the girl he had found, he didn’t want to be tempted by her again, and he felt a little shame for his thoughts, but then he smiled, thoughts don’t hurt anyone, and really, who’s to know?

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