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“Tell me more, what I can have for my birthday,” I tease as his body tenses. “Perhaps we can combine the two?”

“Anything you wish baby, anything, your blow jobs are so good, so fucking good.”

“Can I have a hung man and a bi-sexual female while you watch and masturbate?,” I whisper as his whole body is trembling as I tease his erection with just the tip of my tongue.

“Yes baby, yes, I want to watch,” he moans just before he hits the back of my throat.

I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me. One of our rules is oral sex only, no intercourse, though that does provide many options.

I told some of my girlfriends about Roger’s birthday wish. In the past I had told them lots of details about our sex life and Roger’s thick, nine-inch erection and soon had Helen, who organized one of her friends, eager to participate at three in the afternoon – sex is always better in the afternoon I learnt a long time ago.

“You like stretching the boundaries Sarah, my friend Riley might appeal to you even more than your man,” Helen told me cryptically when she phoned me the day before to confirm our arrangements.

“Your birthday wish tomorrow at three, fuck me long and slow so you will last tomorrow,” I tell Roger on the night before his birthday. And he did, long and slow, wonderful.

“I want you to impress Helen and Riley as soon as they walk in the door Roger. I want you naked with a roaring erection under your short silk dressing gown, I want to flash it open for them and turn them on with your thick, nine-inches, and me,” I tell my man the next day as we prepare.

“What are you going to wear Sarah?,” he asks.

“I am going to be naked apart from my heels under my short silk gown. You know I like to flaunt my naked body for both sexes.

“I want you to wear a tiny black g-string for me, your ass cheeks always look fantastic in one. And I want to watch one of your girlfriends take it off.”

“Is this what you had in mind?,” I ask eager to please as I show him the skimpiest pair I have.

“Good, help me put them on. Does my ass look good? Kiss it Maltepe Escort for me while I watch in the mirror. Now get hard for our visitors, really hard and put your cock ring on,” I tell him as we tongue kiss with one of my hands wrapped around his impressive erection.

Helen and Riley arrive right on time and the sexual tension between my man and me is electric. Roger is sitting on a high stool with his feet barely touching the ground with an obvious roaring erection under his his short silk gown as I kiss him while standing behind him

They are both around the same age as us and both exude sex appeal. Helen is a glamorous size twelve brunette with a slim svelte, figure. Riley has an almost evil look, but has great appeal to me.

“Happy birthday Roger, Sarah has told me lots of good things about you. She told me she wants me to lick your nipples while my friend sucks your cock.

Just as I promised Roger, I flash open his gown to expose his thick, nine-inch erection for our visitors. “Wow,” is all Helen says as Riley ogles it.

“Would you like to watch Sarah undress me?,” Helen smiles at the two others as I quickly have her naked and admire her taut body.

“Now undress Riley for us Sarah.”

As I undo the zip at the back of Riley’s dress and it falls to the floor, I realise Riley is a male cross dresser. He is totally naked apart from heels and crotch-less panty hose, with a huge, very impressive erection poking out. An instant turn on for me and I am determined to have it later today.

“Now undress me Riley,” I tell him very agitated as I undo my gown for him and he slides it off.

“Love your glorious ass in that tiny g-string Sarah,” he tells me as the other two watch on.

“Good, kiss it for me before you suck my man’s cock. You are turning all of us on. Now take it off for me, keep kissing it while you do,” I tell him excited at the thought of new man removing my knickers and leaving me totally naked.

“Happy birthday Roger, anything special you would like from me?,” Riley teases as Helen and I watch him licking Roger’s cock.

“My cock is rock hard hard for you, pleasure it for me, long and slow, show Sarah how good you are.”

I watch Riley’s technique fascinated as he sucks hard, sucks soft, licks, blows, teases with his fingers, his tongue and sex talk, “Love your big, thick cock, so does my lady. And I love your lady Maltepe Escort Bayan watching me. Did you like watching me kiss her glorious ass?”

His lady is avidly kissing, licking and teasing Roger’s nipples with her fingers as her man licks his cock, blows on it then takes almost his whole nine-inches into his mouth between pursed lips as he scratches his balls with his nails.

I am very aroused as I watch an obviously very talented bi-sexual man pleasuring my man’s raging erection, determined to have his huge cock very soon. Roger is nine-inches and thick and as I compare him with Riley I can’t help asking, “How big is he Helen?”

“You can compare soon Sarah and tell me,” she responds

“I want him after he has finished with you Roger, you know I have a fetish for bi-sexual men,” I whisper even more aroused as I tongue kiss him while Helen is licking his nipples and Riley is slowly sliding his cock between his tightly pursed lips.

“Ten minutes so far baby, aren’t you pleased we fucked last night, lots of extra pleasure for you when you last longer. Do you like the way he is teasing your balls?”

Roger does not answer me, he is obviously very close to orgasm as he is breathing heavily with his eyes closed soaking up the sexual pleasure. He moans and his body tenses while Riley is digging his fingernails into his ass as he sucks just the tip of his swollen erection. I have never seen the veins in his cock showing as they are now.

“How would you like me to finish you off big boy?,” he whispers to Roger.

“Hand job with oil, hand job,I want it now, now, bite my nipples Helen,” he groans as Helen and Riley comply. “Count the strokes for me Sarah, I want nine,” he tells me as I comply.

“ ……, seven, eight, I want him after he has finished with you Roger, you know I have a fetish for bi-sexual men, does that turn you on? I want you to watch while Helen licks me. Nine baby now, do it for the three of us,” I tell him.

Riley really is very talented I muse extremely aroused as I ogle his erection and my man’s as Roger lets go and blows a huge load as he is almost screaming, “Oh fuck, so fucking good, yes, yes, yes.”

As I organize Riley and his lady for my sexual pleasure I sit on a chair at forty-five degrees in front of a wall length mirror with my legs apart as Helen licks her way up my inner thighs while I ogle Riley’s erection. Escort Maltepe I want to watch both of them while we have sex.

“I have never had a man with his equipment poking out of panty hose before. And I do like the look, it has really turned me on,” I tell them as Helen’s tongue touches my cunt lips at the moment I put my hand on Riley’s erection and guide it to my lips and tongue.

“Your blow job technique really was impressive Riley,” I tell him as I lick his erection. I want to try and emulate it for your sexual pleasure and my satisfaction. “My man lasted more than ten-minutes for you. Can you last that long for me?”

“You told me I could have a hung man and a bi-sexual female while you watch and masturbate, so do it for me,” I tell my man as he returns from the bathroom with a flaccid cock.

I am in my sexual element as Helen is licking my cunt lips, she is very good, and I have her man’s erection between my lips with my man watching.

“Love your big, thick cock and I love your lady watching me and licking my cunt lips at the same time. And my man is masturbating his new erection for us,” I tell Riley as I suck hard, suck softy, lick, blow and tease with my fingers, my tongue and sex talk.

“You asked me earlier how big he was Sarah, you have made him even bigger, you are awesome, fucking awesome, you are really turning me on,” Helen tells me to my great satisfaction.

My man lasted for more than ten-minutes and I am determined to get Riley off in a shorter time. I am wearing my watch and note I have been working on him for nine minutes.

I can sense Riley won’t be able to hold out much longer so I decide to revert to one of my favorite blow job techniques. With just the tip of his erection between my lips as I swirl my tongue around it, I slide my thumb tip and a fingertip along the full length of his erection.

I am fighting back a huge orgasm as Helen has me on the brink as she licks the tip of my clit, but I am determined to orgasm at the same time as Riley.

“Masturbate for me Riley, I love watching a man masturbating while his lady has me on the brink, use two hands, so close, so close,” I moan as Helen is providing exquisite sexual pleasure to me with her tongue. “Yes, yes, yes, so good, so fucking good,” I moan even louder as my body shakes and I have a huge orgasm while I watch Riley blow a huge load.

“That was fun for your birthday baby, my real birthday in six weeks, can we do it all again?,” I ask my man two nights later as had a magnificent, long, slow fuck without saying another word to each other as we both relived our birthday tryst.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32