Two Men in a Boat

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After work, I liked to walk home along the riverbank. Working in a club, it was always dark when I finished, even in high summer. And because very few people used the towpath at night, I felt safe walking home in my waitressing outfit.

It was a skimpy outfit. The club was a gay bar on the outskirts of town, and I lived on a small estate nearby. I liked living there; it was a quiet spot where I was mostly accepted for who I am, but I’d still never have dared leave home in that outfit!

A tight pink top and matching hot pants, black fishnets and high heels; that’s what I wore at work, but I didn’t want the neighbours seeing me like that. They were reserved but friendly, and I was anxious they should stay that way.

So when I went out, I wrapped up in a long coat or jacket and wore flats, keeping my six-inch patent leather heels in my shoulder bag. That way, even if my neighbours didn’t think me respectable, at least they knew I was respecting them, and like that there could be no trouble.

But coming home in the dark, I could do what I liked!

Apart from the clip-clop of my stiletto heels on the towpath, the riverbank was ever so peaceful at night. Once in a while somebody would pass by walking a dog, but most nights I wouldn’t meet another soul for the whole walk, which was just over a mile.

Unless a narrowboat was moored up.

Then, there might be a smell of barbecued food in the air and the sound of carefree voices, often interrupted by the echo of beer cans cracking open. I’d always thought the kind of folks who spend their summer holidays boating in England must be old and boring…

But I was wrong!

One night, I saw a particularly long narrowboat moored up. It had unusually bright lights that cast a glow across the towpath so that, passing by, I could clearly see the well-built man sitting on the deck, and he could clearly see me.

For an instant our eyes met and he wolf-whistled. Naturally, I took no notice, but then he called after me…

“Hey sweetie pie, come over here!”

As a waitress I got lots of propositions, so of course I ignored him. But on the following night he was there again, sitting in the same place. Once more he wolf-whistled, and again I took no notice…

“Come on, doll, let me show you my boat!”

I might have ignored him but, walking by, I noticed how tall and handsome he was. He had dark hair and a lovely smile, and part of me wanted to take up his offer! I’d never been inside a narrowboat before, and he seemed such a lovely man, so why shouldn’t I just have a quick look around?

On the third night, he was seated in the very same place…

“Last chance, darling! I’m sailing up the river tomorrow, so it’s now or never!”

He had ever such a nice voice and I could resist no longer! He eagerly helped me onto the deck and opened a door down into the cabin. The steps were precarious strips of wood and I stumbled in my six-inch stiletto heels, but he acted like a true gentleman and gave me his hand.

The inside of the boat was rather disappointing…

The cabin was much smaller than I’d imagined. It was brightly lit, but with curtains covering all the portholes there was nothing to see except a kitchen sink and a wooden table flanked by narrow, pew-like benches.

“Have a seat,” he said. “Would you like a drink?”

“If it’s all the same,” I replied, “I’d sooner not! I’ve seen your boat now and it’s very nice, but I really should get going.”

“Not until you’ve had a drink! Please, sit down!”

Saying this, he made a great show of locking the cabin door and putting the key in the breast pocket of his shirt. I began to feel uncomfortable, which often results in a hot flush. No doubt my cheeks were redder than my lipstick as I reluctantly squeezed myself behind one of the benches.

“There’s beer or wine,” he continued, smiling so sweetly it went some way towards putting me back at ease.

“I’ll have wine,” I replied.

From a small fridge over in a corner he poured me a glass of Chardonnay and opened a can of beer for himself before sitting down uncomfortably close to me.

“I think you’re nice,” he said.

“Thank you!”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I should have lied, but I can never think straight when I’m in a tight spot; it’s a fault that’s proven costly at times, and this was one of them!

“No, not at the moment.”

Before I’d finished speaking, he’d put a hand on my knee. His grip was firm and muscular yet gentle; had he been a little less pushy, I’d have really fancied him, but as it was, he was beginning to make me feel nervous…

“That’s a shame! A lovely creature like you ought to have a man!”

So saying, he ran his firm, strong fingers under my hot pants and began playing with the gusset of my panty girdle. I always wore a black panty girdle under my pink hot pants and over my fishnet tights. I found it kept everything where it ought to be throughout a tiring six hour shift at the club, leaving most gropers disappointed. fulya escort As was my new nautical Romeo…

Though not for long!

“I really do think,” I pressed, no doubt blushing like a lobster, “that I ought to be going home now!”

Removing his fingers from my groin though not my thigh, he stared into my eyes looking sad and even offended. “If that’s what you really want,” he sniffed, “then you can go! I’d thought you’d be a little more adventurous, going round dressed like that and wearing that kind of jewellery, but if I’ve made a mistake then I’m very sorry! Here’s the key, off you go!”

Handing me the key to the cabin door, he made a point of touching my earring, which made me feel dirty and low, like the worst kind of tease. My silver earrings were small effigies of an erect cock and balls and I was wearing a matching pendant which dangled tantalisingly above my pert breasts. Of course, none of this jewellery had been my idea; I’d been given it by my employers to wear in the club. I would never normally wear it on a date, but I hadn’t anticipated this particular encounter!

“I am adventurous!” I insisted, feeling anxious not to cause unnecessary offence. I gave him the key back and tried hard to smile sweetly while his fingers resumed their predation around my gusset.

“Prove it!”

“I’m not that kind of girl!”

“You’re not any kind of girl, sweetie pie! That’s what I like about you! Now let’s have some fun!”

So saying, he pushed me backwards onto the bench, so I was lying on my back. At first, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to react, and I put up no resistance as he slipped my hot pants down onto my knees, followed by my panty girdle. My boy-bits, shrivelled by hormone pills and tender from hours tucked beneath a tight garment, protruded pathetically below my black fishnet tights. I now saw the source of the bright light that illuminated the cabin so brilliantly; there were spotlights inlaid all across the ceiling, which all but blinded me as I lay on my back, my legs tightly bound by my own lingerie, my arms trapped by the cramped confines of the narrow bench, but my imprisonment entirely my own fault…

All I ever had to do was insist that I wanted to go home and he would have let me go, but my pride wouldn’t let me do it!

Smiling at me, he ran his fingers up and down the stem of my flaccid little cock, taking his time to stroke my small, pulsating cherry. I can’t say it was an unpleasant experience; it reminded me that he was an attractive man who could obviously be caring, and helped me to relax a lot. After several minutes, I found myself smiling back at him…

But then his smile suddenly turned into a frown!

“This just won’t do!” he exclaimed. “Let’s try something different!”

Saying which, he removed my hot pants and panty girdle entirely, taking great care to replace my patent leather black stiletto heels.

“Stand up, won’t you!”

Getting to my feet, I felt more than slightly dizzy. At the time I blamed the bright spotlights, one of which had been straight above my head, but looking back there might have been something in the wine I’d drunk. Whatever the reason was, when I saw him unbuckling his trousers, I knew what he expected me to do and I was glad to oblige, just so I could rest my feet for a little while!

Placing my face close to his crotch, he pushed his trousers and pants down his thighs just far enough to give me a close-up view of his burgeoning manhood. He was well endowed with a thick, juicy meat-rod some nine inches long, and I gulped at the task ahead…

“That’s it, sweetie pie! Lick my tasty pre-cum!”

I ran my tongue gently over his bulging, uncut cherry, swooping around the tip so as not to miss a drop. I took my time, glad to feel the aches from the hard wooden bench easing, but anxious about the task ahead.

But after several minutes of enthusiastic tongue work, I felt those familiar, muscular fingers at work once again…

This time, they firmly gripped the back of my head, guiding his manhood forcefully into my passive mouth.

“That’s it, doll! I know I’m big, but you can handle me!”

Soon, I felt like I couldn’t breathe as his massive cherry forced its way towards the back of my throat. In and out he thrust his heaving phallus, leaving me no choice other than to gurgle for breath.

The noise seemed to excite him!

“Yeah, that’s right, sweetie pie! You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

I guess the question was rhetorical; if not, he must have known I was in no position to answer! Though perhaps not the longest cock that had been down my throat, his was certainly the widest, and after this encounter, my voice would be hoarse for weeks! All I could do was try my best to keep my lips pursed as he remorselessly pounded my tonsils, all the time praying for the first warm spurt of hot, creamy cum.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long…

Soon, the first of several powerful spurts was splashing bebek escort onto the back of my throat, its warmth welcome and invigorating as the slowly shrinking colossus finally began to give me space to start breathing properly. Sucking the final drops of salty cream from his receding red end, I felt proud that I’d surely given this well-hung hunk the satisfaction he deserved!

“That wasn’t bad,” he said indifferently, casually pulling up his trousers. “Now sit down and have another drink; I’ve a proposition for you!”

“It’s long past my bedtime!” I protested. “I really need to get going!”

With a shrug of disappointment, he once more handed me the key. “Suit yourself! If you don’t want to hear what I’ve got to say, then you can let yourself out!”

My foolish heart! Again I handed the key back to him and sat down while he poured me another glass of wine, all the while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“How much do you make, working at that bar?” he asked, cracking open a fresh can of beer.

“About thirty quid a night, with tips.”

“Hmm, sounds about right! How would you like to make a hundred quid for three hours work?”

I shuffled nervously on the hard, uncomfortable bench. “What kind of work?” I asked.

“I’m staying on this boat with a friend,” he explained cheerfully, “and we’d like to have a threesome with you. It’d all be bareback, but we’re both clean; he’s a really nice guy, just like me! What do you say?”

It was an awfully tempting offer! Basically, I lived in the red; my pay barely covered the essentials and I relied on tips to pay for everything else. The club was on the outskirts of town and while it plied a healthy trade in the summer months, the place got awfully quiet in the winter and my tips dried up. And I figured if this guy’s friend was as nice as him, then this would be the easiest hundred quid I ever made!

Still, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was a hooker!

“I dunno, maybe I should just go…”

“That’s a shame, but if that’s your decision, we’ll respect it!”

The speaker wasn’t the guy I’d been talking to, it was his friend; another tall, dark handsome man who’d just let himself into the cabin. He too had a smile on his face, but his dark green eyes spoke of mischief and I didn’t feel anything like so comfortable in his presence. Still, I can’t say I actually felt threatened, and I really needed that money!

“Okay!” I said, “I’ll do it!”

I think it’s best if, from now on, I give these guys names. It’s just so we can tell them apart, though; they never actually gave me their names. To this day, I haven’t a clue who either of them was! But I’m going to call the first guy I met Jim and his friend, the guy who walked in later, John.

“That’s great, sweetie pie!” So saying, Jim resumed his forensic fingering of my crotch. It was a little damp around my cherry; back in those days, if I got excited I’d discharge some cum, but I couldn’t get an erection and didn’t have orgasms. I’d been swallowing hormone pills on and off for a couple of years and while they’d helped me grow a pair of pert little breasts to die for, they’d shrunk my phallus to something not much bigger than a chipolata.

“That’s not so great! John here likes to see and feel some meat; but never mind, there are ways and means!”

I was asked to remove my fishnets and stand by the table in just my stiletto heels and my skimpy pink top. This was just so John could inspect me like a piece of meat, which is what he did. He fingered all my cock and balls jewellery, laughing aloud and joking that my pendant was bigger than my boy-bits!

He slapped both my butt-cheeks till they must have been cherry red and my face most probably matched them. Then he began checking out my boy-bits, and I didn’t like the way he did that at all!

There was no tenderness in the way he stroked my tiny cock, he was crude and rough and only trying to get it to become erect, which it did to the best of its ability, becoming kind of semi-flaccid.

Then he gripped my balls and started squeezing them painfully. I was minded to say something, and only stopped myself because my throat was hurting and his eyes looked awfully mean and before I could work up the courage to say anything, he eased off.

“Okay!” he said, standing back from me, but not so far I couldn’t smell stale nicotine on his breath. “Let’s get this show on the road! Bend over the table…”

I did as he’d asked, wincing as the nipples of my small, sensitive breasts touched the hot tabletop with only the thin cotton of my skimpy pink top to save them from being scalded. The tabletop had been warmed by the relentlessly bright spotlights overhead. The guys moved to either end of the table, with Jim standing in front of me and John behind.

With his trademark smile still plastered across his face, Jim took hold of my arms, which I gave him willingly. He pulled me towards him, causing a strange sensation to shudder through florya escort my breasts as my upper chest, which was protected by my skimpy top, slid effortlessly across the tabletop, while lower down my naked belly struggled against an abrasive surface which was never made for skin to slide across.

I cried out a little, which seemed to make both men chuckle. In consequence, I decided it might be prudent to complain no more…

But that wasn’t easy!

Having been pulled in one direction, John’s strong hands, which were gripping me firmly by my ankles, now pulled me back the other way. Trapped by friction and my body weight, my tender boy-bits started to burn, forcing tears into my eyes. My cherry felt like it was on fire while my sac, which was almost glued to the tabletop, got left a long way behind my butt! My balls became hopelessly crushed and powerful spasms were soon pulsating through my groin and down both my legs, which but for John’s strong hands would have been kicking out in an uncontrollable frenzy.

“Let me go!” I screamed tearfully.

“I like to see a bit of spirit!” That’s all John said, as my teardrops sent a stream of mascara down my cheeks to melt on the hot tabletop. As he spoke I heard the familiar sound of a trouser belt unfastening, and soon a probing finger was rubbing some kind of lube around the rim of my pussy.

An instant later, I felt the head of a thick, ramrod stiff meat-rod forcing its way into my tender pussy. I couldn’t see anything behind me, all I could see was Jim, ever smiling as he held me firmly pinned down, while John’s cock rammed up and down inside me like an iron piston.

Although I hadn’t seen John’s cock, I could feel it was large in both senses. I’d had some well-endowed boyfriends and so my pussy was used to taking a real pounding, but I could feel that John was up there with the biggest and best! And he liked to get his money’s worth! He was taking fast, furious strokes that were stretching me further than I’d ever been stretched before, while the tip of his cherry was reaching places deep inside me which perhaps should never be reached!

My tears were copious, and if they’d given me the chance right then, I’d have told them to keep their lousy hundred quid and run home, crying all the way! More than anything else they’d bruised my ego, and there’s nothing that hurts quite so badly as that!

And yet, elsewhere something strange was going on…

At first, my boy-bits had burned and sent horrid spasms down my legs, but after such a prolonged pounding the pain in my pussy (as well as my hurt feelings!) was keeping me so well occupied, I’d hardly noticed how numb they’d gone, apart from my cherry which had begun to send pleasurable shivers around my groin…

Shivers that were making me feel surprisingly horny!

“Get up!”

The words were accompanied by a friendly slap on my butt-cheeks, and I slowly stood up, conscious that my legs were little better than jelly and I was likely to struggle to stand freely in my stiletto heels.

“Come here! You need to clean me up!”

Of course it was John, and now I finally got to see his massive meat-rod. He was just as well-endowed as Jim; slightly longer maybe, but perhaps lacking a little of Jim’s girth…

Though make no mistake, this pair were both hung like horses!

I groaned thinking how hard he’d pounded me and then gulped, remembering I still had to take his friend!

At John’s behest, I kneeled before him and began lapping my own butt juices off his slowly receding manhood. It was quite some task, as even semi-flaccid there was plenty of skin and he was a horny beast…

Before I’d finished, he was starting to get hard again!

“Stand up!”

I presumed he was satisfied with the job I’d done cleaning him up, though he didn’t say so. Still smiling, Jim fetched them both a beer and poured me another glass of wine, which I badly needed to wash out my mouth. After a quick drink and some laddish banter, both men took off all their clothes and I saw that each was more than ready for further action!

But before things got going, John surprised me by treating me to a little tenderness! Resting my butt-cheeks against the edge of the table, he went down on my breasts, sucking both my pert nipples in a perfect way which made me glow with pleasure. As he suckled, his fingers stretched down below and he began caressing my cherry and stroking the stem of my tiny cock till fresh drops of warm pre-cum started to slowly lubricate his coarse, dry fingers.

After several pleasurable minutes of this unexpected massage, he suddenly grabbed my measly member in a more workmanlike manner. Because I was still numb down there from being stretched on the table, I didn’t realize what he’d done till afterwards, but when he let go I felt a tight constriction and, looking down, found a cable tie fastened tightly around the base of my cock, which was far more erect than I’d seen it for many years.

“What have you done?” I demanded. It was Jim who replied, an inane smile still glued to his face.

“Like I told you,” he said, “John likes his sissies hard!”

I could see from their faces that both men were now fully hot and horny; they meant to get their money’s worth, and it certainly wasn’t worth my while to back out now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32