Two Men and a Lady (?)

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My fingers trace the rim of my martini as I wait for you. We have been meeting here for weeks and you have never been late. As I cross my legs, the barstool I am sitting on swivels so that I can see the door when you walk through, but you are not there. I am conscious not to give the illusion that I am waiting for someone, but the black leather boots and miniskirt riding up my thighs is a dead giveaway. After 15 minutes, I realize that something must have happened and tonight will afford no opportunity for playtime with Rollin. I am sad, but as I set my glass down on the bar, I catch the bartender as he looks my way drying the glass his last customer has finished, and ending a call on his cell phone. As I push the glass to the back of the bar, he smiles and tells me that the call was from you to advise that you were going to be late, but for me not to leave — that you would make it up to me.

I shake my head and smile, knowing that you will most definitely make it up to me, and order another drink. Knowing that two martinis within thirty minutes will put me over the limit, I call home and tell the kids I will be very late and they should order dinner. As I hang up my phone, the bartender sets down my drink and smiles. I ask him why he is smiling and he shakes his head and says that he can’t believe you let me sit here all by myself alone, for someone else to move in. I smile and reply “Men try all the time, that doesn’t mean I have to accept!” We start talking about how often he sees us here and he is aware of what we are doing. I unconvincingly deny that we are doing “anything”. He smiles as he leans into me over the bar, totally ignoring the other patrons, but for now they are all set with their drinks and conversations of their own.

He is not all that smart, but I can tell he knows what to say to make most girls blush and become wet. He is cute, and he has a great big white smile that draws me in. I however, am playing with him, challenging him, but it is fun and it passes the time. However, the martinis are beginning to work their evil and my tongue becomes loose as we talk. He quickly turns the conversation to sex and ask me what you have that brings me here every week, begging like a puppy. I laugh and tell him it is you who begs for me for what I have. But he is quick to remind me that it is me who is sitting all alone waiting for you. To which I reply that I am not sitting alone, for he is losing customers completely engaged in conversation with me. We continue talking and flirting, and I enjoy his company as I wait for you. Until he stops mid-sentence and looks up, noticing you are standing directly behind me.

I look at my phone and realize it has been 30 minutes, I am try to be annoyed, but as I turn towards you, your eyes are sparkling and your smile is intoxicating, and I can’t help but smile and begin to introduce you, until I realize I don’t know his name. But you already do, and as the two of you shake hands, you call him “David” and I realize this has all been a setup. You have scouted out this man for one reason, etlik escort and one reason only. As it all registers in my brain, I turn to you and smile — “Well then! let’s go!”

You smile and laugh as you lead me out of the bar and into the street before you grab me and kiss me and toss your keys to David. It is dark, and I am wary of the crowds but I knowing what is in store for me soon, has me forgetting the world and feeling reckless, but I know you will protect me. David appears with the car and you pull me into the back seat. We are making out heavy as David drives to the condo, watching us in the rear view mirror while he drives the short distance to the condo. When he gets to the gate, you and he switch places so you can drive the car into the garage. You drop us off at the elevator, and as soon as you leave, David backs me against the wall and pins my hands above my head and begins kissing my neck, my first instinct is to stop him for I really don’t know him, but I know you do so I calm down and let him continue and it does feel good.

It is not long before you arrive at the elevator, and as you watch him kiss me, you reach up under my skirt and grab my ass as I look at you and smile. You’re eyes are more devilish than I have ever seen and I can tell you already have a raging hard on at the mere thought of this night, which makes my mouth water as the elevator door opens. The three of us step into the elevator and calmly head to the twelfth floor, like strangers. Until we are into the condo.

Once inside, we take off our shoes and immediately head to the bedroom. The three of us know why we are here and there is nothing preventing us from what we all want. As I stand in front of you, you kiss me, and David pushes the hair off my neck and begins kissing my neck. It feels wonderful to have both of your lips on me at one time. My hand trails down your chest to feel your definitely hard cock through your pants as my other hand reaches behind me to feel David’s cock swelling. I continue to rub both of you until David begins to lift my top over my head from behind. Once off, you pull down my bra and begin sucking my nipples as he massages my tits. You are unzipping my mini skirt and only take your lips off me to slide it down my legs and over my boots.

Then it’s your turn to get your clothes taken off as I start undoing you belt and then your pants as David continues to run his hands over my body. Once off, I turn to remove David’s clothes as you place your hands on my hips and rub your dick between my thighs and against my panties which are extremely wet in anticipation. As David tangles his fingers in my hair and pulls me to him, my ass is pushing back against you. I can feel his hard cock against my stomach and your hard cock between my legs. Hmmm now I must choose…..

I reach down and grab David’s cock and roll it across my stomach, stroking it up and down at the same speed as you as you slide your dick between my legs. You bite my neck and grab my eve gelen escort hair to turn my head to kiss you. After a few minutes, you tell me you want to watch David and I fuck. So, being the compliant little bad girl that I am, lay on the bed. I look at David and at you, and back at David and smile, ready to give you a good show if that is what you want. With my boots still on, David begins slowly crawling up me on the bed, kissing and licking my skin all the way up my thighs as you watch. David feels good, but I am enjoying your devilish grin more than his wet tongue, until he reaches his tongue hard into my pussy. It takes my breath away and I can’t help but gasp and throw my head back.

You are standing close to the edge of the bed, stroking your hard cock as you watch David cause me to moan and arch my back. As I do, you quickly slide under me so my head is in your lap. David continues licking my pussy but now with a fever. My fingers lacy through his hair as I pull him to my pussy and grind my hips against his face as he fucks me with his tongue. I can feel your cock against my neck, hard and

hot as you grind your hips slowly up and down, my hair falling atop your balls and tickling your very sensitive skin as you continue to watch me enjoying David, my legs now wrapped around his back to keep him right where he can bring me to maximum orgasm, but just as my body starts to contract and my pussy starts to spasm, David stops his wonderfully sensual tongue attack, and motions for me to roll over on my hands and knees, which, of course, I do, for I know that when I do, I will have full access to your hard cock.

So now you are laying on the bed and I find myself between your legs, and David is fast behind me on his knees. David presses his cock between my ass cheeks as I bend down to lick your cock slowly from the base all the way to the head, which is already wet from your stroking. I continue licking your dick like a wonderfully hot popsicle as I move my hips back and forth against David’s cock between my thighs pressed hard against my pussy. My long slow licks make your cock wet and warm, but as my hand wraps around the base, I must spit for maximum lubrication for my hand to slide up and down slowly as my lips wrap around the head of your dick to suck slowly as I circle my tongue just around the tip.

As my lips work your cock kissing and nibbling, my hand stroking your hard cock and massaging your soft balls, I can feel David’s fingers as they explore my pussy lips and the intense wetness that has accumulated since his lips retreated. He watches me lick your dick and stroke you and as I take you fully in my mouth, I hear both your moans in unison. I can feel his cock getting harder as he continues to slide it between my thighs as it gets slick from my juices. David is a gentleman and coyly and respectfully asks you if he can fuck me. I look at you with your cock still deep in my throat as you smile and tell him he needs to ask me. As David bends over gaziosmanpaşa escort my back to whisper his request in my ear, I let your cock slide out of my mouth slowly, turn my head and kiss him passionately, so he can taste you on my tongue.

As I resume my feast of your hard waiting cock, David teases me with his cock against my pussy as his fingers circle my clit. My mind is searching for the strength to control my inner spasms of desire, and I can feel my concentration clouding as I continue to fuck your cock with my mouth, sliding it completely in my throat and then out with no resistance, as you inch closer to the edge of cuming. David is watching me suck you and his timing is perfect as he slides his cock deep inside me just as you stop me. I am at that instant torn between denial of your sweet cum deep in my throat and pure ecstacy as I feel David’s balls begin slapping my ass as he fucks me deep and hard.

You watch me as I enjoy David fucking me hard as your hands grab my tits and squeeze my nipples hard like I like it. When David takes a small break and pumps his dick slowly in and out of my swollen pussy, I crawl up to kiss you hard, my tongue twisted with yours, tasting your sweet hot breath. After a few minutes, you slap my ass and I look in your eyes. Those sparkling devilish eyes that drive me absolutely insane tell me to turn around on top of you. As I smile and oblige, you slide down to the edge of the bed and I tell David to stand in front of me between your legs. I straddle your legs as I smile at David and begin rubbing my pussy, making my hands wet with my juices as I sit back on your cock. I begin riding your cock slowly as I grab David’s cock and begin stroking it, sliding my juices back and forth along the shaft and cupping the head with my palm. My tongue licks my lips as I look at David and he wants me to wrap them around his longing cock, but that is not my intention…. As I continue to stroke him back and forth, now with both hands. I bend over close to his cock as I stoke him and ride your cock, he can feel my breath as I blow on the swollen tip of his dick, my lips so close, but only brush the sensitive skin of the head as I spit for more lubrication.

I continue to stroke David while I ride you harder, your cock deep in my ass, your hands firmly on my hips bouncing me up and down as you feel yourself getting dangerously close to coming. You can see David almost begging for me to inhale his dick, and knowing what it feels like to be deep in my throat, find yourself pulling me harder and harder against you, as your balls get hard and you relinquish your own control.

David is losing the battle and I am stroking him harder and faster as I ride you, I can feel the thunder in my soul, can feel the surge of adrenaline and the wave of emotions rolling through my body as I release all control to the wonderful rhythm of your cock in my ass as I hear my cries of passion as I beg you to cum, but it is David who cums first, and as I feel his warm cum on my chest, my own surge of spasms take over me as my eyes close and my body shakes. It is then I feel you tighten up and hear your moans. I can feel your body tense with every wave of cum as it shoots out of you and deep in my ass. I am careful not to move too much knowing how sensitive you are at this point, but continue to stroke David’s cock softly and smoothly as the three of us enjoy this wonderful moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32