Two Guys Friendship Takes a Turn

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A big thank you to Stephanie for her advice, counsel and editing. Much appreciated. There was some “concern” about which section to place this story in, as there is some Erotic Coupling as background, but the main focus was on Gay Male so that’s where it ended up.


What started out months ago as innocent online flirtation between two horny guys evolved into our meeting in person last weekend at the Philadelphia airport.

I’m way ahead of myself, I know. But still excited from the meeting and time spent together.

You see, Dave (“BigTex01”) and I (“SpaceCowboy33”) had been online friends since the beginning of the year on an amateur porn site. Each of us has posted images of our wives – his knowing full well she was on the site in her natural glory, and mine not having a clue as the photos of her were supposed to be private. See I lied when I told my lovely wife they were for my personal use when I was traveling on business. So sue me.

Dave’s wife Michelle was extremely sexy, and what made her more attractive if that is possible is that she’s a mid-level business person at her Texas firm. So, no facial recognition, but oh that body was amazing. She was caught in various poses, but my favorites were from behind, naked except for flimsy panties pulled halfway down her ass, and blow job photos from the side which showed Dave’s cock in her hungry mouth while still keeping her face out of the photo. Extremely sexy, her 36C breasts were spectacular.

Dave also posted dick shots of his fully aroused cock, and I could tell it was the same cock that had been sucked by his lovely wife. No stand in on his part! Six inches of thick man meat.

Very hot photos, and more than 100 of them. I’d jerked off to them on several occasions, and had private messaged Dave about that fact.

The photos of my wife Mary Ann were for the most part ass shots, with my favorite being one taken years before in a Civil War battlefield near a canon. Yes, she was in front of the canon and from the angle that medal shaft was aimed right at her butt. Another favorite was a legs spread dozy which displayed her pussy, but with her hair trimmed into a landing strip. I’d documented that birthday gift with a photo, and it received lots of “likes” online.

Dave and I had been going back and forth for months, especially when he posted a new photo of his wife. I’d tell him how lucky he was, and he agreed saying she loved posing, sex and being “a little naughty” at times. I’d related that Mary Ann was more subdued, but was hot in bed.

On one occasion I asked if his dick photos got many comments other than the ones online, asking if any woman had sent him a note wanting to sample. He replied no, but a number of guys had offered to give him head. Or at least said they wanted to suck his dick. All-American guy, he declined any invitation, or so he said.

Innocent conversation. But somehow it turned into a truth or dare kind of dialogue where he admitted offering to meet with a guy who gave him a hand job. I said that’s nothing I’d ever wanted to do – guy/guy stuff, but that if I was ever going to do it a guy would have to be special, friendly, and on the down low. “You know, Dave, someone like you!” We laughed about it.

Over time I mentioned again and again how I’d jerked off to his wife’s photos, and sometimes integrated his cock into the fantasy mix where I’d sucked him and her off in the same night. He laughed, and said that would never happen as Michelle had no desire for anything outside of their own bed. “She’s into naughty behavior, but with me and me alone.”

It was all in play, getting our minds around sexual situations, fantasies and just basic situations that turned us on and maraş escort sparked each of our vivid imaginations.

We graduated to a phone call here and there, and had great conversations about politics, jobs, current affairs and of course sex with our spouses. One of the great stories he told was having sex in their room on a business trip with his wife tagging along, with the shades wide open. They’d been hot and heavy in the elevator and when they arrived at their room they were extra frisky.

He said they made out, with him playing with her luscious top over her dress and she playing with his cock before he directed her down to her knees. Once there, she blew him for several minutes before he noticed several people in an adjacent office building pointing and watching their coupling.

That got him hot, and he mentioned it to his wife. She wasn’t repelled, smiled, and mumbled something about wanting his dick. She lifted off her sweater and then attacked his cock and he knew she was hot as well at being on display. One things led to another and he lifted her up, bent her over nearby desk, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and slipped his dick into her sloppy wet pussy while the onlookers clearly could see the entire showing.

They fucked for a couple minutes before he “noticed” the onlookers and shot in his wife, but then acted as if he and his wife hadn’t known they were being watched, quickly closing the drapes. He said it was an awesome performance!

My stories were tamer, as my wife Mary Ann was conservative and private in the bedroom, but I did relate the story of a long night of dancing at a local watering hole where she got a little tipsy. We made our way to the car later in the evening and I convinced her to give me a blow job “to warm me up for later action on her” before going home. She was influenced by the drinks I suspect, but soon she was kneeling on the front seat sucking my cock.

It was an awesome feeling getting blown there. At one point I noticed something out of the corner of my eye – it was a couple heading toward the bar – and they saw us and stopped. When I realized they weren’t a problem I just let myself go, moving to Mary Ann’s sucking mouth, and soon emptied my balls as her head kept bobbing. She swallowed, and started to lift when she saw the couple outside and yelped in embarrassment. The couple was cool, clapping, but Mary Ann complained the entire drive home about being caught. I loved it.

At various times Dave and I would talk about photographs of our wives, and others, in various stages of undress. I gravitated to blow job pictures on the site, Dave to doggie sex and especially anal sex. He also liked lingerie shots, something I liked as well. I’d joke about his dick shots, and on a couple occasions mentioned that if I liked cock his would be one I’d “do.”

Along the way we admitted to each other it would be hot to jerk off in each other’s company while watching porn.

Online friends became more when Dave mentioned that Michelle had a business conference in Philly and she’d be there with him tagging along on a Monday and Tuesday. In the discussions, I suggested they come to town early and stay with Mary Ann and I assuming my wife was okay with it. There was no talk of our online naughtiness occurring at our house, but just me being friendly. We could see the sites, have a nice dinner, and just do those things that visitors do.

Needing a cover story, I told Mary Ann about a childhood friend and his wife coming to town that I hadn’t seen in years, and wondered if we could put them up a couple nights before the conference. She agreed, and arrangements were made.

We picked them up at the mardin escort airport and luckily the girls got along famously. That made things a whole lot easier. Having not “seen” each other in years made the story of Dave and I plausible, and we got them settled into the guest room before heading out for dinner. It was a nice night, as we repaired home after for a couple drinks in front of the fireplace. Conversations ensued, friendships grew, and it was a pleasant night.

We called it a night and I attempted to convince Mary Ann for a little loving but she was having nothing of it. “They will hear us. I won’t feel comfortable. But I will make it up to you later in the week,” said my lovely wife. I couldn’t help thinking that the wives were both attractive, with Michelle larger in the breast department while my wife had a very sexy ass compared to Dave’s wife. Both looked great, though.

After hitting the bedroom we were nodding off when Mary Ann nudged me. “Keep quiet. Listen. They are fucking, hear them? They are certainly fucking.”

Well, Dave and Michelle were either hammering something in their room or fucking, as the bed springs were clearly making noise and the headboard was slowly being pounded against the wall.

“Damn, they are fucking in the next room,” again said my wife. “Oh my goodness. It’s like they are right next to us.”

Mary Ann reached around and stroked my cock as I reached between her legs and felt her soaking wet pussy. She’d obviously been hearing them, as she was soaking wet and very aroused. As Dave fucked his wife I finger fucked my wife and when we heard Michelle cry out she was cumming. Mary Ann did as well. I didn’t know if Dave came, but presumed so, and after coming down from her high Mary Ann stroked me off and I shot a hard load. Damn, that was hot. It was as if we’d been in the same room. It was a fitful night for sleeping!

The next morning no one was wiser as the prior night’s nocturnal activities were left undiscussed. The girls had a certain smirk to their faces a couple times, and I wondered if they’d discuss later in the day when they went to the spa for a pre-arranged massage and pedicure. Dave and I suggested they were both great girls and should get a manicure as well, and the girls smiled and agreed.

The girls left at 10 and weren’t expected back until 2, so Dave and I decided to hang out in my Man Cave. After a quick tour, we made our way to the computer where we fired up our accounts and he told me about the background of some of the photos he’d taken of his wife. A couple were in a local park, and he laughed about the times they were caught or nearly caught.

I asked again about his dick pictures, and whether he’d had any new adventures. That’s when he said something that shocked me. “No, but do you want to see it in the flesh? I mean, you’ve seen it on the web cam, but how about here?”

Stammering, my mind was in jumbles. I mean, I’m not gay. Why would I want to see his dick? But as I looked at the photos on the screen and thought about the prior night and also of the stories, I nodded my head. Besides, we’d spoken in the past about whacking off together, and now was as good a time as ever.

Dave unzipped his jeans and reached into his pants, pulling out a semi-hard cock. He smiled and asked what I thought.

Standing there, spellbound, I stammered something about it being hearty or something like that. Dave stroked it harder, showing off.

“Want to feel it?”

I did, despite knowing it was oh so very wrong. I reached over, carefully, slowly, and grasp his cock. Looking at him I slowly began stroking it. I have no idea what came over me, only that I was feeling naughty mersin escort and couldn’t believe what I was doing. It was almost as if I were in a trance.

Awkward moments followed, as each of us was quiet and only the slow stroking of my hand could barely be heard. It was as if I were in a trance, jerking his dick. It felt so very hard, yet also so very soft. Dave was mumbling something as I stroked him, and soon I heard what he was urgently saying.

Dave broke the silence: “Kiss it. Kiss my cock.”

With those words Dave put his hands on my shoulders and directed me toward the floor, onto my knees. I followed his directions and soon was kneeling before him, his cock flipping around in front of my face.

“It’s okay, nobody will ever know. Suck it!”

I hesitated, but realized it was something I’d longed for. I wanted to taste that man meat. My mind was jumbled, I could barely move, but I wanted it.

Opening my mouth, my tongue slithered out and began licking the manhood prominently displayed in front of me. I licked as much as I could before reaching to grasp the cock and followed with licks and kisses to the underside of the pulsating man shaft. Swirling my tongue drew gasps from the man, so I continued those actions. For a bit all I did was lick and kiss.

Lowering my head further, I licked to the bottom of the shaft and down to his hairy balls, licking all over them before heading back up the cock.

My brain was blank, but I knew what I was doing. I was licking another man’s cock. That led to my licking and then sucking the mushroom head, finally placing it into my mouth and sucking on it like I sucked Mary Ann’s nipples. My lips were glued to his cock, while my tongue laved the tip. It felt awesome.

Dave began pushing at my face and slowly I took more cock into my mouth, sucking slowly on the fleshy pole. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but he didn’t seem to be complaining, so I kept up the sucking of his cock.

Not sure exactly of what to do, I still had the general idea of what I liked when getting a blow job so I used that as the starting point. I sucked the tip of his cock, slowly taking more into my mouth, then moved up and down on the massive pole. Dave was groaning above and urging me on, so I held his thighs while moving my head.

I moved a hand up to encircle the base of his throbbing dick, gradually working at a stroke down there while sucking up above. I moved my head in tandem with my hand, bobbing up and down the dick. Using my hand and mouth gave the most coverage, and soon I was blowing a man like a practiced hooker. Well, not that good, but you get the idea. I kept my mouth on his dick, my teeth away from it, and whenever in doubt slowed and merely sucked his cock.

Dave cradled my head in his strong hands, startling me, but soon even that action felt good to me as he guided my head how he liked it. Then, without warning, I felt the cock start pulsating and soon it was spitting out cum into my sucking mouth. That eruption caused me to cough and gasp for air but I kept sucking as much as possible and actually swallowed my first load.

All the while Dave held my head in place, slowing his thrusts and basking in the sensations of the completed blow job.

“Hey buddy, that was great, you’re a hell of a cocksucker,” was what Dave said, I guess as a compliment. “That felt great.”

There I was, on my knees, cum in my stomach and a big guy looming above me. I felt humiliated but also satisfied I’d done my job well. I mean, I hadn’t thought of doing it, but just did. And it was hot.

Looking questions at Dave, I finally asked if he’d return the favor.

“Not today, sport, why don’t you just jerk it off,” he said, wiping off his dick with a cloth. “Keep that mouth ready for another round, okay.”

I just nodded yes with shame. I mean, well, I’m not gay…I mean, I may have sucked cock but the more I thought about that day the more I want to do it again. Damn, that was good, and I wanted more.

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