Two Girls Help Dave Lose It

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He was pretty damn excited. He had met this girl on a website. He had never thought he was going to actually meet anyone online. He had posted a story on the site. It was about him losing his virginity to a new neighbour. He had got a bunch of responses. That was cool. But what had been cooler was the 20 year old girl from Toronto who said she liked submissive guys and could they get together? That was crazy. And she was going to bring a girlfriend along. He couldn’t believe it. He really didn’t believe it. It had to be a prank. This didn’t happen to him. Yet, there he was, on the subway going out to her neighbourhood to meet her and her friend. It better not be a prank, he thought.

It was pretty early still. Only 7. There were still lots of people on the subway. He got off at the station and went outside. The bar was around the corner to his right she had said. When he caught sight of the entrance he got a bad feeling. Nobody there. Not two girls, not one girl. Nobody. He knew it. It had all been a ruse. Fuck. He walked up in front of the bar anyway. Even if she did show up she probably wouldn’t be the girl in the picture. He was always suspicious of people’s pictures online. Why did he always think somebody was trying to trick him.

As he stared down the street he heard a knock on the window behind him. He turned around to see the girl from the picture waiving him inside. She was even hotter than he had thought. She was dressed skimpily. Nothing wrong with that. Her friend was dressed the same way. Halter tops and really tight low-cut jeans. The girl he had written to had nice b-cup breasts and shoulder length blonde hair. Her friend had noticeably larger breasts and brown hair. They were both very attractive. Slim but not ridiculously skinny. That was cool. He couldn’t believe it.

“Dave?” the blonde asked as he walked through the door.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he replied.

“We weren’t sure it was you…your hair’s a lot shorter than in your picture…”

“Yeah, sorry ’bout that…the pictures a little old.”

“Ah, don’t worry. No one’s here yet anyway. Hard not to bump into each other…I’m Steph…obviously. This is my friend Jess.”

“Hi,” said Jess.

He stepped forward to shake hands. He was always shaking hands. He didn’t know why he wasn’t more aggressive. It wasn’t a problem thought. Steph pulled her body close to his and hugged him, giving a little peck on the cheek. Jess followed suit.

“It’s a pleasure,” he said nervously. They had really both made an effort to press their bodies up against his. He felt Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort his cock move. Fuck…he always did this. What if they were grossed out…

“Sorry we didn’t wait outside,” Steph apologized. “It’s cooler in here and we thought we’d have a few drinks.”

Dave looked and saw that both glasses were almost empty.

“What are you ladies drinking?” he asked.

“Screwdivers,” replied Jess.

Dave thought of a joke or two he could’ve made. But he didn’t. He was always too shy. But it was pretty gross. Better he didn’t say it.

“I’ll be right back,” he said as he headed to the bar. As he waited for the three drinks he saw the two girls talking to each other. About him for sure. Steph had her hand on Jess’s leg. He liked that. His cock moved a little more.

They had all had a lot to drink. It was 10. They’d been there a while. The girls were getting really flirty. He was sitting between them on the stools. Each had a hand on his legs. He was trying his best to touch their other hands as much as possible. But despite the booze he was still pretty shy. He had always been weird about physical contact. He really liked it he just couldn’t really initiate it.

“Well, I think we’ve all given the bar plenty of money tonight,” Steph said. “Jess, don’t you have some more booze at your place?”

“Yeah, I guess I do…” Jess answered.

That was hilarious, Dave thought. What an obvious set-up. Nothing wrong with that. His cock was hard. He was going to get laid. But probably not. These girls were going to sober up a bit on the way to Jess’s place and they were gonna drop him fast.

They left the bar and the girls stuck their arms through his.

“Don’t worry, it’s not far. Just a block away,” Jess said reassuringly.

When they got to Jess’s house they went straight to the bedroom with no thought of the booze. He was led up the stairs obediently. The girls kissed deeply when they got inside.

“You like that, Dave?” Steph asked.

Dave was in awe. This was the coolest thing he had ever seen. Steph placed her hand on Jess’s right tit and squeezed it a bit. She left Jess and walked over to Dave. She kissed Dave a little and then started to undue his pants. Jess came over and kissed Dave deeply. She straddled his left leg and ground her hips into it and his pants came undone. Both girls helped him take of the rest of his clothes. They then pushed him down on the bed and began to undress. They kissed each other softly and then harder as Steph moved a hand between Jess’s legs Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort and felt her wet pussy. Jess bent down a little and grabbed Steph’s left tit. She sucked the nipple and bit it a little. The two girls felt each others bodies all over and kissed again. They turned to Dave.

Dave was shocked. He totally expected to blow his load immediately. But somehow, he was still hard as a rock. Thank god for booze, he thought. He started to get up to join them. They pulled him up and both kissed him at the same time. He sucked on Steph’s tongue and then he sucked on Jess’s. As Steph stroked his ass Jess sucked on her tongue. Jess grabbed Dave’s cock and stroked it a few times.

“Lie down on the bed,” Steph commanded. Dave did as he was told. “Don’t get up.

Jess and Steph played with each other a little more and then opened the closet at the back of the room.

“Just wait a sec,” said Jess.

Dave lay on the bed in intense anticipation. This was incredible. When he looked up he saw Jess holding a pink 7-inch vibrator. But Steph was more shocking. She was strapping on a huge dildo, placing the strap right between the lips of her wet pussy. Steph moved over to Jess. Jess wrapped one leg around her and leaned against the wall. Steph shoved the strap-op into Jess’s waiting pussy. Jess let out a loud moan that almost made Dave explode. Jess fed her vibrator into Steph’s mouth and Steph sucked on it. Dave got up from the bed and moved to take Steph from behind.

Leaving the vibrator Steph said, “Back on the bed…you don’t play unless you play by our rules.”

Dave lay back down. He could handle this. He wanted them to take control. After a few more pumps Steph took the strap-on out of Jess and stood in front of Dave. She grabbed a little flat thing and put it on the middle strap. She shoved the thing in her pussy.

“It’s a vibrator. So I don’t miss out…” she explained to Dave.

“That was really hot” said Dave. He couldn’t believe it.

“Awww, thanks,” Steph said mockingly.

Steph stood next to the bed as Jess mounted Dave. Steph held him down and Jess spread her soaking lips and took his 6-inches. She began to move up and down on his cock as he lay on the bed. Dave moaned. So did Jess, only louder. Steph moved around behind Jess and straddle Dave’s legs. She thumbed Jess’s ass and Jess moaned more.

“Ooh, fuck my ass,” Jess moaned. Steph slowly pushed the strap-on through Jess’s tight sphincter. She grabbed Jess’s right tit with her hand. With the other she stroked Jess’s Kadıköy Ucuz Escort clit. One of Jess’s hands was supporting herself on the bed while the other was on Steph’s hip. Dave stroked Jess’s arm with one hand, and pinched her left nipple with the other.

Dave was in heaven. This was totally a fantasy of his. He thought about DPing a girl with another girl when he whacked it at home all the time. Jess turned her head back and struggled to kiss Steph. Steph fucked Jess’s ass and kissed her passionately. Then, suddenly, Steph pulled out. She handed Jess the pink vibrator and Jess moved it around her puckered asshole. She shoved it in violently and began to pump her ass with her hand. Steph spread Dave’s legs as Jess moved moved up and down on his cock.

“I read your story…I know you’ve been waiting for this,” Steph told Dave. Dave wasn’t really paying attention. All he could think about was how amazing fucking Jess was. She was incredible. She was almost yelping now. And he was going to explode.

“Owww!” he screamed as he felt the strap-on ram through his asshole. He felt the tip of it hammer into his prostate and he moaned in ecstasy.

“Aww, poor baby,” Steph joked as she began to work the dildo in and out of his ass. She leaned forward and found Jess’s searching mouth. She took the vibrator from Jess and worked it harder into her ass. Jess leaned forward and kissed Dave as he screamed in a mixture of pain and the most incredible pleasure. As Jess fucked his cock and Steph fucked his ass as fast as they could he exploded into an orgasm so unbelievable he felt like his bones were going to shatter. At the same time Jess climaxed from the DP and fell forward on to Dave’s almost limp body. Shuttering with pleasure, Jess slowly got up and got down on her knees in from of Steph, who had taken her dildo out of Dave’s ass. Jess deepthroated the dildo a few times while stroking her friend’s pussy. She took off strap-on while stroking Steph’s clit.

“Dave, off the bed!” Jess commanded. Jess forced Steph down on to the bed. She pulled Dave over by the hand in front of Stpeh.

“Eat her out,” she commanded. Dave got down on his knees and buried his face between Steph’s legs. She lapped up her juices and tongued her clit. Jess straddle Steph and began to grind her hips. Steph responded by raising hers. Dave licked one pussy and fingered the other. Then he switched. Again and again. He pinched their clits and plunged his tongue and fingers deep inside. As the girls approached orgasm he thumbed Jess’s ass and plunged the pink vibrator in to Steph’s ass. The girls let out ear-shattering screams as they came together. They kissed passionately as Dave watched in awe.

As he stood there the girls came over and knelt before him. Steph began to suck his cock as Jess licked his balls. More? Dave thought. Jesus. This was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32