Two Bedrooms

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I’m in bedroom number one. The one you use when you want cock. I’ve been playing with myself while you were in the shower. I heard you giggling with your girlfriend. I’ve been imagining what the two of you were doing. Were you kissing? With your breasts rubbing as the water cascaded over your shoulders, soapy suds slipping their way down to your buttocks? Did she have her fingers inside your cunt or were yours slipping inside her? Perhaps you were shaving her so she’d have a bare pussy for you later. My cock throbs at the thought of what you may be doing later on. It’s as much as I can do not to masturbate furiously and bring myself to orgasm.

You come into the room…you have dressed. Or rather, you have half dressed. Your hair is damp and gives you that sultry, just fucked look. Maybe that’s what you were doing in the bathroom. Your girlfriend just fucked you. She used a dildo on you, slipping it inside you with one hand while she manipulated your clitoris with the other. Or maybe used a strap on, doing you from behind while squeezing your breasts. Or maybe you had a man in there. He was screwing you with his hard cock while your girlfriend fondled and licked you.

You had a crop top on, barely covering your tits. When you are naked, you have breasts. A beautiful word to describe a beautiful sight. But when you are looking so utterly sexy…that just fucked look…and wanting to be fucked again…they become tits.

You are wearing Porno 64

a tight, short skirt. I hope you are wearing a thong underneath. You know how much I love to put my hand up there, between your thighs, rubbing your cunt. Struggling to get my fingers inside you because the skirt is so damn tight. I love to pull the tiny garment down and off, knowing that you are naked under that skirt. Your little cunt so available and vulnerable to my desires.

Like your tits become breasts when naked, it’s the same with your cunt. You have that slutty little skirt and I have just pulled your panties off. Despite the confines of your skirt, I manage to get a finger inside you. You wriggle and you bite my shoulder in passion. Your skirt rides up. It may as well not be there and my finger slips from you as you move to take it off. You lift your crop top over your head exposing your breasts to me. Now you are as naked as I. As your tits have become breasts, so your cunt has become pussy. You are beautiful. But best of all, naked and with me.

I’m going to give you so much pleasure. I have you on your back, knees raised with my head between your thighs. My tongue gets to work licking up and down. Every now and then I break off and use my finger. Pushing inside you, I curl it, scraping the tip against your g spot. Your hips raise off the bed and my hand has to follow you pressing harder and you moan with the added pressure Konulu Porno my finger uses inside you.

I slide up alongside you. You reach for my cock, but I gently push your hand away. This night is for you.

My hand is back between your thighs and you feel my hand cupping your mound.

When I feel the right spot, I slip my middle finger inside you. It’s the longest one and it reaches the part that I know will send you over the edge. But for now it’s back on your g spot. You are moaning gently, your pelvis rising with my movements. You feel my finger slip from within and I am using your nectar to moisten your clitty. Your gentle moans now become little gasps of pleasure as I rub your little button.

I’m alternating inside you and outside. Your excitement is building.

Now is the time to share my secret with you. You feel my finger move back inside you…more urgent this time. It has a purpose.

I can’t quite reach it. Just a little further…my hand presses down on you trying to get my finger in further. And there it is. My finger has just found it and you gasped. My hand presses harder again. I am now repeatedly rubbing your cervix and it is sending you wild. I know you’re not quite ready to come yet and my finger does ache a little. I pull it out and I’m gently rubbing your clitty again. “What did you do to me?” you manage to ask, breathlessly. “Would you like me to do it some more?” I Porno İndir teasingly ask.

Again I slip my middle finger in. I have to press quite hard to reach that little known pleasure point again. But I also know the fleshy part of my hand below the thumb presses against your clit and it’s a combination of the two that does it. You are out of control, your hips are gyrating. You clutch my arm. “Don’t stop…oh, Nicky…” you plead, between breaths.

The pressure I have to use, and the angle of my hand brings a finger into contact with your other opening. It’s not deliberate, just unavoidable. I’m not sure if you are aware of the contact or you are further excited by it. It doesn’t matter as you are humping against my hand. Maybe you are trying to get that finger inside you too.

All that matters is your pleasure. And you are beginning the most amazing orgasm.

Your movements cause your thigh to rub against my hard cock. Giving you so much pleasure, seeing your gorgeous body writhing about next to me, is a huge turn on. Pre-cum is leaking from my cock.

Your movements become erratic, uneven and I know you are coming now. You’re still gripping my arm, but gradually your fingers loosen as your orgasm subsides.

We kiss and then we lay quite still. You turn to me and ask if I wanted to put my finger inside your other little opening. I don’t answer, I just hold you close. I wanted to, but it could have spoilt the moment. Maybe next time?

A little later, I don’t know how long, you get up from the bed. My eyes focus on your buttocks as you move towards the door. You have a spankable bottom. Perhaps another time. But tonight is your night…as you make your way to bedroom number two…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32