Two At A Time

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Sara woke up suddenly early in the morning. That was quite a dream, she thought. Yes, there was a solution to meeting her New Year’s Day resolution. This weekend, she would put her plans into action.


Sara worked at a large medical clinic in the administrative areas. She had heard the doctors talking about their undergraduate years at the nearby University, and the frat parties that they had attended. The university was ranked in the annual surveys as a great party school. She had heard several fraternities mentioned, and she was able to use Map Quest to locate them.

Late Saturday afternoon, Sara got ready for the party. She had bought a cheap purse, and bought a dozen condoms and lubrication. Plus chap stick and breath freshener. And that little bell her Daddy gave her. She dressed in a tight blouse and weathered blue jeans.

Sara quickly laughed at herself. Sure, someone is going to find little old me attractive. She was 39 years old, but not over the hill yet. She only stood 5-2, and she admitted she was a little heavy. But she more than made up with her auburn hair, her lovely breasts and ass, and her sexual appetite.

Yes, she was going to go through with this. She had decided in late December that she really wanted to experience this. She had thought about it for over a month, hoping that an opportunity would present itself. She had broke up with her long-time boyfriend on New Year’s Day, as he lived in another city, and it just was not working out. She had been on several dates since then, but again, the opportunity that she desired did not occur.

Sara left her apartment about 8 pm, and drove on to the campus. She had the locations of the two targeted frat houses, which happened to be located about 100 yards from each other. Sara drove past the first house, and it appeared to be calm and quiet, though every light in the place was on. She drove on and went past the other house. She could hear music, even though her windows were up. There were a few guys standing on the porch smoking and drinking beer. They definitely were having a party tonight.

She drove down the street, and then found a place to turn around. She decided to park halfway between the two houses. Sara got out of the car and walked towards second frat house. Must remember where I parked the car, she thought. It was a little chilly, but Sara’s winter coat provided her enough protection.

She walked up to the entrance, and said, “I heard there was a party going on tonight here?”

One of the guys looked Sara over and said, “I think you might be looking for the Saturday night faculty party ma’am. We’re just a bunch of college boys trying to forget all the studying and reading we had to do this week.”

“Oh, I hope I’m at the right place, Beta Sigma Gamma house party?”

Another boy nodded. He said, “Yes, you are at the Gamma house, and we are just getting this party started. Is your son inside?”

“I’ve never been married and never had any kids. I have heard from some of your fraternity graduates saying that Gamma has some of the best parties. And I mean parties with lots of fucking. Would one of you please pass me a beer?”

Three of the students immediately rushed over to the ice cooler, and two of them offered her a beer at the same time. Sara thanked each of them, and took the Coors Light from one of them. She quickly opened the can, and chugged about a third of the can down her mouth. She was not planning to drink more than one or two cans of beer all night, as she planned to maintain control over her actions. But if they thought she was going to get drunk, that would assist her in making her resolution to come true.

“Where’s your Gamma president? I need to talk to him.”

One of the guys left the porch and went inside. Sara followed him, mainly to get inside where it was warmer. She left the crowd on the porch. They already seemed to have consumed enough antifreeze to avoid frostbite.

A rather good-looking young man approached Sara. “My name is Tom. I’m the Beta Sigma Gamma House President. I understand that you wanted to speak to me?”

“Yes, is there somewhere a little quiet so that we can talk?”

“Well yes, follow me down to the make out, hmm, basement area, its rather quiet down there and there’s places to sit and talk.”

Sara followed Tom down to the basement. It was definitely a make out room, nice comfortable chairs and sofa, music in the background, not much light. Sara could only see a few folks seated in one corner, and they were definitely not talking. Tom sat down at a chair next to a table, put down his beer, and motioned for Sara to take the adjacent seat.

“OK, ma’am, how can I help you? Is one of my guys in trouble or something?”

“My name is Sara. I guarantee you that before daylight, you will get to fuck me anyway you wish.”

Tom had been drinking his beer, and almost choked. “What?”

“You heard me right. If you follow my instructions and agree to my proposal, you will have me at the end ankara olgun escort of the evening.”

“What do I have to do, kill someone?”

“No, Tom, nothing so dramatic. First, I assume that you have your own room?” Tom nodded.

Sara continued, “Good, because after we agree to this, that is where I will be all evening. I sure hope you have a large comfortable bed. How many Gamma members are there, and how many are here tonight?”

“There are 45 of us. About 30 or so might be here tonight.”

“Good, then 29 guys are going to have a chance at fucking me. Let me explain. I’m going up to your room, and will get comfortable. When you hear the bell, you can send in the first guy. He and I will begin to kiss. If he’s a good kisser, he can stay. If not, he has to leave, and he cannot try again. Once I have two guys in the room, and they both pass the kiss test, they will get to fuck me, together. After we get done, they will leave. When you hear the bell ring, send in the next frat boy.”

“I notice that there are several girls here. If one of them wants to come in the room when you hear the bell ring, they can. They don’t have to pass the kiss test. I will only have two other folks in your room at a time. No gang-bang. Everyone at the party has a chance to play. The ones who are good kissers will get to fuck me. The other ones who don’t pass the kiss test will have to leave, and you would send the next person in line.”

“I expect that you or someone you trust will manage the folks waiting outside your room. If there are two students inside, and you hear the bell ring, that means that someone is misbehaving, either won’t leave or is too drunk or something, or that I need help. Come in the room and haul them out.”

“After we get done with everyone, you will be the last person. You will have me all to yourself, or you can share me with your girlfriend if you desire. Keep me safe, and you will have a great fuck. Are there any questions?”

Tom thought for a second. He went over what Sara had said, and Sara clarified a few things. Essentially, Tom was going to pimp for Sara, keep the Johns in line, and get his reward (and very sloppy seconds) afterward.

“Are you expecting to be paid for your services, Sara?”

“Nope. I’m doing this to fulfill a fantasy. I always wanted to be fucked by two guys at the same time. I just have never had the opportunity. It occurred to me a few days ago that your frat house would provide me with the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy.”

“Well, I think that the Gamma house is proud that you have chosen us to fulfill your fantasy. Let me take you up to my room, and you get comfortable. I will have a short meeting with my frat to explain your rules, answer the questions of the football players, and draw numbers so that we know who goes first.”

Tom escorted Sara up to his room. It overlooked a corner of the house on the top floor. It was quite large, and Tom had a king size bed. The room had music, low lights, and even a little refrigerator with plenty of water in bottles.

“Tom, this will do quite fine. Let me get ready. I should be ready in about 15 minutes. You will hear my bell ring.” Sara quickly pulled out the bell from her purse, and rang it.

Tom bowed, and left the room, closing the door. In about a minute, a loud speaker came on, announcing that there was a special emergency frat meeting. Sara chuckled, thinking that she would like to be a fly on the wall when Tom explained what was going to happen.

Sara got undressed, and put her condoms and lube on the nightstand. She walked over to the stereo, and selected several CD’s to play. She got herself a bottle of water. Noticed that Tom had his own bathroom. Went in there, sat down on the toilet. She then fixed her hair and makeup and returned to the bedroom. She noticed a robe hanging in the closet, and put it on.

In about 15 minutes, Sara rang her bell. Someone knocked at her door. Sara said, “Come in.”

A young man opened the door, and poked his head in first. “May I come in?” Sara nodded at him and he approached Sara, who was no sitting at the end of the bed. The young man walked directly to Sara, and bent down to kiss her. The kiss was tentative, but not forceful. Sara enjoyed the kissing, which went on for about a minute.

She said, “OK, stud, you passed the test. Go over by the couch, take off your clothes, and go over and lay on the bed. As soon as we find a suitable partner, we will get started fucking.” The boy walked over to the couch, and began to take his shirt off.

Sara rang the bell again. This time, the door opened, but the man stopped himself. “Oh, sorry, Tom told us to knock on the door after we hear the bell, and wait for you to tell us what to do.”

“No problem. Come over here and give me a sexy kiss. The student walked in an almost circular way towards Sara. He was distracted, as he was watching the other boy take his clothes off. Sara said, “Don’t ankara ucuz escort mind him, come over and kiss me, or get the hell out of here, and I’ll call in the next stud.”

The second student then walked directly to Sara. He sat down next to her on the bed, waiting for Sara to begin to kiss him. Sara sat there, turned in his direction, and offered he face to be kissed. The boy was still unresponsive. Sara said, “Do you need instructions on how to kiss a woman? Let’s get on with your kiss. Time is a wasting.”

The boy finally placed his face towards Sara’s and as quickly as he contacted her lips, his tongue plunged into her mouth. Sara tried to relax, and give him some time. But the kiss continued to be more of a brutal assault on her mouth. After about 30 seconds, Sara had enough. She said, “OK, that’s enough kissing. I’m sorry, but I did not enjoy that type of kissing. Please leave the room.”

By this time, the other boy was now down to his underwear. He looked over at his frat buddy, wondering if he was going to leave or not. The second student seemed stunned by his rejection, but he still did not move. Sara looked at him, and pointed to the door. Still he did not move, and he did not say anything either. Sara stood up, and again pointed to the door. “Please leave.”

The second boy then stood up, looked at his buddy wondering what he had done to stay, and walked toward the door. He opened it, walked through, and slammed the door.

Sara said, “Hopefully, the rest of your frat mates are more polite.” She then picked up the bell, and rang it.

A knock came, and after Sara acknowledged it, the third student came in. Needless to say, his kissing was just as brutal as the second one, and Sara asked him to leave. Unlike the second boy, he quickly got up, walked towards the door, whistling as he went.

After the next ring and knock, the fourth boy turned out to be a much better kisser than even the first one. Sara told him to go take off his clothes, and join them on the bed. The fourth boy immediately took off his clothes in about 15 seconds, and jumped on the bed next to his frat mate. He did not seemed bothered by being in bed naked next to another man.

Sara took off her robe, and got between the two students. They began rubbing and kissing each side of Sara, which she enjoyed immensely. They were touching her all over her body. At one point, Sara began sucking on one of their cocks, which grew harder and longer in her mouth. The other boy was fingering her pussy. Sara moved onto her back, and told him to put on a condom, and get inside her cunt. He quickly complied with her request.

So Sara was laying on the bed, a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. She could feel the balls get tighter in the student she was sucking, and decided that she wanted to swallow this one. He screamed that he was about to cum, being a gentleman about this. Sara continued to suck on his cock, taking him a little deeper. Sara reached up and squeezed his balls, which prompted his ejaculation. It was about a mouthful, which Sara was able to swallow without letting any of it leak out of her mouth. These actions caused her lover in her cunt to pump harder in her. Sara could feel him tense a little, and his cock felt like it suddenly expanded as the condom contained his semen. Sara looked at the clock, and realized that this took all of about 15 minutes. While she enjoyed it, it was over way to quickly. Lucky, there were at least twenty more students waiting outside the door.

The two boys lay on the bed for a few minutes until Sara told them to get their clothes on. Sara complimented each of them, and told them that she enjoyed herself. In a few minutes, they were dressed and walked out the door. Sara reached for her robe, put it on, and rang the bell.

This time, the first two students kissed quite adequately, and Sara asked them to stay. This time, the two boys concentrated on Sara’s body, working her pussy and breasts with their tongues and hands. Sara enjoyed their attentions, and these two were not in any hurry. In fact, they worked almost as a team, describing what they were doing, making suggestions, switching places, and asking whether or not Sara enjoyed their touches. Sara grew excited, and she could hear how wet her pussy was getting. Both of these guys really knew how to eat pussy. Some other woman trained them well. Before she knew it, Sara felt the beginning of her first orgasm. When the guy eating her placed a finger into her asshole, Sara erupted into a climax.

Sara then allowed each of them to fuck her in kind. While one fucked, the other continued to rub and kiss her body, from her legs to her breasts and also her neck. After the second one came inside her (really came in the condom), Sara saw that the first one was already hard again. Since they were so good, Sara got off her back and mounted the first boy, inserting his cock deep in her pussy. Sara rode him for about five minutes, when ankara yabancı escort the second boy went down behind her and began licking her ass and his fellow student’s balls. The tongue in her asshole accomplished the same thing that the finger did before, starting another climax. And the sucking of his balls caused the first boy to start to cum again. Since he was not wearing a condom, Sara pulled out and let him cum all over his stomach. Sara got off him, and began sucking and licking up the semen. The other boy joined her at his buddy’s cock. He seemed to fight her for his portion of the semen. After cleaning up the first boy, Sara started to get into position to suck the second. But the first boy moved quicker, and Sara got to watch him suck off his mate. Sara laid and watched this action, and to add spice, fingered her clit and softly came again. After the second boy came, they both got up and started to get dressed.

Sara thought that she needed to remember these two for future encounters. She asked them to write their names down and their cell phone numbers. While she would not see them again tonight, Sara felt that she would contact them in a week or two and have them visit her apartment.

Before ringing the bell again, Sara drank about half of the bottled water and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Since she had not ringed the bell immediately after the two students left, Sara heard a knock on the door. The door opened, and Tom poked his head.

“Is everything OK?”

Sara responded from the bathroom, “Yes, only cleaning up after that last round. Your frat mates did a great job that time.”

Tom closed the door. After putting on the robe, Sara rang her bell again.

This time, it took seven attempts before Sara selected her next pair. They rubbed her body, and without asking, one of them hopped on top of her and began fucking her. Sara asked him to stop and put a condom on. His buddy put one on first, and took his place. He came within a New York minute. His buddy did not last much longer. They got dressed, and left the room.

Sara selected the second of the next three guys. When she rang the bell again, and answered the knock, a young coed opened the door. She said, “Are you sure that I can come in?

Sara looked at the young woman. She was a dyed blonde with a very cute figure and full but not large breasts. She said, “Of course you can come in! Come over here and let me kiss you.”

“I thought that I did not have to pass the kiss test?”

“Honey, you have already past the test. We are now getting started.”

The young woman quickly pulled her tee shirt over her head, and leaped to the bed. Sara quickly undressed her, pulling her pants off. No panties, no bra, and shaved bare. Sara and her quickly started kissing, while the other guy rubbed Sara’s back. The two women then moved into a 69 position, and the guy began to rub Sara’s ass. He quickly was rubbing his fingers along the crack of her ass downwards toward her pussy. Before long, he was pushing a finger into Sara’s asshole.

Sara asked, “Do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

The boy nodded, and Sara pointed to the lube and condoms on the nightstand. The boy put on the condom, and began to lube his cock. The girl had stopped licking Sara’s clit, and was watching the boy. The boy came back to Sara, and rubbed lube up her asshole with his fingers. The girl told Sara she had never seen anyone being fucked up the ass, and apologized about stopping eating Sara’s cunt. Sara told her that she could watch until the boy started fucking her ass, then she was going back to her clit and make her cum.

Sara rolled over on top of the girl, getting partly on her knees. The boy got behind her, and slowly began to enter her asshole. The boy took his time, entering her a little bit at a time. Sara felt the pressure, but there was only a wee bit of pain until his cock popped through her anal ring. After that, Sara experienced an intense fullness. In about ten minutes, the boy was fully in Sara’s ass, and Sara lowered her pussy into the girl’s face. Sara likewise began sucking on the girl’s clitoris. Sara pushed back on the boy’s cock, which started him and her fucking at a much faster clip. Not as fast as fucking a pussy, just a slow and steady pace. Sara could feel her climax growing, as well as seeing the girl’s clit get a little harder. After another five minutes of this anal fuck, Sara was rolling. The girl was also beginning to roll also; it became difficult for Sara to continue to suck her clit. Finally, the waves of her first anal orgasm rolled over Sara, and the girl also seemed to climax also. The boy continued to fuck her ass, and in a few minutes announced that he was about to cum. Sara told him to cum in her ass, and not pull out. The boy complied, and filled the condom and Sara’s ass with his spunk.

The boy then pulled out of Sara, holding on to the condom. Sara rolled off the girl, who got up and helped the boy take the condom off. She then proceeded to pour his semen into her mouth, like it was a tasty desert. Sara asked for a taste, which the girl gave by having kept a portion in her mouth. Sara and the girl shared a semen-filled kiss.

Sara kissed the two of them deeply, and they got up and got dressed. Sara also got their names and phone numbers also. They left the room, and Sara lay on the bed for about five minutes until she rang the bell.

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