Two and Then Him

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He watched her climb from the pool, and the moonlight and underwater lights made her skin glow as the water dripped from her. He was mesmerized watching her, he was often mesmerized watching her. She was tall for a woman with long toned legs and her stomach was flat and firm with muscle below full, natural breasts that were almost impossible on her small frame.

Her nipples stood up in the night air, hard from the water, and from the excitement that the night promised. He could and had spent moments when time seemed not to pass sucking at and playing with them. She wore only a bikini bottom that ran just below her hip bones, and the small piece of cloth with what it covered was somehow more erotic, more tempting than utter nudity would have been.

All three girls had been topless the entire week at the rented beach house, except those times in the evenings when the six of them had frolicked in the hot tub or the pool or the ocean completely naked. The playful evenings had been charged with desire for all of them. The first night, the girls had kissed one another on a dare as he’d mixed another batch of drinks, and the stakes had slowly increased as the week went on until yesterday, mid-afternoon, all three couples had been having sex in the living room, gaining motivation and excitement from watching and hearing each other.

She had settled back into one of the padded lounge chairs that surrounded the pool with one knee bent and pulled upward and the other leg stretched out toward him. He was tense with desire for her as he watched her take a sip of her vodka drink and smile at him, but he had other plans than his own immediate satisfaction for the evening. He’d known for a very long time that she had fantasized about two men focusing all of their attention on her at the same time, and the previous evening, when they were making love in their room, she’d confessed that she had masturbated while he was in the shower to the idea being fucked and coming over and over by the two as he watched instead of him being one of them. The idea intrigued him, and had spurred him to fuck her with abandon, and he could refuse her nothing, so he’d spoken quietly to the other two couples as she was preparing for dinner earlier.

He felt himself shaking slightly as he got up to go to her, and she looked at him with a question on her face as he walked toward her. He knelt astride her legs on the lounge and ran his hands up her legs and then up her rib cage to rest just below her breasts. Leaning forward, he kissed her, pushing his tongue past her lips and filling the kiss with all of the passion and love he had for her, and he felt her respond, kissing him back just as completely after a moment.

As he kissed her, he reached down and untied first one knot and then the other that held the bikini bottom taut across her pelvis. When she realized what he was doing, she tensed slightly, but he continued to kiss her and she relaxed. Abruptly he stopped and leaned backward, grabbing the cloth and pulling it free as he stood up and stepped back. She was waxed and completely bare and she started to yelp his name in surprise, but dropped eryaman escort into silence when she realized the other two men were standing above her to either side of the chair, and looking down at her naked body. She gripped the chair with nervous hands and looked at him with a mixture of alarm and lust and excitement and he nodded at her, giving assurance and acceptance, and agreement with what she lusted for.

He moved back and settled into another chair with a good view, and felt rather than saw the two other women pull up next to him. Both men knelt down next to her, on either side, and one of them, Tyler kissed her, carefully at first, and as she responded, with more vigor, sucking at her bottom lip and caressing her neck as the other, Michael, sucked at her nipples and squeezed her breasts. He was clearly enamored of them, fascinated with them and was moving from one to the other, back and forth, squeezing and licking, sucking and pulling.

Tyler pulled back from the kiss and stepped quickly to kneel down on the lounge itself, between her legs, and he began kissing his way up her thighs, running his lips and tongue over the skin on first their tops, and then, as she relaxed and let her legs fall apart, their inner sides. He worked his way up until it seemed he must be licking her inner most center, his face and tongue blocked from view, but still he wasn’t. His breath was tickling across her lips, hot on the wetness that was starting to come from her until she pushed herself upward at him, silently asking for him to continue. He began to lick at her, and slid a finger inside her as Michael continued to suck at her nipples, biting lightly at them.

Her hands clenched alternately at the chair, and at the men, fluttering between them as she was overwhelmed with sensation. Her legs lay spread wide, but her feet twitched and slid, and he could see the muscles in her calves standing out clearly as she pushed her lower half up and down with the rhythm of Tyler’s fingers and tongue. Her back arched and abruptly both hands came up, down, to grab at Tyler’s head and hair as she came, and Michael continued to suck for a moment, but as she began to flatten back out, he pulled back from her breast and stood up to untie his shorts and let them fall to the ground. She opened her eyes from the orgasm and he was above her, standing out erect just above and to the side of her face.

He gave a little groan as he watched her look toward him, lock eyes with him, and then reach out to take Michael in first her hand, and then her mouth. She kept her eyes on his a moment longer, and then began to suck in earnest.

Michael was moaning, his hands in her hair, she was moaning around his cock in her mouth, and sounds were coming from Tyler as well, as he continued to lick at her with increased intensity again even as he fumbled at the knot that held his shorts. Suddenly, with a groan of frustration and desire, Tyler stood and ripped himself free of his shorts too. She stopped sucking at Michael for a moment and turned to look fully at Tyler, looking him up and down, esat escort turning her head to take in all of Michael as well, and then pulled both knees upward in invitation. Tyler crawled forward until he was aligned with her, and she reached downward to guide him inside of her.

He watched and although he couldn’t see between them, knew exactly when the entrance occurred from their body language and the sounds that came from the two of them, and the knowledge was confirmed when Tyler began moving above her, a rolling motion of his hips and lower back, a tightening and relaxing of the muscles in his ass.

She tipped her head forward, moaned, “Oh, FUCK, GOD, yes,” and gripped at his shoulder with one hand, nails digging in even as she still held her grip on Michael. She absorbed the feelings for a moment more before turning her head back to the side and taking Michael back into her mouth. He was reaching below Tyler to squeeze at her breasts, to run his fingers and thumbs across her nipples as she sucked at him, and as Tyler held himself up above her and thrust into her. She let go of Michael, let him come out of her mouth as she began to lose herself in Tyler’s fucking and when Michael moved carefully in between them to suck at her breasts again, she began to moan and push back at Tyler with more intensity. After only a few moments of that, of Tyler thrusting harder and harder, he had to pull back and out of her. She gasped at the sudden emptiness and looked up at him as he wiped sweat from his forehead.

“Michael, you gotta take over for a minute, I can’t keep going like that or I’m going to lose it.”

Michael stepped settled between her legs and, without warning, slammed full length into her, causing her legs to leap up to grip at him, and her hands to claw at his shoulders.

“F-u-u-u-u-c-kkkkkk,” rolled out of her mouth as he began to push into her relentlessly. Tyler moved to the side of the chair and she gripped at his cock, stroking it and squeezing it in time to Michael’s movements. After a moment, a minute, minutes, time was passing strangely, she said, “WAIT.”

Michael stopped his thrusts, but remained inside her until she pushed at him. “Lay down,” she said.

Michael arranged himself on the lounge, and somehow, without ever seeming to let go of Tyler’s cock, she pulled herself astride him and with a deft movement had settled down onto Michael so that he was buried inside her once again. Tyler detached himself and moved behind her so that she was leaning back against his abdomen, the back of her head on his chest as she rolled her hips and ground into Michael, and Tyler’s hands were cupping her breasts from behind and above. She grabbed at his hands with hers and gave silent guidance as to how to squeeze and rub them. Her breathing was ragged, and snippets of words and sounds were pouring out of her. She was flushed and radiant, coated in a sheen of sweat in the light from the pool and the moon.

She looked upward and over her shoulder at Tyler and reached over her shoulder to grip at his chest. “My ass,” she said, and then etimesgut escort leaned forward onto Michael, flattening her upper body against his and stopping the rolling of her hips. Tyler knelt down and spread her ass apart and ran a thumb across her and she shuddered and Michael moaned at her clenching reaction. Tyler reached ran his tongue along his palm and then used the saliva to stroke at his cock as he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her ass. She shuddered again and let out a moan through teeth clenched down on her bottom lip. After he had wet her with his tongue, probed at her, he eased a saliva covered finger inside her ass, and when she had relaxed, he slowly eased in a second.

Michael was below her, holding her ass apart and making careful, short, slow thrusts upward, the top of his cock rubbing and pushing at her clit and her forehead was pushed into him as she lost herself in the feelings and tried to relax completely for Tyler’s fingers. He pulled them slowly out of her and, on one knee, placed the head of his cock at her ass before pushing slowly forward. There was a short resistance, but then, as she relaxed and pushed back, he was inside. He pushed forward, millimeters at a time until his balls were against her, against Michael’s below him, and then gave her time to get used to him. At her murmured, “ok,” he began to pull slowly out. When he was almost all the way out, Michael gave a thrust from below, and then began to pull out as Tyler pushed forward again. Slowly, following her body’s lead, her rolling hips, and their own instincts to move, the three of them began to move together.

The rhythm wasn’t always perfect, but it was raw and full of need and began to increase in pace and insistence. Tyler was the first to go, the tightness of her ass, the sheer wonder and wrongness of what they were doing sending him into spasms and paroxysm and he pulled free from her clenching and came on her, on her ass and the small of her back, the hot liquid caressing her spine. His orgasm triggered hers, and she thrust hard and fast, her hips twitching and bouncing down on Michael and her pussy clutching at his cock. Michael began pushing at her, and she pulled herself off of him as he began to come, shooting up onto her stomach and the outside of her pussy, and all over his own stomach. Tyler stepped back from her as she collapsed down onto Michael, wet with their commingled sweat and other things.

He pushed her hair back from her face, and she gave him an exhausted and satisfied smile. He picked her carefully up, and she curled into his arms, into his embrace and he carried her over sit down with her in his lap. He gave her a look of surprise when she looked back at him with a mischievous grin, reached downward and shifted so that he slid inside her. She pulled her feet up to his thighs and the two of them leaned and slid downward in the chair until he could gain some leverage and begin to make shallow thrusts into her soaking wet pussy. He couldn’t see it coming, didn’t know who it was, but someone was kneeling in front of them licking at her pussy, and at his cock where it entered her, a hand gripping at his balls. He let out a howl, unable to withstand the sensation and the pent up sexual desire from watching her, and began to come, spasming over and over inside her even as the licking and milking continued. She turned her head back and toward him, kissing his cheek, and told him everything he wanted to hear, including that the night was far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32