Twins n best buds IV

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Looks like you are going to have to wait to hear about Gavin, the guy Taylor mentioned who we met at Great Wolf. After 18 times I won Rock, Scissors, Paper. Since he is sitting here looking at what I write I’m going to let him add stuff when he wants.

After our 1st Double Date we both went out with had single dates with Riahn and Carey before we doubled again. When we did double again we took the girls to a dance at school and then went and ate and then we took the girls to park.

Taylor drove and he found a great spot way off the road. As soon as he turned the car off me and Riahn started hugging and making out in the back seat while Taylor and Carey did the same thing up front. The making out got going pretty heavy. I felt up Riahn’s tits as we kissed and she rubbed my chest and worked her hand down until she had her hand on my crotch. As our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths my hand was feeling her tits through her blouse and she was feeling my dick through my pants. Even though I was afraid she might slap me I slid my hand under her blouse and inside her bra to feel her left tit. She kissed me harder when I did that and she grabbed my boner and rubbed. Man, I wanted more.

Meanwhile it was easy to hear Taylor and Carey going at it. They were making out like crazy. They were in the passenger seat and Taylor had Carey sort of sitting n his lap.

When I returned my attention to Riahn I pulled her closer to me and moved my hand from her tits down to her crotch. She made a little moaning sound when I slid my hand between her legs and she grabbed my dick real tight and held it. I figured it was going pretty good so I continued making out and undid my belt and pants as I did. Riahn didn’t pull away. Nope, she just kept feeling my dick through my boxers. It felt awesome.

I looked up to see how Taylor was doing and when I did I saw him looking back at us. Since I was making out I couldn’t grin but on the inside I was knowing we were both getting out 1st real experience with a girl.

Riahn was the one who stopped our fun when she whispered that it was getting late and she had a curfew. I kissed her and told her being a little late wouldn’t be a big deal and then I tried slipping my hand in her panties. She wasn’t about to let that happen so she put her hand down and pulled mine away. Then she whspered again that it was time to stop so we pulled apart. I zipped up my pants and straightened out my shirt and as we were doing that it looked like Carey’s head popped up from nowhere. Tylor and her kissed a few times and then they got their clothes straightened out. Taylor started the car and the 4 of us drove home talking and joking around like any other time.

First we took Carey home and then Riahn and as soon as we pulled out of her driveway Taylor hit my leg and asked

“I saw you feeling her tits bro but did ya get to feel her pussy?”
Smiling ear to ear I told him I got to feel it through her panties and asked how he did.
“Damn, nope I didn’t get that far. I played with both of her tits and even kissed them but as soon as I went for her pussy she stopped me. But she did pull my dick out and kiss it man.”

I told him Riahn played with mine though my boxers and he told me he had peeked and seen her hand in my pants.

“Did you start getting precum making out?” he asked
“Yep,sure did. You to?”
“O yea me to”.

We stopped and got a Slurpy and headed home. escort Our parents were already in their room so we yelled good night and went to our room. Taylor pointed at my pants and laughed when I took my shirt off. There was a huge wet spot on the front of my pants from making out with Riahn. When he pulled his shirt over his head it was my turn to laugh because he had a wet spot even bigger than the one I had.

We both stripped to our boxers and while I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth Taylor came up behind me and rubbed his boner on my ass and grabbed my dick. He continued to hump my ass until I finished brushing and then after he brushed we took our boxers off and got in my bed.

We hugged and ground our dicks together and started making out. Me on top. Then Taylor on top. As we kissed and rolled around the bed our precum soaked our pubes. I laid Taylor back on the bed and and after kssing him a few more times I slid down and kissed and licked his chest and stomach. His dick was rock hard and oozing precum. I gladly licked it from the tip of his dick and then sucked him.

“Lick my balls’ he whispered. So I did. I licked them until they were drenched in my saliva and then I tried to take both of them in my mouth at once but they wouldn’t fit and Taylor told me it tickled so not to do it.

I laid up next to him and we kissed a little and then he slid down and sucked me. Taylor likes to hold my dick at the baseand point it straight up and lick it and kiss it. And I like how it feel and like seeing him do it.

We finished the sex that night by laying together and rubbing until we both shot cum. Then Taylor said we should just sleep with it all over us so we did.

So you know when we sleep together we don’t fall asleep hugging or anything. We usually sleep back to back with our butts touching but when we wake up we are usually laying together in the bed and one of us usually has an arm over the other.

When we woke up the next morning I had my arm over Taylor’s chest. Though I tried to be quiet when I got out of bed he still woke up. We wanted to shower together but were afraid our mom or dad would catch us so I went first and Taylor showered after me. We messed around a little when we were getting dressed and then went down and had breakfast with our parents.


One ABSOLUT ly cool night. Our parents took a weekend trip to Las Vegas with some people my dad worked with and that left us home alone. Mom made sure we had lots of food in the house and left us money to eat out if we wanted.

We got the typical instructions parents give their teenaged kids before my parents left. NO PARTIES. NO MORE THAN 2 FRIENDS OVER AND NO GIRLS since they weren’t going to be here to chaperone.

They left on a Friday so that first night we went out with friends and hung out and got home around 11:30. Since we were alone and being all adult like we decided to try some booze. We decided on Absolut vodka and orange juice. Tris made the drinks and we sat in the living room and watched T V while we drank the 1st one. They tasted pretty good but nether of us felt high or anything so Tris made us each another and put them in bigger glasses that held more. We took those to our room and got undressed and decided to drink them and check out porn on our computer.

Though we didn’t realize it as we sat looking at porn and drinking we both got really buzzed. escort bayan I stood up to go pee and nearly fell over. Tris caught me and then we both started laughing. We got laughing so hard over nothing and that was funny in itself.

We went in the kitchen and got some more juice and vodka and I went to pee. Tris came in the bathroom while I was peeing and got behind me and grabbed my hand which was really dumb because I moved and pee was shooting everywhere but in the toilet. I pushed him away and he pushed back so he ended up getting peed on a little which he didn’t like and we finished by wrestling on the floor in the hall. We stopped when Tris got me in a headlock and wouldn’t let me go until I said “uncle”.

We sat on the floor in front of the couch and scanned the channels on TV. Im not sure if there just wasn’t anything decent on to watch or if we were getting so messed up we weren’t capable of picking anything, but I set the remote down and told Tris we should mess around.

We both stripped off our clothes until we were naked. I went down and sucked Tris 1st and then he sucked me and then we laid on the floor and rubbed together and kissed. We did a lot of laughing and joking around as well.

I told Tris we should try some new stuff and I had him sit back on the couch and spread his legs. Then I went down and sucked him and licked his balls and while I was sucking him I fingered his butt. He told me not to do that so I stopped but after I sucked him some more I started doing it again and he just let me.

I stuck my finger in his hole and man both him and his dick jumped when I did that. I worked my finger in and out and sucked him and he pumped my mouth and told me that my finger felt good. When he started to feel he was getting close to cumming he had me pull my finger out and stop sucking him. I told him I had an idea and I went to the kitchen and got the Crisco.

I rubbed some Crisco on Tris hole and then fingered him. I worked my finger in and out and I could tell he liked how it felt. He made some moaning and sighing sounds and moved his butt around on my finger. I told him I had another idea and pulled my finger out and told him I wanted to hump his crack with the Crisco all over it. Then I got right behind him and started rubbing my dick up and down between his ass cheeks. It was cool to look down and see my dick and his ass all shiney from the Crisco. Ha, Crisco was a pretty good lube.

I pulled away a little and aimed the head of my dick at his hole and told him I had another thing to try and as he asked what, I pushed the head of my dick in his ass. Man, did he jump and yell. He called me a prick and told me it hurt. I told him he could try it on me if he wanted. Then I pushed my dick in him further. When I did that he lifted his head and told me I should stop so I did but I didn’t pull my dick out. I just kept real still and told him to relax his butt and see if it got better and hurt less and if it didn’t feel better I would stop

After a few minutes passed I asked how it was and Tris said it still hurt so I reached under him and pulled on his dick and told him to give it time to feel better. Then I pushed my dick in and out of him real slow.
His dick was really hard and leaking a lot of precum. I used his precum as lube to stroke his dick and when the precum started to get dry I put some Crisco on my hand.

I held escort bayan gaziantep his dick tight and jacked him and pumped my dick in and out of his ass a little more. I told him it felt unbelievably good and told him he definitely had to try fucking me.

Tris spread his legs wide and I when he did that I rammed my dick deep in his ass. His body twitched and he shivered and told me it was feeling better. He buried his face in the couch and I fucked him like the guys we saw in the videos. When I knew I was going to shoot I knelt up straight so I could watch my dick going in and out of his ass. Heused his ass muscles to squeeze my dick and I pumped in and out until I shot my load in him. It felt like I orgasmed at least 7 times. After I shot I concentrated on jerking his dick until he shot his load all over the front of the couch. After he came he put his head down on stayed like he was and kept squeezing my dick with his ass muscles. It felt awesome. I stayed right where I was with my dick in him and my head laying on his back. It took us both awhile to catch our breath.

We stayed in the same position a long time. I don’t know what he was thinking but Iwas thinking how it felt to be joined as “one’ like we were. I was also listening to himbreathe since my head was resting on his back.

I didn’t want to pull mine out of Tris and he didn’t tell me to so I didn’t. Instead of pulling out I started pushing it in and out of his ass again and jacking him off more. He slid his hand down and stopped my hand from jacking him but he let me keep fucking him. Since I had just shot it took a little more work but I pumped his ass and made him moan a lot more. When I was going to shoot I pulled my dick out and jerked my load on his butt cheeks then I rubbed my dick up and down on his hole while he jacked off. We both laid back on the floor with our heads resting on the seat of the couch and he laughed as he told me that getting fucked felt pretty good. I told him how cool it was to do and then we laughed as we drank some more of our vodka and OJ and talked more about how it felt to fuck and get fucked. He wanted to fuck me so got some more vodka and….

The next morning I woke up first because I rolled over in bed and it was all wet and cold. It was pee. Euww! I shook Tris and told him to wake up and told him he peed the bed. He moved and felt the wet sheets and jumped up swearing it had to me me who peed because he knew he didn’t. He still swears it was me who peed in bed and I still think it was him. Since neither of us remembered even going to bed that night, thanks to the vodka, neither of us really knows who was responsible. Im just glad it was Tris bed and not mine. We both took a bunch of aspirin that morning because we both had fierce headaches. Was it worth it? “O yea” we both thought it was.

Tris got to fuck me that afternoon. He can tell you about that.

Let me tell you something about Gavin. We met him on the big slide at Great Wolf Lodge. He looked to be about our age and he kept staring at us when he saw us. He finally said something to us when we were all waiting to go down the big slide. He apologized for staring and told us he had just never seen identical twins like us. He was a cool guy so the 2 of us hung out the rest of our vacation there.

Gavin was shorter than me and Tris but he had a better build. He worked out and had great abs. He had blonde shaggy hair on his head and none under his arms and just fuzz on his legs. So me and Tris beat him in the hair department but his body looked a lot sexier than ours. We also got to find out that he beat us big time in the dick department and I mean BIG TIME lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32