Turning Tricks Ch. 02

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Lucia grinned and looked over John’s ruined remains. He returned her smile sheepishly, knowing how completely blown he looked after cumming twice in quick succession.

“Mind if I take a little nap and recover for round three?” John asked.

“Not if you don’t mind me freshening up in the shower!” Lucia replied, gesturing to her spit and cum-coated body.

“Of course.” John said through a yawn.

Lucia used a fingertip and slowly, knowing John was watching her every move, she scooped up a globule of cum from her breasts and brought it to her lips. She slurped it up with a grin, and saw John’s cock twitch as he groaned.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Lucia.” John complimented.

“Not till I’m done with you!” Lucia said with a wink, before rising and swaying her way to the bathroom. She glanced over her shoulder and saw John already drifting off, unable to keep his eyes open to watch her ass bounce from view.

Once in the bathroom and out of John’s view, Lucia took a moment to simply breathe, and contemplate her actions over the last hour. As she surveyed herself in the mirror, she thought of the fact that her husband was home, probably doing housework, while she was here getting her mouth fucked and her face coated in cum. She felt slightly guilty, but also incredibly excited at this new outlet for her sexual frustrations. Plus, she thought, she could now afford that pair of shoes she had been eying online.

Lucia climbed into the shower and turned the water on, enjoying the feeling of the hot water cascading off of her bare skin. As she washed, she went over in her mind what she and John had just done together, and found herself extremely wet and horny once more. She took a little extra time under the hot spray and rubbed her clit while simultaneously teasing her nipples, quickly bringing herself to climax. While she tried to remain silent, her whimpers and moans echoed in the shower stall, and she was certain she must haven woken John. Not wanting to keep him waiting, she finished up in the shower, and dried herself off, wrapping a towel around her body just below her breasts. She chuckled slightly at the silly arrangement, but thought it might give John a moment of amusement as well. Hair still wet, she emerged from the bathroom and almost ran into John where he waited by the doorway.

John smirked at her. “You’re a horny little slut aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically. He gestured to his returning erection. “Time to get to work again.”

Lucia grinned. “I hoped you would hear me and wake up.” she confessed.

“Kneel down and suck my cock, slut.” John commanded, tugging the towel from her body so that it fell to the floor around her feet.

Lucia did as she was told and sank to her knees. She immediately realized that John had positioned her right next to the floor-length mirror near the hotel room door, and she glanced at her profile as her tongue snaked out and flicked the tip of John’s cock. Her breasts, though not as high on her chest as in her youth, looked full and round and jutted out in front of her with nipples hard from arousal. She glanced at her posture, kneeling on the floor and sitting back on her heels like a good submissive cocksucker. Lucia licked her lips and planted a kiss on John’s head, enjoying the new perspective.

“You’re a filthy girl, you know that?” John said, drawing her gaze from the mirror back to him. “I fucking love it.” he continued, taking a grip on the base of his cock and slapping it against her cheek with a loud *THWACK*.

Lucia turned her head slightly to the side presented her cheek to John, moaning softly as he beat a tattoo on her face with his meat. She watched the mirror intently, flinching slightly as John’s cock hit her reddening cheek. She smiled at her own reflection; she really was a filthy girl, she thought. Spurred by that mental image, Lucia suddenly took control. Reaching up with both hands, she took John’s shaft from his grasp in one hand, and cupped his balls with the other. Holding it steady, she engulfed it with her mouth, making wet sloppy love to it with her lips. John groaned as Lucia slurped loudly, stroking his shaft in time with her bobbing head. One hand twisted left and right as it slid up and down his length, and her other massaged and teased his balls at the same time. John watched her work, awestruck at her talents.

For several minutes, Lucia devoted gerçek porno herself entirely to the worship of John’s cock. Her occasional glances at her reflection in the mirror, watching herself making John’s shaft disappear into her mouth, made her so wet she was certain there was a puddle forming under her on the carpet. As she slobbered on his dick, Lucia began to take him deeper and deeper, until she was once again slipping the head into her throat. While it was much easier now that her throat was stretched out, she still managed to gag herself, and the sound seemed to awaken John from his blissful stupor.

“That’s right, gag on my big fat cock, whore.” John said gruffly, running his hands through her wet hair. “Take that dick all the way down.” he ordered, pulling her head towards him.

Lucia surrendered control back to John happily. She gagged as he forced himself deep inside her throat, holding her there till her eyes were watering again. He released her, allowing her a brief gasp for air before plunging into her mouth once more and holding her deep so that her full lips splayed comically wide around the base of his shaft. Lucia’s chest heaved with internal gagging until he slowly withdrew every inch. This time his head brought with it a glob of saliva that drooled from her lips and onto her breasts, drawing a line between his cock and her mouth. She glanced through squinted lids at the mirror, taking in the glorious slutiness of her position. She wasn’t able to stare long though, and as John began to briskly fuck her mouth, causing her eyes to wince shut.

*GLAK GLAG GLAK* The sounds of ferocious face fucking filled the room. Having unloaded twice in the last hour or so, John’s stamina was impressive and his pace relentless. Lucia found herself forced to completely submit to his pounding cock, relaxing as much as possible in order to minimize her gagging and allow herself to breathe effectively around his shaft. He nostrils flared as she desperately sucked in oxygen when she could, all the while drool ran like a waterfall down her chin and between her breasts.

John was extremely verbal while fucking her throat. She was certain that anyone in an adjacent room or passing by in the hall would be able to hear him, but he did not seem to care. He called her his cocksucker, his slut, his whore; he told her he owned her throat, and ordered her to gag on it and take every inch to the root. Lucia’s ravaged throat burned, her eyes watered, and her lips were beginning to bruise; and still she found herself loving every second and overwhelmed by her own arousal.

John paused his vigorous thrusting and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Lucia gasped for air, and he waited patiently, the tip of his head resting against her swollen bottom lip until she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He rubbed his cock absentmindedly on her face.

“Do you know how I know you’re a true cock-drunk whore?” he asked. He paused, forcing her to answer.

Lucia cleared her throat before she could speak, and her answer still came out in a croak. “Because I’m taking every inch of you like a good cocksucker should?” she ventured.

“Good guess.” John laughed. “But no. I know you’re a true whore because I can smell your wet cunt while I’m fucking your throat.” Lucia blushed.

“You see,” John explained, still smearing precum and saliva onto Lucia’s face with the head of his cock, “most women who suck cock for money – even the ones who actually seem to enjoy it – do not like being throat fucked. You, on the other hand, you are revelling in it. You absolutely love being my throat whore don’t you?” His question was not rhetorical.

Lucia hesitated, almost wanting to deny the self-evident truth he was pointing out. As her hand strayed between her thighs and felt the heat and wetness there, she realized she could deny nothing. “I do.” Lucia admitted sheepishly.

“You do what?” John demanded.

“I love being your throat whore.” Lucia stumbled over the word whore. Was she a whore?

*TWACK* John slapped her forehead with his cock. “Louder.” he demanded.

“I love being your throat whore!” Lucia said, this time without hesitation and with as much enthusiasm as her bruised lips could muster. “I love gagging on your big fat cock!” she added.

“Prove it.” John ordered. “No hands. Just gag yourself on my cock. Show me how much you love gay porno it.”

Lucia, both hands between her thighs rubbing her clit and fingering herself, shoved her lips over his cock instantly. With shocking gusto considering the battering her throat had already taken, she assaulted his member with her mouth. She let out an involuntary squelching gag as she forced his engorged head down her throat, and then proceeded to choke-fuck herself on it. He head move back and forth rapidly, his tip popping in and out of her throat, never leaving the depths of her mouth. She gagged, coughed, and moaned on his pole, spittle splattering his balls as it was ejected around his base. She maintained this frenetic pace for well over a minute, a dead sprint of cocksuckery that left her cheeks red and chest heaving from exertion. When she finally paused to catch her breath, she found herself unable to do so as she brought herself to yet another orgasm with her own hands. John caressed her hair and flattered her efforts as she climaxed, enjoying watching this sexually deviant goddess pleasure herself and him at the same time.

When Lucia came down and caught her breath, she looked up at John. “I want you to cum down my throat.” she said, making eye contact. John’s cock throbbed in his hand.

“Come earn it.” John replied.

He reached down and placed his right hand around her throat. He didn’t squeeze or even choke her, but the dominant grip was enough to allow him to pull her up to her feet, and he guided her backwards to the bed. As her thighs bumped into the bed, he shoved her backwards so that she fell onto it. He paused, and she saw his gaze travel down her spit-covered body to her glistening wet pussy, and linger there. She squirmed, fighting the urge to beg him to fuck her, wanting so badly to feel his thick girth stretch her pussy walls as he pounded her. A long moment passed in which they both contemplated the possibility. However, John wanted her throat, and nothing else would do for his final load of cum, so after this brief pause, he grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her body around one hundred and eighty degrees, so that her head hung off the edge of the bed, giving her an upside-down view of his large, shaved balls and the underside of his shaft.

In five years of marriage, Lucia’s husband had never fucked her throat this way. Lucia shivered, remembering previous boyfriends who had, the memories stoking the already overwhelming fires of her lust. She opened her mouth invitingly, took one large breast in each hand and began to pinch her nipples. John began to tease her lips with the tip of his cock, and she snaked out her tongue to lash the top side of his head.

“Take a few deep breaths.” John told her. “I’m about to skull fuck you harder and deeper than you’ve ever been throat fucked before.” He continued, “Slap my thighs if you need a break, otherwise I’m not stopping until I unload deep inside you.”

Having said that, John did not wait for her to assent or reply, but stuffed his cock directly into her mouth. With the benefit of the straight angle into her throat, he slid himself in to the hilt with ease, and ground his hips forward as if trying to force his entire pelvis into her mouth. As his balls draped over her nose, Lucia found the suffocating sensation of a normal deep throat multiplied, and fought to quell her panicked urge to push him away. He began to pump her mouth, using long, slow thrusts that ensured he buried himself to maximum depth each time. He rotated his hips slightly, almost fucking her with a circular motion that stretched the sides of her throat as he hit it from new angles. This motion caused Lucia to gag repeatedly, despite the ease with which he penetrated her throat.

John maintained this motion and pace for what seemed like an eternity to Lucia, but was probably ten minutes in reality. From her angle under his balls, she could see sweat forming on John’s body as he worked himself into an athletic lather while throat fucking her. His stamina continued to impress her, and she wondered if she would have sufficient willpower to hang in there until he finished. She mentally steeled her resolve, determined to be the best cocksucker John had ever experienced.

As if reading her mind, John suddenly spoke for the first time since he began fucking her throat. He caressed her throat itself as he plunged himself evli porno deep inside, feeling in bugle under his fingertips. “You are an absolutely perfect cocksucker, you know that Lucia?” he held himself deep and grunted with pleasure as she gagged. “Absolutely amazing.”

Lucia felt an enormous sense of pride at the compliment. Given John’s vast experience, and the fact that this was her first “professional” endeavour, she considered that she could only improve her skills from there. Granted, Lucia had enjoyed a long and storied “amateur” career as a cum slut before her marriage, but she was a firm believer in self improvement, and in that moment decided to devote herself to achieving professional perfection in her new vocation.

John interrupted her thoughts again. “Okay slut… time to push all the way to the end.” he patted the side of her face like he was encouraging a horse into a final jump. “Brace yourself.” He warned.

With only that as warning, John picked up his pace, and began to jackhammer Lucia’s mouth. *GAK-GAK-GAK-GAK-GAK* Lucia gagged at a machinegun tempo, and John’s balls slapped off her nose audibly. Though nearly overwhelmed by the assault, she focused on covering her bottom teeth with he tongue to prevent from scraping his cock while he briskly fucked her face. Though her eyes were shut tightly, she could feel thick, bubbling spit beginning to escape her lips and run down her face, coating her nose, cheeks, and eye sockets. As she gagged more and more poured out until she was certain she must look like a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut.

John grunted with exertion as he worked to bring himself off for the third time. He hammered her throat like he was hate-fucking an ex-girlfriend’s pussy, with complete disregard for her pleasure. Lucia held onto her bouncing tits for dear life as the entire bed shook with the force of his thrusts. Her throat throbbed with pain every time he slammed home, and she was certain her lips would be puffy and bruised for several days. Lucia earned every cent of her pay for the next five minutes, until finally, and with a primal war cry, John’s cum exploded into her throat.

“AAAAARRRGGGHHH!” Yelling, John seized the back of her head in both hands, holding it in a vice like grip as he shoved his cock as deep as humanly possible, as if trying to reach her lungs. He held himself perfectly still for a one-count, and then she felt his shaft and head expand impossibly large in her throat and suddenly explode what remained of his cum into her. He pumped his hips forward with each successive wave, depositing his load deep into her throat. Lucia’s chest heaved with deep, concussive gags, and she tried to open her eyes, but found them glued shut by spit and precum. Her arms flailed as she fought the urge to push him off in her desperation for air. Eventually, with one last pulse from his flagging cock, John slid himself from her mouth, and collapsed into a seated position on the floor, bringing his face level with hers as he leaned back against the wall.

Both simply sat in relative silence, gasping for breath for several minutes. Between gasps, Lucia struggled with her aching throat to ensure she swallowed the cum in her throat so it wouldn’t come back up and cause her to gag. She tried futilely to open her eyes, and settled for blowing some of the spit from her nose instead. Once he caught his breath, John spoke.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Lucia…” he exclaimed softly. “That. Was. Incredible.”

With surprising gentleness, he leaned forward and wiped away the hair that was stuck to her face with spit. With his thumbs, he swept the slime from her eye sockets clearing them so she was able to flutter her lids open. Still breathing heavily, Lucia’s hands rose to her throat, massaging it slightly as if this would lessen the internal soreness. She and John locked eyes and shared a quiet acknowledgement that the intense sexual experience they just had would be burned into both their memories for years to come. Suddenly and spontaneously, John leaned forward and kissed Lucia deeply, in spite of her largely still-glazed face. Though caught off guard, Lucia kissed him back, with passion, as if trying to recreate the famous Kirsten Dunst Spiderman scene.

When John broke off the kiss, he whispered softly to Lucia. “You are incredibly talented. I feel so lucky to have been the first to experience your professionally. Let me know if you’re up for it, and I will gladly be a regular customer, and even recommend you to some of my colleagues.”

Rolling over onto her stomach to view John right-side-up, Lucia smiled widely through battered lips. “I would like that. A lot.” she said honestly.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32