Tucker’s Studio Ch. 06

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I have a whole series of these stories written. They work pretty well as stand alone stories, all revolving around Tucker Sims and his porn studio, but some things will make more sense if you read them in the order they were posted. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, the people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


The Suburban Friends

“You did what!”

“Amateur porn. You know the stuff — a nervous looking woman with a professional porn guy. A lot of times the guy’s cheesy but my guy was super hot.”

“Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You made a real porn? Something other people have seen?”

“Yeah. It’s on a website. I’m not tellin’ you where though.”

The conversation was taking place in a hot tub, on the back deck of a suburban home. Two men and two women, lounging in their bathing suits in the bubbly water, with cocktails in their hands. The women were doing the talking, but the men were fascinated too.

“All right, what the fuck, that’s just…” Kelly shook her head in disbelief. “I don’t believe it. You’re gonna have to show me or I don’t believe it.”

“No way!” her friend Dawn laughed.

“I think you’re outta luck Kelly,” Dawn’s husband Scott said. “I’ve been trying forever. She won’t show me.”

“How did it even happen?” Kelly asked Dawn.

“A guy saw me at a party. I was dressed kinda slutty, and he gave me his card.”

“And you did it? Just like that?”

“He led with a modeling spiel. He wasn’t really lying, but when I got there it didn’t take long to see what he was angling for. It was all really low key. I just got swept up in it. It was kinda awesome.”

“Fuck!” Kelly said, still not quite believing the wild story. “Were you guys together then?” she asked Scott.

“No, it was before we met,” he said. “You were between guys, right honey?”

“Yeah. A real dry spell,” Dawn said. “A pornstar fuck seemed like a fun idea.”

“Jesus!” Kelly said quietly. “Can you believe this honey?” she asked her husband Jon.

“Yeah, I kinda can,” he said, winking at Dawn.

Dawn smiled shyly. There was always sexual tension between her and her friend’s good-looking husband. The wink gave her a nice tingle, and her nipples did exactly what she didn’t want them to do — they bloomed like soft flowers under the thin, clingy cotton of her bikini top. Jon’s cock swelled when he saw them. He was glad the bubbly water was hiding things, but his wife knew what was happening.

“Down boy,” Kelly said with a knowing smile. “You don’t get to see it when I find it.”

“You won’t find it,” Dawn said, shaking her head. There was a delicious smirk on her lips. “I’d never have mentioned it if I thought you would.

The talk of pornstar fucking had certainly amped-up the vibe in the hot tub. The two couples were usually a bit frisky after they’d had a few drinks — in a mild, suburban kind of way — but the conversation that evening was way beyond the usual.

“So nobody you know has ever seen it?” Kelly asked. “I mean, you got away with it? How can you do something like that and keep it secret?”

“Sounds like you wanna do it too,” Dawn said, smirking again.

“No!” Kelly said. “That’s crazy!”

“No, it’s not,” Dawn said. “You could do it.”

Later that night Kelly and Jon were making love in their bedroom. Spending time in the hot tub with their friends had been flirty and fun, especially with Dawn giving up her secret about making a porn. It was the first time the two couples had been in the new hot tub together, with hard nipples making themselves known and some surreptitious rubbing of boners under the bubbly water. The touching stayed within the couples of course — nothing of a swapping nature happened, but it was all very exciting for the somewhat conservative Kelly, and she let her horniness out on Jon in the bedroom that night.

“Oh fuck!” she said breathily as she rode him. Jon was flat on his back and Kelly was up cowgirl, something she rarely did. She had beautiful big tits, but she didn’t like them much, so she was usually down low when she was girl-on-top. Jon was delighted with the change.

“God you’re beautiful!” he said as his horny wife rode and her tits bounced.

She rode with her eyes closed. It was another change Jon noticed. After a lovely, noisier than usual orgasm, she cuddled in his arms.

“You must have been thinking about something good,” he said.

“What? Oh…just…Dawn and that porn thing,” Kelly said, surprised at herself for admitting it.

“Really!” Jon said, surprised. “Does she turn you on?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…so wild. I can’t believe she did that.”

“Yeah, I must admit it’s surprising. Don’t tell me my conservative wife’s fantasizing about doing it too!”

“No!…I could never…”

“Dawn seemed to think differently.”

“Yeah, well she’s…I don’t know what you guys think, but to us women, she’s got a real relaxed sexiness that we can only dream of. We’re all jealous ulus escort of her.”

“So you turn her loose in a little bikini in our new hot tub? Thank you dear.”

“Oh, so you liked that did you? I saw you lookin’ at her tits,” Kelly smiled.

“And Scott was fascinated by yours.”

“He was not! Oh my God! Maybe the hot tub was a bad idea.”

“Hey, if it heats you up like you were a few minutes ago I’m all for it.”

“Oh you are, are ya? You seemed pretty hot too mister,” she said, looking devious. “Get behind me. Pretend you’re a porn star.” Her eyes flared with excitement as she positioned herself on her hands and knees. She’d surprised herself again.

Jon thought about making a wisecrack, but instead he quietly played out Kelly’s fantasy, staying silent so she could pretend it was somebody new behind her. He fucked her different to heighten the effect, finishing her more vigorously than usual, his body slapping hard and loud against Kelly’s pretty ass as she came. It was a bigger orgasm than any she could remember.


“Dawn? Hi, it’s Jon,” he said into his cellphone.” I hope you don’t mind me calling. I got your number off Kelly’s phone when she was in the shower.”

“Really! I’m intrigued!” she said. Jon could hear the smile in her voice.

“I wanted to ask you about the porn thing. I’m hoping to get Kelly to do it.”

“Wow, that is big!” Dawn said. “But I’ll be honest with you Jon, I don’t think she’ll do it. You know her way better than me though. Is this just a hopeful fantasy of yours, or is there a glimmer of possibility?”

“There’s a glimmer I think. After you guys left we, uh, had a little fun and…she was fantasizing about it. I was surprised she admitted it to me. It was…well, it was fun.”

“Fantasy’s one thing Jon. Goin’ there for real’s a whole other thing.”

“Yeah, I know. I just thought maybe you could talk about it more with her. It’s gotta be real subtle and gentle. Just keep it in her head so the idea can work on her, you know? Who knows what’ll come of it. Maybe nothing. I just thought I’d mention it and see if you’d wanna play along.”

“Sure Jon, I’ll play. Yeah, I know she’s shy about stuff, but I think I can draw her out. It’ll be fun.”

“That’s great Dawn. Keep me posted, all right?”


Two weeks later the two couples were sipping cocktails by Dawn and Scott’s pool, after a nice meal of grilled shrimp and swordfish. They were all in their bathing suits, lounging in the warm humidity of the midsummer evening. Drinks were emptied, and Jon offered to help Dawn get the refills, anxious for a few minutes alone with her to talk about Kelly and the porn idea.

“I think I’m slowly brainwashing her,” Dawn laughed. “I’m trying to make her think it’s not all that unusual, and nobody’ll see it, and it’s fun. It’s working I think. Has she mentioned it?”

“No. But she won’t, I don’t think, until she’s ready. I doubt if we’ll ever get there, but who knows.”

“I think I might show her what I did,” Dawn said. “I’ve never shown it to anybody, or even told anybody except you guys. You think that’d be too much? I don’t want to scare her, just when we’re getting somewhere.”

“Wow. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s up to you. You’re the one inside her head on this. I’m just a patient observer.”

Another week went by. Kelly went shopping with Dawn on a Saturday afternoon. When she got home Jon was watching golf on the TV. She joined him on the couch, kissed him passionately and started unfastening his clothes.

“What got you all worked up?” Jon smiled.

Kelly just moaned and slurped his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth.

“Don’t tell me…you saw Ryan Gosling at the mall,” Jon said.

“No,” Kelly moaned. “Can’t a girl fuck her husband without lots of questions?”

“Fuck away baby. Fuck away…”

After a wild session right there on the living room couch with the front window curtains open, Jon asked again what had sparked her. It was, after all, out of character for Kelly do something so wanton where they might be seen.

“I don’t know if I should tell you, but I guess you sort of know about it. Remember last month when Dawn told us about the porn that she made?”

“Yeah, I remember. A guy doesn’t forget stuff like that.”

“She showed it to me,” Kelly said, looking like a kid with a hugely exciting secret.

“Wow! Holy shit! What’s it like?”

“Oh my God! It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I guess it’s because I know her. That just makes it so much hotter than the usual porn.”

“So are you a connoisseur of ‘the usual porn’?”

“No! I mean…maybe a little.” Kelly blushed.

“Me too. Maybe a little,” Jon said.

“Really?” Kelly said. “Maybe we should compare notes.”

“So? Dawn?”

“Oh my God! I can’t even…God it makes me all crazy. Wanna do me again?”

“Yes. From behind? Like your porn man?”

Kelly’s eye’s flared with excitement. Jon yenimahalle escort didn’t need anymore of an answer. He fucked her hard, holding both her arms by the elbows. Her big tits flailed wildly as a huge orgasm crashed through her, right there in broad daylight on the living room couch.


Jon called Dawn the next day, from the parking lot at the golf course.

“Hi Jon, what’s up?” Dawn said.

“So how’d it go yesterday? I hear you guys got into some visual aids.”

“Oh, what’d she say about it? I couldn’t really read her.”

“She jumped me in the living room as soon as she walked in the door. She’s never done that before!”

“Oh good! She was kinda quiet about it. I wasn’t sure if it was good quiet or bad quiet. I thought maybe it was good.”

“Oh yeah. She was hotter than I’ve ever seen her. So what do we do now?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s too soon to just ask her if she wants to do it. Maybe not though. I’ll think about it. You serious about this? You really want her to get fucked by somebody else?”

“Yeah, she’ll love it. And if she loves it I’ll love it.”

“Okay. As long as you’re sure. I gotta go Jon, I’ll talk to you later.”


“I hope I didn’t freak you out showing you my crazy video the other day,” Dawn said. She was sipping coffee in her kitchen with Kelly, snacking on a late morning donut.

“No, not really. I mean, I’m surprised you showed me, but I’m glad…Jon’s glad you did,” Kelly said, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“You told him?”

“Yeah, is that all right? I mean I didn’t tell him about it, just that you showed me.”

“No, it’s fine. I trust you guys. So I know you laughed at this before, but you should do it. I swear to God Kell, being in front of the cameras like that was…I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist or anything, but it was off the charts exciting. I mean Scott’s a super hot lover, but there was something special about that experience, being with someone new, in front of cameras, with the crew there watching. I’ve never felt a thrill like that, before or after.”

“Why didn’t you ever do it again?”

“I met Scott just a few weeks later.”

“Do they do couples?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Both amateurs you mean? Maybe. Huh…” Dawn said. You could almost see her mind working. “Anyway, I know you think it’s nuts, but it’s fun to think about, right?”

“Yeah. It’s definitely revved up things at home.”

“Did it need revving?” Dawn asked. “I mean, you guys look so good together. Jon’s a hottie.”

“No, it was fine. Just ten-year-old marriage staleness I guess.”

“Yeah, I know about that. Scott’s really good in bed, and we haven’t been together as long as you guys, but yeah, it gets a little stale after a while. Let’s make a pact to kick things up a notch or two. None of that boring, middle-age fading sex life for us, okay?”

“Okay sister!” Kelly said.

Dawn called Tucker at his studio the next day. She was nervous to break the ice there again, but needed some information to help her formulate a plan she was brewing.

“Dawn! Long time no see!” Tucker said. “What can I do for ya honey?”

“I was wondering if you ever work with groups of amateurs, without any of your pros involved. Me and my husband and another couple were sort of mulling it over.”

“A group scene with the four of you? Yeah, that’d work. Everybody’s onboard?”

“No. I’m working on it though. I just wanted to check with you and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.”

“Sure honey. We haven’t done anything quite like that before. It’d be kinda fun. Let me know if you can put it together and we’ll schedule something. So you’re married now, huh? Congrats honey. I hope it’s all goin’ good.”

“Yeah, it is Tucker. Thanks. I’ll be in touch I hope, okay?”

“Yeah I hope so too. Take care Dawn.”

So, Dawn’s plan was at least partly feasible, but getting Scott and Kelly and Jon onboard might take some work. If she didn’t find Jon so sexy she probably wouldn’t have bothered, but she could almost feel his cock slipping into her in front of the cameras. It was a powerful fantasy, and worth the effort it would take to make it happen.


First up was her hubby. She didn’t think it would be too difficult, at least the fucking Kelly part. Dawn had seen the way Scott looked at her. He was a tit man and Kelly’s a beautiful woman with fabulous big tits. But getting him to fuck her on camera, for all the world to see, that was another story. Dawn decided it was time to bring out the big guns — she showed him her porn.

“My God Dawn! Fuck you look hot! Jesus!”

So far so good. She pulled out his cock and gave him a nice blow-job while he watched.

“You don’t mind that it’s another guy and not you, do ya?” she asked as she licked his meaty popsicle.

“No baby. It’s so hot! I can’t believe you!”

“What if I asked you to make one for me, fucking another girl?” she asked. She took his cock deep in her throat while she waited for an answer.

“Your crazy! You’re fuckin’ wild and crazy!”

“Would you do it? If I wanted you too?”

“Baby, what the hell? Are you serious?”

Dawn plunged her head down again, taking Scott deep.

“I’m serious baby. Fuck another girl, like you used to fuck me when you first met me. I’ll be there too.”

Dawn pulled her skirt and her panties off and mounted Scott.

“Can you see me honey?” she said, moving to the side so Scott could watch her get pummeled by the porn star. “God he fucked me good. I can still feel it. Do ya wanna be a pornstar honey? Fuck a beautiful, big-titted girl in front of the cameras?” Dawn said as she bounced on Scott’s hot cock. “Do ya? You fuck so good honey, I wanna see it on the TV. I wanna see you make a big titted girl cum!”

Dawn was really into it now, moaning loud in person and screaming on the TV. Hearing herself cum with the pornstar triggered her real-life orgasm, and she melted down on top of Scott as he came deep inside her.

“Fuck!” Scott grunted as they both came back to reality.

“God I love you,” Dawn sighed. “I haven’t cum like that in a long time. Wow.”

“Wow is right!” Scott said. He locked lips with his sexy wife and kissed her long and deep.

“So that’s a yes I take it?”

“What do you mean? Are you serious about this?”

“Are you willing?”

“I don’t know. I mean, it’s a big step Dawn.”

“I’ll be there too, so we’ll be even. We’ll just call it a fantasy and get it out of the way. It doesn’t have to lead to anything more. Just a one time thing.”

“So you’ll be there, with another guy?”

“Yeah. I’m thinking Kelly and Jon. I know you wanna fuck her. This way you can do it without it being an affair or anything.”

“Whoa! Are you serious?” Scott asked, looking shocked. Then he started laughing. “You’re fucking crazy! I mean certifiably looped!”

“What if I’m not? What if I can make it happen? Will you do it?”

“Dawn I…”

“You could fuck her tits. Think of that! Oh my god!”

“Dawn, you’ve gone over the edge baby. I’m gonna have to call Bellevue!”


A week had gone by since Kelly saw Dawn ‘performing’ on the TV screen. It was impossible to get the images out of her head. Dawn’s tall, lithe body being ravished in so many ways by a handsome, sexy man. Kelly could picture the crew standing behind the camera, and the lights overhead. She gradually put herself in the picture. It was an intense and vivid fantasy, and as each day passed it seemed more and more real.

She still had no idea Jon liked the idea of her doing it, so all of her thinking and fantasizing revolved around doing it in secret, the way Dawn had. No one Dawn knew had ever found her video floating around out there in the vast world of the internet, so why couldn’t I do the same? That’s what Kelly would think, and then an hour later she’d come back to reality and realize she could never do it. She was lousy at keeping secrets from Jon — he would find out and hate her. And she wouldn’t be able to walk into a porn studio and do it anyway.

Even if nothing came of Kelly’s fantasy it had improved things in the bedroom. She was feeling sexier than she had in a decade, and Jon was too. Her pact with Dawn to kick things up a notch or two was going nicely. A week of great sex had culminated in a fun night wearing new lingerie — a playful, giggling hour in bed that ended with her new lacy garments splatted with cum.

“Fuck baby!” Jon said breathlessly. “Do you have any idea how sexy you look in that stuff?”

“You like the garter belt? I’ve always wanted to get one but I never had the nerve.”

“Oh Yeah! You were made for that. God, your ass just looks unbelievable like that. Maybe you should try some more new things.”

“Like what my sexy man?” she asked as she rolled on top of Jon and kissed him.

“You know that porn of Dawn’s you watched?” Jon asked. “What if I said I want you to do one?”

“What?” Kelly said quietly. She was shocked and could barely get the word out.

“I think it’d be hot. Just a one time thing, you know? You’d look so good on screen like that. My blood pressure just doubled just thinking about it.”

“You want me to do that?” Kelly said. She still couldn’t quite believe her ears, and the sudden reality of it had her screaming to herself — No! I could never actually do it!

“Think about it,” Jon said. “I know it’s crazy, but hey, Dawn did it, right? And you said it was wicked hot, so…”

Kelly couldn’t think of the right thing to say, so she rested her head on Jon’s chest. Jon didn’t want to seem pushy, so he lay silently too, both of them basking in the afterglow of great sex, and the excitement of future possibilities.


Jon called Dawn the next day and told her what he’d said to Kelly. Dawn told him she had a plan in mind, but didn’t elaborate. She wanted Kelly to break it to Jon, after she’d told her, and hopefully talk him into it. First things first though — Dawn asked Kelly over for coffee the next morning.

“I want you to know I’m keeping up my end of our pact,” Dawn said after some run-of-the-mill chatting. “Things have been really hot in bed with Scotty.”

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