Tucker’s Studio Ch. 02

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I have a whole series of these stories written. They all revolve around Tucker Sims and his porn studio. Most of them work as stand alone stories, but some things will make more sense if you read them in the order they were posted. They are all fairly short, easy reads. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, the people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Tucker wheeled his Cadillac into a shady parking spot at the city pool and switched off the motor. His nephew jumped out with his swim team bag and ran over to his friends. Tucker made a phone call in the shade and wandered over to the rickety bleachers. It was a rough part of town and the big old pool had seen better days. Tucker had gotten so he recognized most of the few parents who hung around to watch the practice — a fat man who always read a newspaper; three moms who always sat together, chattering with gossip like they were trying to win a contest for it; and another woman, probably a mom, who always sat up in the top corner of the old seats, sometimes watching the swimming, but often just gazing off into the distance.

She was the kind of woman Tucker loved to bring into the porn world. His studio specialized in ‘mature amateurs’, and he’d gotten pretty good at picking people out of a crowd who might be interested in the business. T.S. Productions — that’s the name of his company — made good money shooting video of ‘fresh faces’ fucking their asses off. The woman in the bleachers was lost in thought, watching a young couple toss a frisbee around on a distant hill when Tucker approached her.

“Nice day today,” he said.

“Oh. Yeah,” she said, smiling a little, just to be polite, when she saw it was somebody she recognized. “Your son’s a good swimmer.”

“Nephew,” Tucker said. “My sister’s raising him alone, and she works all day, so…”

“Oh, well we’ve sorta got that in common then,” the woman said. “Danny’s my neighbor’s boy. I work nights, and he needed some rides here, so I volunteered. I feel like a dirty old lady sometimes, watching all these half naked boys.” She chuckled nervously, wondering why she’d just said that to a near total stranger.

“My name’s Tucker Sims,” Tucker said as he took his little leather business card holder out of his pocket.

“Molly,” the woman said. “Molly Bianchi.”

“Have you ever done any modeling Molly?” Tucker asked as he handed her his card. Molly scowled a little as she read it.

Tucker Sims

T.S. Productions

Photography, Film, Video

“When I was younger I did a little, but that was thirty years ago,” she said. “You’re not seriously giving this to me are you?”

“Sure. There’s a thriving market for attractive women your age,”

Tucker said.

“You mean I’ve been cleanin’ office buildings for ten years when I coulda been on the cover of Vogue?” Molly said. She smiled beautifully.

“Sorry, I’m not part of that world,” Tucker said. “What we do is a little more…earthy.”

“Oh my God, are you in porn?” Molly asked as her eyes widened.

“Adult entertainment. But it’s not all what you’re thinking. We do a variety of things, including mildly sexy photo shoots for calendars and things like that. I’ve got a client interested in a sexy housewife kind of thing right now, and when I saw you here today I thought, yeah, that’s the look right there.”

“I’m not sure if I should be, but I’m kinda flattered,” Molly said with a confused looking smile. “So what kinda business do you have? You’re not gonna take me home to your bedroom and pull out a phone camera are ya? I mean you look like a nice guy but…”

“I’ve got a studio down in the warehouse district. A photographer on staff, hair people, makeup people, stylists, the works. I’ve got an international client list, and I’ve worked with over fifty local models and talent, most of them people off the street like you. My clients and I both prefer the natural ‘amateur’ kind of vibe from nonprofessional models. The money’s good too — fifty dollars an hour to start, and it goes up from there.”

“So this ‘sexy housewife’ thing,” she said, making air quotes with her fingers, “just how ‘mildly sexy’ are we talkin’ about?”

“That client’s open to a range of things, so it’d come down to your comfort level. Could be fully clothed with a little lingerie peeking out. Maybe some full lingerie if you’re comfortable with it. We provide the wardrobe. We’ve got hundreds of things to choose from, in all sizes.

“All right Mr. Tucker Sims, you’ve certainly turned this into an interesting afternoon. You kinda made my day, but I just can’t see myself doin’ anything like that. Not at my age. Twenty years ago you woulda had me.”

“What’s age got to do with it?” Tucker asked.

“Plenty!” Molly said. “Look, I know how these photo shoots work. A girl’s gotta feel confident in herself or it shows real bad in the pictures. Like I said, I did some modeling when I was a kid. There was a year there when it sorta clicked for me and I liked what I ataşehir escort was seeing, but there were also a few months where I lost my confidence and it was awful. Made me feel really bad about myself. To be honest with you I never recovered. Kinda messed up my whole life in a way. At least that’s the way I remember it. I don’t know why I’m tellin’ you all this…”

“That’s cool Molly. I love honesty. And I’ll be totally honest with you. You’re a MILF, and the world loves MILF’s right now. You should jump in and take advantage of it.”

“A MILF! Oh my God!” Molly said quietly. “You’re a little nutty. Nice, but nutty.”

“Just think it over Molly. Back when you were a kid the stars weren’t aligned for you, but maybe now they are. Trust me, age is on your side now. Very few women your age have what I’m seeing in you. I’ll see you back here in a few days and you can let me know what you think. I won’t pressure you or anything. Nice talkin’ to you Molly. Enjoy the sunshine.”

“Yeah, nice talkin’ to you too,” Molly said.

Tucker walked down the bleacher steps to the edge of the pool and chatted with his nephew about his lap times. Molly’s gaze shifted off into the distance. Her eyes followed the frisbee again, rising slowly on the warm summer breeze.


“Yeah man, that’s nice,” Jamar said as he circled around Molly. The tall, brown skinned photographer’s Caribbean accent made her smile. It was an important smile, the first sign she was loosening up a bit. Tucker was happy to see it.

“Whaddya think honey, you doin’ okay?” Tucker asked.

“Yeah. It’s kinda surreal, but good, yeah,” Molly said as she held her pose.

“It’s like fairyland when we get goin’ here,” Tucker said.

Fairyland when we get goin’? What does that mean, Molly wondered? There she was in a dark studio that makes porn, trying to look sexy, wondering what she’d gotten herself into.

“Marsha, fix that hair a little, will ya?” Tucker said.

Marsha swooped in, made a few adjustments and combed out a little clump of mascara in an eyelash.

“Whaddya think Molly,” Tucker asked, “You ready to show the world a little more of how beautiful you are? Maybe another button or two?”

“Lets just try it and see what you think,” Marsha said as she unfastened Molly’s buttons.

Molly looked down at herself and back up at Tucker. Self confidence was not her strong suit. A failed marriage ten years ago and a revolving door of shitty dates afterwards left her feeling pretty lousy about herself. The dates had gradually petered out and she hadn’t even been with a man in over a year.

“You sure people wanna see this?” she asked no one in particular.

“Yeah man. Hot stuff,” Jamar said as he got in a rhythm with his camera again.

“You heard the man,” Tucker said. “Trust me, he doesn’t say that very often.”

Molly blushed when she realized the tall, sexy black man was sincere. She’d often wondered about black men. Being a blue-collar city girl, she knew and worked with plenty of people of color, but she’d never dated a man whose skin was any darker than her own, and her’s was lilly white. Jamar looked to be twenty years younger, Molly thought, and she was right. He was twenty seven, but Molly’s voluptuous forty-eight-year-old curves looked plenty good to him that afternoon.

As he circled, finding new angles, clicking his shutter, Molly found herself fascinated by his lean body. He moved like an athlete, often squatting, crouching, moving in, sometimes close enough to smell. His pants were tight — skinny jeans, made out of black cotton duck. Molly could see the muscles in his thighs flexing as he moved, and the ever-present lump at his crotch. She was pretty sure it wasn’t a hard lump — she would have been shocked if she’d done that to him — but it looked plenty meaty, whatever was in there.

“Okay, we’re good with this look,” Tucker said, snapping Molly out of her thoughts. “You’re doing great Molly. Marsha, take her back and change things up a bit.”

In the dressing room Marsha put Molly in a long pleated skirt and a plain white blouse. A pearl necklace and conservative high heels completed the nineteen-fifties housewife look. Underneath though, was a whole ‘nother story. Molly had never fussed too much with fancy lingerie, so the little thong, garter belt and stockings were a first for her. The lacy push-up bra that was mostly see through was a new experience too. Standing in front of the big mirror before the outer clothes went on she was surprised at how she looked, and Marsha could see it in her eyes.

“You girl, got one fuckin’ body on you,” Marsha said as they both gazed in the mirror. “Jamar’s gonna cream his pants if you don’t watch out.”

“Get out!” Molly said.

“Tucker’s right you know. Jamar never comments on the models. You definitely got his eye today.”

Back out on set Jamar adjusted his lights while Molly sat on a big upholstered chair. He dimmed things down, romantic and kind of mysterious. After ataşehir escort some test shots to adjust his camera they were ready to roll.

“All right honey, sit sideways across that chair, with your legs up over the arm,” Tucker said. “That’s it. Marsha, adjust that skirt so the top of her stocking shows on one leg.”

Molly’s eyes caught Jamar’s as he was thinking about how to shoot the scene. The tension left her body and she relaxed into his gaze. She remembered a modeling session when she was seventeen where she got that feeling. Back then the photographer was older, not younger, but she felt the same mutual attraction in his eyes. That was one of those magical days when it seemed modeling would become her life’s work.

“That looks perfect sweetheart,” Tucker said. “Love that languid look. Hold that while Jamar works it a little. Beautiful honey. I’m gonna let you work it on your own now. Tease that camera. Adjust your clothes however you like. Tease us. Make the camera horny sweetheart.”

On a normal day, especially in her cleaning contractor’s uniform late at night in an empty office building, the thought of making someone or something horny never crossed her mind. But there in Tucker’s studio, under the lights, surrounded by darkness, with Jamar’s camera seeming to inhale her like oxygen, something changed in her mind. She surprised herself by tugging gently at her skirt, guiding the hem ever so slowly up her thighs, revealing the straps of the garter belt. A wickedly sexy little smile lit up her face.

For someone wearing a thong for the very first time, she was being bold. With her skirt a mere inch or two higher Jamar’s camera would have had a look at it. She knew that was probably the goal — why else put her in a thong? But no, this would be it, just a tease. That alone was more than she thought she’d do. No one wants to see a nearly fifty-year-old woman’s crotch for goodness sake!

“Beautiful honey. Work the shirt too,” Tucker said.

Molly looked down at the soft white fabric draped over her tits. Yeah, a button or two more, she thought, that’d be nice for Jamar. I wonder if he’s a tit man?

Her hands worked the buttons and she instinctively twisted the shirt a little, pulling it tight over her nice tits. It gaped open, showing some nice cleavage and the lacy edge of the little bra.

“Nice Molly,” Tucker said.

Jamar swooped in, almost dancing his way around her, firing off a flurry of camera clicks. Everything felt so positive, and her mood was so buoyant, it just felt natural to do more. Before she could think about it much the shirt was fully open and the push-up bra cradling her tits was the star of the show. Her hard nipples strained against the nearly transparent lace.

“Real nice Miss Molly. Real nice,” Jamar said as he circled, firing off dozens of shutter clicks.

Jamar spoke the truth. Lounging across the big soft chair, with her stocking clad legs up high and her bra on full view, Molly was indeed the smokin’ hot MILF Tucker thought she might be.

“Hot stuff Molly,” Tucker said. “Really hot stuff.”

Molly’s temperature was high. Her heart rate was up and she felt a little flushed. Her brain felt a little fuzzy, but it was a delicious feeling.

“You want me out of this skirt?” she asked. As soon as she said it she wondered why the words had slipped out of her lips.

“Marsha, help her out,” Tucker said.

“I, uh, I’m not sure about this,” Molly said as Marsha helped her up out of the chair.

“Why don’t you try out a pose, and if it feels wrong we’ll stop,” Tucker said. “Jamar, don’t shoot any pictures ’till she’s comfortable.”

“Ya boss, no problem,” Jamar said.

Marsha had the pleated skirt down Molly’s legs in no time. Molly looked down at herself and looked nervous.

“Wow,” she said.

“Wow for sure,” Tucker said. “Your friends must be jealous every time they see you.”

“It’s my first time in a thong,” Molly said sheepishly. “I’m afraid I’m a little…hairy for it.”

“It’s sexy honey,” Tucker said. “There’s plenty of guys who like that kind of thing. You can go either way though. If you wanna shave for next time, that’s cool too.”

“So there’s gonna be a next time?” Molly asked.

“Hell yeah. I sure hope you wanna come back. You’re a natural. It’s easy to see your modeling experience come through, even though you haven’t done it in a while.”

“You want her draped across the chair again?” Marsha asked.

“Yeah. Same pose’ll be great. That okay with you Molly?” Tucker said.

Molly nodded and reclined in the big chair again, lifting her legs slowly up onto the arm, careful to not flash her hairy crotch any more than she needed to.

Having Jamar just stand there and watch her was a strange feeling. He wasn’t being a letch or anything like that, but boy did he ever devour her with those big brown eyes of his. Molly kinda loved it, and her heart was pounding.

“Whaddya think honey? Wanna let Jamar capture your anadolu yakası escort beauty?” Tucker asked.

“Yes,” Molly said in a near whisper.

Was she being too obvious, she wondered? Could everybody tell she was attracted to the ridiculously handsome photographer? There she was, totally rockin’ the sexiest lingerie she’d ever seen, and a tall, lanky hunk of stud was taking pictures of her! It was crazy!

“Beautiful. Just beautiful,” Tucker said after Jamar had worked all the angles. “I’d love to get some backside poses, but it’s up to you Molly.”

“Oh. I don’t…know. I think I’m too hairy. I mean I really didn’t expect…”

“Hey, if you’re not comfortable we’re not doin’ it. But maybe we could go there next time? That way you can get yourself fixed up however you like.”

“Oh. Okay. Yeah, I guess so,” Molly said. “You sure you want somebody my age doin’ this kinda thing?”

“Absolutely! When can you come back?”

“Oh. Let’s see…same time on Thursday? Are we done today?”

“Yup, that was a great first session,” Tucker said.

Molly got up and Marsha handed her a robe. She pulled it on and Marsha walked her back to the dressing room.

“You’re really good Molly,” Marsha said back in the closed room. “It’s rare to see that twinkle in Jamar’s eyes.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” Molly said.

“I’ve been here for years. Trust me, it’s rare. Hey, if it happens again Thursday, you’ll know you’re onto somethin’.”


Molly called her sister Rita the next day and confided in her about the photo shoot. Rita was a few years younger, formerly wild, recently divorced, but mostly settled down raising her kids.

“You should ask him out,” Rita said on the phone.

“Yeah right!” Molly said. “A super hot black guy that’s twenty years younger than me? He’s not gonna wanna date me.”

“Hey, you never know. If he was lookin’ at you that way, he probably wants to do somethin’ to ya.”

“Oh God!” Molly said quietly. “Don’t put that shit in my head, I gotta go work with him again!”

“Yeah, well, I’m just sayin’, gettin’ old sucks and we gotta grab it when we get the chance. Let’s say neither one of us gets married again. How many more times are we gonna get fucked before we die? It’s a sad thought, isn’t it?”

“Rita!” Molly laughed. “What would Mom say if she heard you talking like that!”

“I hope she’d say amen sister. And we’re not just talkin’ gettin’ fucked, we’re talkin’ a black guy! Jesus Moll, if you don’t suck on it I wanna.”

“Rita! What the hell! I never shoulda mentioned it.”

“You know, you always were way to conservative,” Rita said. “You need to cut loose. Sex is fun. But enough about that. I’m just glad you’re showin’ off that rockin’ body of yours. Let me know where they’re gonna use the pictures. I wanna see ’em.”

“I have no idea where they’re gonna end up. Kinda makes me nervous. But I signed the release, so it is what it is I guess.”

“I don’t mean to be harsh, but you’re a lonely, divorced cleaning woman. What the hell do you care who sees ’em?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I should be proud of it I guess. I do look pretty good for my age, if the supermarket crowd is any way to judge.”

“Damn right you do sister. Show it off. Make the rest of the world jealous. Make me jealous. Get some of that big back cock and I will be for sure.”


One more night of work before the next photo shoot. Molly’s walking the empty halls, thinking about her ass hanging out in that little thong. Jamar and Tucker got a pretty good look at it even though she didn’t pose with that side, and they still seemed to think she looked good. That gave her a little confidence. She had a feeling Tucker might ask for nudity though, and that was a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Would she bare her tits in front of those guys? More than one of the photographers she worked with in her teens had asked for it, but she turned them down. Those were different times back then, less prudish about the whole under-age thing, but not nearly as ‘porn friendly’ as things are today. Maybe if she had a few drinks before she went she could loosen up more. No, that wouldn’t be professional. Tucker was paying her good money to be a real model. It sure would help though, just a drink or two…


“Oh yeah! They got a full bar out there! Lots of girls need it. Guys too,” Marsha said as she worked on Molly’s makeup in the dressing room. “Whaddya want? Tucker’s an ace mixologist. I’ll have him make you something.”

Marsha finished up the makeup while Molly sipped on an Appletini. It was as good, and as strong, as any she’d had in a bar.

“So Tucker really loves your tits,” Marsha said when it came time to dress Molly. “He’s hoping you’ll be okay in a thin sweater with no bra. Maybe a short little midriff kinda thing. He’d like to go with just that and a thong, but if you’re not comfortable with that we can do some nice little shorts over it.”

“Oh,” Molly said, suddenly snapped out of the Appletini buzz. “Yeah, why not. My sister says I need to go for it.”

“Oh you got a sis? That’s nice. I always wished I had one.”

“Yeah, Rita. Divorced, couple kids. She was always the wild one in the family. I feel like it should be her doing all this.”

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