Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 04

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I put my clothes on and Beth packed up her things. She pulled on her skirt, leaving the strap on around her waist. I was definitely going to feel that thing back up my ass today. Dressed and ready to leave, we opened the door of the booth. As we made the walk to the front door of the store, every eye in the building was on us. They had all seen the purchase we made. I was sure they had all heard the noises coming from Beth. And quite frankly, I was surprised that we hadn’t had more “company” in the booths. As we walked by the front desk, the owner looked at us and gave the customary, “Be sure to come see us again” line that every worker said as a patron left their establishment. I looked up and saw a black man smiling at me. Was this the man I had just sucked off? If it was, then he wasn’t just hoping for a repeat purchase.

We walked out the door and down the street a few blocks until we found a bar the looked like what we were looking for. We made sure it had a rainbow sticker in the window, a symbol that it was “gay friendly,” and that it looked nice and clean, but not too upscale and proper.

“This looks perfect,” Beth said. “I’m thirsty. Let’s grab a beer!”

We walked in and took a seat in a booth along the wall. It was still pretty early and there were only about 8 or 9 other people in the place, all men. They all looked at us, I’m sure interested in some “new meat” and also a little surprised to see a woman in a gay bar.

The bartender walked over to our table.

“Hi there, how are you two doing today?” he asked.

“Oh, we are very good today,” Beth responded. “How about yourself?”

“Good, good. Can I get you something to drink?”

“I’ll take a Coors Light, please,” answered Beth.

“And for you, cutie?” the man asked.

I was slightly taken aback, not used to have a guy call me the cute one between Beth and myself. “I’ll take the same, thanks,” I replied.

“Whatever you want,” he responded with a wink and walked away to grab our drinks.

“I think he likes you,” Beth teased me. “I bet you could go suck his dick like the one you did in the video booth. How was that, by the way? Did you enjoy it?”

“I enjoyed it,” I admitted. “It was different. Definitely not saying I will go seeking out guys to suck off after this, but it was pretty hot knowing I was pleasing someone else.”

The bartender returned with our beers, smiled at me again, and left. I chugged about half of my beer. Beth and I continued to talk about the weekend so far. How glad she was to have found the side of me that had these interests. How hot she felt being in control of me like this. Thankfully, she told me that she did still want to be on the receiving end of my dick and would be again before she left, but had a need to continue with our “arrangement” awhile longer.

The more we talked about sex, the hornier I again became. I was running my hand along her thigh, hoping to get to her pussy.

“I need you again,” she whispered in my ear.

“Great, let’s pay for our drinks and go grab a cab back to my place.”

“No,” she responded, “I need you now. Here!”

I started to protest, but before I could, Beth stood up, grabbed my hand and began to walk out of the booth. I followed behind her. When we got to the bathroom door she told me to check if the coast was clear. I opened the door and, sure enough, no one was in there. We walked into a stall and closed the door behind us.

“Undo your pants,” Beth commanded. As I did, she pulled the camera out of her bag and turned it on. “We are in the bathroom of a gay bar. I am going to suck Patrick’s dick a little bit and then dare him to bend over for my strap on. We will see where things take us from there.”

Beth sat the camera down on a shelf at the end of the stall hoping that it would capture a good amount of the action. She walked over in front of me and squatted down like a baseball catcher behind the plate. She looked up at me and slowly took off her shirt, exposing her little breasts that I liked so much. Then, still looking me in the eyes, she reached out, grabbed my dick and inserted it into her open mouth.

It felt so good. I always loved receiving a blowjob and Beth was doing a great job playing with my cock in her mouth. She was sliding my member in and out of her mouth, across her tongue. She was letting lots of saliva build up and it felt so wet and warm around my cock.

As she kept sucking, I felt her right hand move down and cup my balls. She squeezed, then caressed them, then rolled them in her palms. Then she moved her hand down and I felt a finger rub through my ass crack and it moved across my hole, eventually penetrating Etiler escort it. She continued finger my ass and sucking my cock for a few more minutes. I was in heaven and I felt my balls tighten and my cock begin to swell. I was about to fill Beth’s mouth with my cum when suddenly she pulled her fingers out of my hole and my cock out of her mouth at the same time. I knew what was about to happen.

“Were you enjoying that, baby? Yeah, I thought you were about to enjoy it too much so I had to stop. Sorry about that, but I’m not ready for this to be over.”

Beth stood up and pulled off her panties, which had been holding in her strap on. With them removed, it fell out from under her skirt. She walked around behind me, put her hands on my chest and pulled herself into me. I could feel the shaft against my bottom.

“Bend over,” she whispered in my ear.

As I did, I heard a bottle of lube snap open and then felt it being rubbed in my crack and hole. Then I felt the tip at my entrance and then it was buried inside of me.

I had loosened up enough from our weekend of ass play that she no longer had to take her time entering me and the rubber member slid all the way in, poking my insides. I could feel the plastic balls touching my real life ones and her hips resting against my ass.

“Fuck,” she whispered in my ear again, “I can get so deep inside of you now. Do you like feeling my entire member inside of you? Do you like feeling completely filled?”

I did, but she wasn’t waiting for any answer to proceed. I felt the length pull out of my ass until the ridge of the tip was against my ring and then she pushed it back in, burying the full length again.

Thankfully, we had chosen the handicap stall, so there was plenty of room. I was standing up and bent over, my hands out in front of myself supporting myself against the wall. Beth had her hands gripping my waist to help her almost pull herself into my ass. She was picking up the pace and we were trying to both be quiet, but we were enjoying ourselves so much that it was becoming increasingly hard to do. Little moans were escaping both of our mouths as she continued to fuck my hole.

Just then we heard the door to the bathroom open and we froze. Beth’s cock was halfway inside of me. We waited to hear what our little visitor was going to do in there. Hopefully he didn’t need the use of the stall we were in.

We received our answer soon enough as we heard the sound of his zipper and what I recognized as pee hitting the back of the urinal. We were safe. He was just using the bathroom for its intended purpose, unlike us. When we heard him zip up and the faucet turn on for him to wash his hands, we figured we were out of the woods. Beth, unable to contain her excitement any longer, maybe being even a little more excited by having a visitor in with us, pushed the rest of her cock inside of me and then pulled out again. She resumed her fucking, though at quite a slow pace.

I was enjoying the sensation again, but before I could totally give in to the feeling again, I realized that I still had not heard the bathroom door open again signaling our visitor’s exit. “That’s weird,” I thought, “what is he doing just standing there? How long does it take him to dry his hands?”

I looked down and noticed something I had not noticed when I first bent over, a hole in the wall just below where I was standing. I also noticed an eye peering through it, up at my cock. The guy wasn’t drying his hands, he wasn’t just standing there; he was watching me get fucked with a strap on! I reached back and slapped Beth gently on her ass to get her attention and pointed at the hole expecting her to be outraged and stop our “show.” Instead just flippantly offered, “Do you just want to watch or do you want to join us? The door is unlocked.”

What was she doing inviting some random guy into join us? I just kept hoping he would be scared off by being caught — he wasn’t! The door opened and the man walked in. He was attractive, built very similar to myself — tall and lean — and he removed his shirt instantly. He knew why we was walking in that stall, even if I didn’t yet. He left the door open and dropped his pants and stepped out of his clothes. He was naked except for his socks on the cold tile.

The man’s cock was semi-erect, he must have been playing with himself while he was watching. Without saying a word he moved over to the toilet and stood on it and then squatted down a bit so that his head wouldn’t show over the partition. Beth knew what he wanted and grabbed my hips and signaled for me to turn to my right. I did, without her cock leaving my ass, and was bent Etiler escort bayan over facing his dick. “I dare you to suck it,” she said.

I knew my place and I knew better than to say no. Besides, I had just sucked one dick, what was it to suck another? I leaned forward, stuck my tongue out and licked him from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his cock. When I reached the top I opened my mouth and slid it down taking him into my mouth. As I moved my lips up and down his shaft I felt him enlarge in my mouth. He was slightly longer than my cock and the dildo that Beth had been using on me, but about the same girth. I couldn’t quite deepthroat him, but was giving a nice blow job, if I do say so myself.

But apparently he wasn’t satisfied with only getting head. He looked up at Beth and asked, “is that hole reserved for your dildo only, or can I have a go at it?”

I wasn’t so sure about having a real cock inside of me. It’s not like I thought it would hurt, Beth has my ass opened up nicely, just wasn’t sure if I could let a man fuck me. I was praying in my head that Beth would tell him that she was the only one going to penetrate me and to just enjoy his blowjob. She didn’t.

She pulled out and I felt empty. “He’s all yours,” she replied with an evil grin on her face.

I began to protest and Beth interrupted me before I could even get two words out. “I know how to handle this,” she stated. “Patrick, I dare you to take this man’s cock up your ass for as long as he wants to keep it there.”

I knew I could say no. I knew I could stand up, put my pants on and leave. It’s not like Beth was stronger than me and could stop me. And this man wasn’t any bigger than I was so I was pretty certain I could take him, or at least make it a close enough fight that he would decide it just wasn’t worth it. But once she had said the words “I dare you to” I just couldn’t do anything. I had completely submitted to this role playing game Beth had established. I just stayed there bent over as the man walked behind me.

I turned my head around to look behind me. I saw Beth pick up the small camera and move it to get a good angle of the cock entering me. I saw the man placing the tip of his dick at my hole.

“Is this the first real cock you have ever had in you?” he asked. I just shook my head yes. “I promise you are going to love this so much that I won’t be the last.”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back at the same time that he thrust forward. “Oh fuck,” escaped my lips as he entered me. It was a response of pleasure. I felt his helmet push past my ring and then a few more inches enter me instantly. He pulled back and without hesitating pushed forward again. Just over two-thirds of his seven inches were inside of my loosened hole in two thrusts. With his third stroke, I felt him against my ass — he was completely inside of me.

There was no doubt about it, this was not about making love or any other illusions that most people have about the emotions that must go along with sex. This was all about fucking and getting off. He just kept quickening his pace, thrusting into me as fast as he could. He wanted his release and then to leave, fast!

I wasn’t quite as keen on that idea. He was right, I was loving this! I wanted him to fuck me all night. I began to realize that I hadn’t just enjoyed the action earlier because it was Beth on the other end of the cock, I just enjoyed being the fuckee nearly as much as I enjoyed being the fucker! And the feeling of real flesh was definitely better than the dildo.

But he was determined to get off and get out and just kept pumping away at my insides. I realized that I was going to need more and would need Beth to fuck me again after he finished so that I could cum.

“Wow, we have company,” Beth stated. I had been in such a trance enjoying the feelings of the stranger’s cock that I hadn’t even heard the bathroom door open. I looked behind me again and saw three other men standing behind me, naked, stroking their cocks. The man seemed to be a prophet — his dick was definitely not going to be the last inside of me! I turned my head back and just enjoyed the pounding.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I heard from behind me. “Fuck I’m going to cum.”

I had a thought that it probably wasn’t the best idea to let this stranger cum inside of me. “Will you pull out please? You can just shoot it on my back or in my mouth.”

“Not a chance.” I felt him grab my hips tighter so I couldn’t move. He thrust in me two more times and I felt the first shot of his cream leave his cock and enter my bowels. Four or five more shots coated my insides before I felt him begin to escort etiler soften and pull out.

“I told you that you would love it! Enjoy!”

And with that he grabbed his clothes, left the stall, dressed and exited the room. No sooner had he left my ass was the next guy in place to enter it. His cock was slightly shorter, about 6 inches like mine, but also slightly wider than the last. I felt his cock stretch me even more as he pushed in.

“This is so fucking hot watching you get gangbanged!” exclaimed Beth. She wasn’t missing a second of the action on the camera.

The man began fucking me as hard as he could almost immediately. These guys meant business! This one at least reached around and played with my dick a bit, adding to the pleasure. He kept slamming into my ass, his balls slapping against mine. I looked over and saw Beth rubbing her clit as she taped me. She had removed her strap on. I guess she felt my hole would need some rest after this assault!

I began to get the feeling that the man behind me was going to finish soon. His breathing had quickened and his thrusts seemed more determined. As soon as I had that thought, he exploded. He just held his cock there, letting it spasm out its fluids. He gave a couple little pushes to make sure it was all out and he pulled his spent cock out of me.

Again, as soon as one cock left, another one entered. But apparently this guy had enjoyed watching and stroking his cock a little too much. As soon as he had slid inside my ass I heard an ashamed voice say, “Oh crap, I think I’m going to cum already.”

And he did. A three spurts shot inside of my ass and he pulled out. The man, embarrassed by his lack of control, grabbed his things, dressed as quickly as possible and left even quicker.

I heard Beth under her breath, “Well, that one was disappointing.”

The fourth and final man then shut the door and moved across the room and sat on the toilet. I guess he didn’t want to be bothered.

“Come here and sit on this, I figure you must be getting tired from bending over for so long,” he explained.

And he was right, I was tired of bending at the waist. I walked over to him, turned my back and lowered myself onto him. I impaled myself on his cock and then raised back up until he was almost out of me before lowering again. I began almost bouncing up and down on his cock. It felt so nice to at least be in control of the pace this time!

I felt every vein and ridge in his cock as it slid past my anal muscles. I reached under myself and put my right hand on his leg for support and began stroking my cock with my left hand. This was the last cock in the line and I definitely wanted to cum while I was filled up!

His hands were under my ass helping to support my weight as his cock continued to enter and exit my ass. He felt amazing, the best cock of the night! I was loving riding this guy! I lost control of myself and pushed myself over the edge! I felt my cock spasm and shoot my built up load. I almost hit the camera and Beth with it and my sperm fell across the tile floor.

My ass muscles contracted as I came and pulled against his cock even more. While obviously not to the extent of the last guy, he had still been playing with his cock for quite awhile and couldn’t last long. I slid down his meat one too many times and felt him shoot up into my ass. He had a heavy load. He obviously hadn’t cum in a few days and had been building it up even more as he watched me with the first three. I practically collapsed on his lap, his cock fully inside of me and spurting the last of its cum.

“Ok,” Beth said, “one last dare. I dare you to slide off his cock and hover above it and let all the cum inside of your ass fall onto his cock. Then I want you to clean it all up.”

Depraved, satisfied and still under her control, I did as I was asked. I raised off his cock and spread my ass cheeks with my hands. I felt the gooey, sticky sperm of four men begin to trickle out of my ass and watched as it coated the semi-erect cock below me. What didn’t fall out on its own I pushed out until I felt as empty as possible, given the circumstances.

Then I turned to face him, lowered to a squatting position and placed my open mouth as far down on his cock as possible. I moved my tongue all around licking and sucking up as much of the juice as possible. I pulled my lips up tightly and then moved them down again. I repeated this four or five times until I felt satisfied that I had tasted each man’s cum.

As I pulled off his cock, I looked into the man’s eyes. They were wide open, in shock of what he had just seen. I smiled and turned towards Beth who had shut off the camera and was getting dressed.

“Nicely done, Patrick! I think your dares are complete for the weekend. I could use some cock now. Let’s get back to your place so you can fuck the shit out of me!”

We left the stall with the man still sitting on the toilet.

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