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It’s a beautiful June night. A black cloudless sky dotted with millions of twinkling starts dancing around the brightly shining half-moon. It’s a perfectly comfortable 62 degrees with an ever so slight breeze that keeps teasing Sheila’s nose with the scent of freshly cut grass. Crickets chirp as the silence stretches on between John and Sheila. She nervously swings her dangling legs from the tailgate of John’s truck as she sits and waits for him to explain why he dragged her out here. Not that she’s complaining, it’s a beautiful night for an outing. She just wishes John would explain.

Sheila sighs; honestly she wishes he’d say anything at this point, if only to break the silence. He was so dead set on dragging her out here that she didn’t even have time to change out of her pajama shorts and tank top. And now; nothing but silence from him. She toys with the bottom hem of her blue satin shorts as she sits and ponders what could possibly be going thru his mind. Sheila tries, and fails, to suppress a giggle as a tall piece of grass brushes the bottom of her tan, bare foot. She covers her mouth with her hands shooting John an apologetic look for breaking the silence. He smiles at her and jumps down off the tailgate. Staying ever silent he stands in front of Sheila, gently taker her foot in his hands and begins to trace his finger over her silky soft skin.

Sweet little toes, ankles, firm calves. John licks his lips as sensual thoughts run rampant thru his brain. Oh the things he can imagine those legs doing to him. He pulls her closer to him. The movement pushing her shorts up her creamy thighs until they’re tucked under the perfectly rounded globes of her butt, almost almanbahis adres exposing her completely to him. Sheila opens her mouth to speak but John silences her with a look. His eyes say it all, burning bright with the flames of his passion.

The passion in John’s eyes burns so brightly that Sheila instantly feels her nipples perk and she becomes hungry for him. Hungrier than she ever remembers being for John, or any man. It’s almost as if the passion and flames of desire dancing in John’s eyes reached deep into her soul, clear to the center of her being, igniting a fire even she was unaware she possessed. Her purest primal urges coming to life. It scares her. This growing need she’s feeling for this man to claim her, completely. John reaches up and trails the back side of his fingers down her face in such a tender way that Sheila swears he could sense the fear rising within her.

One simple gesture, one soft touch from him and her fear fades away. Replaced by an even deeper, seemingly ever growing need. John leans in close to Sheila and touches his forehead to hers. His hands trace their way up her arms, resting on her shoulders as he tips his head and gently kisses his way from Sheila’s forehead to the tip of her nose before seizing lips in a red hot fiery kiss. Sheila closes her eyes and wraps her long sensual legs around John’s waist, instinctively locking her ankles at the small of his back. His kiss lightens to small feathering kisses as he weaves his fingers thru the silky auburn hair at the back of her neck, holding her in place. Sheila runs her hands down her back, gripping his jeans as she pulls him closer, begging for more.

She almost almanbahis yeni giriş whines out loud at his resistance. Sheila keeps her eyes closed as John kisses and nips his way over her jawline to her neck. She tips her head backwards and to one side giving him greater access. The moan she can no longer suppress escapes her slightly parted soft pink lips. John runs his warm hands behind her shoulders and down her back, causing her to shiver with delight. He hooks his fingers in the waistline of her shorts. As he pulls them down over her hips Sheila flexes her leg muscles, slightly raising herself off the tailgate allowing the baby blue satin shorts to glide smoothly off her hips. He steps backwards and allows them to fall to the ground. She opens her eyes and reaches for his jeans. The light skim of her fingertips over his waist sends his ab muscles into ripples of pleasure as she unbuttons and drops them to the ground. The soft caress of her hair on his shoulder and her warm broken breath on his chest makes John’s cock twitch as Sheila slowly removes his boxers. Exposing his fully engorged, throbbing, rock hard length to her.

Sheila scoots forward again, barely hanging on to her seat on the tailgate, wraps her long soft fingers around his cock and nips at this throat. John utters a low growl. He grabs her legs by the back of her upper thighs and lifts her. In one smooth motion he spins around, sits on the tailgate, wraps her leg around him and buries himself completely inside the warm, tight, wet cove between Sheila’s legs. In that instant John knows he has lost his soul to her forever. Just as his throbbing cock is buried deep inside this beautiful almanbahis creature sitting atop him, his heart and soul melt and he becomes lost to her. Sheila screams briefly at the way his cock fills and stretches her.

She can feel every inch of him inside her as a fiery warmth fills her from head to toe. It only takes one nudge of John’s hips against hers to send her soaring over the edge. Sheila’s passion takes hold of her as she rocks her hips against John’s. Relentlessly grinding her clit against his pelvis, her pussy rippling around his cock. His hands shake in ecstasy making it difficult to remove her shirt and bra. She anchors herself with her knees as she leans backwards guiding his hands to the supple skin of her bare breasts. John rolls her nipples between his thumbs and fingers a few times causing her to grow even wetter around him as she moans into the dark star filled sky.

He can feel the pressure building inside him. He can feel her pussy muscles start to quake. He knows what’s coming. Determined to show her how much he loves her, John reaches up, gently grasps her cheeks and whispers “look at me.” Sheila opens her eyes and looks down into his. John thrusts hard once, twice. She starts to close her eyes and John says “No, look at me.” Just as Sheila reopens her eyes John gives a final long hard thrust that sends them both sailing into the seas of pure pleasure and abandon. Sheila continues to stare into his deep brown eyes as their body’s quake and ripple together. Their heartbeats slowly trying to return to normal.

Without losing eye contact John reaches for a small plain brown box in the bed of the truck. He opens it and hands it to Sheila. “Will you marry me?” He asks. She shakes her head and cries “Yes!” as John slips the ring on her finger. Her entire body clenches around him, encouraging his cock to harden once again. John stands, lays her gently on the grass and makes sweet passionate love to her again.

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