Trish Steps Out

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Patricia’s pulse quickened as she walked into the crowded nightclub. She rounded the corner leading away from the front door and the loud thumping bass assaulted her ears. She’d never been much of a dancer and hip hop was not her type of music but Tony had chosen where to meet.

Her pretty dark eyes scanned the crowded dance floor and she breathed a deep sigh of relief when she didn’t recognize anyone. She hadn’t expected to. The club was 35 miles from her suburban DC home and most of her friends and coworkers were over 40 and not in the target demographic of a downtown hip hop club.

“Can I help you Ma’am,” the enormous bouncer asked in a deep commanding tone. He towered over the short curvaceous blonde making her feel diminutive. His black tee shirt clung to his broad shoulders and over developed pecs like a second skin and Trish looked up at him with a pleading gaze. Her bottom lip curled into her mouth and she chewed nervously, like a guilty school girl while her long eyelashes batted playfully up at him. She was and always had been a tremendous flirt and she felt the bouncers initial icy glare soften as he eyes her thick, curvaceous body.

“I’m supposed to meet Tony upstairs in the VIP room,” Trish replied in a small timid voice. Her eyes left his penetrating stare and traveled slowly down his powerful physique. She felt a pang of desire as she looked at the prominent bulge in his tight black pants and she inhaled sharply, drawing the fresh scent of his cologne into her lungs. She had never been with a black man before and for most of her life she hadn’t even thought about it. She’d gotten married at 25 and had been faithful to her husband Tim ever since but Tim had recently confessed that he often fantasized about her being with other men.

Tim had shown her a plethora of cuckold porn over the weeks that had followed and to her surprise the dichotomy of the cuckold lifestyle intrigued her. She was especially excited by the interracial aspect and Tim had said that was something that really excited him too.

The bouncer checked his clip board and smiled. He knew Tony well. They had played ball together in college and they had stayed in touch since, though they ran with decidedly different crowds. He smiled knowingly and asked for her name.

“Patricia McFadden,” she replied with a playful grin. Her cheeks flushed and she breathed deep and steady to calm her nerves. She couldn’t believe what she was doing and she thought about leaving but her legs felt too heavy and weak to move.

“You’re on the list, he is in the VIP room to the left at the top of the stairs,” the hulking black man said as he motioned her towards the wide stairway behind him. His dark eyes held her gaze and he grinned knowingly. She was not his usual type but she was pretty for an older woman. Her sheer white blouse had a low neck line, accentuating her generous cleavage and she wore a tight black skirt that clung to her thick juicy ass. He liked curvy girls he just preferred them under 30. She was probably 20 years too old for him but Tony liked his women a bit older.

Tony had gotten in trouble in college when he and another teammate had a fling with a female professor and that had cut short his once promising football career. The bouncer glanced at Trish’s left hand and nodded when he saw the large diamond and platinum wedding band. Tony had a thing for forbidden fruit and married white women seemed to be at the top of his list.

“Thanks,” Trish said as she willed her heavy legs towards the stairs. Her stomach churned and she felt a rush of adrenaline. She glanced back at the bouncer and their eyes met. She smiled flirtingly and then turned her head back towards the stairs. She could feel him eying her ass and she put a deliberate wiggle in her walk as she ascended the wide staircase.

Trish had never been particularly attracted to big muscle bound men but the more cuckold porn she and Tim watched together the more she started to like the look of a big strong black man. There was something raw and primal about them and they released powerful urges from the deep recesses of her lily white mind.

Trish had grown up south of Boston in a wealthy and segregated town. Her parents had both been strict Irish Catholics and she had spent her formative years at a private catholic school near the south shore. Her parents had been subversive racists and her father would be rolling over in his grave if he knew why she was at the club.

Trish walked into the big dark room and looked around. She and Tony had exchanged several pictures and she had already climaxed numerous times imagining him inside of her. He had an attractive face with a strong jaw and warm eyes and a big muscular body with a huge uncircumcised dick. She had never considered herself a size queen. Tim had a nice cock and she had no trouble climaxing when they fucked but she had to admit that recently the idea of being with a really well hung Betturkey man made her weak in the knees.

It was all Tim’s fault. He had awakened her once latent carnal urges. She had been content at first to role play with her husband and their growing box of toys but as time passed it had become clear to both of them that they would eventually take the next step.

“There you are Baby Girl,” Tony said as he welcomed Trish with a warm hug. His strong arms engulfed her and she breathed deep, drawing his musky natural scent inside her. She felt a surge of wetness flood her needy sex and she pressed her body shamelessly against him as her hands kneaded his strong, firm buttocks. They had exchanged pictures and dirty text messages for several days leading up to their meeting and it seemed like foreplay leading up to the moment when they finally had sex.

Trish had already told Tony what she wanted to do to and for him. She had confessed all of her wicked desires including a few she’d been afraid to tell her husband. Her small hand moved from his sexy ass to his still flaccid dick and she cupped it gently as their lips met in a warm, wet kiss.

Trish hadn’t kissed another man like that in two decades and she purred softly. Their tongues entwined and her right hand moved over his growing dick as her left clutched at his powerful, muscular back. Her husband was trim and somewhat athletic. He ran regularly and occasionally lifted weights but his physique paled in comparison to Tony.

Tony stepped back and unzipped his pants. He leaned against the wall and looked at her expectantly. A devilish grin danced on his full lips and Trish shuddered. She knew what he expected and her mind was reeling.

“Here?” Trish asked. Her voice shook with tremolo and her heart raced. She couldn’t deny that the idea excited her but she didn’t want to go to jail for fucking a man in public. How would she explain that in her tight social circles.

“Bitch, get the fuck on your knees and suck my black dick,” Tony barked firmly. His harsh words and tone sent a shiver down her spine. He was like that. He was dominant and crass but she liked it. Trish, even before Tim’s admission, had been intrigued by bondage and dominance. She and her husband had dabbled in the lifestyle but with Tim it felt forced. She identified strictly as submissive and while her husband could at time force dominance in bed he was for the most part a beta male who wanted to be dominated just like her.

“Yes Sir,” Trish groaned. She felt her tiny cotton panties grow damp and her knees buckled, dropping her to the ground before him. Her hands shook with ravenous desire as she reached out and freed Tony’s black cock from his dress slacks. It looked even bigger in person than it had in photographs and she pulled back his foreskin, revealing the bulbous tip to her hungry eyes.

The musky smell of sex wafted over her and her mouth began to water. He smelled like cum and pussy as if he’d already been inside of her and a low moan rose from her heaving chest. She had never particularly enjoyed giving head but everything about Tony made her want to do anything to please him. She wasn’t sure if it was his natural dominance or the size of his dick but whatever the reason she wanted to feel him in her hungry mouth in the worst way.

Her lips parted and her nostrils flared as she leaned closer and dragged her tongue up the underside of his shaft. The salty flavor of sweat mixed with what smelled like pussy tickled her tongue and Trish moaned quietly. Her mouth opened wide and she wrapped her lips around his tumescent dick. Her head bobbed, taking him deeper with each stroke until she choked and gagged on his big black dick.

Trish was beside herself with uncontrolled ravenous desire. She had fantasized about public sex but she’d never imagined actually doing it. Her eyes watered and tears dripped from her chin. Saliva spilled from the corners of her pretty mouth. It coated his shaft liberally and her hand glided over the throbbing slab of warm meat.

She slobbered noisily on his big delicious cock for several long minutes. She was aware of her surroundings and she could hear people standing beside them talking but her focus was on Tony and his magnificent cock. Her hands cupped and fondled his big balls and she stroked his shaft. Her eyes closed and the world around her disappeared. Every ounce of energy focused on her task and her eyes opened slowly.

She looked up into Tony’s warm, demanding eyes and a fresh surge of wetness soaked her throbbing pussy. Her skirt had ridden up her thick meaty thighs and cool air blowing over her damp panties was a reminder of how excited she was.

Tony’s fingers laced into her thick brown hair and he pulled her down on his prodigious cock. It filled her throat and she choked and gagged as he held her there for several long moments. Tears streamed down her cheeks making her makeup run Betturkey Giriş and her eyes widened with fear and desire.

Trish gasped for air and strands of viscous mucus spanned between her quivering lips and the head of his long brown cock. Her eyes fluttered and then rolled back in her head as she eased his sloppy wet cock back into her hungry mouth. His slippery dick felt great in her hand and mouth and she stroked it fast and firm while she sucked hard on the flared tip. Her tongue teased the pee hole and Tony breathed deep and steady.

He tightened his grip on her long locks and Trish squeaked like a mouse. She sucked harder on the head of his dick and it slipped from her lips with a loud pop when he yanked her to her feet by her hair. Her make up was disheveled and her hair was a mess. Her cheeks were flushed crimson and her knees were weak.

Tony lifted Trish’s skirt up to her waist and the heady scent of her arousal wafted up from between her pale dimpled thighs. She hadn’t always been a curvy woman. In her twenties she had been thin and athletic with a small round ass and firm c cup breasts but she’d gained a lot of weight, mostly in her ass, hips and boobs, when she was pregnant with her son and she’d struggled to lose it afterwords.

He turned her around and bent her at the waist over an overstuffed leather couch. His big meaty hand slapped hard on the pale white globe of her ass and the pretty brunette yelped loudly as the stinging sound rang in the air. She inhaled sharply drawing the heady aroma of sex into her lungs as Tony slipped her tiny black thong to one side.

He didn’t ask for permission. He didn’t have to. He pressed the smooth tip of his cock against her frothy cunt and then buried nine inches of hard black cock into her ravenous hole. He grabbed hold of her full hips and began to thrust.

The room began to spin and Tina panted like a bitch in heat. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open. The squishy wet sound of his throbbing manhood thrusting into her creamy depths filled her ears and his hips slammed hard against her fat round ass. Tony was significantly longer and thicker than Tim and she felt the difference. Her lips stretched around his girthy shaft and she winced in pleasurable pain as he pummeled her cervix with each powerful stroke.

Trish grunted and moaned. She felt the eyes of a dozen men upon her and she dared not look. Being watched was thrilling but she was not ready to fuck a room of strangers despite her voracious libido. In recent years as she’d approached middle age her sexual needs had increased substantially. In her twenties and even her thirties she had rarely masturbated but since she’d turned forty she’d done so daily to augment the regular sex with her husband.

The couch shifted under Trish and her pretty brown eyes met the hungry gaze of the bouncer. She hadn’t expected to see him there and she flashed him a wicked gaze. Her tongue circled her full red lips and she nodded as he teased his zipper.

“Fuck it,” Trish whispered under her breath. She nodded slowly and then lowered her eyes to the bulge in his black pants. She watched with eager eyes as he unzipped his pants and freed his big dick. Unlike Tony the bouncer was circumcised and he was somewhat smaller but he did have a nice pretty cock.

Trish took the bouncer’s cock into her mouth and slurped hungrily on it. She couldn’t believe that two men were inside of her. She and Tim had talked about spit roasting and double penetration and she had fantasized about both but she’d assumed that if either were to ever happen it would have been with her husband and another man.

Her head bobbed on the bouncers tasty dick and she sucked hard as Tony fucked her from behind at a ferocious pace. She felt a familiar knot in her belly and it tightened with each thrust of Tony’s dick. A string of unintelligible profanity pour from her cock filled mouth and her body began to quiver and quake. Her juices dripped from her ravenous sex, soaking Tony’s pelvis and dropping on the floor below.

Trish abandoned the bouncer’s cock as intense waves of pleasure washed over her. Beads of sweat rolled down her brow and her chest heaved. Her eyes closed and she savored the intensity of her climax for several moments after the final wave of pleasure ended.

She lowered her head back onto the bouncer’s delicious cock and she sucked and stroked it whilst Tony pounded her hard and fast.

Tony’s breathing labored and his thrusts became wild and erratic. His balls slapped against her worn out pussy and he grunted loudly as he spilled his potent seed into her fertile womb.

Trish groaned as his enormous dick slipped from her cunt and a torrent of cum poured from the gaping hole. She heard it splatter onto the floor and then she felt him step aside to allow another man to move into place. Her head was spinning. She thought about protesting but she Betturkey Güncel Giriş said nothing as one of Tony’s friends sank his pulsating manhood into her cum drenched pussy.

He wasn’t as big as Tony but he had a nice thick piece and the man knew how to get the job done. He pounded her relentlessly from behind making her body rock and she struggled to keep the bouncer’s dick in her eager mouth.

His hips rammed against her big fat ass and she started to tremble. He hit the spot over and over and her stomach tightened. A deep guttural cry rose from her chest. The bouncer’s dick muffled her screams and she thrashed about like a fish out of water as her clear viscous juices squirted from her well fucked hole.

The stranger pulled out and unleashed a torrent of hot cum onto her ass as he grunted like a wild boar. Trish felt cool air inside her gaping pussy and she sucked leisurely on the bouncer’s beautiful cock for several moments while she recovered from the ferocity of her climax.

“If you want to fuck me go now,” Trish said to the big strapping bouncer. Her hair was soaked with sweat and her blouse clung to her sweaty torso as she smiled weakly up at him. He was, surprisingly more gentle than Tony and his friend and she welcomed the change. Despite copious natural lube and Tony’s enormous load of cum her pussy was sore and tender.

“Climb on Baby,” he said in a deep baritone. The brights of his eyes glimmered and he smiled warmly as he helped Trish onto his lap.

Trish straddled his legs, facing him, and reached down to guide him inside her still drenched pussy. She looked into his eyes and held his gaze as she impaled herself on his big beautiful cock. The other two men had both felt bigger but his cock felt right.

Her hands cupped his bald head and she smiled as her hips undulated slowly. Her curvaceous body twisted and writhed sensuously and she leaned forward and kissed him sweetly. His tongue slipped past her lips and entwined with his as he started to thrust his hips.

Trish felt her climax building and she kneaded her big tits while she and the bouncer moved together as one. It was a slow build and she mashed her lips against his as their pace quickened.

“I’m close Baby,” Trish purred between kisses. Her hands moved from her chest to his and she marveled at his huge pecs and massive shoulders.

“Me too,” he said with a wry grin. His thrusts became erratic and his breathing labored.

“Cum inside me,” Trish said warmly. She felt a connection with him and she wanted to feel him erupt inside her. “Please?”

“I’m there,” he grunted. His dick throbbed and pumped a tremendous load into her depths. He kissed her hard and held her tight until his balls were empty.

Trish felt his cum splash inside her. His cock grew bigger and harder while he came and her body quivered and quaked. She yelped excitedly into his hot mouth and sucked on his probing tongue until her climax ebbed. She slumped forward with his spent dick inside her and she kissed him sweetly.

“That was amazing,” Trish cooed. She felt exhausted but alive. All three men had made her cum and each one had been different. Tony was rough and dominant and her climax with him had been violent but it had not sated her ravenous urges. The stranger had been fast and furious like a rabbit with a big dick and her orgasm with him had been intense but it had oddly left her wanting. The bouncer had been firm yet gentle. His fingers kneading her back and hips and his passionate kisses were juxtaposed with his deep thrusts and powerful body. Her climax with him had built to an epic crescendo and her body had quivered for a long time as they came together. Only he had extinguished the fire in her loins and she suspected that of the three the only one she wanted again was the bouncer.

“I’m Michael,” the bouncer said playfully as he held her tight. Trish laid her head against his huge chest and listened to his heart beat. She sighed and relaxed. His flaccid dick slipped from her warm embrace and she looked up at him with warmth and desire.

“I’m Trish, nice to meet you,” she giggled. She kissed his chest and then his lips. She felt safe and wanted in his arms and they sat together for a long time enjoying the closeness they both felt.

Michael was surprised that he felt an emotional connection with Trish. He rarely connected with girls his own age and Trish wasn’t his usual type but he knew that he wanted to see her again.

“Do you want to come home with me?” Trish asked nervously. She had butterflies in her belly and she looked up at him pleadingly. She and Tim had talked about finding a regular bull and they’d both agreed that they preferred that to a multitude of random hookups. She had hoped, because of the sexual chemistry between them, that Tony would be that guy but Tony had been just sex. Michael was special.

“What about your husband?” Michael asked.

“He likes to watch,” she giggled. “Please?”

“Okay,” Michael replied. He helped Trish off his lap and watched her try to straighten her disheveled clothes. He was confused. He knew women cheat just like men but he couldn’t imagine a man wanting to see his woman with another man.

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