Trip Away Pt. 01: Her Perspective

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We’re on holiday and the girls are going out and leaving the boys to their own devices. My girlfriend’s and i get ready in our hotel room. We take a while to get ready but have a laugh and a few drinks. Finally we’re ready to go out on the town. I was wearing a little black mini dress that clung to my body in all the right places. My long blonde hair brushing my ample cleavage. My strappy shoes extenuating my legs. I looked hot and I don’t know if my boyfriend would be too happy. My friends Sara and Elle both looked damn sexy as well. We were going to enjoy our night regardless.

We get to this great club near the beach. The atmosphere is pumping and we’re all excited to be here. We’ve barely reached the bar and we’ve already been approached by a couple of guys. We chat briefly but order drinks and find a spot to stand.

The night just got better. We danced and drank some more until Elle found a hot bloke to hook up with. They disappeared, they’ve probably found a good place to fuck. Sara and I are being chatted up left right and centre. The attention’s great but I’ve got a boyfriend and am starting to get 2 tipsy. Sara seeing I was a little uncomfortable put her arm around me and announced that I was her girlfriend so we weren’t interested. What a superstar!

Sara and I have been friends for a few years. She’s blonde, fit and has amazing tits – drop dead gorgeous. The guys didn’t believe us so the next thing adıyaman escort I know is Saras soft lips on mine. It took me by surprise and was over quickly. The guys were more appreciative than anything else and me being me decided to give them another show, just for the fun of it. As our lips touched again Sara parted hers and I felt her warm breath. I completely forgot my surroundings, parted my lips to allow her tongue to slide into my mouth. My body gave a little shiver of pleasure and our tongues found each other. The feeling of her soft touch aroused me and I could feel the warmth between my legs. When we stopped the guys were still looking at us so we decided to head out of the club.

This was a new feeling for me. I’ve always been with guys and the feeling of my man’s cock inside me was amazing. But this, I just wanted to keep going and find out more. I could tell Sara was just as keen as I was to keep going. She let her fingers trace my arm and then slid her fingers between mine. We didn’t say a word but we both knew we were heading back to the hotel. The electricity between us was building and luckily our hotel was close.

We made our way to my room and went inside. The door had barely closed when we started to kiss again. This time the kisses were urgent and full of want. Soft moans escaped my mouth. Our hands explored our bodies. She reached behind my adıyaman escort bayan neck and pushed me gently to the wall. Her lips left mine and found their way to my neck sending my pleasure levels soaring. She cupped my breasts in her hands softly at first and then firmly grabbed a handful and massaged. All the while her lips and tongue were slowly making their way down to them. She slid her hand underneath my bra, found my nipple and gently started pinching it. Pulling my dress and bra aside she moved her mouth over my nipple. Running her tongue over it and then taking it whole in her mouth and sucking on it so beautifully. The feeling increases my wetness and I can’t take it anymore. I want to give her pleasure.

So I push her backwards so she’s sitting on the bed kissing her all the while and lift her top over her head. Her breasts are just asking to be explored. I unclip her bra and her breasts fall out looking as beautiful as ever. I run my hand down her collar bone and my fingers stroke past her nipple. I then grab her tit in my hand and place my mouth over them. I look up at her as she bites her bottom lip with her eyes closed enjoying the moment. I guide my hands down to her skirt, which always showed a little of her fine ass until she pulled it down. Grabbing either side at the top I pulled it down past her toned legs, past her ankles and over her shoes escort adıyaman and right off. Still on her back she scooted up the bed and got up on her knees leaning forward to undress me.

As she slowly took my clothes off I watched her amazing body and lay her back down on her back when she had finished. I climbed on top of her and straddled her, sure she could feel my wetness on her. I wanted her tit in my mouth again so I licked and sucked away. My hand moved down her body. I wanted to know if she was as wet as me. My fingers journeyed past her waist and hips and moved towards her inner thigh. I stroked and felt around her soft, smooth pussy and when I found her wet spot I teased the entrance with my fingers until she couldn’t take it anymore and then pushed my 2 fingers deep inside her. She was very wet and very excited. I know my way around my own pussy so I knew exactly what to do with her. I got myself inside her legs and moved myself down.

I wanted to taste her pussy juice so I moved my mouth eagerly towards her pussy. Licking her clit the taste filled me with excitement so I moved my tongue inside her. She gasped and I looked up. Aside from thoroughly enjoying me licking her pussy we’d been so into it we hadn’t heard my boyfriend come in. We gauged his reaction which didn’t look pissed off but by the look of the bulge in his pants he was turned on. I took the opportunity to sit on the edge of the bed and beckon him towards me. I grabbed his belt as he moved closer and pulled him towards me. He looked down at me as I unbuckled his belt, undid his buttons and pulled everything down allowing his hard cock to fall out right infront of my face. I grabbed it and started to stoke…

I think it’s time you to take you to Evan’s perspective.

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