Trickle Up Theory Pt. 02

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Rachael’s Story

When Frank left, I heard him push the buzzer and then knock on the door. Yeah, I had hooked him good, but I was done with him so I didn’t see any purpose in letting him back in. Donald would be here in a little bit anyway, so I needed to get cleaned up.

I stripped out of the caftan at the door and dropped it into a hamper on the way to the bathroom. I turned the knobs to fill the tub, adjusted the water temperature and hopped over to the toilet. Of course there were cameras on that too, but I was accustomed and had no problem pissing- even on video.

With the candles lit and my bladder empty, I sprinkled bath salts on the warm water and settled my body deep into the tub.

Let him watch. It’s his thing.


About 30 minutes later, the buzzer rang twice from the front door. Right on time. I pressed the button on my remote to disarm the security and open the door.

I toweled off and, with my body, it takes some time. I could hear Donald mucking around in the kitchen- putting away groceries and such; so I wrapped my hair in a towel, pulled on a thick white terry robe and went out to join him.

“Sir,” I addressed him and averted my eyes.

“Ah, Rachael, my dear,” said Donald. “Please come here and try this pate’.”

Donald spread goose liver thickly on a cracker and held it for me. It is not my favorite, but I attempted to look delighted. I took the cracker, nibbled a little and then swallowed the rest.

“You’re looking a bit thin lately,” he said as he dug into the tub of pate’ with a butter knife. “Open your mouth.”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, and Donald dumped two loads of the high fat, expensive treat into my mouth.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” he asked.

I nodded.

Donald always stocked the sikiş izle refrigerator with fine foods. All high fat and calorie dense- nary a vegetable to be seen that wasn’t just garnish. Sometimes I craved something vegetable. Maybe a radish?

Donald stepped around and behind me, grabbed the collar of the robe and pulled it off my body. He let it drop to the floor.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned around slowly, keeping my eyes down, because I know he wanted to look my body. He hefted each one of my tits and examined the tattooed flesh underneath. He ran his hand down my front, past my belly button which was now buried in fat fold, lightly pushed aside my pussy hair and massaged the skin just above and aside my clit.

I gasped involuntarily as sexual energy charged through my body.

“Turn around,” he again ordered.

I complied.

“Bend over,” he said.

I bent at the waist. He examined the tattoo work that graced my wide ass from side to side and then traced the pattern’s lines with his fingers to where they terminated at my anus.

There was always a preliminary inspection when Donald visited. I actually enjoyed being examined and I know Donald loved it. This was all part of our deal. I lived well, and Donald paid for everything. I could satisfy my sexual fantasies with anyone; and Donald got to watch and record everything he wanted.

But, we never fucked. His cock was off limits.


“So, how was he?” Donald asked.

“He was very good, sir.” I responded.

“Tell me.” he instructed.

“His cock is quite thick and warm, but it didn’t fit in my mouth very well. So, I guided him to spend more time licking my pussy- which I enjoyed very much. He is very talented with his tongue.” I said and paused, savoring the sensation.

“Continue,” brazzers Donald ordered.

“I am sure he’d never seen anyone quite like me, so he took his time exploring my body, even the deeper folds. As he climbed around and over me, his cock would sway and thump into me. Every time it did, I’d get a little jolt. After a while, I pushed him off and rolled him on his back. I straddled him and watched his face as I slid down onto him.”

“And?” Donald asked.

“Well, his face flushed and his expression was a combination of rapture and fear. He wanted so badly to release, but couldn’t lift my weight with his hips. Couldn’t even rock his hips. I was in complete control. I really enjoyed taking him to the edge and then backing off. His cock slid so easily in and out of my cunt.” I said, again pausing to savor. “I made it last, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did well.” said Donald.

“Thank you, sir.” I said.

Donald’s face was now flushed, almost like Frank’s. I closed my eyes and settled back onto the pillows to relive the evening. After a few minutes of silence, Donald rose and went to the bathroom. I could hear the water running in the sink.


Donald dropped an envelope on the table. It seemed thicker than usual.

I glanced at it, averted my eyes again, and said, “Thank you, sir. Your are so generous!” This wasn’t snarky. Donald was genuinely generous. This was my weekly stipend, and I knew it would be more than most people earn in a month. It was always cash, too. Pure, untraceable, un-taxable cash. I knew Donald had a wife. We would never meet and, if Donald was clever, she would never know about us.

Call me Donald’s whore if you like, but remember we never fucked. The way I figured this, I was providing fake taxi porno stimulation for Donald that he wasn’t getting at home. For that, he paid well.

And, for that, I would obey him.

“Rachael, ” Donald said, “I want you to never see Frank again. You will never feel his cock again.” He smiled, as a shadow of disappointment crossed my face.

“Yes, sir,” I said as I adopted my neutral, supplicant expression.

“The next time, I want you to peddle yourself at the Pecker’s Bar and Grill, across town. It has a working class clientele, so you should be able to find some raw-boned cuck to take home from Pecker’s. You know what I like.”

His misuse of the word “cuck” seemed odd. Sure, this was all an elaborate role-play for his fantasy. But, what was going through his fucked up little mind?

As long as it’s not dangerous and he keeps supporting me, I just don’t give a damn.

“Rachael, I am leaving now,” he said. “I don’t want you wasting any of that cheese and prosciutto in the fridge, so finish it before I return. Oh, and I want to do this again soon. Make it happen,” Donald said with authority.

With that, he turned to leave. The front door slammed with a clunk and a click.

I closed my eyes again and felt my tension drain away, as I imagined a new life, far away. Then, I hefted the envelope and counted the bills.


The tires of Donald’s car crunched on the gravel of the turn around in front of his house. The sun had set some hours ago and there were only a few lights on in the second story. He locked the car and casually pulled the pill case from his pocket and gave it a little toss before returning it. Lots of good stuff in there, he thought. He stepped up to the front door, used his key and entered the darkened foyer.

From the gloom a woman’s voice said, “Donald.”

Donald started and said “Veronica, is that you?”

“Of course it is,” the woman responded. She moved forward into the light and said, “Husband, I need you in the bedroom. Now.”


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