Tricked Pt. 01

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“Jesus … This is almost too easy,” I think to myself as Crystal opens the door and walks in. She’s attractive, like most of the girls. She looks to be early 20s, maybe a bit older—slender, modest boobs but a nice tight ass. She has short, bobbed brown hair that gives her fine-featured face an almost elven look. Cuter than most.

“Hi, I’m John,” I say, quickly checking to see that the camera on my desk is recording as I stretch out my hand.

“Crystal,” she says. Her voice sounds more confident than most of the girls. But that doesn’t mean much. All of the girls that come to “audition” for me fancy themselves budding actresses; some—not many—actually have a little talent (in the acting department, I mean—they all have the talents I’m interested in). I figure Crystal is one of those with a bit of acting ability. I’m betting she isn’t at all sure of herself. None of them are. These girls are naïve and always a little scared.

“Crystal … That’s a pretty name. Have a seat,” I say, gesturing toward the couch across from my desk. I’m sure ‘Crystal’ isn’t her real name but I’m not going to challenge her now. Part of my job, early on, is to put the girls at ease. I have to establish a rapport with them. They’re invariably uncomfortable and nervous. They walk through the door not really knowing what to expect. I mean, they know what they’re here for but they don’t know what it will feel like. If I come off just as a decent guy—the kind of guy they can talk with—they’re immediately relieved. Suddenly they don’t have to think this is a weird, dirty thing.

“So how’re you doing, Crystal? Did you have any trouble finding the office?”

“I’m fine. And none at all.” She looks around the office. “But I must say, it’s not exactly what I’d expected.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, in the first place, it’s in a really nice office building.”

“Nothing but the best,” I chime in as she goes on.

“And your office is all decorated …”

“Oh, I see,” I say. “You’ve looked at some of the audition videos on line—the ones where there’s a bare office.” Crystal nods slightly. “Well, I’m a legit agent. I don’t work like that.”

I can see her relax a bit and I know this is working. I’m good at this. The girls quickly come to trust me.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I ask.

“No, it’s too early.”

“I meant a soft drink or water or something.” You’d be surprised, though, how many times the girl goes for a glass of wine. And then gulps it nervously.

“Sure, some water would be nice.”

I get her a glass of ice water from the credenza under the window. When I hand it to her, I’m careful to allow our hands to brush together. Making a casual and non-threatening contact like that helps to put the girls at ease.

“How old are you, Crystal?”

“Twenty-three,” she answers quickly.

“I need to see your I.D.” And then, for the first time, she hesitates.

“Well, Crystal, I can’t do this without positively verifying your age.”

She’s shifts nervously on the couch. “No, of course not. How silly of me.” But, still, she’s reluctant.

“Crystal’s not your real name, right?” I say in as casual and non-accusatory tone as I can. She doesn’t respond right away, not even with a nod. “That’s okay. You’d be surprised how many girls don’t give me their real names at first. You can use whatever name you want professionally. That’s fine. But I need to know your real name, and age.”

She seems to relax again and pulls her driver’s license out of her purse. She gets up and walks to the desk, her hand extended with the license. I scrutinize her as she does but try not to let her know that I’m appraising her.

She goes up in my ranking. Her breasts are not large, but they’re nicely shaped—at least they seem so with her clothes on. She’s wearing a tight knit top with a scoop neckline. She’s got a bra on but it’s obviously a thin one. She’s wearing a short, tight skirt and her legs are slender and smooth. And I notice again what a tight, high butt she has. This is going to be good, I decide.

Well, she wasn’t lying about her age. She is twenty-three. But her name is Sandra Betson. I put her driver’s license in the scanner, make an electronic copy of it, and hand it back to her.

“So, Sandra …”

“Sandy, please.”

“Okay: Sandy. Tell me a little about yourself. What do you do now and why do you want to get into adult films?”

“Well, I did a couple of years of college, but it wasn’t really my thing.” She takes a drink of water before going on. “Since I left school, I’ve been mostly waiting tables. That’s kind of boring and you can’t make really good money, at least not at the places where I’ve gotten jobs.”

“I need the money,” she continues, “and I’m not inhibited. I like my body and I don’t mind showing it off. I like sex and I’m … well, I’m adventurous.” She laughs, a little nervously.

“Well, that’s all good,” I tell her. “You can certainly make a lot of money in the adult film business—especially a gorgeous Antep Escort and fresh-faced girl like you.” I always say something like this to the girls. Flattery will get you everywhere in this game. But Crystal … Sandy, I mean … really is gorgeous I now think.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No. Why?”

“Well, let’s just say that not all boyfriends are understanding about these things.”

“Oh, I see … sure. But, I don’t. So there’s no problem there.”

“Good.” Now it’s time to move things along. “You say you’re not ashamed to show off your body. I guess now’s a good time to put that to the test.” I say it with a smile and in a light-hearted way designed to draw her along.

“Okay,” she says, now looking a little nervous again. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just stand up and take off your top.” Sandy does it without hesitation or any sign of embarrassment. Her bra is pink and lacey; it gives her a little lift, but no padding at all. Her abdomen is tight and flat. If she flexed, I think she’d show a six pack. It’s clear that this girl works out.

“Now take off your skirt.” She had to shimmy out of her skirt. Even with the zipper down, it was a tight fit over her nicely rounded hips.

“Just take a few quarter turns,” I instruct. Sandy’s panties match her bra. Her bra and panties adorn her body without hiding anything. She is perfectly proportioned. Her slender thighs leave a small gap at her crotch, which is clean-shaved.

When she turns to the side, I note again her flat abdomen, which makes her small breasts seem just the right size. When she turns her back to me, I get a good look at her perfect ass. I check to make sure she’s centered in the video recorder. I’m positive I’ll be going back to look at this video again.

“Great!” I tell her. “You’re a very beautiful girl.”

“Now, can you take your bra off for me?” This is where, for me, it gets really sexy. Having a beautiful girl undress for you is all sexy, of course. But there’s something about her reaching back to unhook her bra, then sliding it down off her breasts that is so intimate that I always feel a quiver go through my body at this point.

This is especially true as Sandy undoes her bra. I could tell that her tits were great but when the bra falls away, I’m stunned. These are breasts to die for—women from envy and men from lust. They are full and round, but perky with eraser-sized nipples that stand out. “Outstanding nipples,” I think to myself, amused.

“Very nice.” I get up from my chair, come around the desk and lean back on her side of the desk, next to, but not blocking, the video recorder. “Can I feel them?”

Sandy, answers by walking over to me. I reach out my hand, trying to conceal my eagerness to fondle her luscious mounds. They feel as good as they look. Her breasts are soft and warm—her nipples hard. I want desperately to really fondle them—hell, I want to take them in my mouth and suck on them. But that would appear unprofessional. And, above all, I must appear professional. So, I pull my hand back.

“They feel real.”

Sandy looks hurt. “Of course they’re real!” she says with an air of indignation. “One hundred percent me.”

“Okay. Stand back by the couch and slip off your panties.” This part is great, too, of course. But for some reason I always find the removal of the bra to be sexier. Don’t know why.

Now she’s wearing only her high heels and her earrings. It’s a great look on her.

“Do the quarter turn thing again.” Really, it’s the half turn that’s most important here. When her back is toward me, I tell her to stop and to bend over and touch her toes.

God! Just like her tits, her ass is to die for. All I can think of is my hands on her hips as my cock is thrusting in and out of her tight little pussy. And these thoughts aren’t only in my head. I feel my cock straining upwards in my pants.

When Sandy rises and turns back toward me, I ask if she’s comfortable.

“Sure,” she says as casually as she can muster.

“Let me see you walk back and forth.” I pick up the camera to capture her as she does. Her walk is good. Her hips sway gently and suggestively, but not in an exaggerated way that would look cheap.

After a bit of filming this. I ask her to sit down again. I put the camera I had been using back on the desk, aiming it where the action would be, and pull out the second camera for the POV shots.

“So, Sandy. You said you were adventurous,” I begin. She nods. “That’s good because you have to be in this business. You have to be able to do intimate things to strangers and make the audience think it’s as natural as can be. They have to think that you’re excited about what you’re doing.” I pause. “Do you think you can do that?”

“I guess … I’m not sure, but I’ve thought a lot about this and I think so,” she says more candidly than I’d expected.

“There’s no better time to find out than now.” I smile. “Come over and get down on your knees. Take out my cock and suck Antep Escort Bayan it.”

As she gets up, I add, “And remember, you’re an actress.” I don’t want her to follow my instructions like a zombie. This is where she’s got to show me her talent.

That gets a smile from her—a confident and seductive smile.

I don’t think there’s anything sexier than the moment when a pretty girl drops to her knees to give you a blow job. There is something so submissive about it. And yet, when she takes your cock in her mouth, she has such sweet power over you.

It takes Sandy a minute to get my cock out of my pants. It doesn’t help that I’m already pretty hard when she begins. Finally, she unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my pants, and pulls them slightly down, causing my cock to spring up and hit her lips.

She lifts my cock up very gently and runs her tongue on the underside from the base of my shaft up to the tip. As her tongue passes that very sensitive spot, just below the helmet, I quiver with pleasure. Sandy looks up, directly into the camera I’m aiming at her, and smiles with pleasure.

This girl’s a natural. If I were really an adult film talent agent, I’m sure I could get a lot of jobs for her. As it is, I’m planning to get a lot of jobs from her. Today’s action is guaranteed by her desire to break into the adult film industry. She’ll put on a good show for that. Future action will be guaranteed by the video I record now.

It turns out that practically every girl has someone she doesn’t want to have see a film like this. All I have to do is figure out who that person is—or who those people are—threaten to give them the video if I don’t get what I want. And, presto, I get what I want.

But the first time is special. For some girls (not many!) I only do the one time. If they don’t really interest me, I just let the whole thing drop. Usually they don’t get back to me anyway. If they do, and I’m really not interested in fucking them again, I tell them that I shopped the video around and didn’t have any takers. They’re embarrassed, maybe humiliated, and I never hear from them again.

Sometimes when they call back, I hadn’t planned to get back together with them but then I decide that I have enough interest to string them along for another encounter or two. I might tell them that the video was good but I think they could better, especially since they’ve had the experience of doing it once. When they come in for a second audition, they act their hearts out. I’ve never seen girls act more like desperate, cock-hungry sluts than when they think they’re “this close” to getting into the business.

With some chicks, though, I want more and it’s not possible to string them along with promises and reports of almost-closed deals for them. But in those cases, I always have blackmail. I find out whether it’s the parents, or brother, or sister, or employer, or whoever that the girl would be appalled to have see the audition tape. And then I’m blunt: “Suck my cock … or spread your legs and let me fuck you … or whatever … or else you know who sees these videos.”

Crude, but effective. I’ve always gotten what I wanted. Sometimes I lose interest pretty quickly. It turns out that these things usually aren’t as much fun when the girl is just succumbing to your threats. If she’s really gorgeous, it might be fun enough though.

And I was pretty sure that, with Sandy, I’d not only be stringing her along as long as I could, but coercing her after that ploy quit working.

After teasing me with her tongue, Sandy takes my cock in her mouth—her sweet, warm, wet mouth—and sucks my cock like she’s cock-crazed. Jesus! I want to explode in her mouth. But that’s not how the script goes.

With very strong regrets, I pull my quivering cock from her lips and pull her up. I lay her down on her back on the desk and reposition the camera to catch our action from the side while I catch it for the POV shot.

I press her legs apart and get down to get a close-up shot of her quim. I always get that shot but what I do next surprises me. Holding the camera to the side, I lean forward and lick her cunt. With my thumb and fingers, I pull her lips aside and flick my tongue over her hard clitoris. Her whole pussy is slick with her juices and the scent is intoxicating.

I don’t remember the last time I licked one of these girls’ cunts. But something about Sandy called me to do it.

When I have her juices really flowing, I stand back up and pull her to the edge of the desk, ready for me to plunge into her.

I love looking right into the eyes of a girl I met just a few minutes ago as she lies naked on her back, her legs spread for my cock. I like to look deeply into her eyes, to try to understand what she’s feeling as she prepares to let an almost complete stranger take her. And, of course, I catch this all on the POV camera so that I can savor and re-savor the best ones.

After a few moments of suspense, I line up my cock and thrust hard Escort Antep and fast all the way into Sandy’s slick cunt. She sucks in a breath hard and sort of winces—not from pain, I don’t think—just from the suddenness and completeness of my entry.

As I settle into a rhythm I watch, and record, the sometimes violent movement of her breasts, up and down over her rib cage as I pound her body hard. For a while, I capture a close-up my by shaft, now slick with Sandy’s juices, retreating and advancing into her tight, little pussy. Then I pan up past her undulating breasts to capture the expression on her face.

Sandy’s impressive for an amateur. She looks at me in a way that conveys the lust, not of a natural slut, but of a good girl, turned into a slut by the masterful fucking of an attractive man. I may not be a real talent agent but I knew that this was a recipe for a star. Any guy watching her films would think that she was just compelled by their virility to beg them to fuck her.

Again, I could spill my seed now—I want desperately to fill her cunt with my cream. But what about the “money shot”? I couldn’t miss that.

“Get on your knees,” I say, out of breath as I pull out of her. “Hurry.”

Sandy is down on her knees in front of me quickly. Just barely quickly enough for me to begin shooting jets of thick, white cream all over her sweet, innocent-looking face. I roar out loud and grunt as my cock erupts time after time.

Finally, I’m spent—drained not only of semen, but of all of my energy. I collapse onto the couch, leaving Sandy on her knees sporting a huge facial. This doesn’t usually happen to me when I “audition” girls. Usually, I keep my composure. But this time is different. I sort of zone out for a while on the couch. I’m floating … soaring … floating and soaring at the same time. Whatever. But I’m completely unaware of the passage of time.

Then I jerk awake, with that sense of falling you sometimes get when your falling asleep is interrupted. I shake my head to clear it and rub my eyes.

Sandy is standing naked by my desk. She’s wiping the cum from her face with tissues she took from the box on my desk.

“Oh … wow! I’m sorry. I guess I kind of nodded off,” I say, apologetically.

“Yeah. I guess I don’t have to ask you how it was for you.” She picks up her bra and panties and begins dressing. “I should go. Is that okay—do you have everything you need—or is there anything else we need to do now?”

I tell her it’s okay. I’ll be in touch with her soon. And I know that’s true. This is one girl I plan to have over and over again. I’ve got unfinished business with her. I need to cum in her mouth, in her cunt, and I need to fuck her up her cute little ass. Oh, yeah. I’d be calling her back.

Sandy finishes dressing. I’m still laid out on the couch as she tells me to call her if I can get her a gig and leaves.

After some recuperation time, I manage to get up, pull up my pants, and straighten my clothes. I’d dropped the POV camera by the couch when I collapsed there. It’s still running. I turn it to replay and begin watching the video I’d made.

It’s terrific! The technical elements aren’t anything impressive. I’m an amateur, and a distracted one at that. But she looks great. I love seeing the way she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. And the shots of me fucking her on the desk are golden. I was jerking the camera a little as I came on her face, but even so it was a very hot scene. Oh, yeah … I was going to be watching this video over and over.

I pour myself a Scotch and sit at my desk, very pleased with myself. I decided to take a look at the video on the other camera. While the POV camera gives me a replay of what I’d seen, the other camera gives me a whole new perspective on the action.

The only thing is that it doesn’t! The SD card is empty—at least that’s what the camera is reporting. I pull out the SD card and put it in the card-reader in my laptop. Same thing. The card isn’t even formatted for the camera.

What the hell?!?! I know that the record light was on. I guess I get it that the camera may have malfunctioned and not recorded anything. But I don’t understand how it could have unformatted the card.

Shit! This pisses me off—more than it should.

Oh, well, I was planning to use some ruse to get Sandy back for another video session. This just means that I won’t be lying when I tell her I have to make another recording. Still, I’m sorry to have somehow lost the video. I would have loved to see this afternoon’s activities from that camera’s perspective.

I call Sandy the next day. She’s surprised that I get back to her so quickly but I explain to her that I have to do another recording before I can shop her audition tapes around. She can’t come in for a few days but we get an appointment set up for early next week. I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, though, I have to get back to my other life. It’s not as if I make any money from this scam. My payment for this is in another currency entirely.

My other life is quite disjoint from this one. No one who knows me in that other life has any idea of what I do in this office when I can steal a few hours away from my schedule. If they did, it would be the end of everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32