Trick or Teat

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October 31, 2007

Charles Schofield sat at down at the table, finally getting a chance to catch his breath and enjoy his meal. His wife Claire had taken the kids out trick-or-treating, leaving him alone to watch over the house and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids while they were gone. And the kids had been coming nonstop all day. Almost as soon as the sun began to set, the kids were constantly ringing the doorbell. Only now did Charles have a chance to actually enjoy his sandwich.

Unfortunately for Charles, no sooner had he taken a bite then the doorbell rang again. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was already 9:00. It was pretty late and the trick-or-treaters should have begun heading home by now. Shaking his head, Charles got up and walked over towards the door. He opened it, and was greeted by quite a surprising sight.

Instead of some kid in a silly little ghost, devil or hobgoblin costume, there was a cute looking brunette teen waiting for him at the door, a grinning neon orange pumpkin bucket in her hands. Admittedly, she was in costume, though it consisted of little more than a low cut black satin dress, spiderweb fishnet stockings, black lipstick and nailpolish, high heels, and of course, a pointed witch’s cap. But that wasn’t what caught Charles’ attention.

Instead, his eyes were immediately drawn to the buxom teenager’s well-endowed chest. She was a rather petite girl, but she more than made up for it with her enormous breasts. They easily looked to be double Ds, though Charles had never been good at guessing cup sizes. The young girl’s breasts strained against the soft fabric of her little costume, showing off her more than ample cleavage, and threatening to burst free at any moment. Charles desperately tried not to stare at them.

More than a little surprised by this visitor, Charles struggled to stammer Betturkey out a coherent sentence, all while keeping his eyes above her chest. A feeble “ummm” was all that he managed to make out.

“Hello Mr. Schofield,” the girl said giggling. It seemed that she was all too aware of the affect that she was having on the poor man.

Charles, for his part, was still confused.

“You don’t remember me,” she said.

Charles just shook his head. His mind was drawing a complete blank, but then again, he was a little distracted at the moment so he couldn’t really think clearly.

“It’s me Nicole… you remember, from across the street…”

As soon as she said that, a look of sudden realization washed over Charles’ face.

“Nicole Lucciano? The same Nicole Lucciano who used to live across the street?”

The busty little brunette just giggled.

“Aren’t you a little old to still be trick-or-treating?”

“I’m only eighteen,” she said, “I think I can still get away with it for another year or so…”

“Well,” Charles replied, “You’ve certainly… ummm… grown up. So what brings you back here? I thought you’re family moved closer to the city.”

“We did,” Nicole said, “But I thought maybe I’d pay you a visit since it’s Halloween and I haven’t seen you in years. You know I’m going away to college after I graduate, so I won’t really be around here anymore.”

“Uh huh,” Charles said.

“Well, I know this is going to sound a little weird Mr. Schofield, but I was always a little… ummm… well, attracted to you.”

“Nicole,” Charles interrupted her, “I can’t… you’re only eighteen and it’s just not right.”

“How old were you when you first had sex,” Nicole asked him.

Charles was silent.

“Eighteen,” he finally admitted, “But back then…”

“I don’t see what the difference Betturkey Giriş is,” Nicole interjected, “And besides, it’s not like you’re my first time or anything. I’ve already lost my virginity. So just please let me in. I promise that I’ll make it worth your while”

“But Nicole,” he said, still trying to let the teen down gently, “It’s already 9:00. My wife will be home with the kids within half an hour.”

“Then I guess we’d better hurry,” Nicole said, “Come on. I’ll let you play with my tits…”

As she said that, the curvy brunette teen slowly lowered her top, giving Charles a quick peek at her enormous breasts before quickly pulling it back up. He was certainly enticed by what she had to offer. He had always been something of a breast man, but his wife’s tits, while still very nice, were nothing compared to this young slut’s massive mammaries.

Reluctantly, Charles eventually sighed and acquiesced, moving aside so that the busty young teen could come in. He just really hoped his wife wouldn’t come home any time soon…

“So,” Charles said, filled with both guilt and excitement over the whole unbelievable situation, “Where did you want to do this? Upstairs in the bedroom?”

“That sounds good,” Nicole replied, “Mind leading the way?”

Charles willingly obliged, looking behind him as he ascended the steps to see his eighteen-year old house guest’s huge breasts jiggle delightfully as she tried to walk up the stairs in her heels. He showed her into the bedroom, where he sat down on the bed and began to take off his clothing. As he slipped out of his pants, Nicole decided to treat him to a sultry striptease.

Nicole shook her hips, dancing as if to some unheard music as she slipped out of her skimpy little witch costume. It looked to be about two sizes too small for her, making it a tight fit, but Betturkey Güncel Giriş she eventually managed to pull it off. Her enormous mountains of tit flesh popped free, shaking as she swayed too and fro. Charles could feel himself getting hard as she presented her massive chest to him. He started to jerk off as he watched her, and soon Nicole made her way over towards him, high heels still on, and sat down on his lap.

With her gigantic breasts brushing against his face, Nicole helped the older man jerk off. She lovingly stroked his cock, bringing him almost to the point out of orgasm before she stopped.

“You’re not going to cum yet, are you Mr. Schofield?”

“Not until I get to fuck those lovely tits of yours,” he replied.

Nicole obliged him and knelt down in front of him, squeezing her delicious boobs together so that Charles could indulge his desires. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the older man’s cock thrusting in and out between her ridiculously big boobs, each thrust leaving a sticky trail of precum across her chest and neck. It wasn’t much longer before Charles finally managed to shoot his load across the young brunette’s face. Nicole purred seductively and licked her lips, swallowing a few salty dribbles of his man juices as she did so.

“Wow,” he said breathlessly, “That was… amazing…”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Shit,” Charles exclaimed, “Shit! Shit! SHIT!”

“What’s wrong,” Nicole asked.

“That’s probably my wife,” he said, “She went out trick-or-treating with the kids so she’ll be coming back soon and…”

“It’s all right Mr. Schofield,” Nicole said coyly, “She already knows all about this…”


“Who’s idea do you think this was in the first place,” Nicole smiled, “She said if you liked this, then you’ll really like the threesome she has planned for you on Thanksgiving…”

As Charles slowly realized what was going on, Nicole turned over and lay down on the bed, giving him a nice view of her behind.

“Now if you’re done worrying about your wife, why don’t you get back over here and fuck me up the ass…”

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