Traveling for Pleasure Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: The Hotel

I was in a haze as I walked through Logan Airport. I thought I would feel satisfied after getting myself off in the taxi on the way over, but I now felt insatiable. I was empowered now; ready for more. Everyone I saw became the subject of my next sexual adventure. I pictured myself sucking the cocks of tired looking, middle aged men. I wanted to undress a flight attendant and lick her pussy until she couldn’t take anymore. I saw couples, janitors, students and pilots, all of whom I was silently begging to take me and have their way with me.

I found my gate and learned that my flight was delayed due to a blizzard in Chicago. Too overwhelmed with aching between my legs to have a reaction, I found myself the nearest bathroom. A pretty lady, about 34, let me go ahead of her in line. Just as I went into the stall, the one right next to me opened up so we went in at the same time. I sat on the toilet and felt my breasts through my sweater, lightly pinching each nipple until the sensation was unbearable. A tiny moan escaped my lips and I heard the lady next to me ask, “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

I answered in a voice much younger than I recognized, “Yes, thank you.” The thought of this woman with her pants down right next to me fueled my need for release. I pulled down my pants and spread my legs wide. I inserted my finger in my pussy and wasted no time in rubbing up and down my wet, wet slit. I closed my eyes and heard my neighbor talking again. She was going on about traveling and her husband and wanting to get home to Chicago. She said she saw me at the gate and wondered if I, too, was from Chicago. I barely heard her question, my mouth open and eyes shut I was too close to coming to muster a response. I continued to circle my clit and finger my pussy with two fingers from my other hand. My breathing became hard and shallow.

I pumped my pussy harder and finally squeezed my clit sending me into a sharp, intense orgasm. When I heard the lady ask me again if I was from Chicago, I began to collect my belongings and make as normal an exit as possible from the bathroom stall. She was washing her hands and I joined her at the sink, telling her yes I am from Chicago. I told her my name was Alexandra and she complimented that my name was sexy. Her name was Veronica. She looked at me in the mirror and for a minute I thought I caught her staring at my nipples, which were still hard. Now looking at her, she was very sexy. She was about 5”7 and amply filled out the tight v-neck sweater she was wearing. She had long, wavy black hair that fell in the crease of her cleavage and hung there like it was waiting for me to touch it.

We walked back to the gate together to learn that the flight had been cancelled. Her husband found her and grabbed her hand telling her to come quick as airport hotels were all booked for the night but he could get them one if they made it over there in the next ten minutes. She looked at her husband and then at me. I extended my hand to shake hers and wish them well.

She grabbed my hand and led me with them, insisting that I stay with them and not at Escort the terminal alone all night. The three of us ran and caught a shuttle to the airport hotel. The shuttle was dark and on the way, I learned only that her husband’s name was Miles. We made it to the hotel in time to get the last available room. It only had one king sized bed; I assured them that sleeping on the floor of their room was luxurious accommodations compared to an airport seat. We made our way up to the room to relax.

I finally was able to take a good look at her husband when we were in the elevator. He was older than she, probably late forties or early fifties. He had an intense, quiet look about him. Before stepping off the elevator, he gently swept his wife’s hair out of her cleavage and stroked her head. I watched more intently than I should have and could swear I saw them wink at each other when we got off the elevator.

Once in the room, I immediately took a shower, hardly being able to wait to change into something sexier than my baggy sweater and jeans. The warm water felt good streaming down my erect nipples that I treated them to a soapy massage. I began fantasizing about the two of them peeking in and watching me touch myself. I slowly worked my hands down to my neatly trimmed pussy, cleaning myself but avoiding my clit. I noticed that the showerhead was removable. The shower was so hot and my nipples so hard. I adjusted the showerhead setting to pulse and waited no longer to once again indulge myself. Just as the stream of water was pulsating on my clit, the door opened. I jumped as my hand instinctively moved the massager toward my hair and I tried to look casual as I peeked out of the shower curtain. It was Veronica. “I’m sorry! I knocked a few times and figured you couldn’t hear me or something was wrong. I just need to get a little water and I’ll be on my way.” I told her no problem and she looked at my hand holding the massager. “Oooh, I just love those! They get all the soap out of your hair and are good for some fun!!”

I wasn’t sure if I’d heard her correctly, but instead of wasting any time from possibly courting this couple, I headed out of the shower. I put on black, tight fitting pants and a red silk blouse that reveals my see-through black bra. I left my hair wet and put on some plum colored lipstick. When I came out into the room, Miles looked me up and down and said, “Well, Alex, you just look good enough to eat.” I blushed and Veronica slapped him lightly and called him a flirt. We all agreed that, speaking of eating, we were starved. We headed down to the hotel restaurant. It was late, around 10pm, and we were the last table seated.

We quickly ordered so the waitress could leave. Veronica ordered a nice bottle of red wine and Miles ordered another that we could take back to the room. We made small talk as we ate and drank, but beneath the talk there were sensual glances being made among the three of us. I became tipsy and blurted out that the wine had a sexy taste. The three of us laughed and began the inevitable conversation about sex. Veronica talked openly about women she dated in college Escort bayan and they told me of their first time together and bits of their honeymoon. Miles admitted he enjoyed watching other people get off. I was a second away from sharing my experiences of the day when we paid the bill and headed back to the room with our wine.

The three of us sat on the floor of the hotel room passing around this bottle of wine like teenagers. Miles decided, in the true spirit of acting like teenagers, that we should play truth or dare. Since they had few secrets, they volunteered me to go first. I wasn’t yet up for the dare, so I said, “Truth.”

Veronica started, “Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever masturbated?” I couldn’t believe that, on this day of all days, someone asked me that question! “Well,” I started “Until today, my answer might bore you…but I jerked off in the taxi on the way to the airport and…”

“And??” They said in unison.

“And…in the bathroom at the airport today when you were in the stall next to me!”

“I knew it!” Veronica said, now she was blushing. Miles just sat and stared at the two of us, an obvious bulge growing in his pants that he didn’t try to hide.

“My turn!” I said, breaking the moment. Veronica picked dare. I dared her to suck Mile’s nipples. We all laughed but she did it and it quickly became a very erotic moment that I felt a little left out of. Veronica passed on her turn so Miles went ahead and gave her another dare. He dared her to kiss me. She looked at me for a moment and slowly crawled over toward me, leaning over and exposing her sexy bra and tits. She held my cheek and began kissing me slowly. She didn’t stop, instead, she started flicking her tongue lightly around in my mouth.

She moved her hand up to my left breast and massaged my nipple over my silk shirt. The scene was so hot that I leaned my head back and heard myself saying “oooh, I like that.” Miles had positioned himself on the bed now and continued to watch the scene unfold. Veronica had unbuttoned my shirt and was staring at me while she played with my tits. “You’re a very pretty girl, Alexandra.” She said and Miles mumbled, “Yes, you are.” Miles then asked, “Alex, have you ever done this before?” I put my head down and shook it. When I looked up Veronica and Miles were nodding at each other.

Miles sat on the bed and gave direction. “Alex, do you like the way my wife looks?” I could only nod not believing what was happening. “Alex, would you like to touch her?” Again, I nodded. Veronica took off all of her clothes and stood in front of me, helping me to my feet. “Go ahead, Alex, touch her breasts….good, now pinch a little.”

Veronica leaned her head back and began to moan. Miles stood up and took his pants and boxers off. His cock was beautiful, it was long and rock hard. He watched me stare at it and smiled. He moved behind his wife and brought his hands around and placed them on her breasts. She squirmed and he directed me to put my hand on her pussy. She was also neatly trimmed and I just cupped her whole pubic area with my hand. Miles told me to put one finger Bayan Escort in her pussy and tell him what it felt like. I complied and found Veronica was literally dripping. I pulled my finger out and Miles sucked it clean. He told me to do it again and suck her pussy juices myself. I did so.

She tasted so sweet that I wanted more. Miles saw my desire but asked me to wait. He moved back to the bed and began stroking his long cock. He looked at his wife and me and began to moan. He slowed down his stroking and said, “Alex, would you like Veronica to get you off?” I could barely speak. “Yes.” I replied softly. With both of us standing, Veronica peeled off my pants. She saw the big wet spot on my panties and said “Alex, touch yourself and tell me how wet you are.”

I felt my own flooding juices and, keeping my hand in my vagina, said “I’m very, very wet Veronica.”

She said “Did you like touching me?”

I could only nod and continue to finger myself standing there in front of them.

“Alex, were you thinking of me when you fucked yourself in the bathroom today at the airport?”

I nodded.

“Alex, were you massaging your clit with the showerhead when I came into the bathroom today?”

I nodded.

“Good girl, now sit on the bed next to Miles.”

I did so. Miles pulled me back so I was lying down on the bed. His hard cock was inches from my face and I licked my lips in desire. He continued to stroke his cock only a little faster now, nodding to Veronica in some secret language. She got on her knees and moved between my legs. She pulled my panties to the side and with one finger began frigging my clit.

“Does that feel good? Does Alex like that?”

I could only moan. She then moved her head forward and began expertly licking my clit. I began to shake, unable to control my body. Miles was close to coming as he was pumping himself hard and breathing heavy. He moved off the bed and behind his wife. “Alex, would you like to watch me fuck my wife from behind?”

“Ooh…yes, please…fuck…ungh.” Was all I could say. He inserted his penis into his wife’s hot cunt and she thrust forward wailing. I watched for a moment and took off my panties and started playing with my clit.

Veronica was next to speak, “You like watching us, don’t you Alexandra? You like watching me get fucked. Keep playing with your clitty. Good girl. Oooh…yeah, you wet little slut. Don’t stop. Put three fingers in your hole, Alex. That’s right…keep doing that you naughty girl. Keep watching me get fucked, ooh feels so good.”

Veronica began playing with her own clit and moaning. Suddenly, her body shuddered and she cried out “Oh my gawd, oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh.” She recovered from her orgasm and told me she wanted to see Miles come all over me. She planted her face in my pussy and began sucking on my clit, hard. I was screaming and thrashing on the bed.

Miles said, “That’s it baby, come for us. We want to see you come. Give us your orgasm.” With that, he squirted his come all over my tits and in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough; I sucked the tip of his cock dry.

He grabbed my tits and said “Now!” I began screaming, “I’m coming…oh, shit..yes, yes, yes, yes..uuuuuuuunnngghhhh….ahaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.” We three collapsed on the bed and fell sound asleep. Hopefully the blizzard in Chicago will be a big one.

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