Traveler Ch. 05

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Alexis Texas

Chapter 5: Unexpected Pleasure

Kyle awoke in a room that clearly wasn’t his hotel room, but became quickly recognizable to him as he began to come to his senses. It was Monica’s bedroom, still tousled from another crazy night.

In general, Kyle’s business trips to San Diego were becoming quite interesting, more so this week. His main contact in San Diego, Jeff, invited Kyle over for dinner the first day of the week. Kyle accepted and met Monica, Jeff’s wife. That evening had taken an unexpected turn and Kyle wound up sharing the black-haired beauty with his business associate. It was a wild and enjoyable evening.

So, when Jeff invited Kyle again two days later to enjoy some one-on-one time with Monica, he jumped at the chance. After enjoying some uninterrupted sex with Monica, the one-on-one time turned into much more. A sexy blonde named Shannon, who Jeff had already finished with that night, joined Monica and Kyle for a threesome. The evening left Kyle spent. Without the energy to drive back to the hotel, Kyle fell asleep.

Kyle sat up in the bed and looked around for his clothes. He slipped on his jeans and wandered out to the kitchen, where Jeff and Monica sat and ate a leisurely breakfast.

“Did you enjoy fucking my wife?” Jeff asked.

Kyle smiled and laughed. “I’m not sure I can ever get used to questions liked that, but yes. Yes I did. Where’s Shannon?”

“Shannon had to catch a plane back to Seattle,” said Monica as she stood and kissed him. “Sit down and join us for breakfast.”

“I would, but I have to get back to the hotel and change before work,” replied Kyle.

Jeff laughed. “You’re not feeling well today, Kyle.”

“I’m not?”

“Nope. You have a cold. Don’t worry, I have a stomach thing,” Jeff said, wolfing down a huge bite of pancakes.

Monica laughed. “You’re a sick man, alright.”

Kyle decided not to argue with calling in sick. He sat back and enjoyed a lengthy breakfast, helped clean up and played Jeff in a couple sets of Tennis, in which he was clearly outmatched.

It was almost noon by the time they decided to wander back inside for a drink. They sipped and chatted for a while until Kyle caught a glimpse of Monica’s naked body. She walked past the kitchen, down the hall and into the master shower. She motioned with her finger to follow.

“Seems my wife can’t get enough of you,” Jeff commented.

“She actually didn’t say which on of us she wanted,” Kyle replied.

Jeff smiled, patted Kyle on the shoulder and the two followed the sexy black-haired woman to the shower. The water ran over her naked body as the two men began to remove their clothes.

Kyle felt a momentary awkwardness, but reminded himself that it wouldn’t be the first time they were all naked around each other. That alone was unusual, as Kyle wasn’t normally in the habit xnxx of involving another man in his sexual experiences. He guessed that Jeff must have shared his wife with other men before, but that didn’t make it any more commonplace for Kyle.

Jeff removed his final articles of clothing and began to walk toward the shower. Kyle watched as the man stepped in with his wife and began to kiss her.

Jeff was built similarly to Kyle and kept fairly fit. His cock was about the same length as Kyle’s and perhaps a little wider. He had a difficult time not watching as it rose to attention for Monica and she began to stroke it in her hand.

Kyle finished stripping and stepped into the shower. The sexy wife wasted no time and took his cock in her other hand. She worked both cocks slowly for a while until she was satisfied that she had both men in a suitably pliable position.

She ceased her stroking and lathered soap onto Jeff’s chest and torso. She turned and did the same for Kyle. She eased the men toward each other.

“Now,” she said, “reach out and clean each other.”

“Huh?” said Kyle.

“Touch him,” she insisted. “Indulge me.”

Jeff looked from Monica to Kyle and stepped forward, placing his palms on his chest and rubbing in the soap. “My wife can be rather insistent,” he said.

Kyle fought with himself, not knowing whether to object or stay put. Unable to think clearly, he went with it as Jeff’s hands ran down his torso and over his sides. Kyle reached out and rubbed the soap into Jeff’s chest and torso.

As Jeff’s soapy hands reached around to Kyle’s back, it brought their bodies closer and Kyle noticed himself becoming harder. His erection rubbed against Jeff’s and the two men froze, unsure what to do next.

Monica leaned against the shower wall, rubbing her clit. “This is so hot,” she said. “Just touch each other.”

Kyle couldn’t quite believe what was happening, but he kept telling himself it was just a little harmless game to bring Monica to another stage of arousal.

Jeff reached down and grabbed onto Kyle’s cock, stroking it in his soapy hand. It felt great. Kyle let his hands roam over Jeff’s body, down his shoulders, over his back and onto his ass. Their bodies pressed together and Monica moaned as she masturbated.

Kyle looked up from Jeff’s body and found the man staring him in the face, a surprising look on his face. He leaned forward and kissed Kyle.

The entire day’s events were unexpected and certainly not what Kyle was used to, but he was surprised by how turned on he had become. There he was, his hands roaming over another man’s body as he kissed him. It was so forbidden, so hot.

Monica screamed out in pleasure as she brought herself to climax. Clearly the sight of her husband and another man had done the trick. “Yes,” she prodded. “Fuck. Enjoy each bakire porno other.”

Kyle gave into it and Jeff kissed down his chest and abdomen. He knelt, stroking Kyle’s hard cock in front of his face. He licked the end, which made Kyle shudder.

Jeff slid his lips over the end of Kyle’s dick and began to suck. It felt so good. Kyle ran his fingers through Jeff’s hair as his head bobbed up and down, his lips sliding over the surface of Kyle’s shaft.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” whispered Kyle.

Monica’s eyes followed the action. “Believe it,” she said. “This is so hot.”

Her arousal motivated Jeff, who stood and guided Kyle toward Monica, all the while stroking Kyle’s hard member. He lifted Monica’s thigh, positioned Kyle’s cock head to enter her wet pussy and guided it in.

Extremely hard from the unexpectedly sexy blowjob Jeff had given him, Kyle pushed deep into Monica. She draped her arms over his shoulders and moaned as he glided in and out of her.

Jeff stepped behind Kyle and ran his hands down his back. He pressed his body to him, his skin sliding freely against Kyle’s as the water from the shower dripped down their naked frames. He kissed the back of his neck as Kyle continued to please Monica’s wet cunt.

Her screams of pleasure echoed through the shower. Kyle’s moans joined them and he could feel the pressure of Jeff’s erection against him. Jeff slid the end of his cock up and down Kyle’s crack. Neither man could have seen this day’s events turning out this way.

Kyle pushed deeper into Monica as Jeff’s persistent cock teased at his asshole. He couldn’t help it. He wanted to know what it felt like. He wanted Jeff to fuck him.

He eased his buttocks and let his hips drift backward. Jeff pushed against him. It was an unfamiliar sensation made pleasurable by the feeling of Monica’s pussy. Jeff worked his way in and before long he was working his long shaft in and out of Kyle’s ass.

“Mmm, yes,” said Monica. “Fuck him.”

Every word she uttered was incentive to Jeff, and he intensified his thrusts. The combined sensations of fucking Monica and being fucked by Jeff overwhelmed Kyle. “Oh, yes!” he cried out. “Fuck me. That feels so good.”

The sweat of their exertion mixed with the drops of water that ran down their bodies as the threesome fucked furiously toward climax. Jeff drove deep into Kyle. “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted.

“Me too,” Kyle and Monica said simultaneously, laughing a moment. Monica grabbed Kyle’s head between her hands and pulled his lips to hers as the three perched on the edge of orgasm.

Jeff released as Kyle shot his load into the black-haired Monica. She panted as her muscles tightened and she came.

Kyle didn’t remember ever being so exhausted from sex. The three used the shower to clean themselves bedava porno up, dried off, grabbed robes and wandered into the kitchen.

They laughed and ate, Kyle not quite knowing what to say. He had never had an encounter like it before. Never in a million years did he think he would willingly have sex with another man, let alone enjoy it, but Monica and Jeff had a way of pushing him to his limit.

“I’m surprised, Kyle,” said Jeff. “I never would have pegged you as being willing like that.”

“Yeah,” Kyle laughed. “Neither would I.”

“You mean,” began Monica, “that was your first time too?”

“Too?!” exclaimed Kyle. “I figured, knowing you two, you had to have done this before.”

“Nope,” Jeff shook his head. “Never.”

“I’m shocked. Ever thought about it before?” asked Kyle.

“Monica’s been trying to get me to do this for a while,” replied Jeff.

Kyle smiled. “What changed your mind?”

“I don’t know,” Jeff smiled back. “I guess you just had an effect on me.”

Kyle’s cock began to rise. “I know what you mean.”

“So Kyle,” asked Monica. “Did you enjoy having my husband’s cock deep inside you?”

“I actually… enjoyed it.”

“Don’t get yourself too worked up, Kyle,” said Monica. “I’m exhausted. You’ve finished this pussy for the day. I’ll clean up the kitchen. Why don’t you boys go get dressed?”

Jeff and Kyle left the table and wandered back to the bedroom that was still in shambles from the night before. Kyle looked around to find his shirt and picked it up from the corner of the bed.

“I’m surprised you can still walk, Kyle,” said Jeff. “I didn’t exactly go easy on you.”

“It didn’t hurt after I relaxed a bit.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Jeff. “How did it feel?”

Kyle looked over and smiled. He dropped the shirt on the ground, pulled on the belt of Jeff’s robe until it fell open, let his hands slide around his waist and pulled himself close, kissing him deeply. He dropped his own robe and Jeff responded, letting his hands roam over Kyle’s body. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” he said.

Kyle guided him to the bed and urged him to lie down. Jeff instinctively let his legs part and relaxed his buttocks. His hard cock lied against his abdomen and he stroked it as Kyle worked his shaft deep into Jeff’s ass. He kissed him again. “This feels so good.”

“I want you,” Kyle said as he fucked Jeff. He worked in and out as his hands rubbed against the man. After minutes Kyle could no longer contain himself and he came into Jeff.

Jeff’s cock sprung upward as Kyle lifted up off of his body. Kyle teased the end of it with his lips and then began to suck the large erection. Jeff moaned, holding off as long as he could before releasing his load into Kyle’s mouth.

Kyle’s novice mouth did its best to contain the salty cum. He licked it up, swallowing Jeff’s load.

Monica stood by the door, smiling at the two. “There’s a first time for everything, I suppose. I hope you’re coming back to San Diego, Kyle. Next time we have a dinner party, I have a few friends I’d like you to meet.”

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