Traveler Ch. 01

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Part 1: The Jacket

Kyle had already had quite enough travel to last him a long while. Four days in San Diego, with two days shot from air travel and the following week back at home, since October-ish. In any event, it had been over six months of the same routine, the same hotel, the same client, the same suitcase and the same predictable hotel food.

The week had been particularly difficult, with all day meetings filled with intense discussion and no real decisions made. One day into this stay, the week was shaping up to be similar. He had his fill of people, but couldn’t quite bring himself to go to his hotel room. He didn’t even bother dropping by to hang up his jacket, but wandered right into the bar and sat, ordering a beer and leaning with both elbows on the bar.

He sat and quietly nursed his drink, allowing his eyes to scan the room. There was a man across the bar whose over-greased hair looked to be an attempt to distract from his baby-skinned water-fat face. On the far end of the opposite side, a portly businesswoman with smoker’s wrinkles and an almost orange face, attempted to clean something from her half glasses. Just down the bar, a man and a woman downed shots while giggling and whispering into each other’s ears. They were married, but not likely to each other.

The sparse bar and its characters were no surprise. Kyle took a swig and spun his bench to scope the tables behind him. Only one table was occupied. On the left of it, a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties leaned back in her chair. Her hair was dark brown with shades of red and rested against her shoulders and back. Her face was attractive, even if it betrayed that she was slightly chubby. She seemed to wear it well, though, the way that allure can be heightened by someone’s walk, voice or attitude. She seemed to make use of her assets, flaunting her curves with a low cut blouse that showed a noticeable amount of cleavage.

Her companion sat to the right of the table, a woman who appeared to be early to mid forties. Her hair was sandy light brown, pulled back into a ponytail. Her face had its own attraction that had more to do with her facial expressions than with her features. She was thinner than her brunette counterpart, even if she used her clothing to downplay the subtle effects of age.

Trying to disguise his glances, Kyle attempted to listen in to their conversation, which was entirely financial and outside his realm of expertise. The elder woman seemed to be a mentor to the younger, passing along tips and asking the brunette to report certain figures from their day’s meetings. Before long, they put away the paperwork and began to trade inside jokes with each other. Clearly, they had been working together for long enough to become friendly.

Either from the beer or from the difficulty of his day, Kyle forgot to be covert. He began staring at the brunette’s cleavage, forgetting to listen to the conversation.

“See something you like, stranger?” the older woman asked, snapping her fingers to get his attention. The brunette began to laugh.

Kyle Antep Escort blinked and rubbed his eyes. “Gaw… Uh, sorry,” he said. “Sorry about that. Long day. I was just zoning out.”

“I guess I know what you mean,” said the older woman. “Tell you what. You can stare at Lucy here all you want, but you’re going to have to buy us drinks.”

Kyle chuckled, noting the glasses in front of them and asking the bartender for refills. He carried them over and set them down. “Here you go. Again, sorry. It’s just been a long week.”

“Then have a seat,” the older woman said. “It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s gotten lost in Lucy’s fantastic rack,” she winked at her counterpart, who shot her a look and then giggled before taking a sip of her newly refreshed drink.

He sat down and looked back and forth at them. “I’m assuming you work together. I’m Kyle.”

The brunette finally spoke. “I’m Lucy,” she said. “This is Brenda.”

Brenda looked him up and down. “Nice to meetcha,” she winked.

The next hour was a typical getting-to-know-you scenario that meandered from job descriptions to gripes to travel woes. At first, Brenda did much of the talking, but as the alcohol eased things a bit, Lucy spoke much more and the conversation became more jovial. Brenda, who spoke mostly about her on again, off again boyfriend back in Denver, tended to bring the conversation into the gutter most often, mentioning her growing love for giving head, her appreciation for toys and anal sex and the men in her office she was most aroused by.

Lucy wasn’t shy on the topic either, but restrained her comments to the places she’s masturbated while on business. Kyle couldn’t help but picture the act, and her every word on the topic made him more and more interested in the thick brunette. His gaze drifted downward again, briefly, to her round chest. She caught him in the act and just smiled at him.

“Huh,” Brenda said, leaning back into her chair. “I think I’m detecting a bit of sexual chemistry here.”

Lucy’s eyes widened, she blushed and took a sip of her drink.

“Definitely detecting something. Hell, why not?” Brenda continued. “Kyle here’s a fine looking man. I have no idea what he’s packin’, but I have no doubt he’d be willing to show you.”

“I… think I’d better be going,” said Kyle as he began to rise from his chair.

Brenda placed her hand on his arm. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “I get carried away when I’m drinking. Sit down a while longer.”

“Actually, I should go,” he said. “I have a long day again tomorrow.”

He thanked the women for their company and walked back to his room, forgetting his jacket.

The next day was the usual meetings. Otherwise Kyle kept to himself. He returned to his hotel room at a decent hour, watched some TV, awoke and repeated another day of mind-numbing meetings.

He settled into his hotel room and attempted to put together his clothes for the next day. “Where’s my gray jacket?” he asked himself. He picked up the phone and called to the front desk.

“Anyone Antep Escort Bayan know anything about a lost suit coat?” the young clerk yelled to his superiors. “Just a sec. I’m gonna put my manager on, okay?”

“Okay, fine.”

The manager’s voice droned into the phone. “Someone found your jacket a couple nights ago.”

“Do you have it, then?”


“I said, do you have the jacket?”

“Oh, nah. You gotta call room 238. Want me to transfer you?”

Kyle sighed. “Yeah, sure. Why not?”

The phone began to ring, until finally a voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hi. My name’s Kyle, room 355. The front desk said you found my jacket.”

“Kyle? Hi, it’s Lucy.”

“Lucy? Oh, Lucy. Hi. How you doin’?”

“Great. They crank the AC in these rooms, so I’ve been using your jacket to stay warm. Hope you don’t mind,” she joked.

“That’s fine,” Kyle laughed. “Can I swing by and pick it up?”

“Well, it’ll cost you,” she flirted. “Why don’t you bring a bottle of wine, and we’ll make the exchange?”

“Fair enough,” Kyle answered. “See you in a half hour?”

“I’ll be here,” she said, before hanging up.

Kyle didn’t know what to think. “Bring a bottle of wine” sounded a lot like an invitation to spend the night, but he didn’t want to be too presumptuous.

He decided to play it cool. He dressed down to a dark gray T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and wandered down to the lobby to buy a bottle of wine. He tried to clear his head of images of Lucy in her low cut blouse, as his excitement was getting a bit too obvious through his jeans.

He made his way to the elevator and got out on the second floor. He found room 238 and gave the door a light knock.

If Lucy was playing it cool, like he was, she did it better. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top that left her arms exposed and dipped low. “Glad you made it,” she said, as she took the bottle from his hand, stepped to the side to let Kyle in and looked at the bottle’s label. “Ooh. Nothing but the finest lobby wine,” she joked.

“Best I could do on such short notice,” Kyle smiled as he stepped in.

Lucy returned the smile. “I see. Just couldn’t wait to get here?”

“That a bad thing?”

“Relax, slugger. I wouldn’t have invited you if I wasn’t interested in having a drink with you. Did you bring a corkscrew or is it screw-top?”

The pop sound of a cork was the only answer required. Kyle handed Lucy a glass and she took a sip.

An hour of good conversation and an entire bottle of wine later the talking came to an abrupt stop. “You want that jacket now?” she asked.

“I think I can wait.”

“Good,” she said. “I like a guy with stamina.”

“I’m really not all that interested in putting more clothing on.”

Lucy looked into his eyes and smiled. “I’ll make this easy on you. You’re gonna get lucky.”

Kyle leaned in and kissed her. The taste of wine still permeated her lips, and their kiss quickly became more. Kyle lifted her shirt over her head and let it fall. Her body Escort Antep was voluptuous and chubby. She unhooked her bra and took it off to expose her full tits.

She helped Kyle with his shirt and went right for his pants, anxious to see his equipment. She wasn’t disappointed. As soon as she slid down his pants, his cock stood engorged, big and ready.

She took off her own pants and knelt, grabbing onto his cock and stroking it slowly.

“Oh, yeah. Suck my cock,” Kyle said.

“A little presumptuous, isn’t it?”

Kyle didn’t quite know how to respond.

Lucy smiled. “I’m fucking with you. I’m totally going to blow you.”

She was true to her word, drawing his dick into her mouth and sucking it. She bobbed slowly, then quickly. She let it slip from her mouth, licked its underside from the base to the tip and plunged it back in.

“That feels so good,” Kyle said.

His approval made Lucy determined. She guided him to the bed, urging him to lie down. She removed her panties and stood before him, her curvy body entirely naked. She lied alongside is legs and began to suck him again, devouring his cock furiously.

Without a knock, and almost without notice, the door opened and Brenda stepped through catching Lucy with Kyle’s hard dick in her hand.

“Oh… Sorry to interrupt,” Brenda smiled. “By all means, enjoy.” She winked, grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

Lucy looked up at Kyle. The corners of her lips crept into a devilish smile. “That is so hot,” she said, climbing up, pressing her body against Kyle’s and kissing him deeply.

She raised her hips, so that Kyle could begin to push his rock hard cock into her wet pussy. He began to thrust into her. She was slippery, obviously aroused by Kyle. “Mmm,” she said. “Fuck me.”

Kyle wrapped his arms around Lucy tightly and rolled until he was on top. Lucy spread her legs, allowing Kyle to push deep into her. He pumped deep and hard, Lucy’s fleshy body undulating beneath him.

He found the sounds and smells of their sex intoxicating, and it spurred him on as their sweat mixed together between them and their skin slid against one another. It made him fuck faster and harder, his thrusts pounding against her ample hips.

“You are so fucking sexy,” he said, licking around her left nipple with his tongue.

“I’m so fucking close,” she said. “Let me ride you.”

Kyle pulled out, stroking his cock in his hand as Lucy sat up from the bed. Kyle lied down and Lucy straddled him, setting herself down on his big, hard cock. Her hips bucked furiously as her moans grew and grew, until finally she screamed out in ecstasy, her pussy tightened and she all but collapsed forward.

Kyle didn’t miss a beat. He let her collapse to the side, guided her into a crouched position on her knees and elbows, and got behind her. Her ass was big and round. Kyle shoved himself deep into her pussy and pounded her from behind, watching her fat ass wiggle as he fucked her harder and faster.

“Mmm, yes!” Lucy shouted. “Fill me!”

Kyle’s balls began to tighten, until he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He shot his load deep into her and they both collapsed forward onto the bed.

“Ohhh, yes. That was so fucking hot,” said Lucy.

Kyle kissed her and then laughed. “I’ll have to remember to leave my jacket again.”

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