Trampoline Anal

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Fair warning, this is a story about a wife using a strap-on dildo on her husband, if this isn’t your thing please kindly move on without the derogatory comments. If it is your thing read on and enjoy one of the many experiences my wife and I have shared over many years of being together. Don’t forget to vote and comment if you enjoyed it.

We were living in Italy courtesy of the USAF and had a wonderful single family home in farm country. We were surrounded on all four sides by corn or soy bean fields. Our nearest neighbors 50 meters to the left and 75 meters to the right. A lone single track road wandered along the front of the houses.

Our home was surrounded by ornate fencing and provided for a serene and safe space for us. Our landlord/landlady were wonderful people and we visited often. Most times consuming more wine than I would have thought possible a year ago.

Tonight was one such night. Our kids were staying over at friends houses and my wife and I were free to enjoy a night to ourselves.

We had been at Marcello and Irene’s house for about 5 hours, a couple of their neighbors stopped by, one of them acting as an unofficial translator. Having knocked off several bottles of red and white wine and several espressos, I think my Italian actually improved. Around midnight, everyone decided it was time to wrap things up.

We hugged and said our goodbyes and my wife and I headed home.

We only lived about 5 kilometers away, but the roads are narrow and winding, so it was slow going. Tonight it was actually quite foggy, adding to the slow drive. At one T intersection my wife stopped before turning on to the main road.

She turned to me and said. “Get out, stand in front of the car and strip for me.”

We often played these games, as I loved to be naked and my wife loved to get me naked, the more potentially compromising or embarrassing the better.

The thick fog provided a wild backdrop in front of the car. I am already fully hard at my wife’s suggestion, so I was more than happy to get out of my clothes.

Opening the door and climbing out, I walk around to the front of the car and begin to unbutton my shirt. Pulling it completely off, I twirl it over my head and toss it on the hood of the car.

My wife turns on the bright lights and it looks as if I am standing in front of a white curtain. I kick off my flip flops and luckily they land on the hood as well.

My wife has rolled down her window and has the stereo turned up with one of her mix CDs playing. A particularly sexy song comes on so I begin to gyrate my hips in time with the beat. The wine has loosened me up while the espresso has giving me a boost of energy.

I have stripped for my wife on several occasions, so she turns the music up louder and start hooting and cheering.

Grabbing my shorts, I move my hand to the button and undo it. As I lower the zipper, my hard cock follows it down and out of my shorts. Giving my wife a flash, she squeals and taps the horn.

I turn my back to her and she yells, “Boooo!” Out the car window.

With my back facing the car, I raise my arms over my head, and with a wiggle of my hips to the beat of the song, my shorts crash to my ankles. I step out of them and bend over at the waist to pick them up. This having the affect of fully exposing my ass and asshole to my wife. Again, she taps the horn and yells.

Gyrating my hips to the music, I slowly turn back towards her, wagging my erection at her. Just as I am thrusting my hips forward, headlights appear in the fog and go past us on the main road. The car stops, the brakes lights glowing in the fog.

“Oh shit, get in.” my wife calls to me.

I stretch over the hood of the car to grab my clothes and scramble to get back in the car. My wife and I are laughing hysterically as we turn onto the main road opposite the car. Looking behind us, we see the brake lights go off and the car continues on it’s way, I’m sure the driver is still trying to figure out what they saw.

We get home minutes later and I hop out of the car to open the gate to our driveway. I’m still naked and hard as hell.

Instead of waiting for me to get back in the car after she pulls through and I close the gate, she drives away pulling to the back of our house. I walk down the driveway, thrilling at the way my cock bobs in the warm night air.

When I get to the back of the house I find the door locked. I knock, but my wife doesn’t answer. I know she’s up to something and I’m sure it will be fun for both of us!

I hear the front door open and close, so I walk that way. We have a wide wrap around farmhouse style porch. My wife has turned on all of the lights and it is awash in bright white light. Even with the thick fog I’m pretty sure if anyone were to drive by they could make out a naked man walking up the stairs.

Evidently my wife was quite busy during my walk from the gate. In her hands are two glasses and a bottle of wine. But it’s what is escorts in london around her waist that must have taken some time…or perhaps advance planning?

She has stripped off her skirt and top, leaving her in nothing but a tank top and a leather harness strapped to her waist. Connected to the center of that harness is a 7 inch life like pink dildo with a realistic looking set of balls dangling below.

“Pour us some wine and follow me.” She instructs as she walks around to the side of the porch.

I fill the glasses with a heavy pour and walk around the corner. There, sitting on the wide concrete railing, is my wife lewdly stroking her fake cock.

“Wanna taste?”

Walking up to her I hand her both glasses and drop to my knees.

Taking her shaft in my hands and stroke it as if it were real, knowing that the little dildo on the inside is of the harness is teasing her. She sets one glass down on the railing beside her while she casually sips from her glass while watching me intently stroke her pink cock.

“Handjobs are good, but I think a blowjob is better, don’t you?”

“Always!” is my response as I lean in and swallow most of her faux erection.

I bob my head along it’s length for several moments, when she pushes me off her cock. Grabbing the plastic shaft in one hand she points it down and puts her wine glass under the head. Lifting the glass to insert her fake cock, she stirs it around coating the pink dong.

As she pulls the glass away, I am there ready to slurp the wine from her. Doing it loudly to add to her excitement.

“Fuck, sometimes I wish I had a cock for you to suck, you look and sound so sexy doing it!”

I look up into her eyes and see nothing pure lust.

She again takes a casual sip of her wine and puts a hand behind my head, pulling me further down on her cock. She has gotten quite good in her ‘gentle mistress’ roll. We both enjoy when she takes charge as she has tonight, however, neither of us are into the rough dominatrix scene where subs are hurt or denied orgasm for extended periods. She enjoys the fact that I am willing to pleasure her without the threat of being forced and degraded.

Anyway, I am sucking and slurping on the fake cock jutting from her crotch and she is getting off on both the visual and physical effects. I grab the shaft in my hand and begin to jack it off while keeping the head in my mouth.

This brings an, “Mmmmmm.” From deep within her.

I know if I keep it up she’ll have an orgasm, so of course I keep it up! She has set her wine glass down and has her head thrown back, so I know it is starting to build within her.

While jerking with one hand I reach up under her tank top and tweak a nipple with my other hand, when I lightly rake my hand down her belly it sets her off.

Looking down at me, her pink cock in my hand, my lips around the pink head and the motion of the small internal attachment working over her insides is all too much.

With a jerk of her hips and long moan, her orgasm begins deep in her belly. I increase my pulling of her cock, rubbing up and down as well as back and forth.

She stiffens for a moment and explodes. Her juices blast out from her cunt and spray around the dildo sticking out from her waist. Taking it in her hands, she guides it to the exact spot she wants and rides the waves of her pleasure, her hips bucking uncontrollably as her orgasm courses through her. I back off and watch it unfold. Thrilled at her pleasure and amazed at the power of the female orgasm.

Slowly coming down from her orgasmic high, she stands up on shaky legs and leans against the ledge. I stand up and take her in my arms, pressing my lips to hers.

Returning the kiss she drives her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues duel for a few seconds and we both come up for air.

“That was wonderful, thank you.” She says while leaning her head on my shoulder.

Reaching down, she grabs my erection and glides her hand up and down my shaft. It’s my turn to moan into her shoulder. Letting go of my cock, she leans back onto the railing and picks up our wine glasses and hands me mine.

Taking a large gulp of my wine, I grip my shaft, point it at her and ask.

“What are we going to do about this?”

“What would you like to do about it?” She retorts.

“Hopefully make it squirt.”

She gets a pensive look on her face and grabs her own cock. Mirroring my stroking, she asks, “How do you suppose we do that?”

“Well, I just gave you a pretty good blowjob, so maybe it’s my turn?”

“Yeah you did, but I’m just not seeing that in your future tonight. Especially since I’m all dressed up to fuck something, and you seem to be the only ‘something’ around.” She says with a laugh.

She’s looking around the balcony as if trying to find something, when in all actuality she is trying to figure out what part of the railing she wants to bend me over. We have done this many times and there escorts in london isn’t and inch of space on the railing that one of us hasn’t been bent over and fucked from behind.

We hear the town church bell chime and realize it’s one am and we have been at it outside for about 45 minutes. Meaning if you count the strip tease from earlier, I have been naked and hard for about an hour. The other thing we realize is that the fog has lifted, and with the porch lights ablaze, there is no hiding in the shadows for either of us.

Looking over the railing into the back yard, my wife turns to me and with a gleam in her eye.

“I know just the spot to fuck your ass, follow me.”

After saying that she descends down the back stairs. I followed behind her, thinking I was going to be bent over the hood of the car like I have done to her on several occasions. Nope, she had something different in mind. Walking to the corner of our yard she stops in front of our trampoline.

“You want to defile our kids trampoline?” I ask her.

“They hardly use it anymore, besides, we can hose off any messes tomorrow.” She responds. “Come on, this will be a blast!”

Remember when I said the porch light were on? Well I had installed a spotlight pointing at the trampoline so the kids could play after it got dark. The spotlights played on the black circle of the trampoline like a stage.

“Hop up on there and jump around.” My wife instructs me.

“You really want the neighbors to see?”

“Maybe.” She giggled, “I love showing you off, so if they are still up at 1am let them enjoy the show!”

We are both still feeling the effects of the wine, had we been more sober we might have thought with clearer heads, however, buzzed and horny will make you do crazy things.

I climb up on the trampoline and bounce around a little. My cock and balls flopping around to my wife’s delight.

“Jump higher, I want to see some hang time!” she giggles.

I jump higher, and any thoughts of modesty are long gone. If the neighbors were to look towards our house, they would definitely see a naked man flying in the air.

In the silence of the night, you realize how loud some sounds are. The trampoline springs sound as if they are somehow amplified through a loud speaker. An outside light come on at the back porch of our furthest neighbor. When I see this I collapse to my knees hoping not to be seen.

“Wimp.” My wife calls me out. Then adds, “Help me up, it’s time to do some butt fuckin!”

I reach down and help her onto the trampoline, I think she may be a little more drunk than I am as it takes her a moment to get her balance.

She knee walks over to where I am, commenting that I am in the right position on my knees.

Circling behind me she’s slapping her pink dildo against my ass, telling me.

“Someone’s cold and needs to find a warm cave to warm up in.”

I suddenly realize we don’t have any lube and say as much to my wife.

“Never fear, I came prepared!” and with a flourish she pulls a small bottle out of a pocket that I never realized was hidden in her harness. “You can’t get away that easy!” She adds.

“Come grease me up.” She says while holding the bottle out to me.

Taking the lube from her hand, I pop the top open and squirt a liberal amount into my hand. Grasping her pink cock, I coat her shaft and run my hands all over it, greasing it up good. Gripping it tighter, I again jack it off, causing the inner piece and nubs to grind against her inner walls and clit.

I watch her eyes roll back for a second, then she regains her composure, saying. “Oh no you don’t, my next orgasm is going to be from fucking your ass! Now turn around and present yourself to me!” she adds with a giggle.

Every movement on the trampoline causes us to both bounce around. As I turn my ass towards her, she grabs my hips to steady herself. I hand the bottle of lube to her and she takes it and squirts some in the crack of my ass catching it before it runs down to my balls. Using her fingers, she spreads it around my hole and then pushes a finger in rotating it around to get it all over.

Adding a second finger, she squeezes out more lube, using her fingers as a funnel letting the lube flow into my spread asshole.

“That should be plenty.” She states as she pulls her greasy fingers out.

I bounce a little as she tries to line her cock up at my asshole, causing it to slide up and over my ass cheeks.

“Hold still!” She demands.

The next time she tries and I bounce again, this time her cock slides between my legs past my balls.

A quick slap to my ass cheek gets my attention, but even more so, anyone within earshot would have heard the crack of her hand smacking my ass and the even louder yelp that I let out.

“You gonna hold still or do you want another one?”

“Umm, I’ll be good.”

For safe measure, my wife grabs my balls with one hand while aiming her cock at my pucker escort service with her other hand.

“Push back!” she scolds.

I try as best I can, but the springiness of the trampoline and the inability to get traction on the slick surface makes it difficult. Letting go of my balls and putting both hands on my hips she pulls me back.

Slowly, I relax and the head of the strap-on begins to enter my ass. Re-enforcing her grip on my hips she pulls me all the way back until I am fully impaled on her 7 inch pink cock. The pressure of her cock sliding across my prostate is heavenly and I give a little shudder. Additionally, the feeling her fake balls touching mine and our thighs contacting each other causes a moan to escape from my lips. Just thinking of what we must look like there on the trampoline makes me shudder again.

She gives a little thrust of her hips and tells me. “You can bounce around all you want now. Just don’t make me slip out of your ass.”

“Hang on then.” I tell her.

Trampolines are tricky to begin with, if you have ever been on one you know that getting the bouncing motion started from a sitting or kneeling position is difficult. Compound that with having a cock deep in your ass and it becomes even more difficult.

Before long my wife and I are both laughing hysterically at my attempts to “bounce” on the trampoline. However, what little movement I could get was causing the dildo to rub against my prostate and against her clit, creating a wonderful feeling for both of us.

Taking control, she grabs my hips and begins her own thrusting. Because we are on the trampoline, she basically has to push me off her cock and then pull me back onto it. We continue this way for several minutes, both of us grunting and moaning as the various parts give us pleasure. We kind of get a rhythm going and she is able to add a little more force to her inward thrusts, our thighs slapping together quite loudly in the still night air.

“Are you close?” she asks me. “Because I’m right on the fucking edge.”

“I’ve been close since I got naked on the road earlier tonight. If I touch my cock I’ll explode.”

“Well start jerking, I coming with or without you.”

I granted her wish and wrapped my left hand around my cock, while trying to steady myself with my right hand. Her cock stretching my asshole and rubbing on my prostate had me on ready to blow. 30 seconds of stroking my cock and I to let loose a torrent of cum. Cum is spewing from my cock, splattering all over the trampoline and my chest.

My orgasm cause my ass to clenche tight around the her fake cock, the extra friction is all she needed and with a shriek, her orgasm rips through her body. Her orgasm is intensified from the jerking motions of her hips causing extra bumps and rubs inside and outside of her drenched cunt from the dildo in the harness. Her jerking motions also cause more semen to be pushed out of my prostate, looking underneath me it’s as if I am peeing cum there is so much flowing out.

She give my ass one last shove and pushes me off of her pink cock, causing me to fall forward onto the trampoline mat and into my large puddle of cum. She falls beside me and rolls onto her back, her breath coming in fits.

“That was fun, but made me realize how out of shape I am. My abs are burning right now.”

“Well, my ass is burning right now!” I throw back at her.

“Whatever, you loved it!”

“I never said I didn’t just letting you know all the crazy movements hit new spots in my ass. You were going up, down, left, right, sideways, pretty much all ways. But the one constant was the steady pressure across my prostate. I’m laying in the biggest pool of cum I’ve ever produced.”

Rolling on to my side to show her, she can see that I am glistening with my cum from my nipples to my the tops of my thighs.

“Wow, I wish I could have seen it before you decided to wallow around in it.” She says laughing at me.

I wipe my hand across my chest, collecting a good bit of my cream and before she can react, I smear my hand across her cheek and lips.

She licks her cum covered lips with an, “Mmmmm.” She then reaches over and does the same thing to me, although instead of wiping it on my face she says. “Open up.”

I open my mouth and gladly accept her fingers, closing around them when she touches my tongue. Sucking them clean for her, she repeats the move and collects more of my spunk from my chest and returns her fingers to my mouth. After I have sucked them clean, she sits up and scoots to the edge of the trampoline and hops down.

“Let’s take this to bedroom, I know I’ve got more in me. Want some more in you?” She giggles at her own joke as she heads to the stairs.

“I thought you’d never ask.” I tell her as my reinvigorated erection points at her as I hop down from the trampoline myself.

As I get to the bottom of the stairs and stand next to her she grabs my erection and says. “Let’s go.”

I in-turn grab her fake erection and together we pull each other up the stairs by our respective cocks. Neither one of can focus very well on the act of walking while fondling the other this way, but eventually we manage to get to our bedroom and climb on the bed for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32