Training Tom Ch. 05: Humility Pt. 04

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Apologies for the long delay in releasing the next installment. I originally intended this section as a brief interlude, but I picked up on some good ideas in reader comments and decided to extend it to a full chapter. All characters are 18 years or older.


Tom felt himself drifting, somewhere in the expanse of an endless ocean. Yet instead of fear and despair, he felt safe and secure. A sense of hope consumed him; hope of being rescued, hope for a future he thought had been extinguished for which the flame burned anew.

He was enveloped in warmth and softness, but beyond the comfort he could detect strength and power beneath, an ark with an impregnable hull, fit to outlast the stormiest seas and rockiest shoals.

His vision shifted inward, to the balance he felt within himself. Acceptance of his new world, of knowing he would always be sailing on a journey beyond his control, yet never alone – because She would always be with him. Inside of him. She had given him hope, made him Hope. He was now Hope, a part of Sophie.

Hope is Sophie.

Sophie Vandenberg. The 18-year-old, 6’5″ woman of his dreams. The fulfiller of his needs. Every need.

I now control and fulfill all your base instinctual needs for pleasure: your desperate drive for sexual fulfillment, the sating of your thirst and hunger, the comfort of a caring mother, every longing for attention and approval…

Her Truth was imprinted upon him. She was his erotic fantasy, his sustenance, his mother, his craving, his every aspiration, his reason for living – his everything.

I indulge your inherent beta instincts, programmed in your DNA, ordaining you to seek rapture through submission to an alpha…

He felt weightless, uplifted by her supreme dominance, the primal need to follow, to obey, to subvert. He relished in it, wallowed in it, adulated in it. He sensed her deep inside him, penetrating him, fucking his soul, taking the prostrate beta girl he had become. Hope.

Tom opened his eyes and saw a large hand in front of him, felt something in his mouth…suction, pumping. Her thumb.

A tingle down below. Waves of pleasure. Poking. Gyrations. A finger pressing into his penis. Yet inside him. Inverted. A new hole welcoming Her inside.

Double-penetrated…floating in bliss…awash with Hope.


He quietly climaxed deep inside, snuggling into the crux of his Mother’s arm.

A popping sound issued at his mouth. Digits above and below removed.

Yet her spirit remained inside him.

“You’ve only begun to feel the power of Hope, little one,” Sophie whispered softly. “I can take you to heaven any time I want, as many times as I want. Under my power, you’re infinitely orgasmic.”

He sucked in a quick breath and sighed loudly as he exhaled, his body spasming with aftershocks.

“Part of me wishes I could hold you like this all day, little one,” Sophie continued, “But alas, there’s so much work still to do, and places to be.”

She drew in a breath and slowly exhaled. After a long pause, she spoke again:

“I have a question for you.”

Tom craned his neck to look up into her eyes with anticipation.

“Do you remember how it felt to dance with Me the night of Homecoming?”

Tom wistfully recalled the sensation of her taking control as a male partner would.

“Yes, Miss,” he responded excitedly, eager to put his emotions into words, to span the chasm of the heretofore unspoken. “It felt so natural to follow your lead, as if my entire body was moving on its own, completely under your guidance. At first, it gave me confidence, like even if I didn’t know the part, I could depend on you to get me through it. Then when I ran and you lifted me high in the air, I understood that you were doing much more than getting me through it – you were taking me to a level I never thought possible. I felt extraordinary and magnificent in your arms. And I sensed that the key to reaching greatness was to let go…and let you take me there.”

He quickly looked down at his chest, worried he had said too much.

“That’s beautifully spoken, Hope. I couldn’t have described it better,” Sophie effused, causing Tom to blush. “Just extend the metaphor from the dance floor to life, and that’s how it can be for everything you do. I can make you extraordinary and magnificent and so many other things. If you truly learn to let go.”

Her hand cupped his cheek possessively and turned his head toward her again.

“I have another question for you,” she stated as her finger stroked at his temple. “Did you like serving me earlier, during breakfast?”

Tom felt a wave of elation as he visualized kneeling at her side and following her instructions.

“Yes, Miss,” he answered, shyly casting his eyes downward. “I felt like I was in my place, where I was meant to be, and all I wanted was to please You.”

“That’s good, Hope. istanbul travesti That’s exactly how you should feel,” she stated with a hint of eagerness, “It’s time that we take that to the next level as we continue your lesson in humility.”

Her toe lightly brushed the chain of his anklet, causing him to flinch as he recalled the sanctity of his commitment, and how far he still had to go.

She continued solemnly:

“In the next step of your journey, you will learn devout and absolute servitude to Me, your Master. Our relationship will permanently change. You will no longer service your own needs, rather you will focus the entirety of your energy on Mine. You will not look upon my face without permission or prescribed purpose. When we are alone together, you will no longer speak unless spoken to. When we are among company, you will look to Me for cues before talking. Every consequential decision in your life will be made by Me. Every action you take will be at my behest. You will cease to exist as a person of free will and worldly possession. Instead, you will be a slave subject only to my Dominion.”

Sophie paused and lifted Tom’s chin, forcing him to look at Her, then she concluded in a somber tone:

“Think carefully about all I have said…”

She stared deep into Tom’s eyes. He could feel her penetrating him. Delving into his brain. Probing his conscience. Testing his devotion.

He had so many questions about the meaning of her words. It seemed like a game, as if they would role play as practice for something to come later, or simply for fun. But he saw no fun in her eyes, rather she was earnest, connoting the importance and gravity of her statement. She meant precisely what she said.

“Hope, do you wish to continue your training?” Sophie enunciated with the stern bearing of a matron.

Tom tried and failed to suppress a shiver. He recalled choices he had made so far: accepting her help in climbing the Mountain, taking her as his new Mother, giving his orgasms to Her forever…

This felt even bigger. The end of free will meant the end of choices. There was no way out after this choice – except by her choice.

But how could he turn back now? After all She had given him, and all She had proven? Sophie could do anything. She was everything. There would be nothing without her. He would be nothing without her.

And at that moment he knew: There truly was no choice. There never had been. She had owned him from the moment she laid eyes on him.

As the realization sunk in, a sly smile crossed her lips.

“Such a good little girl,” she breathed, reading his thoughts as if his eyes were a computer screen. “Now use your words to beg me.”

Tom felt a wave of shame at his helplessness to resist Her. A voice inside his head told him the whole concept was crazy, that their relationship was downright absurd – dangerous even. Yet the voice seemed to wane and diminish as if it were plummeting down an infinitely deep well. His conscience went silent.

He stared meekly into her dark pupils, and his lips quivered.

“Please continue to train me, Miss. Please let me learn to serve you. I would be honored to be your devoted slave. I’ll do anything you tell me. I won’t care about anything besides fulfilling your wishes. Your happiness is my happiness. You are my Master.”

He paused, looking anxiously for any sign of acknowledgment. Seeing none, he began to panic and sob passionately, voicing the Truth his thoughts had already revealed to Her, the Truth that she had ingeniously cultivated inside him with every carefully chosen word and meticulously orchestrated action since their first encounter:

“Just please don’t leave me. I need you. I am NOTHING without you!”

Sophie sucked in a short breath, and he felt her body shudder. He recalled Saturday night when she reacted similarly to his declarations of love and fealty. She later admitted to spontaneously orgasming at those moments. His crotch tingled at that possibility, and he silently prayed he had said the right thing.

After what felt like an eternity, Tom detected movement and glanced down to see Sophie’s clenched fist positioned in front of his face. With profound relief, he knew she had accepted his plea, and that there was one last step to consecrate his servitude.

He slowly sat up and reached with both hands to grasp each side of her giant fist. He briefly marveled at how tiny his fingers looked holding her hand. Then he leaned in, closed his eyes, and kissed each knuckle in deliberate succession, demonstrating his pious devotion.

Sophie sighed with satisfaction, then pushed his head back and removed her hand.

“Your first lesson will be learning to prepare Me for my day,” she stated plainly, then she barked, “Stand at attention!”

Tom quickly climbed off her lap, found his footing on the bottom of the large tub, then turned and looked travesti istanbul toward Her.

“Eyes down! Back straight! Body still! Hands behind you! Stand at attention!”

Tom averted his eyes, crossed his arms behind him, and did his best to straighten his torso. He realized the phrase was a new command to be added to his repertoire.

Several seconds passed as he waited anxiously for her next order. He used the time to review her instructions in his head, double and triple-checking that he had followed them precisely. Even after confirming, he silently lamented his natural slouch that he was certain she found disappointing.

“I have exacting standards for my cleansing and grooming,” she finally spoke in a clipped voice. “I work hard to be absolutely perfect, and I will not allow a slave to jeopardize that. Any deviation from my instruction or failure to properly execute a task will be met with scolding. Repeated infractions will be met with punishments appropriately severe so as to deter future infractions.”

As Tom stood at attention absorbing her words, he noticed her leg lifting from the water below. Her sculpted thigh protruded at a forty-five-degree angle, while her lower leg projected parallel to the water, with her long, graceful foot pointing straight out.

“At my service!” she trumpeted.

Tom quickly dropped to his knees at her side as he had learned earlier that morning.

“There is a loofa by the faucet, next to a bottle of cleanser,” she explained. “Dip the loofa into the water, squirt a dollop of soap on it, then kiss my shin and proceed to scrub my leg from foot to hip. You will apply medium pressure in a circular motion to properly exfoliate my baby-smooth skin. Now get to it.”

Tom bent forward to grab the items, then proceeded with his task, pausing to plant a long kiss on her shin, noting its uncommonly smooth surface. Finally, he began to scrub the top of her foot.

“No, no, no!” she shrieked as her leg snapped straight into his groin.

Tom doubled over in pain, grabbing at his aching balls.

“Stand at attention!” Sophie ordered, and Tom gritted his teeth as he jumped to his feet to comply. “I said circular motion, you were moving back and forth. And that’s the most pathetic medium pressure I’ve ever felt. Your weak little hands will need to scrub much harder. Tell me it will never happen again.”

“I’m so sorry, Miss. I’ve learned my lesson and it won’t happen again,” Tom groveled, then sensing possible inadequacy in his phrasing, added, “Er, ever.”

“It better not. Because if it does, I’ll kick your little testicles so hard they’ll come up through your throat. Now get back to it, boy.”

Tom returned to his knees and began scrubbing in small circles as hard as he could, moving slowly up her leg. With a flash of resentment, he noted her use of the word ‘boy’, reminiscent of servants and slaves of old.

“You missed a spot, boy,” Sophie clucked, pointing to a patch on her calf lacking suds. “You are an abject disappointment so far. It’s lucky I shaved my legs last night. I can’t have you fucking that up, too.”

Tom felt his heart sink at her admonishment, then he quickly scrubbed the empty patch and resumed his journey up her leg. He took extra care to use small circles and advance in a spiral as if her leg were a barber pole, switching hands to maintain a continuous flow and leave no part uncleansed.

Despite his intense focus on doing his job correctly, he couldn’t help but be enthralled by the perfect shape of her toned leg. Yet as his crotch began to flutter, his emotions whipsawed to fear as he considered the threatened consequences of error. He resolved not to let her body distract him, so when he reached the top of her thigh, he took pains not to glance toward the bubbly foam that obscured her feminine mysteries.

“That’s better, boy. Now set down the loofa and scoop water with your hands to rinse my leg, starting at my foot.”

Tom cupped his hands and dribbled water on her foot, then used his wet palms to rub away the suds. He tried desperately to contain his arousal at being permitted to fondle her flawless foot, but he could feel his errant penis beginning to extend from its inverted hiding place. A visceral memory of the texture, scent and taste of her toes from that morning gushed into his brain, causing him to salivate and sniff. He admired the intricacy of her toenails, freshly pedicured and painted a light shade of pink, then inadvertently glanced up at her fingertips to confirm they matched. He had to bite his lip and shake his head to refocus on the task at hand.

Scooping more water he worked his way past her ankles, registering the bulge of her powerful calf muscle. With a start, he looked down to see Sophie’s hand clenched around his lower leg under the water.

“Wrap your hands around my calf, boy,” Sophie ordered.

Tom grasped her solid muscle istanbul travestileri and immediately recognized the irony. Both his hands held thumb-to-thumb failed to reach around her circumference. Yet the fingers of her single hand encircled him entirely. He suddenly felt tiny, and his little prick grew and pulsed.

“You may continue,” Sophie instructed as she released her grip.

He reached down and resumed his task of dribbling water and rubbing her legs, his erection growing harder by the second. As he arrived at the middle of her upper leg, he again felt Sophie grab him, this time with two hands wrapped completely around his thigh. He looked down to see her fingers overlapping with room to spare.

“Wrap your hands around my thigh, boy,” Sophie ordered.

Tom again touched his thumbs together and spread his fingers. He was shocked to find that he couldn’t even make it half-way around!

Her body was so perfectly proportioned that he often failed to notice the true immensity of her dimensions – and just how acutely some of her body parts dwarfed his. He felt his penis bob and expand to full length.

“Look into my eyes,” Sophie commanded, and Tom looked up timidly to meet her gaze. “You can scarcely comprehend how powerful my calves, quads and hamstrings are. With your neck between any part of my legs, a quick pop is all it would take to snap it instantly. Like a bone…dry…twig.”

Sophie clicked her tongue loudly, and Tom sucked in a breath, trembling at her vivid characterization.

“I’ve worked incredibly hard to chisel and tone them to this optimal condition. Bend forward and kiss my thigh, then pray silently to your Master that She never sees fit to shatter your puny bones in the vice of her almighty legs.”

Tom did as he was told, kissing her thigh reverently, then quietly mouthed a prayer to Her that She be merciful and never apply her crushing strength to his feeble body. Without prompting, he added a pledge that he would do his best to never give Her reason to.

“Good boy,” Sophie said, “Now hold up a hand with your palm pointed toward Me, then look in my eyes.”

Tom sat up and raised a hand, then looked directly into her steely gaze. For a moment he thought she would make him recite an oath. Instead, she released her grip on his thigh and raised a hand in front of his, touching palms. He flinched when he saw that her fingers extended nearly an inch beyond his. His cock leapt and bounced at the degrading size comparison.

Then her fingertips curled over his, squeezing the outermost joints of his fingers until he yelped.

“You’re so tiny and weak, you’re practically non-existent. At the very most, you’re pathetically insignificant. Certainly not deserving of an Amazon Goddess like me, whether as your lover, Mother, or even Master,” Sophie castigated, and Tom felt tightness in his chest, as if he were being compressed and shrunk down to nothing. “Yet here you are, permitted to be in my presence, fulfilling your destiny to live in the service of a greater being. Allowed to become a sliver of a higher form of life. A part of Me. How does that make you feel, boy?”

Tom’s body shivered with a sense of religious fervor.

“Eternally grateful, Miss. More fulfilled than I’ve ever been in my life,” he gushed, his voice cracking. Then his chest swelled as an even deeper feeling struck him. “I love You with all my heart…and I desperately want to be a part of You…so I can finally love myself.”

He sensed her body quiver briefly. Then her free hand lovingly stroked his cheek.

“It makes me so proud to know your little brain understands that, boy,” she beamed, then her hand dropped and briefly slid over his stiff unit, causing him to jolt. “Does it arouse you to experience that Truth, boy?”

“Yes, Miss, very much,” he gasped, then realizing he was meant to contain himself in her service quickly added, “I’m so sorry, Miss.”

“It’s natural and expected,” she replied matter-of-factly, “Just a glance at Me across a room is enough to get most men hard – let alone when I get inside a weak little boy’s head like yours.”

Her fingers began to diddle with his nubby phallus, teasing and toying with him as she continued to hold him in her gaze. A part of him wondered jealously how many men had succumbed as he had, how many minds had she traversed and reshaped…

“And besides, it’s one of your bodily functions, a basic need. A need that you’ve surrendered to my control, at the risk of your ultimate peril. To fulfill – or deny – at my whim, for all eternity…”

Her long fingers danced skillfully around his short rod causing his breath to quicken and head to grow light. If he weren’t already on his knees, he would have surely collapsed under her dexterous onslaught. As it was, her other hand still held tightly to his, serving to prop him up.

“As a merciful Master, I will permit a limited number of exceptions to the rule of not speaking unless spoken to,” she continued, shifting to an instructive tone. “Each related to fulfilling a basic need, with the goal of curtailing distractions from your sole purpose of serving Me.”

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