Training Program

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I walked a ways behind the lady, but out of step. I wanted her to hear my footsteps and turn.

The lady stopped and turned. She was mad as hell and I had to be very careful. “It would appear that we have a problem with the same guy.”

Sensing a clever pickup line, the lady snapped, “Now, just which guy is that?”

I said, “The guy who is with my former girlfriend, instead of with the dynamite lady he brought with him.”

Now she was sure. “And you can fix the problem, I’m sure.”

I said, “No, but we can fix the problem with my plan and your knowledge.”

Now she was confused, “Just what knowledge do I have that will make your little scheme work?”

I said, “The knowledge of what I should do and how I should do it when we get back to the rest.”

Now she was really confused, “You mean you want me to go back and be laughed at?”

I said, “No, I want you to go back and let the rest of the people watch as I treat you like a princess. Even if anybody wanted to laugh, they wouldn’t dare because of my size.”

The lady eyed me. “You are pretty muscular for a kid.”

I said, “I’m 18 and so are the rest of the people out on the beach around the fire rings. The boys are afraid of me and the girls are afraid of you.”

The lady asked, “Afraid of me? Why are they afraid of me?”

I said, “Because you know how to steal the show and steal a boyfriend if you want him. If you want him, he sure as hell wants you.”

The lady laughed shortly. “Why would I want an 18 year-old kid?”

I said, “Because, once the word gets around that you are stealing the show, your big man will dump my ex-girlfriend so fast it will make her dizzy. He will do whatever to get you back. Thus, you can get out of a bad situation with little damage and then you can dump the sucker once you get him back home.”

She said, “And you can get your girlfriend back?”

I said, “Wrong! Once your big man dumps my ex-girlfriend, some stud will grab her. While the studs are squabbling, I will grab off one of the other girls. This last will piss off her ex-boyfriend who will grab another girl and so forth.”

The lady was intrigued. “Thus, you grab off girls all weekend and get lots of pussy, right?”

I said, “Right! The search for pussy is sometimes difficult, but it something we must do if we are to call ourselves men.”

The lady and I talked for a while. She slowly came around to my way of thinking. It was hard, particularly the topless bit. However, she could see no better way to win her game.

We got some sort of cake and went back to the cottage I had shared with my ex-girlfriend. We had a couple of hours of detailed instruction on how to treat/seduce a lady. It was something like schoolwork, only more physical and a hell of a lot more interesting. We went back out to the fire rings. Lenore wore only a sheer white blouse over her tits.

We cut pieces of the cake, toasted them over the fire and fed them to each other. It must have looked like I was chatting her up, but she was actually giving me moves and advice as we went. Under Lenore’s careful tutoring, Len ofise gelen escort made all the right moves and slowly worked up to the point of feeling Lenore up after the cake ran out.

By now, Lenore and I were putting on a show. I was feeling Lenore up, but not clumsy and crude. Instead, I would brush Lenore’s tit a little and then make like it was some sort of accident. However, I would do it again and Lenore obviously did not really mind. However, there was a lot of talking and a lot of kissing.

By the time I had gotten to the point of getting my fingers inside Lenore’s bikini bottom, the whole damn fire ring crowd was watching.

About that time, Lenore’s big man came out with Leanna, my worthless ex-girlfriend. The word had obviously been passed.

Big man tried to get nasty with me. By now, Lenore had managed to slip off my shirt and I stood up to reveal the body of a young bodybuilder. The big man decided that physical confrontation was to be avoided but managed to talk Lenore away and I found myself with Brenda. Brenda is not as good looking as Leanna, but then again, Brenda was topless and that is where Brenda shines!

I grabbed Brenda and used what Lenore had taught me. After some minutes of prime time make out, Brenda and I were on our way back to her beach cottage. We took our time and by the time we got there, Brenda was so hot from my working her tits that I actually had to pull off her bikini bottoms because she just couldn’t cope!

It was a long, slow, deep, hard fuck. I used everything I know to make it last as long as I could, but I am 18 years old and horny all the time. Brenda’s tight young pussy was incredibly erotic around my hard cock. Her hip motion was more than most of the girls I know, but slower. The effect was to allow me to time myself so that I did not cum too soon. However, all too soon, Brenda hit her climax and drew me along. I shot my cum and then rolled off Brenda.

We cuddled for a bit and then Brenda began to talk. “How did you manage to snare that rich old bitch?”

I said, “If you mean Lenore, she and I just hit it off. And don’t call her a bitch.”

Brenda said, “Well she sure as hell showed off her tits.”

I said, “You mean unlike some other girls?”

Brenda took a deep breath to remind me that she had really big tits and then said, “Len, when one girl goes topless, all of the girls have to go topless or they lose their boyfriend. That’s just how girls work.”

I said, “So you decided to show Bob what was gonna happen because he banged some other girl a few weeks back?”

Brenda kind of cuddled to me. “Well, that and I wanted to find out if your cock was really as big as the rest of you.”

I said, “Well, now you know.”

Brenda said, “You know we have to go back out there. You know Chris really wants you too.”

I had hoped that was the case. However, it was nice to know for sure.

Brenda and I strolled back out, taking our time. There were other couples that were either still there or had finished earlier than Brenda and I. There was otele gelen escort a lot of fear in the eyes of the boys. Brenda and I kind of played our way back. We were obviously just having fun and no real commitment had occurred. Thus, when Chris said something to Brenda, it was just natural that Chris, Brenda and I were together. After a time, it was just Chris and I; Brenda had managed to work her way back over to somebody else. The guy made out. Brenda may have her faults but she also has her tits.

Chris was a tall, slender blonde girl who had a reputation as the ice princess. However, I knew from Brenda’s words that Chris and I were going to get it on that night.

Once again, I used the slow, teasing routine that Lenore had taught me and Chris let herself be worked up until my searching fingers told me that Chris was ready for some real action.

Chris and I walked back to her beach cottage. She asked me to stop feeling her pussy, because she was about to cum. Unlike Brenda, Chris did not need help to remove her bikini bottom. In fact, Chris wanted to get on top after she was naked. Actually, she insisted. Chris told me, “You don’t pin me down and shove that big thing in me; no way!”

Chris mounted up and gave it a real ride ‘em cowgirl try. She slid up and down my throbbing cock as I could feel her internal muscles tense and relax as she slid up and down. I gave Chris a little support by placing my hands under her rib cage and then doing a bit of work on her nipples with my thumbs. As I expected, Chris climaxed long before I was ready. I had already fucked and, since I am 18 years old I can get it up again real quick. However, I have a little more control the next time.

I rolled Chris off me and then mounted her. I first got her legs over my shoulders and shoved my cock deep into Chris. As tight as Brenda had been, Chris was tighter. Chris did not really have any control, because she had just cum. I took my time, once again and actually got Chris into multiple orgasm! With each of my strokes, poor, tired Chris would climax and I could feel her tight pussy spasm around my hard cock. I made it last a while and only quit because Chris was completely used up. I stopped short of cumming.

It took a while for her to recover, but I finally managed to walk Chris back out to the fire circle.

Charley, Chris’ regular boyfriend was trying to heat up Donna, without much success. Donna was topless, but was not letting Charley get very far feeling up her tits.

Donna got up as Chris and I approached. She, and for that matter Chris, totally ignored Charley. Charley decided that making an issue of the situation would get him punched out by me. Charley is not real smart, but this last was good thinking. Thus, Chris and Donna whispered back and forth for a while. I could only hear tiny bits of the conversation, such as exhausted . . . big . . . total control, etc.

It turned out that Donna was not afraid of exhaustion, big cock or total control. In fact, the sense I got was that Donna wondered if all that was going to happen sincan escort to her, what the hell was I waiting for?

OK. I am 18-years-old, I have endurance and I am mostly always horny. However, I had just finished three fucks. Well, I did not really finish the last one; plan ahead. However, I decided that a little recovery time was not totally a bad idea. So, Donna and I hung around the fire for a bit. Donna had a little bottle of wine and we nipped at that for a while as we worked each other up. (No, actually I did not give Donna a lecture on the evils of under age drinking. I planned to give Donna something else and I thought that a lecture might interfere with that.)

We finished the wine and started to pet a little. I used the training Lenore had provided and gradually worked up to Donna’s bare tits. When I got there, I found that Donna had a real weak spot. If I gently rubbed Donna’s nipples, I could feel the lube ooze from her pussy. The combination of the nipple rubbing, the French kissing and the lube feeling got Donna horny. I got me super horny!

Donna and I went back to Donna’s beach cottage. I made us take our time and continued the kind of light caresses Lenore had taught me about. By the time we got inside, Donna was really ready.

We jumped into bed and my carefully laid plans to take it slow were destroyed by Donna’s aggressive need. Donna wanted it and wanted it now! I entered Donna and began to stroke slow, hard and deep. Donna was so wet that I was able to get deep right from the start. She was active and willing. My deep thrusts were met with small quick thrusts from Donna. With each thrust, I could feel her internal muscles contract and send sensations tingling along my hard cock. It was the best fuck of the four I had during the evening and maybe the best I ever had. The only bad thing about it was the mutual climax that came much too soon. I rolled off Donna and she cuddled to me. That was the last thing I remembered until we woke up in the morning.

In the morning, Donna had obviously begun to think about her regular boyfriend Dan. She was a bit distant and obviously did not want any more action from me. In the past I might have just beat the crap out of Dan. However, in just the one day I have gone from angry young stud to smooth operator.

I pointed out to Donna that the fire ring crowd would gather for breakfast and gossip at a small, nearby café.

Donna snapped that she was not going to breakfast topless.

I pointed out that the girls, being girls, would have picked up on the sheer white blouse thing that Lenore had used last night. Donna might just think about that.

I also (kinda crafty) pointed out that Donna could probably switch me off on Eve and then Donna could get back into circulation. It probably would not happen right away, but she could then work her way back to Dan.

Donna thought the matter over, as we got ready. She then agreed to do what I had suggested. However she then proceeded to lecture me about being responsible for the partner swapping that had happened last night.

I pointed out to her that all I had done was find a friend after the big man stole my ex-girlfriend.

Donna just sneered that “All boys are interested in is pussy.”

I said nothing back. I mean, it is mostly true, but why do girls find it necessary to make such a big issue about it? Oh well, maybe it is just that my training is not yet complete and I just need more experience. Time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32