Training Mother and her Daughters (Revised Version)

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Training Mother and Her Daughters

At age 35, I found myself divorced after fourteen years of marriage, and for the first time in my life, living on my own. My wife and I had married “young”, with me being 21 and my ex being 18 at the time. Like many young people, we had gotten married to “get away from home”, and had been reasonably successful. We were both inexperienced with sex before our marriage, but we were both eager and quick learners, and tried virtually every position and every location, short of doing it in public, that society would allow. After a couple of years, we settled into a routine that was satisfactory for both of us, and had what we both would have described as a “good” sex life.

Unfortunately, my wife fell for the charms of her best friend’s husband, and I caught them having an affair. I was sorely tempted to blow his brains out, but the bastard was too cowardly to waste a bullet on, and simply withdrew from the scene after I confronted him. Although my wife said it “wasn’t about the sex”, I could never accept that, and we eventually divorced. I read somewhere that you can either let a situation like this destroy you, or you can use it to make you stronger. I was determined to make it the latter.

When I moved into a group of singles apartments, I noticed a number of “hardbody” females, ranging in age from 20 to 30, but I felt old and out of shape. I was 6’1” and weighed 220 lbs, and though I had always been athletic, the last few years, I had gotten soft. I started watching my diet and hitting the gym, first for three days, and working up to five days per week. It didn’t take long to drop some weight, and begin to show the results of my workouts. I also took up jogging, working up to two miles a day, and actually started to like it.

As this process was going on, I began to date, and in the first year, had dated and bedded over a dozen women. All were reasonably attractive, and a couple of them were even spectacular, but none were meant to be a long term relationship. But I learned a great deal from the experiences. During this transition period, I began to experiment and even study the sexual process. I learned what pleased women; what worked to get them to submit, and more importantly, what I really wanted in a relationship and what type of sexual activity I really enjoyed.

I came to learn that I had definite “Dominant” tendencies, and I liked to control the situation. I was not into inflicting pain, mind you, but I wanted the woman to submit to my wishes, and if she did, the most exciting thing for me was to bring her to a tremendous climax; in fact, the more orgasms, the better, though most women are usually done after only one, despite stories to the contrary. I knew all about the clitoris, but I also learned to find the “G” spot, and to find out if my partner could experience an orgasm from this stimulation. I learned that some women have difficulty having an orgasm at all, despite all manner of play, and even the use of toys. I learned that most women, though not as aroused as a man over erotic pictures, usually would enjoy erotic literature, and if a little “romance” was included, so much the better.

I had several issues of Penthouse Letters, and some of the stories were a real turn on. When I found one that I thought was particularly “sensual”, from a woman’s perspective, I would share it with my partner at the time, and the results were often spectacular. Once, I was dating a slightly older woman, and I had her read some of the stories in the recent edition, and as she did, I gently licked her labia and clit with the absolute slowest and softest strokes I could manage. She exploded in one of the wildest orgasms I have ever seen a woman have. This taught me that if I could stimulate my partner’s mind at the same time I was stimulating her body, she would invariably lose complete control, and cum like there was no tomorrow. And, of course, once you have given a woman one of these “earth shattering” climaxes, she is yours to do with as you wish. Few men seem to ever understand this secret, and instead, rush to their own pleasure, and miss out on the really good sexual experiences.

After a couple of years of the single life, and working myself into the best physical shape I had been in since boot camp, I had become aware of another important fact. I was a “prime prospect” to any single woman out there, even if I had never gone to the gym. I was clean, had a good steady job, didn’t do drugs, wasn’t a drunk and didn’t get my kicks beating up on women. At the same time, I was clearly an “Alpha male”, and more than one woman commented that I “intimidated” some people, or they found me a “little” dangerous and always felt safe when they were with me. Perhaps it was the fact that I was a cop and I didn’t take any crap from anybody.

So much for the background. About this time, a friend of mine told me about a lady he knew who was a friend of his wife, and they wanted me to meet her. They set up a dinner date, and I met Carol for the first time. She was a stunning, petite blonde. At 5’3” and 125 pounds, she had an amazing figure with breasts that were 35Cs, a twenty five inch waist and hips that were a perfect thirty five to match the upper half of her. She had baby blue eyes and a dazzling smile, and had been divorced just over a year from an abusive, alcoholic husband. She was a nurse at a local hospital, and worked almost the same hours I did.

I had managed to buy a nice house in the northern part of the city, and with the help of several buddies, had fixed it up quite nicely. It had a pool and a spa, and a houseful of comfortable, if inexpensive, furniture. After our first date, Carol came back to my house with me, and it was clear that she was impressed with its appearance and neatness. We made out on the couch for a bit, and though I could have made love to her right there, I made it a point not to have sex on the first date, especially if I thought I would really like the lady. This kept me in control, and often resulted in the lady in question being much more eager to please the next time, if only from a feeling of insecurity. Women often believe they control the sexual side of a relationship, but it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to reverse that control.

On our second date, it was different. In fact, we never even left the house. We had sex on the couch, on the floor, in my bed and in a half dozen different positions. Carol loved sex, and as I discovered, she loved being dominated. I didn’t have to inflict pain; I simply controlled her position, her pace, and made her ask for permission to cum. For whatever reason, this intensified her climax, and made her want even more. As I said earlier, not all women are multi orgasmic, but Carol was. I could often get her off three or more times before I climaxed, and this only brought her more under my control. I learned her husband was not a very good lover, and according to Carol, he often withheld sexual satisfaction from her as a form of punishment. Foolish man!

On our third date, I went to Carol’s house for dinner, and met her two lovely daughters. I am not normally one who is into very young girls, but both of her daughters were spitting images of their mother. Jennifer had just turned 14, and was an extremely cute little blond who also had huge baby blue eyes, and the kind of young figure that was already ripe, and made her look like an adult. Her breasts were pert, and her ass was almost a perfect heart shape. She was about five feet and about 100 pounds, and wore extremely form fitting short shorts and a halter top that left little to the imagination. Her sister Pamela was eleven, “almost twelve” as she told me, and except for the boyish figure that had not yet begun to blossom, was almost identical to her sister. For whatever reason, both girls gave off a sensuality and suggestiveness that was beyond their years, but Carol didn’t seem to notice, or to care.

We had a very nice dinner, and I took them all out for ice cream after, and we got home around nine, which was close to the girls’ bedtime. They both went in to shower and get ready for bed while Carol and I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. As we finished, and I started for the living room, the bathroom door in the hallway opened, and Jennifer emerged, naked except for a towel held in front of her, and started for the bedroom. She looked over her shoulder and saw me looking, and just smiled and continued on. I felt my cock jump a bit, but that’s only normal.

After the girls were in bed, Carol and I settled on the couch and made out, waiting until we thought the girls would be asleep, and then I began to touch her and fondle her. Carol had done one of the things I asked her; she was not wearing a bra, since we weren’t going out in public, and she had no panties on. It made access to her sensitive places much easier. I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt, and After I had Carol nice and warmed up, she slid down to the floor, and as I lay back on the sofa and spread my legs, she unzipped my shorts and fished out my cock and began to lick and stroke it. She has an extremely soft and gentle mouth, which I like, because it allows me to hold off cumming for an indefinite period. She had been working at this for about five minutes, when I happened to open my eyes, and when I looked over, Pamela stood in the hall entry, in her pajamas and holding a blanket in front of her, watching us. I don’t know how long she had been there, or just what she had seen, but I sat straight up, and Carol came off of me, startled and wondering what was going on. She saw where I was looking, and turned to see Pamela just standing there.

“Mommy, I’m thirsty” Pam explained. Carol got up as though nothing had happened, and went to the kitchen, got her daughter a glass of kocaeli escort water, then took her to her bedroom and tucked her in. “Do you think she saw what you were doing?” I asked when Carol returned, but she didn’t seem concerned and thought Pam had just gotten up and was still half asleep and saw nothing.

We retired to her bedroom, and I was even more aroused than before. I brought Carol to a climax by licking her and fingering her at the same time. She had shaved her pussy, except for a small exclamation point just above her clit, and I loved the bare look and feel of that on my tongue. After she came, I rolled her over on her stomach and got her into a doggy position, and made her put her hands behind her, as though she were handcuffed, and resting her weight on her chin and shoulders. Her ass was absolutely beautiful, and her anus was completely exposed. I had fucked her doggy style before, but had never had her anally. I fingered her pussy for a minute, because it was already wet and juicy, but then I transferred some of that juice to her anus, and worked my finger in to the middle knuckle. She moaned as I did this, but didn’t object. I asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass, and she said no. Her ex had tried to force her to do it once, but he was so rough, she pushed him off and he never tried again. I told her I was going to fuck her in the ass, and I would make certain she was fully prepared before I entered her. “OK” she said, quietly. She was totally in my control.

I first worked one finger, then two in her rectum; turning them around, and stretching the opening, gradually. Carol moaned at every new movement, but it sounded like a moan of pleasure. Finally, I thought she was as prepared as she would be, and my cock was hard and throbbing and covered in pre-cum. I positioned the head against her anus and thrust gently, while pulling her hips toward me at the same time. I didn’t need to worry, because Carol pushed back against my cock at the same time. It was a very tight opening, but very gradually, I got the head of my cock past her sphincter muscle, and with each thrust went deeper and deeper until she was completely impaled on my cock. I held it there for a few seconds, just throbbing in her ass while she continued to pant and moan. “Are you alright” I asked her. “I’m wonderful” she answered. She later told me it was an incredible feeling, and had always been a fantasy of hers to be ass fucked, but only if it was done right, and she said I definitely did it right. I began pumping, and gradually picked up the pace until I was pounding into her as hard as I could go. We were both making noises, but were also completely lost in our own sensations, and suddenly, I felt her nails rake across my balls, and the sensation caused me to explode and fill her with my load. It was an incredible orgasm for me, and Carol said that she also climaxed, even though she didn’t think she would.

We fell asleep, but I woke early, and got up and showered, dressed, and was about to leave when I heard yelling in the other room. Carol and Jennifer were squared off against one another, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. Carol was wearing a short robe, with nothing under it, and Jennifer was again wearing a halter top, and the tightest pair of white short shorts I’ve ever seen, and they were almost transparent. It was clear she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were clearly visible under the thin cloth. My cock jumped involuntarily at the sight of her. The argument was plainly about what she was wearing, and Carol was demanding she change before going to school, and Jennifer was just as adamant she was not going to. About that time, Pamela entered the room, and joined in the yelling, though I wasn’t sure whose side she was on.

One thing I won’t tolerate is chaos, and this situation was clearly getting out of hand. Suddenly I heard Pam scream at her mother, and she was saying something about “I saw you sucking him off last night, so how can you be such a prude” as she looked at me accusingly. “That’s none of your business, young lady, and besides, we are adults and you are children” Carol screamed back, clearly not in control of the situation. Finally, I had had enough, and I roared at them to SHUT UP! All three immediately went quiet, and turned to look at me. Jennifer looked a little frightened and Carol and Pamela both were a little stunned by my outburst. When I yell, I can be quite convincing and intimidating, and I used it for all it was worth.

“Ladies, one thing I will NOT put up with is yelling and hollering when I am in the house. I don’t like chaos; I don’t like disrespect and I will not put up with sass!” I looked at the two girls and said “I am dating your mother, and I am beginning to like her a great deal. I was also beginning to like both of you a great deal. You are both gorgeous, and are going to drive the boys crazy, if you aren’t, already. But if I am going to be involved in your lives, there are going to be rules; MY rules. For one thing, what goes on in this house, or in my house is just among US; not anyone else. Jennifer, if you want to dress as revealing as possible around the house, and among US, that’s fine, but when you want to leave the house, you will dress in an appropriate and MODEST manner. You turn the boys on enough, as it is, I’m sure. But tempting them to rip your clothes off and have their way with you is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Am I making myself clear?”

Jennifer stared at me a few moments, then quietly answered “Yes, sir.”

“Then go to your room, and put something more appropriate on, and be certain that you are wearing a bra and panties, and that I can’t see anything of your private areas when you return.”

Jennifer left for her room to change, and I turned to Pamela and saw a slightly frightened expression on her face. “Well, young lady, it looks like you were someplace you weren’t supposed to be last night. Did you get a good look?”

Pamela grew red in the face and looked down at the floor. “I didn’t mean to look. I was just thirsty, and when I came out, you were doing it and…”

“How long were you there?” I asked her.

“Just a couple of minutes; I didn’t see everything…I just knew what Mom was doing to you.” she said.
“Well, I suppose it was our fault for not being more private, but adults are allowed to do things like that with each other, and children are not. Do you understand?”

“I guess so” she smiled. “I wish I was old enough to do that, though.”

“I’m sure you will be, soon enough, but in the meantime, you are to forget what you saw, unless you are talking to you mother or me, in private. Is that clear? You are not to tell anyone else about what you saw.”

“Yes sir, I promise” and again, a little mischievous smile crept across her face.
Pamela headed off to her bedroom, and Carol and I were alone. “I’m sorry” she said. “I can’t seem to control them, anymore, and their father was such a lecher, I’m afraid they may be heading for trouble, and I can’t stop them.”

“Do you want my help?” I asked her.

“Yes, I would love that, but are you sure you want to put up with this?” she answered.

“No, I’m not sure, but if you trust me, and will give me absolute and total control over BOTH you and the girls, I think I can help. Unless I have that control, then I won’t be sticking around.”
She got a look of fear in her eyes. “Please, I need you to stay. Anything you say, we’ll do; just please stay” she pleaded.

“I’ll remind you of that promise, if you complain about my methods. If you do, I’ll leave immediately and I won’t be coming back” I told her. “I’m going home, and I have to work this week. I have to get some items for the next time we are together. I think next weekend, I’ll have you and the girls over to my place for the weekend. Make sure you all bring swimsuits. The sexier, the better; and I mean for you AND the girls. They are becoming curious, at a dangerous age, and they need to be taught…properly. Don’t you agree?” I smiled at her.

Carol looked a little frightened, but then her expression cleared, and she answered “Whatever you say.”
I smiled, kissed her deeply, and then started to leave. Just as I got to the door, Jennifer came out in a white, long sleeved blouse, with the sleeves rolled up and a pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees. She had on black slip-ons and though she looked adorable, she was no longer the sex kitten of a few minutes before.
“Is this OK?” she asked, while turning in a full circle for me.

“Yes, that is very attractive, and appropriate. You are still a knockout, but now, you don’t look like a slut anymore” I told her. “I can tell you have a bra on. What about the panties?” I asked her.

She blushed, slightly, and then lifted her skirt to show me she was wearing a pair of white briefs. I could still see the outline of her slit through them, but that was acceptable. Once again, my cock jumped involuntarily. I finally made my way out of the house and headed home.

Once I got home, I began to compile a list of the “items” I would need to properly control a houseful of lovely ladies, and teach them the things they needed to know in the manner I thought they should be taught. I am not one who normally is into young girls, but for both their sake, and that of their mother, I needed to control their sexuality before they got themselves into trouble. After searching online for awhile, I found everything on my list, plus a couple of items I hadn’t thought of. I placed the orders, and paid extra for immediate delivery. Everything arrived in the next three days, and I took a day off from work to stay home and assemble the items that needed assembly. My cock stayed hard the whole time, but I did nothing to relieve myself. It could wait.

On Friday kocaeli escort bayan night, Carol showed up with the girls and all of them had a small piece of luggage with clothes for the weekend. In addition to the swimsuits I had asked Carol to bring, I also told her both girls could select any clothing they wished to wear at my house for the weekend, even if Carol thought it inappropriate. Carol understood the message, and simply told the girls they were free to choose whatever they wished to wear. She told me that Jennifer seemed to smile when she told her that.

We ordered a pizza for dinner, and Carol and I had a glass of wine with our meals. After, I told the girls to change into their swimwear, and we would try out the pool. Carol had brought a gorgeous bikini that showed off her tits and ass in an incredible fashion. I usually wear boxer style trunks, but I had been working out and running, and I was down to a thirty four waist and had ripped abs that were worth showing off. My arms, chest and shoulders were well defined, and the work in the gym clearly showed and I wanted to put on a display. As a result, I bought a pair of Speedo briefs that barely concealed my package, and in fact, my pubic hair peeked over the top. I had trimmed the hair off the top inside of my thighs so it wouldn’t show out the sides.

When we reached the pool, both girls were already jumping in and splashing, and then would get out and run to the diving board and jump again. Jennifer was wearing a very brief chocolate brown bikini, not unlike her mother’s, and her young, ripe figure showed even more clearly, particularly now that the suit was wet. The top was not padded, and her nipples clearly showed through the fabric. Pamela was only slightly more modestly dressed, in that she was wearing a light blue two piece suit, but not a bikini. Her breasts were not yet developed enough to require a bra, but her nipples and areola were beginning to puff out, and it wouldn’t be long before she would develop like her sister. At the sight of them, as well as the presence of their beautiful mother, my cock began to swell, slightly, and in the tiny Speedo, it was obvious to anyone who looked, but I didn’t care. In fact, that was the whole point.

Jennifer, in fact, obviously noticed. As I approached the pool, her eyes couldn’t leave my crotch. At first, Pamela didn’t seem to take notice, but when I dove into the pool, the emerged wet, the view was even more pronounced, and both Jennifer and Pamela were staring. I looked over at Carol, and saw that she was also staring at my bulge, and she licked her lips without realizing it. I saw her glance at the girls, but she said nothing, but returned to her own staring. My cock chose that moment to jerk, slightly, and Jennifer let out a giggle. I simply dove back into the pool and began to swim a few laps.

After a while in the pool, we had enough show, and it was clear that the sexual tension, even among the young girls, was thick. I called everyone out of the pool and into the house. The girls wrapped themselves in large beach towels, and Carol put on a transparent slip on, while I put on a Tommy Bahama silk shirt, but left it unbuttoned. The ladies went into the living room, and I made some hot chocolate for us all. When the girls were all seated, I told them I had an announcement to make.

“Your mother and I obviously like one another a great deal, but whenever a stranger joins a household, not everyone is pleased with it. For starters, what do you girls think of me living with you and your mother?” I asked them.

“Does that mean you’re getting married?” Pamela asked.

“Not necessarily, right away. That may happen down the road, but right now, we want to make sure that we can all live together as a happy family, before we make it legal” I told them.

“I think that’s cool” Jennifer said.

“So do I” Pam affirmed. Both girls kept stealing glances at my crotch, but my cock had relaxed, for the moment, and wasn’t quite so obvious.

“Well, if we are going to be one family, you are probably going to come here to live. My house is larger, and I have a pool and a hot tub. There’s plenty of room, but you would have to change schools, and make some new friends” I told them.
Both shouted that that was OK. They had large grins on their faces.

“But, if you’re going to live with me, in my house, you will have to follow my rules, and learn to obey me. I will NOT tolerate shouting and arguments like I heard the other day. I am in charge, and I will administer discipline whenever, and however I feel necessary. That applies to both the two of you and to your mother!” This caused a surprise look on the girls’ faces, but Carol kept an absolutely straight face.

“Your mother has agreed to turn over control to me, and also turn over your training to me. I will teach you about things you are curious about, and also about things you need to know. You may experience some pain from my methods, but you also will experience pleasure, some of which you know nothing about. And whatever you learn or experience in this house, you may NOT talk to ANYONE outside this household about. Before I go on, are you still willing to come here to live, with your mother and me?”

Both girls were staring at me with a mixture of fear and excitement. They weren’t sure what I was talking about, and weren’t sure how to answer. They looked at each other, then at their mother. Carol looked at me, and said “I told you I trust you completely, in this, but you won’t hurt them, will you?”

I looked each of them in the eye before replying. “I will not injure them in any way, but part of the training will require pain. I do not enjoy inflicting pain, as some do, but sometimes, pain is necessary to make a point. For example, if you are told not to touch a hot pan on the stove, and you do so anyway, you will get burned. Once that happens, you learn the lesson much better than simply being told.”

“Oh, that’s obvious. We’re not that dumb.” said Jennifer.

“Oh, I know you are not dumb; far from it. You are both highly intelligent and extremely beautiful, and as a result, you could get yourselves, and possibly others hurt, even though you don’t mean to do so.”
“What do you mean?” asked Jennifer.

“The other morning when you were dressed so…provocatively, on your way to school, you knew you looked extremely sexy, didn’t you?”

“I suppose so, but a lot of girls dress that way. It doesn’t mean anything” she answered defiantly.

“Oh, but it does mean something. It means you are advertising that you are available for sex, even though you may not mean to. It means that you don’t respect yourself enough to cover your assets, and that you are afraid if you don’t show them off, the boys won’t be attracted to you. It means the home you are brought up in doesn’t care enough about you that they will make you wear appropriate clothing, and they don’t care if someone takes advantage of you and forces you to have sex. After all, you are advertising, aren’t you? That’s the same as ‘Don’t touch the hot pan’, but in this case, the ‘burn’ might be more than you bargain for”.

Pamela was looking at me very seriously, now. “Do I have your complete pledge and promise of obedience, or do your mother and I end it here?” I asked them.

After a moment, they both looked at each other, and then at their mother, then back at me. Both answered “We promise”.

“Good! Then there are a few things I need to show you. You are going to be staying here for the weekend, so MY rules are effective immediately. Come with me, all of you.”

Carol followed the two girls as the all followed me down the hall to the master bedroom. I reached under the bed, and pulled out the first item, and opened it up. The item looked like a single prayer kneeler, found in a church, except the kneeling pad was slightly wider, and in place of the padded rest in front, there was a 2×12 stock, which had two smaller holes for hands and a larger hole in the middle for a neck. It was split across the middle, and had padding inside of each hole. One side was hinged, and the other side had a latch, to lock it in place. Each side of the stock had an adjustable bracket, so it could be raised and lowered, to fit the person who was in it.

“This is a spanking stock. If one of you misbehaves to the extent it is required, you will be brought in here, placed in the stock, and I will spank you the appropriate number of times, until I think the point has been made. Oh…by the way…when and if I must spank you, you will have to remove your clothing, and will be completely naked in the spanking stock. The humiliation and embarrassment of being displayed in such a manner is as much a deterrent as the spanking would be.”

I took out the next item, which looked something like a Roman sword, except that the end was rounded, rather than pointed. The edges were tapered, but not to an edge. The edge itself was also rounded. It was about thirty inches in overall length, and had a round leather wrapped handle. “This is the paddle I will use if it becomes necessary to administer a spanking. It is made of birch, and is slightly flexible, which gives it good pop, when used properly. As I told your mother, I will never ‘injure’ you, intentionally, but with this paddle, I can inflict sufficient pain to get the message across. It stings like to dickens, but won’t bruise too badly, and it won’t cut the skin.”

Next, I took out a 24” leather riding crop, with several four inch leather strips on the end. “This is a ‘quirt’, also known as a riding crop. This can also be used for spanking, but it has other, more appropriate uses on certain tender, private parts that may need to be ‘trained’.”

I could tell by their rapt stares that none of the ladies was missing izmit escort a word of what I was saying. I took out a plastic squeeze bottle that contained a milky substance. “This is a soothing cream. It almost immediately begins to sooth the pain and reduces the redness when it is applied. I will apply this when I think you have learned your lesson, before you are released from the stock.”

I took out another small package. Inside were three lengths of velvet; one black, with a gold emblem on the end, and about a half inch wide. Two more velvet strips were in the packet; one a dark Royal blue with a silver clasp and the second a deep crimson, also with a silver clasp. I laid these down on the bed, but said nothing.
“Carol, you are first. Please step to the kneeler, and get in position, so it can be adjusted to fit you.”
“M…Me” she stammered.

“Yes, you. You are subject to my rules, and you will be subject to my discipline. You DID agree to that, didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Y…yes, I guess I did. I just didn’t expect…”, but she stood, and walked to the kneeler and knelt down while I opened the stock. It was obviously too high, and I loosened the brackets, and lowered it several notches, so that when she leaned forward, her knees were perpendicular to her back, and her back was horizontal to the floor. The kneeling pad had a pyramid in the center, so that the knees had to be kept at least sixteen inches apart. This opened the buttocks and thighs of the person kneeling, both to observation and to access. I fastened Carol in the stock, and asked if she was comfortable, could breath, and other than being a little afraid, was she OK. She nervously said she was. I then released her, and she moved away quickly.

“Jennifer, you’re next.”
“W,,,why me?” Jennifer asked nervously
“Because you are next oldest; Carol was oldest, so she went first. You are next. You aren’t going to argue with me about this, are you?”

“N…no sir, I guess not” and she slowly moved to the kneeler and took her place.
The stock was a little high for Jennifer from her mother’s fitting. I marked the bracket with a C for Carol’s fitting, and then adjusted it lower for Jennifer. It was about one notch too low for her when she got into the stock, and I was about to raise it one notch when I noticed that with her head and shoulders slightly lower than her hips, her ass stuck up in the air at an incredibly sexy angle, and I knew that I would appreciate the view even more, should young Jen ever need the spanking stock, for real. Somehow, I thought that time might not be too far off. I fitted the stock to her, made sure she was comfortable (she didn’t seem to notice the slight tilt), and then released her.

Pam moved to the stock without my asking. She saw the other two do it without harm, and went along with it without hesitation. The same fitting that had fit Jennifer also fit Pamela, though in her case, her back was parallel to the floor, as Carol’s had been. I marked the bracket with a J and a P for the girls.

“Now that you have been fitted for the “pain” item, now we must fit you for the pleasure items.” I picked up the black velvet ribbon, and walked over to Carol, and put it around her neck. The gold clasp snapped into place, and it fit perfectly. The Royal blue collar I put around Pamela’s neck and the silver clasp snapped shut. Finally, the crimson collar I placed around Jennifer’s neck, and snapped the clasp into place.

“These collars are to be worn around the house, when I am home. They are your way of acknowledging me as your master and that you are subject to my commands, whatever they may be. You are NEVER to wear these collars outside of the home, unless I give you a specific instruction to do so. Is that clear?”

All of them looked at me and nodded their heads. They were totally mesmerized, even Carol. I took another bag from the dresser drawer. Inside were three boxes. Each was marked with an initial. I opened the one marked C. “Carol, come and stand here, in front of me, please.”

Carol did as instructed, as I removed the long silver chain from the box. I had known her size pretty well, and made a pretty good guess at the girls. As Carol stood still, I put the quarter inch silver chain around her hips, just below her navel, and fastened the clasp. It was a perfect fit, and would lay against her skin just below the panty line. At one end, a six inch length still hung down, and on the end was a half inch stainless steel ball. I positioned this “dangle” directly below her navel, and the ball bearing fell just below her clitoral area, but outside her bikini bottom. I looked at her and grinned, then pulled the front of her bikini out, and dropped the little ball down the front. I used my fingers to slide it into position, then up…and out of site.

“How does that feel?” I asked her with a smile.

“Oh, my God, that’s incredible! Do you KNOW what that feels like? I don’t think I can take this very long.”
“You’ll learn to enjoy it, and then appreciate what else I can do for you” I told her with a smile.
“Jennifer, come here, please”. Jennifer moved slowly toward me, her eyes never leaving the little ball on the end of the chain.

“I may need to adjust this some, because I had to guess at you girls’ sizes, but it should be close.”
I fastened the silver chain around her hips, just as I had Carol’s, and let the dangle with the ball fall straight down.
“Do you think they are ready for this?” Carol asked, apprehensively.

“Will it hurt them? Or will it give them pleasure, and help in their training?” I asked her, before continuing.
“MOM! He knows what he’s doing, leave him alone, and let him train us.” Jennifer blurted out.

Carol laughed, and so did I. “Go ahead, then” she told me.

Jennifer was almost shaking in anticipation and excitement. As close as I was to her, I could smell her feminine odor, and it was intoxicating. My cock was starting to throb at the thought of what I was about to do. I opened the front of Jennifer’s bikini, but before I dropped the ball in, I looked down her tummy. I could see a small, delicate wisp of blond hair, but it looked as though she was trimmed exactly as her mother. My cock continued to twitch as I dropped the ball into place, and released the fabric. It turned out to be an excellent fit, and again using my fingers on the outside of her bikini bottom, I worked the little ball to the center of her opening, and then tucked it into her, just beneath her clitoral hood. As I did so, Jennifer’s knees buckled, as she experienced a strong orgasm. I caught her before she fell, but she was groaning and almost delirious with pleasure. Carol knew what had happened, and started to rush over, but stopped when I slightly shook my head. Pamela had a grin on her face, so I guess she also knew, but she said nothing, and simply waited her turn.

Jennifer finally recovered, and looked at me with the most incredulous look, the she grinned and said “WOW!”
Pamela was next, and as I fitted the chain around her waist, I whispered to her “You might not experience quite the same degree of pleasure as you mother and sister, but give it a little time, and you’ll catch up to them. And I may show you another way, if you like, but it will be private” I winked at her.

She leaned close to my ear, and whispered, “You just wait until next year, when I start my period. Then we’ll see” and she smiled down at me. I dropped the ball down her front, and again, used my fingers, to position it in her little opening, and then tucked it up and under her clit. She didn’t spasm quite as hard as Jennifer, but almost. The youngest lady actually had an orgasm, and when she had recovered, she put her arms around my neck, squeezed me hard and said “WOW!” and then kissed me hard on the mouth.

There were a number of other surprises I had in store for all the girls, but I was so aroused, I needed to fuck Carol in the worse way, so we broke up the meeting and sent the girls off to bed, but neither of them would go to sleep until I had come in to hug and kiss them good night. Both girls insisted on being kissed on the lips, and Jennifer offered me her tongue, which I accepted. I am a gentleman, of course.

Carol was naked in the bedroom, when I came in, except she still had the collar and the body chain on, as had the girls. I began kissing and stroking her, and felt for her G spot, up behind her clit, and very gently massaged it, whispering dirty little things in her ear, as I did. Just as she started to peak, I asked if she saw the way that Jennifer had climaxed so hard when I placed the pleasure ball in place. The memory of that moment, brought back so clearly by my words, set off a tremendous orgasm for Carol, and she bucked and moaned and spasmed on my hand and fingers for almost thirty seconds. When she was finally through, I could wait no longer. My balls were swollen and killing me from my constant state of arousal.

I instructed Carol to take her place on the spanking kneeler, which in this case, was going to be used as the fucking kneeler. I didn’t quite raise it back to her full position, but left it a notch lower so her ass was more elevated and her pussy exposed, as Jennifer’s had been. I moved into position behind her, and found it gave me perfect access to either her pussy, her ass, or if I moved to the other side, her mouth. I decided her pussy would do just fine, tonight, but as I began to slowly stroke into her soaking wet tunnel, I asked her to describe how the girls were feeling, and to tell me what she had felt as I started on the girls’ training. She told me it made her so hot, she thought she was going to cum just from watching and listening, and she told me the girls appeared to be in good hands, then she started to tell me some “training” suggestions for them, and it was so graphic and so hot I exploded my cum into her, enjoying one of the longest and hardest climaxes I’ve ever had.
I am looking forward to further family training.

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