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My stationary body shot past the stationary world at 70 miles an hour. Travelling through Europe by train, the cheapest method I’d found with a constant supply of water, beer, food and toilets. But funds were low, forcing me to sleep where and when I could, which meant sitting up-right or, occasionally, resting my head on the table in front of me. This space was gradually coming to resemble my coffee table at home, magazines, coffee cups and sweet wrappers reproducing and moving about on it. The one thing it lacked was an ashtray, but those days are gone. The sun was hot.

As time travelled past my window, I found it easier to fall asleep through-out the day, something I rarely do at home, but I was on holiday. The drone of the diesel engine, coupled with its reassuring rocking motion, brought back safe, comfortable childhood memories that I realised later, had probably never happened. I drift with the tracks. And the engine turned me on.

There’s an argument that lorry drivers are so horny because of the vibrations generated by their diesel engines. While I generally think this may be a bad excuse, I must agree that being on a diesel vehicle, be it train, bus or coach, often causes me to get hard. Now was no exception and I smiled softly as my mind began conjuring visions of sex, some of it memories, some imagination. My cock filled a little more, my mind and the vibrations driving the blood in. I could see tits curved pert, beautiful shape, nipples stroked by, and ass rounded smooth tempting asking me, but then, pussy wet, lips parting and, fingers sliding into, then out glistening juices and deep red that I had to taste, turning over, offering my selfish mind a place to unload that would leave us both breathless, carefree and wanting more. I became aware of another presence in my mind, something outside of this semi-conscious state. I said goodbye and opened my eyes and there…..

Were the most incredible eyes staring back, brown, deep chocolate pools, tempting me in immediately (or so my mind interpreted). Shaped so perfectly, each corner gently lifted to give a hint of oriental. These eyes seemed to dance, were alive, but not with the burning lust that mine probably expressed, more with amusement and interest and excitement and dis-interest. But they stared straight back and I could see a smile in them. My mind was flooded with thoughts of her looking at my naked body, her eyes following my chest down, stomach tight clenched until they reached my dick, solid thick twitching at the touch of her gaze. I came back to reality and left her eyes, slowly travelled to the cheekbones, shadows below amazing structure that I instantly wanted to touch, skin stretched tight across an incredible skull. I was being forced down on her, down. To her mouth, each corner gently lifted, and lips so full rich deep red need them on my lips round my cock bulging in my shorts. This image was wrapped in a shock of dark, twisted curls. She had me cornered and knew it.

I was hers, would do anything just to feel her hand slip inside my pants, would eat her pussy for hours, licking deep, fingering her gorgeous cunt in exchange for a minute of her tonguing the end of my cock, my clear pre-spunk dripping into her warm mouth. She blinked slowly and again my fantasies stopped. As she opened her eyes she had a different look to give me, more serious and determined.

“You were dreaming about me. I watched your imagination grow.”

“How long were you there? When did you get here?” I could feel that my face had turned a slight red. My blood pressure fell as my concentration settled somewhere else and I tried to work out how long I’d been asleep.

“Doesn’t matter. I want you to stand up, put your jacket in front of you and walk to the sleeper carriage. Knock on each door until you find an empty one and wait for me.”

“What? almanbahis giriş I…I…..can’t do that…can I? I can. But….”

“Just go, what’s the worst that can happen.”

“I think probably you not following me.”

She flashed a smile that could crack ice with its warmth. Then she dropped her eyes to a magazine I’d left on the table and started reading. I edged out slowly, using one hand to support myself and the other to cover the lump in my shorts. I didn’t look back, just walked blindly, not knowing what I was looking for, 100’s of thoughts flashing through my head. My erection had softened slightly, making walking more comfortable. And then I was there.

I hadn’t looked for this place, it just appeared and I knocked on the first door. There was no answer but it was locked. The same for the next one and the one after that was occupied. The fourth door gave no reply to my knock and no resistance to my entering. The room was cool, dark, curtains drawn and scented with a familiar smell. I closed the door and listened to myself breathe and my thoughts. What should I do? Should I wait? Was she really going to come down here and fuck me? Did I want her to? Yes. I contemplated her face. As I thought about the way she had looked at me, the blood sank back into my cock and I felt the comforting pressure grow as my clothes constricted me. I lowered my hand to touch the end through the cloth and it responded, I responded. I stroked the length gently and again thought about what to do. She might not come but I really wanted to come. I quickly un-zipped my shorts, pulled them apart and pulled my hard dick out with my hand. Fuck, it felt good to be touching it. I looked down and could see my pre-come marks on my pants. I started wanking, gliding up, down, keeping near the base to make it last longer. I closed my eyes and was met with new images, bodies writhing, hands grabbing my cock, tongues licking it, mouth enveloping me, pussy open and wet, me searching with my tongue. All my sense shut down except for touch. I was moving harder now, faster, up and down the length of my dick, feeling my closed hand slip over the end and back to the base….and I felt breath on my neck, knew she was there in the room. I stopped what I was doing, momentarily shy and embarrassed.

“Don’t you dare come.”

“What…what should I do.” I let go of my cock, the blood straining to get out.

I felt her move and heard her sit down on the edge of the bed. I turned and, with my eyes fully adjusted to the gloom, saw her staring up at me as she pulled up her skirt. Her knickers were black and tight, secretive. She slid a finger in one edge and pulled them aside. Her beautiful pussy, dark, moist, lips slightly parted, flickers of light reflecting, drawing me.

“Lick me.”

I knelt, slowly, my cock knocking against her knee, twitching rapidly. I knelt and moved closer, sucking in the scent of her body, looking up at her eyes, caught in their intensity. Then I broke free, kissed the inside of her thigh and stared, inches from losing control. Her pubes were trimmed short, but still enough there to create movement and shape, her mound leading me down to my orders. The smell was divine. Soap lingered from an earlier shower, trapped in her hairs, but between those lips escaped hypnosis, half a day of sweat, pheromones drifting, pure comfort and cavernous lust. I was lost. As my tongue flicked against her clit she moaned so deep and pleasurably I thought I might come with the intoxication. I repeated my actions, slightly harder, tasting her properly now, my mind falling, perception shifting. I moved in deeper, licking harder and harder and harder, listening to the responses. I looked up and she was still staring right back at me and she smiled and I smiled and turned my eyes back. She was so wet, juices sliding almanbahis yeni giriş over my chin and I wanted to get deeper inside her. My tongue probed lower down, feeling the entrance to her cunt. I pulled out and moved my hand slowly up her thigh. Her body was shaking, the tension tearing. As my finger slid inside her dripping pussy I grabbed my cock and started wanking, then moved my face back to her clit and licked and fingered and wanked and she moaned, moved, writhed on the edge of her pedestal. Then she moaned…

“Oh fuck, yeah. …don’t you dare come…oh fuck.”

My cock felt alien in my hands, awkward, too much happening, but incredible, straining, bulging, pressure building again. I pushed deeper with my finger and sucked her clit gently.

“Yeah, fuck yeah, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come…”

And her muscles grabbed at my fingers inside her, holding them, massaging them as her orgasm pounded through her body, flexing it, hitting it, moving her and me. I could feel her come sliding through her, past my fingers across her thighs. Slowly I withdrew fingers and face. Now her eyes were shut but then gently opened and looked at me with such passion, lust, almost anger. I smiled, let go of my cock and stood. Her eyes dropped from my face, down my body to my cock and she reached out to touch me. Fuck, I wanted her to grab me, wank me, suck me deep into her mouth as I watched, spurting over her chest, beautiful tits, covered, dripping from her mouth.

“Not yet.” I brought my mind back to now. “Pull your knickers down and turn over.”

Her eyes opened wide and she followed my command, but in her own way. She turned round, pulled her legs slightly together and bent at the waist as she took down her pants. Her arse looked incredible, light highlighting that incredible shape, two rounded cheeks, dark split leading to hole then cunt. I was pounding again, blood fighting to get in my cock. She opened her legs and I could see her pussy, open, lips swollen, glistening magnet. I moved to her, let my cock touch her legs, brush against her lips. Her hand snaked through and took me, moved me until I could feel the slight tension of her muscles resisting, yet giving. I slowly, so slowly, began moving my hips, felt the end of dick slip in and out, watched her head drop, voice moan.

“Fill me, fuckin fill me up.”

I was in control now and I wanted to fuck her so much, hard, slow, here and now, this woman, seductive, amazing fantasy slut. And so I started, pushing in slightly deeper, feeling her grab me inside, pulling me in, so tight, muscles contracting. And deeper and deeper. She felt like I had always belonged, perfect space, fit. We both started moving, she pushed as I pulled out, her hand swinging round, grabbing at my ass to pull me in again, harder. I could feel her juices flowing, lubing us up, balls slapping against her clit and mound. My come was growing, intense explosion waiting to be released. With all my strength I held back, looked at the wall, thought…..of cities, travelling, trains, tunnels…fuck fuck fuck…concentrate here….i pushed in deep, slowly and stopped, panting with her. She brushed her hair to one side and arched her neck to look at me and smiled. I reflected her look then dropped my eyes to her ass, moving them down to her hole. I looked back at her as I put my thumb in my mouth and her eyes opened wide again, fearful in the way I new she had no fear, just expectation. I dropped my hand to her ass and let my thumb slide gently into her butt. Her muscles grabbed and she released a deep sigh. I started moving, hips rocking cock in, out, harder, faster, thumb probing deeper, deeper, fuck, cock exploring,…not yet. I concentrated again, constant rhythmical movements, pushing, pulling, fucking, probing, hands grabbing me, pulling me in, both almanbahis moaning, desperate for release but never wanting this to stop. Fuck, I wanted to push my hard, throbbing cock in her ass, fuck that tight hole, fill her with my spunk, dripping out of her, spurting over her ass, in her cunt, on her tits, flowing juices, grabbing muscle, face mouth. Stop!

I withdrew slowly slowly slowly. And we both let our bodies drop, relax, breathe.

She turned round and we both smiled and locked. My senses started to pick up on the train, its movement, people passing in the corridor. Had the train stopped? Did I care? She reached out and took my cock in her hands and started stroking it, not dropping her gaze and my senses once again cut out all un-necessary distractions. I would come very soon, this I knew.

She dropped to her knees and I stared down at her beautiful head, curls falling around her face, watching her eyes focusing on my cock then moving closer and as she took it in her mouth, my eyes shut. I felt her lips embrace my glans, exploring its shape, letting it slip inside that sensual orifice. Her hand circled the base of my shaft and her tongue wrapped around me and then she dipped her head to take half my length. I moaned and opened my eyes to look at her. Her head was rocking back and forth, hand dropped to massage my tight balls, increasing the pressure. Her other hand moved between her legs and she began fingering herself, almost biting me each time she entered herself. I could feel my come building again, quickly. My mind shifted and I wanted to fuck her again, fill her with my come, spurt, shoot, spunk over her, in her mouth, ass, cunt, watch it ejaculate from my solid cock splattering across her gorgeous tits. Minutes moved to seconds and I knew it was inevitable. She sucked hard, fingered quicker, building both of us. I reached out for her hair, stroked it, grabbed it, pulled her, guided her head and started moaning, moaning as I felt my balls contracting, pre-come reflexes.

“I’m comin, ohhhh fuck suck it, suck me fuckin dry.”

And she did, so fuckin deep into her mouth, her body starting to shake as her fingers rubbed her clit, slid into her open, gasping pussy. My balls let go, liquid forced open tubes, exploded nerves through my pelvis to my lost brain, round, twisting up my pulsing dick to release in waves into her warm, enveloping mouth, spurt after spurt, swallow after swallow she guzzled my spunk. Seconds later, as I slowly came back delirious, she jerked once, and again and again, coming as my cock stopped pulsing and my attention began to connect with my conscious. As her orgasm faded she let my cock go and pulled the back of her hand across her mouth, looking up from under her eyebrows with a half smile playing in her eyes, across her lips. I tried to speak, but couldn’t yet so reached down for her hand and pulled her up to face me. We took each other in for several seconds.

“Fuckin cool.”

“Fuckin cool.”

Our lips met, tongues darting into each mouth. I could taste my cock, spunk, sweat, her cunt, pussy juices across our mouth and I pushed my tongue in deeper, rolling my face with hers, feeling passion, lust, love like I’d never experienced. After several seconds/minutes/hours we withdrew, separated, pulled apart, holding each others hands and grinned, happiness dripping from us, washing us, embracing us. Then she reached down and began pulling on her knickers. I followed suit, noticing how hot I was, sweat flowing down my chest, arms, legs, mingling with hers, come, juices, scents filling the room.

“Where you going now?”

“Back to the table, where you found me.”

I opened the door, slowly so as not to blind us, pupils reacting to the shaft of light. I looked back at her, she looked across at me and laughed. As I moved out of the room, I heard her make a noise and my heart pounded and I knew why I was with this woman, would be with this woman forever. Her diaphragm contracted, out of sync with her lungs and she hiccupped. I laughed as she did, and I closed the door, celebrating our departure and awaiting her arrival.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32