Train Ride Ch. 01

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The subway car was full of people crushed on each other as they waited to get to their stop. I was against the out-of-order door, observing the landscape outside: it passed quickly under my eyes.

A sudden stop: a body hit my back. No excuses coming out his mouth: I could smell the scent of his aftershave invading my nostrils.

His hand slipped stealthily under my ruffled skirt and began stroking the thin pantyhose. Up and down tracing the inner thigh. A long shiver ran down my spine: I knew what was happening but my body was trapped between the desire to escape and the desire to sink into that fascinating promise of pleasure that grips my belly.

“Unbutton your shirt” the voice was deep and hoarse. My hands were shaking: I wasn’t wearing the bra that day.

“Don’t be shy” with his fingertips the stranger traced the entrance of my flower until he hit the sensitive bud at its apex. Index and thumb pushed inwards reaching the pearl hidden by the thick under lips. When he found my treasure he began a courtship made of slow circular strokes.

Deep shivers shook my body. The excitement throbbed to the rhythm of my heartbeat: fast and overbearing.

My uncertain fingers began to unbutton the shirt, setting the bahis şirketleri florid breasts free. Inverted nipples bloomed in large dark pink aeoles.


The man was intrigued and excited: the hard shaft rubbed against the slit between my asscheeks.

A hand reached her heavy breast and began grope testing their consistency.

“I’ll suck them until they come out”

A soft moan left my lips before he grabbed my chin and turned me towards him. The kiss was the intertwining of wet tongues, an oral embrace that culminated in a detachment full of promises.

“Looks ahead” in front of me there were his fingers wet and sticky with pussy juices. He ran them over my lips before forcing them into my mouth. I sucked greedily.

“Do you like it?”

I nodded.

“Good girl”.

I stared at the image of myself reflected in the glass, naked and excited by the touch of a stranger.

Slowly the man slipped his hands under her skirt and with a brusque gesture he tore off the pantyhose.

“I like girls who wear thong”.

He released her member and took my hand.

“Touch it”

It was thick, hard, and gnarled. My hand trembled before he started sliding it back and forth between my thighs. bahis firmaları My face was burning up with embarrassment as the core inside my belly trembled with excitement.

“Spreads your legs”

I did it and felt his vein crown dilate the entrance of my pussy.

It was huge. I groaned. I narrowed my eyes and contracted the belly muscles as the stranger’s pole broke the boundary of my virginity, opening an unknown path to my womb.

I bit my lip: the pain merged with the boiling blood.


The man whispered gently into my ear as his loins thrust and the cock slid entirely into the cozy nest of muscles. The groan was difficult to contain.

“Be quiet” the stranger laughed.

He placed his large, rough hand at the apex of my pussy, his open palm squeezed the throbbing clit while his crotch slammed against my ass. I covered my mouth with one hand while with the other I leaned against the door. He was a bull. The swollen and turgid tip pushed against the entrance of my womb, tickling the crown of muscles. I wanted to scream while a river of electricity ran through my nerves. My belly twitched in multiple spasms, squeezing the stranger’s cock in a steel grip.

I heard him grunt.

“Your virgin kaçak bahis siteleri pussy is tight”

The thrusts became tighter and faster, orgasm was coming like a wave of flood.

“Ah!” a loud moan escaped me, but he pushed his hand over my mouth.

“Do you like it?” he smirked.

I was out of breath. He pushed and pushed as his fingers ran quickly over my little bud of flesh. Sensitive that a spark would be enough. The man came violently filling her with hot and thick sperm. The streams of cream whitened the sticky throbbing vagina walls crossed by a violent orgasm.

I arched my back and a long cry of pleasure was muffled by the stranger’s hand. Again the smell of aftershave filled my nostrils. The man leaned his forehead against my neck panting “The perfect Cumhole” he whispered before sneak out of me.

Embarrassed I quickly buttoned the blouse, while his semen drooled between my thighs.

was a mess: the mascara was melted, the lips were swollen, and the pantyhoses were sticky.

He noticed it, in the glass I saw his smile turn into a grin.

“I know you will miss me” he took an object from his briefcase and passed it between my legs, I gasped despite the velvety touch.

“Shhhh” he whispered and with a dry gesture he inserted the dildo inside my still sensitive pussy which contracted violently around the unknown object.

“Keep my cum inside” the man took my cell phone and memorized his number “Consider it a gift”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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