Train Meeting

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It’s a summers day and I take the train to where I wanna go. As I live in a village, it’s a slow train which at this time of the day is almost empty. Still I find a place opposite a lady dressed like a businesswoman. Dark grey miniskirt and jacket, white blouse, black stockings (?) and pumps with rather high heels. She’s reading a glossy and has a laptop bag next to her on the seat. When I sit down she looks at me and greets with a little nod.

I also get a magazine from my bag and start reading. Once in a while I look up at the woman opposite who has very nice legs. Sometimes we have eye contact but ever so short. After several times I let my eyes go down from hers to her legs and back which she obviously notices. The next time I look she’s got her legs crossed which shows a lot more. Looking up to her eyes I think I see a little smile. Some minutes later I look again and see that she slit down a bit on the seat so I now know for sure she wears stockings; I can see the lacy top part of sexy hold-ups. Looking at her eyes she clearly smiles which has a noticeable effect on me and forces me to rearrange my clothes. She must have seen that!

Than our tickets are checked so we wouldn’t have to mind that anymore. But the carriage is getting a bit fuller and a middle aged woman is sitting at the other site of the aisle. But no-one else can see us and she’s reading a boring women’s magazine so I don’t Antep Escort worry about her.

Next time I look the businesswoman asks me mind her bag while she goes, probably to the toilet. She’s got a very sexy voice and of course I oblige. When she comes back she obviously puts a black bra and French knickers in her bag which she places in the overhead luggage rack. Doing so she has to stretch, showing some leg above the lacy stocking tops and even a hind of her buttocks. Of course she could have asked me to put her bag there but I’m glad she didn’t.

Sitting down she behaves clearly more challenging. She opens some buttons of her jacket so I get a good look of her cleavage. She must have opened the buttons of her blouse already before. She also puts one leg on the raised plinth under the window so I get a nice view of her gorgeous thigh’s. Pretending she doesn’t notice me looking she continues reading her glossy leaving me with problems controlling my erection. I try to read as well but can’t keep myself from looking more and more, especially when she slides down even further so her skirt rides up to halfway her ass.

Next time I look at her eyes she smiles, looks down which I follow and opens her legs enough to show me she likes pubic hair just as much as I do: NOT. The glimpse of her pussy makes me almost cum in my pants so I have to look at my magazine for a while Antep Escort Bayan to control myself. But who could keep his eyes from someone like her? Not me! So I have to look again and see that she’s got even more daring. Her full breasts are almost out in the open; just her erect nipples are still covered with the thin almost transparent fabric of her blouse. Pretending to do so without thinking she rubs them with her left hand causing them to stand out even more.

Every time we stop at a station we have to mind no-one will disturb our little game but we are lucky. Just the woman on the other site seemed to have noticed what we are doing and looks quite openly, having one hand under her magazine in her lap. But my attention is focused on the lady in front of me. I know that after the previous station we will have a long stretch without any stops so let’s see what happens.

Again I look at her eyes with she lowers to my crotch and with a little nod she makes clear that she wants to see some action from my site. I’m glad that I got the permission to give my erection some space as it started to hurt. Having my magazine to cover up in case of emergency, I show her the hardest boner I had in years. I have to handle it carefully as not to cum straight-away. As if she’s been waiting for this moment the lady gets up, hoists her skirt up so I get the best view of the day Escort Antep turns around to show one just as great and than lowers herself on to my dick all without a word. In spite of what happened before I am speechless as well but also have hardly any reason to protest.

She makes clear that I have to sit still but allows me to take her breasts in my hands and massage her nipples that have now freed themselves. She slowly rotates her ass and makes us both cum very soon which under the circumstances isn’t bad as we are taking quite a risk. My partner simply gets up with a short: “Thank you”, gets her clothes decent again, sits down and continues reading her magazine.

When I look over to the other woman I see that she stopped pretending not to be effected by us and just gets her hand from under her skirt. Her face is bright red and she’s panting as if she just ran a marathon. She gives us a big eyed smile so we don’t have to fear anything from her. It’s good that I don’t have an important meeting afterwards as my clothes bear the signs of what’s happened which I try to clean away as good as possible.

Than the next station is announced and we get up to leave. The middle aged lady waits until I’m close and gives me a card saying: “Please call me when you plan to do this again, it was a long time ago that I had so much fun”. It’s obvious for her that we know each other and that it was just a very satisfying role-play. We have to start thinking of the next scene but that there will be one is obvious. And who knows, maybe we’ll include the older woman as well, why not give some pleasure when you get some in return?


The Fucking Dutchman ©

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32