Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 06

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – In Chapter 6 of this kinky and outrageous early 1990s sexual comedy, trailer park girl Breanna accompanies her relatives to a family dinner where her cousin John and his girlfriend Samantha have an important announcement. Can Breanna, not known for subtlety or sensitivity, keep her mouth shut and behave for once in her life, or will she again destroy everything in her path?

Please enjoy Chapter 6 of Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules and check out the earlier chapters if you haven’t already done so, along with its predecessor, Spoiled Princess Hates Camping.

All characters engaging in sexual activity are aged 18-years-old and older, and all characters and situations are fictional, with similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional.


BREANNA’S facial expression changed to one of puzzlement as it was not the tall, big-boned, enormous-breasted figure of her cousin Kate to emerge from the car, but an attractive and very skinny woman who looked to be aged in her early 30s, wearing glasses, a blouse and black mini-skirt, her long brown hair tied back in a pony-tail.

Having not seen the new arrival for some time, it took Breanna some time to recall who she was; her Aunt Anna’s younger sister Kirsty Doyle. Breanna remembered her aunt and uncle discussing that Kirsty was visiting from Philadelphia that evening, and the blonde trailer park girl resolved that she would have to wait longer for Kate to arrive home and walk into the fake toilet paper prank.

Kirsty rang the doorbell, the dogs barking at the sound. Downstairs at the Wilson house, Bob had become even grumpier as he called the trailer park to see if his niece had returned there after abandoning her intern work earlier in the day.

First he spoke to his nephew Dustin, the slacker sounding like he was stoned and offering nothing constructive. Next he spoke to his sister-in-law Rosanne, who as was often the case sounded drunk. Next Bob had shared a conversation with his loser brother Wyatt, which mainly consisted of Wyatt saying ‘yeah’, ‘nuh’ and ‘dunno’ to most of Bob’s question, and taking no interest in his daughter Breanna and the trouble she was causing, most recently with a vanishing act.

The doorbell rang as Bob put down the phone and he strode to answer it, keeping a neutral expression as he opened the door to reveal his much-younger sister-in-law Kirsty. Of his five siblings and Anna’s five siblings, Kirsty finished third for making him grouchy. His own brother Wyatt, the lazy slacker who only made contact if he wanted something and was married to the dreadful Rosanne producing six awful kids topped the list. Runner-up was Anna’s older sister Carole, the snob who had gone to New York, married a wealthy young man and produced the spoiled brat Madison.

These two black sheep were infinitely more annoying than Kirsty, but Bob still found plenty of capacity to be annoyed at the youngest in Anna’s family. Anna’s parents had had one kid every two years even during the Second World War when her father was home from military service, starting with Carole in 1941, two boys in 1943 & 1945, Anna in 1947 and another brother in 1949. Then one night in 1960, there must have been nothing on television, because in 1961 Kirsty was born twelve years after the youngest brother, and a full twenty years after the oldest sister Carole.

While the baby of the family was without doubt intelligent, Bob remembering that as a child Kirsty could do amazing multiplication in her head such as 23 times 35, 77 times 59 and 61 squared and as a teenager could recite the periodic table of elements in order. However, the girl was also amazingly highly-strung, skittish and scatter-brained. Bob remembered taking the girl for a driving lesson in 1977 and had to fight the urge to leap from the moving car and run for it. Over 17 years later, he still had nightmares about this and a 1978 incident when Kirsty, now to the horror of Bob the holder of a driver’s license issued by the State of Pennsylvania, tried driving an automatic car rather than the more familiar stick shift. Kirsty had put the car into ‘Drive’ rather than ‘Reverse’, and sped forward, Bob forced to jump onto the hood to avoid being run over.

Now Kirsty was an agricultural scientist based in Philadelphia, and Bob and Anna pondered how the academically clever but common sense deprived young woman got by. Being attractive, Kirsty had no trouble finding boyfriends but keeping them was the challenge for her. She had had more boyfriends than Anna could recall, this not the result of promiscuity but the guys not seeing much future with a young woman who was completely disorganized and forgetful.

“Hello Kirsty,” said Bob politely.

“Hello Bob,” said Kirsty, her slim figure entering the house.

The very different brother and sister-in-law engaged in small talk about their respective jobs and how their summers were going that interested neither for a few minutes before Kirsty said, “I just need to use your bathroom.” She mounted the stairs on her skinny legs, Bob glancing at istanbul escort the floor as Kirsty’s white panties came into view, the girl’s mini-skirt so short it was impossible to avoid this.

On the first floor, Dylan had discretely positioned himself so he could observe the slim figure of his hot young aunt as she reached the landing, and the diminutive young man felt his groin expanding as Kirsty’s mini-skirt bounced up momentarily to show her white panty fabric. Kirsty’s panties were of great interest to Dylan, and he had taken several opportunities to smell them in the past, loving his aunt’s feminine smell. Another time Kirsty had been wearing pantyhose, and Dylan delighted in sniffing the oval-shaped fabric in the crotch that allowed Kirsty’s vagina to breathe, the musty smell of warm pussy lingering in his memory banks to this day.

Dylan’s erection grew more and more as Kirsty went into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her. Soon, his hot young aunt would pull down her panties and sit on the toilet just a matter of feet from him. Dylan always fantasized about attractive women who were showering or using the toilet when they visited the house. Of his sister’s friends, pretty red-haired Bridget and Italian-American beauty Katrina, both working the summer as camp counsellors had most unusual ways of using the toilet. Without fail, Katrina would flush the toilet both before and after using it whether she needed a quick pee, or was on the toilet for some time as she moved her bowels and wiped herself with toilet paper. Bridget would sit on the toilet and empty her bladder and her bowels, stand up and flush it, then sit back down and get toilet paper to wipe herself clean, before flushing again when she finished.

Along the hallway in John’s bedroom, unlike her perverted voyeur of a cousin Dylan, Breanna was fuming. This skinny bitch would ruin her prank on Kate. Hoping that she was only going to check her make-up Breanna held her breath, waiting.

In the bathroom, Kirsty was fortunately unaware that her using the bathroom was turning on her nephew and antagonizing the niece of her sister and brother-in-law. The pretty young woman checked for toilet paper and seeing a full roll on the holder, lifted her skirt and pulled her white bikini-style panties down to her ankles, showing a full bush of brown pubic hair over her mound. Kirsty sat her bare bottom onto the toilet, the slim lips of her pink vagina visible as she did, and the sound of her urinating filled the bathroom as her yellow pee stream emerged from her urethra.

Breanna cursed as she heard Kirsty peeing. The prank was ruined, completely ruined! Fuck it! In sharp contrast, Dylan was in raptures at the sound of his aunt’s pee going into the toilet bowl. When the sound abated, in the silence of the house he heard Kirsty answer in the affirmative the question that has mystified men for years; ‘Do pretty girls fart?’ when his pretty young aunt farted loudly on the toilet, before a series faint splashing sounds as Kirsty emptied her bowels with what sounded like quite a rush.

Behind the closed and locked bathroom door, Kirsty sat on the toilet, her skirt hitched up around her waist and her white panties around her ankles, her feet visible in the shoes she was wearing. Kirsty reached for the toilet roll to unwind herself some toilet paper, the young woman paused with a puzzled expression as the toilet tissue failed to tear. She again tried, and again failed to unwind herself some toilet paper. The girl became more confused, frustrated and frantic as she tried again to get paper from the toilet roll, but then her face showed relief as she saw her salvation in the form of the doll whose dress covered the spare toilet roll.

Reaching up, Kirsty grabbed the toilet doll and removed the spare roll of toilet paper but the young woman was dismayed when she could not tear the tissue from this toilet roll either. “What on Earth?” she mumbled, her eyes roaming the bathroom for any more toilet paper or tissues, seeing nothing.

“Damn it,” the frustrated Kirsty said under her breath as she contemplated her predicament; stranded on the toilet with her panties around her ankles, halfway through having a poo and toilet paper she could not tear from the roll. Despite her embarrassment, there was only one thing the girl could do. “Hello?” Kirsty called out. “Could somebody please help me?”

In most men’s lives, there comes the time they have to rescue the woman they love when she has a toilet paper emergency. For Bob and Anna, this came a few days after Christmas 1975. Anna, in the last stages of her pregnancy with the twins and about ten days away from her due date had been lying down resting. John, then a toddler, had been racing around the house with the dogs unable to play outdoors due to the snow and sleet, the trio finding the toilet roll in the bathroom an ideal toy, removing all the tissue and taking it away for their games. Feeling a sudden urgency in her back passage, Anna had waddled across the hallway on sore bare feet to the bathroom, closed the door, pulled escort bayan down her panties and sat on the toilet, so desperate she failed to check for toilet paper. As she emptied her bowels into the toilet, Anna reached across for some toilet paper and her facial expression turned to one of horror as her fingers made contact not with soft toilet tissue, but an empty cardboard tube.

Hearing his wife’s frantic call for help, Bob had raced upstairs thinking she may have gone into labor early but found himself at a locked bathroom door, Anna saying that she had no toilet paper, and could he please help her. So Bob had to retrieve a new roll of toilet paper from the closet, get the bathroom door key and stand with his back to Anna, passing his heavily pregnant wife the toilet roll, her hand emerging to take it, before Bob closed the door to leave Anna to finish on the toilet in privacy.

John and Samantha’s experience had come much earlier than that of his parents, the day of their high school graduation, the first Saturday of June 1992, a fine and sunny day. In households with a teenage daughter, the stocks of toilet paper tend to diminish more than usual when she is menstruating, and this was certainly the case in the Williams house with Samantha, who had her period in the week leading up to graduation. Her time of the month finished on the Friday, and on the Saturday morning Samantha had busied herself with chores which included cleaning the bathroom. Seeing that just two sheets of toilet paper remained on the roll, Samantha went to replace it but was distracted when the telephone in the kitchen rang. It was one of her girlfriends, and Samantha soon got absorbed talking about the graduation ceremony to be held that afternoon, and the fun they were all going to have that night.

The toilet paper situation was still unresolved when John arrived in the early afternoon, with Ted and Pat Williams keen to get some photographs of their daughter and her boyfriend wearing their graduation gowns and mortar boards. Chris, like many autistic people, had a tendency to become afraid of unfamiliar and unlikely things and he became freaked by his sister and her boyfriend wearing the unfamiliar graduation gowns and mortar boards. With Chris rocking back and forth working himself into a state, his parents had taken him for a walk up the street to try and calm him down, concerned about how he would react at Samantha’s whole class dressed like this.

Samantha needed the toilet, so had gone upstairs into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, hitched up her skirt and pulled down her panties before sitting down on the toilet. Normally Samantha was always careful to check for toilet paper before she went to the toilet, but as she was cleaning the bathroom that very morning she was sure she had done everything so was less cautious. As Samantha emptied her bowels, the girl reached for the toilet roll and stopped in horror as her fingers found only two sheets of tissue and realized to her horror that she had forgotten the last and most important thing of cleaning bathrooms, and was stuck on the toilet with her panties around her ankles and not enough toilet paper.

Normally Samantha would have called out for her mother to help her, but with Pat Williams out of the house, the rescue mission fell to John. John took a roll of toilet paper from the closet and standing with his back to where the toilet was located and his eyes closed, passed it through the door to Samantha, the stranded teenager’s hand emerging to grab it before she closed the door again, Samantha fitting the new toilet roll onto the holder so she could continue using the toilet. When Samantha finished and flushed the toilet, pulled up her panties and returned downstairs after washing her hands, she suggested to John that they never talk about this incident again, a proposal John was only too happy to agree with.

Dylan of course was not married like his parents, nor did he have a serious relationship like John and Samantha so he had never encountered this situation before. However, he was keen to help a damsel in distress and hearing his aunt call out for help in the bathroom, was anxious to assist her with whatever problem she had. Would he be able to see more of Kirsty than he had ever dreamed of? Possibly, but seeing his hot young aunt’s pubic hair and pussy would probably be unrealistic. However, there was a good chance of seeing her lowered panties if he was careful enough. Breathing heavily with anticipation and perspiring, Dylan went to get off the bed, but was so absorbed with his fantasies that he had not heard his father coming up the stairs, Bob passing by the bathroom when the stranded Kirsty called for help again. Dylan cursed under his breath as his father stole his thunder, walking over to the bathroom with a puzzled expression and knocking on the door.

“Kirsty? Is everything okay in there?” Bob asked.

“Oh Bob, thank God,” came Kirsty’s voice. “This is really embarrassing, but there’s something wrong with the toilet paper.”

Bob frowned. What the fuck was this latest drama Kadıköy escort with his scatter-brained sister-in-law? How could anything be wrong with the fucking toilet paper? “What do you mean, there’s something wrong with the toilet paper Kirsty?” Bob asked, not comfortable at all about talking with his wife’s much younger sister while she was on the toilet.

“I don’t know, the toilet paper won’t tear from the roll,” said Kirsty.

“The toilet paper won’t tear?” Bob asked incredulously.

“Yes, I can’t tear the paper,” said Kirsty, looking down at her feet and lowered panties. “Could you please get me some more toilet paper, or some tissues?”

“Okay, just hold on,” said Bob.

“Well, I can’t go anywhere,” came Kirsty’s reply.

Shaking his head, Bob walked over to the storage closet and took two rolls of toilet paper, taking them back to the bathroom door. “I’ll open the door and walk in backwards, and you take them from me,” said Bob. “Could you give me the problem toilet rolls?”

“Can you keep your eyes closed please?” Kirsty asked. The young woman closed her legs tightly, pulling her skirt down to ensure her pubic hair was completely covered.

“Of course,” said Bob, the tone in his voice short, his patience wearing thinner by the minute after yet another bad day.

Bob unlocked and opened the bathroom door and walked backwards, his eyes closed in the direction of the toilet where Kirsty sat, Bob feeling her hands reach out and take the toilet rolls from him, replacing them with the fake toilet paper. He switched to breathing through his mouth very quickly as Kirsty’s toilet smell entered his nostrils.

“Thank you!” Kirsty called as Bob beat a hasty retreat out of the bathroom, closing and locking the door to leave Kirsty to finish on the toilet in privacy.

Bob puzzled over the fake rolls of toilet paper, frowning as he like his sister-in-law was unable to tear any toilet paper from it. “What in hell?’ he mumbled. Obviously this was some sort of prank. Breanna entered his mind as prime suspect, but Bob had no idea where his tramp of a niece was, so maybe not. It was definitely something that Dylan’s idiot friends Wayne and Kenny would do, and if Bob found out they were responsible, he would skin them alive as well as Dylan for bringing them here. One thing was for sure, Bob was going to get to the bottom of this, but he had to work out a way to catch the culprit. If he confronted either Breanna or Dylan outright, but would simply deny it.

Taking the fake toilet rolls, Bob walked downstairs. Upstairs, Dylan still cursed at his father being the one who got to rescue Aunt Kirsty with her toilet paper problem rather than him, while the devious Breanna, still hiding in John’s room, was feeling more than satisfied. While the prank had failed to catch Kate, she now had a considerable weapon to use against her fuck-head of an uncle. Rescuing his sister-in-law from a bathroom emergency was something that was obviously embarrassing to Bob, and probably something he wouldn’t want to be revealed, especially in public …

In the bathroom, Kirsty fitted one toilet roll onto the holder, placed the other under the doll, and unwound herself some toilet paper, wiping her pink pussy first, then getting a second length and using it to wipe her anus front to back.

Kirsty relaxed the muscles in her rectum, and more poo came oozing out of her anus, the young woman getting more toilet paper to again wipe her bottom. The pretty, pony-tailed brunette moved her bowels for the third and final time, before advancing the toilet roll three times to complete wiping herself clean.

Standing up, Kirsty flushed the toilet, pulled up and adjusted her panties, smoothed down her skirt and washed her hands at the sink, before exiting the bathroom and going downstairs. She immediately met Bob as she walked to the front door, a definite awkwardness between the brother and sister-in-law after what had happened a few minutes earlier.

“So, I see my parents are home,” said Kirsty.

“Yes, I saw them return about five minutes ago,” said Bob.

“Your garden looks good,” Kirsty volunteered.

“Yes, Anna and I like gardening,” said Bob.

Kirsty opened the door, and said in a nervous, self-conscious manner, “Um Bob, thank you for being there for me, when um, you know?”

“Don’t mention it,” said Bob, as Kirsty exited the house to move her car to her parents’ house where she would be sleeping the night, before driving back to Philadelphia the next morning. “No, really don’t mention it, Kirsty,” Bob grumbled as he closed the door.

The afternoon’s events brought back memories of another embarrassing incident with his sister-in-law. This had taken place in 1979, when Kirsty was 18-years-old and a senior in high school. It was Bob and Anna’s wedding anniversary, and they were going out to dinner at the nice restaurant in town, the same one where the family was going tonight with the Williams family, although back then it had a different owner and name. Kirsty had volunteered to baby-sit the three kids, something that Bob and Anna had reservations about. Kirsty was hopelessly absent-minded, and while five-year-old John and three-year-old Kate would behave themselves, Dylan was a different story, the hyperactive three-year-old certain to misbehave for his inexperienced aunt.

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