Tracey’s Backseat Rendezvous

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Big Dicks

I’m Tracey and my boyfriend Sean and I have been dating for over a year now. Just recently, I’ve been feeling as though our sex life needs to be kicked up a notch. I usually cum during our sack sessions, but it’s not from him screwing me, it’s usually while my fingers are playing with my clit while he does. I don’t remember ever having an orgasm from penetration alone. I didn’t want to tell Sean that I wasn’t being fully satisfied; I know I probably should, but I really didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Although what I did to solve my problem would probably hurt him more than not telling him I wasn’t satisfied ever could have.

Let me tell you a little about Sean and myself. We are both in our early 20s and come from a family based background. I’m 5’7 with medium length chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. Sean is 6’1, in great physical condition, with short blonde hair and the most stunning blue eyes. He’s gorgeous and I’m pretty sure he loves me as much as I love him.

One night, Sean called to tell me that he wasn’t going to be home until late so I told him that I’d make plans to go out with one of my friends. So my good friend Krista and I went to a bar, and we sat a few chair away from a couple of good-looking guys. We were chatting and making some eye contact with them, when the bartender came up and said that the guys had just bought us a round of drinks. Krista and I decided to move our seats next to them, and we sat together with the guys on either side of us. Soon we were flirting like crazy. The guys bought us round after round of drinks, and soon I was not only very horny, but drunk.

The guy I was talking to, Jeff, had his hand on my knee before guiding it up to rest just at the hem of my short skirt. Feeling his fingers playing at the edge, made me think of his fingers against my wet pussy and I took hold of his hand. Leaning over I asked in a hushed whisper if he’d like to get out of here. We said our goodbyes to our bar mates and walked out of the bar. Standing outside Jeff pulled me to him and pressed his lips against mine, he slipped illegal bahis his tongue into my mouth and moved his hands to grab my ass through my skirt. Pulling me closer to him, I felt his erection pressing against my pussy.

He led me to his car, and instantly I felt naughty and got into the backseat. As he drove, I hooked my legs over the front seats, and saw him glance and he almost lost control of the car when he saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties, and that my pussy was glistening with wetness. I lifted my shirt and played with my braless tits, getting my nipples to hard peaks. When Jeff looked at me in the rearview mirror I licked two of my fingers and dipped them down between my legs and worked them into my pussy.

It took us forever to get to the park that was only five minutes away, and when he finally parked, he halfway climbed through the seats and he stuck his head between my open thighs and licked my pussy from my clit down to my ass. I hooked my legs over his shoulders as he went about licking and sucking at my pussy. I moaned when he slipped his tongue into my wet folds and used his fingers to rub my clit; soon he replaced his attention and tongued my clit while sinking one, two and finally three fingers into my sopping pussy. I even came over his tongue once before we changed positions.

I crouched between his legs, my back tightly pressed against one of the front seats as I unzipped his jeans and freed his cock. Gripping it in one of my hands, the other hand moving slightly downward to play with his balls, I took the head of his cock in my mouth, before moving off to trail my tongue down from tip to base and back up again. Jeff moaned, telling me how fuckin hot I was, and even though my mouth was hot and wet, he couldn’t wait to sink his dick into my tight cunt. I was so wet at this point; I thought that I might cum just from sucking his prick.

When I felt that he was close to cumming I removed my mouth from his cock, he told me how he wanted to fuck me so he reached up as soon as I moved out of the way to get a condom illegal bahis siteleri from the glove box, a moment later he looked back at me with a sad look on his face when he said he didn’t have one in there, and I guess I shocked him when I told him to screw me anyway.

I straddled his legs and he guided that big cock into my waiting-oh-so-anxious pussy, the smell of sex had already filled the car and all I could do was moan when he filled me to the hilt. While I rode his cock, I told him he was the best fuck I’d ever had and how bad I needed a cock like his, filling me all the way. I also told him how I liked to be fucked, and he pulled out, flipping me onto my stomach and pulled my ass up to meet his cock, he ran the head between my cheeks and pressed against my asshole. When I moaned he pushed the head in and then pulled out and slammed into my pussy with all his might. I swear that I almost had a gushing orgasm right then.

While he continued to fuck me, he circled his arm around my waist and caught some of my flowing juices on his hand and brought it back around to play with my ass, sinking a finger into my ass I had my first orgasm with his cock buried deep in my steamy snatch. I screamed as I came hard around his cock, he swore as my pussy muscles contracted tightly around his cock and he spanked my ass telling me I was a bad girl, that he didn’t tell me I could cum and that I couldn’t again until he told me I could.

I tried my hardest not to cum as he gave me hard thrusts, but it felt too good, and there I was, in the backseat of his car, getting my cunt pounded when there was a bright light that filled the car, I came around Jeff’s cock again when the rear passenger door opened and there was a uniformed officer standing in front of us. I just had to scan his body and when I did, I realized that he must have been watching us for a while, for his cock was rock hard and it was sticking out the zipper of his slacks. Jeff came inside me for the first time, as the cop pulled my hair and guided my mouth to his cock.

I wrapped my canlı bahis siteleri lips around the cop’s cock as I was screwing Jeff, who kept pumping away at my tight soaked cunt, reaching my hand up I stroked his shaft and bobbed my head over his dick. While I deep throated the cop, Jeff had pulled out of my cunt and dipped three fingers in. I whimpered when I felt his fingers leave but he quickly replaced them again with his still hard cock. Using his cum-soaked fingers he pushed one finger into my ass, stretching it. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as he tangled his fingers in my hair to keep me close. I ran my tongue all along the stiff prick between my lips, and using my tongue to circle the head and dip the tip into the tiny hole at the head. Taking my mouth away, I placed my lips on the side of his cock and kissed down towards his balls, which I kissed and licked and sucked.

I felt like such a slut getting fucked and sucking cock of two strangers. With no warning at all the cop pulled from mouth and grabbed hold of his own dick, stroking it a few times, I watched as jet after jet of hot cum shot from his cock. I relished in the fact that he was going to cum on my face, and when one of the shots hit my cheek and another across my lips, I gushingly came around the cock in my pussy for the third time.

I heard Jeff curse as his seed filled my sated pussy. I relaxed a little bit when, without a word, the cop put his cock back in his pants and shut the car door. Slumping against the seat, my cheek resting against the cool faux leather of the backseat, Jeff pulled out. After cleaning up as best he could, Jeff drove me home and as I got out he said, “Thanks for the hot fuck”. Rushing in the door I realized that Sean had yet to get home, so I jumped in the shower to clean all the cum off and out of my body. I felt so relaxed when I climbed into bed that night that I instantly fell asleep.

Maybe being with another man while my boyfriend was at work was only a one-time thing. I felt guilty that I had slept with another man. But man-oh-man was my craving for sex satisfied. (At least for the night).

Sean hasn’t found out yet, and I hope he never does, and a repeat performance of the night I spent in the backseat of a stranger’s car, hasn’t happened again, but I’ll never forget it.

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