Toy Story Ch. 01

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I came home late, the house was dark. It’d been a fucking hell of a day, getting up early, doing a lot of field work in Jacksonville, answering a lot of stupid questions from the users, and then flying home. Well, you know what airports are like these days, I don’t have to explain. The house was dark, no doubt you were asleep, I couldn’t blame you for that. I crept up to the bedroom, and though the t.v. was on, I could tell from the sound of your breathing that you had nodded off. I took off my jacket, hung it up, and looked at you sleeping there, watching you for a second, your breasts rising and falling with each deep breath. God, I love you. My tie already loosened, I took it off and hung it up, unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it in the bin. Off with the shoes–damn that feels good to get out of those shoes. I undid my pants and hung them up too, then slipped my socks and underwear off. It was good to be naked, and I couldn’t wait to get into bed with my sweetheart, even if you were asleep. I noticed my shadow on the wall, cast by the cool bluish light from the television, and thought, “not bad for a guy my age.” My cock stirred–just a little, and embarrassed as I am to admit it, I enjoyed seeing my profile against the wall.

I crept to bed, and tried to climb in without disturbing you, but then I heard you say, “Hi.”

“Hello, sweetheart. How ya doin’?” I whispered.

“I’m fine. I missed you.”

“I missed you too, honey. It feels so good to be home.”

“Did you have a good trip?”

“Not bad. How about you? Did you survive without me?”

“Yeah; of course.”

“So you mean you didn’t miss me?”

“Of course I did. That’s not the same thing as surviving.”

“My legal beagle. Always precise.”

“Duh,” you said, the added: “So, did you bring me anything?”

“Yeah, I did, as a matter of fact.”

“Really,” you said, sitting up. “Where?”

I reached into my briefcase, and pulled out a new seven-inch long vibrator. White, rigid, plain, old-fashioned. In the dim light cast by the t.v., it seemed to glow.

“Wow,” you said. “It’s nice.”

“Wanna escort şişli try it out?” I asked.

“You’re not too tired?” you inquired.

“What does it have to do with me? It’s all yours,” I said.

“I want you to use it on me,” you replied.

I didn’t say anything else. I took the vibrator in my hand, and turned the switch just slightly, and pulled down the bed covers. You were wearing your usual t-shirt but instead of long sleep-pants, you had on only a thong. I recognised it as one I’d given to your, a Christmas gift. Holding the toy between my index- and forefinger, I placed the vibrating rod over your cloth-clad vagina, and just let it buzz against your clit. You moaned when it touched your cunt, and arched your hips ever so slightly to increase the pressure.

“You like it,” I said.

“Mmmm,” you sighed. “I want to feel it inside me.” Your eyes were closed, and a grin crossed your lips. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought you was asleep and dreaming.

“It’s rather big,” I noted, matter-of-factly, “bigger than I am.”

“That’s okay,” you said, “you’ll know when to stop.”

I pressed the vibrator more forcefully against your, and even in the dim blue flicker of the t.v., I could notice a dark stain forming on the fabric of your underwear. Your hands went up to your breasts, which you kneaded gently, and I eased aside the leg band of the thong to expose your carefully trimmed pubic patch. Your lips were puffy and slightly distended, glistening from your moisture. I put the toy in my mouth, to moisten it with my saliva, and then slid it across your labia. You arched your back and gasped.

“Fuck me with it, Daddy. Make me come.”

You licked your lips in anticipation as you allowed the sensation of the pulsing plastic rod to fill your thoughts. I placed my hand over your dripping vagina, and spread your labia apart with my fingers, exposing the soft, pink inner flesh to the cool night air. I touched you there with the vibrator, easing the pointed tip between your lips, and watched as your hungry cunt seemed to devour escort etiler it. Although I was already hard and leaking pre-come, I seemed to grow watching inch after inch of the toy slide inside your. So transfixed by the eroticism of the sight before me, I hardly noticed your rapid breathing and the increasing volume of your moans and sighs. I looked up at your beautiful face, your eyes clenched shut now, your mouth a little “o” as a continuous wail escaped your lips. You had pushed up your top and was vigorously tugging at your gorgeous breasts, pulling and twisting your hard, distended nipples.

“I coming, baby. Oh, god, I’m coming.”

I now had all but one inch of the little machine buried deep within your spasming vagina, and you began to thrash around on the bed, throwing your body side-to-side. I could press in no further, you were filled, and exploded orgasmic bliss.

“That’s my good little girl,” I said, teasingly. “You’re such a good girl.” I turned down the speed of the motor, to it’s lowest setting letting it hum gently inside your, and got on my knees before that dazzling view, softly kissing the smooth satiny skin between your torso and inner thighs. But like a moth to the flame, my tongue moved to the center and source of the heat, and I flicked your clitoris a few times, before gently sucking it between my lips.

“Oh, Daddy, I want you to fuck me, honey. Take me, please!”

Getting off my knees, I rolled you onto your side. With the vibrator still safely in place, I began kissing the soft, full globes of your ass, gradually moving up the bed, kissing, nibbling and sucking my way up your body.

I lingered at the small of your back, rotating my tongue around the rim of the little bowl it made. You squirmed and I reached around to increase the speed of the vibrator, still lodged deeply inside your cunt. I continued moving upward, kissing each vertebrae along your spine, lingering a second, touching them lightly with my teeth, one by one. By the time my head was nestled between your shoulder blades, I was stretched out along the bed beside your. I bayan escort taksim eased my hips forward, and my erection poked the soft mass of your butt. Kissing and nibbling at your shoulder, I reached around to join my hand to yours, still kneading and pinching your nipples. The pre-come oozing from my cock lubricated the flesh between your butt cheeks, and my rod slowly slide inside. I kissed the back of your jaw, just below the ear, and whispered “I love you, baby. I want you.”

“Yes, honey,” you said, “take me. Fuck me. Love me.”

I reached down, and slide the vibrator from your vagina, slick with your juice. you raised your leg and drapped it over mine, and my cock found it’s way to your soft center. As I slowly inserted myself in your damp tunnel, I brought the toy up and played it across your breasts, buzzing your naked nipple, clicking against the ring of your pierced nipple. You arched your back, thrusting your hips towards me, taking all of me in, deeply. I began to stroke, slowly, but steadily and firmly, the cares of the day had evaporated, my thoughts filled only with my love for my good girl. You reached your hand down and tugged lightly at my balls, urging me on. “Fill me, Daddy,” you said, “I want to feel you splash inside me.” It was so soft, so gentle, so loving to hear those words, and yet they did spur me on, and I increased the tempo, almost involuntarily. My pelvis was slapping against your butt now, and I could feel my semen rising from my balls. Perhaps you noticed it too, somehow, because you began a long, low steady moan, and I was sure that another orgasm was building in you.

“I’m going to come, honey,” I gasped.

“Yes, baby, come in me. I want your come.”

A few more rapid strokes sent me over the edge, and I stiffened as my seed spilled into your hot, moist vagina, mixing and mingling with your juice. Did you feel the jets of come pour into your cunt? I don’t know, but you too were climaxing now, pulling my balls, pinching your nipples.

I was spent, and lay there in the dark, silently. “I love you, Stinky,” you said. I turned off the vibrator and placed it on the nightstand, my softening cock still buried deep within you. As I hugged you, I felt sleep overtaking me. One last little kiss on the back of your neck. “It’s good to be home, baby,” I muttered, “it’s good to be where I belong.”

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