Toxic Cougar

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Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don’t read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

All characters and facts are pure imagination. Everybody is over 18 years old.

This story is a kind of sequel to “Toxic MILF” series, but it can also be read separately.


At the beginning I thought that running into Vicky in the very first day we arrived in that small town was the best luck I could ever have.

I didn’t know anybody else there, so I was very happy to find that incredibly stunning looking woman at the gas station. There was a strange aura around her. Vicky seemed to be everybody’s friend, no matter if they were old or young, males or females, anyway a companion to any one who desired a great time. I concluded she was the perfect local guide for me, since she was acting like she was actually owning that place. Vicky introduced me to the local pub, to the local supermarket, to the gas stations, even found a nice and affordable house for us to buy.

And there was no reason they wouldn’t love her. She was a tall brunette, always dressed in a short tight mini-dresses and matching high heels.

At first, I didn’t believe her when she told me she turned forty-five, because she had the body of a 25 year old.

Frankly, I was a little bit envious. I have found out a lot of guys starring at my ass or at my tits, but since I am only 5’2, my legs are much shorter than hers. She towers me with at least 7 inches. But height is not her only eye-catching feature.

I don’t know why, but I felt she was the one able to turn any male into her puppy. She was the one that could ask for anything and everybody could only try to do their best to get her whatever she wanted them to do, exactly as she wanted them to. That is why I always felt comfortable to be close to her.

But I was not happy anymore when I thought she introduced my husband to her sweet, most wanted pussy. Just one month after we bought that new house, I was sure my husband, Steve, was screwing her.

Somebody could ask me what was the proof I had. That’s a stoopid male’s question. A woman just knows. The way his lustful eyes were following her wicked butt while she was washing her car, the way they were talking, as if they were sharing something, made me think that they were fuck buddies.

Somehow, I was really understanding him. Steve is a hot 35 years old male with one hell of a sex appetite. He couldn’t afford to miss such a hottie. On the other hand, she’s the kind of woman who makes any man drool. Her long legs lead up to a shapely ass and she has the perfect set of hard tits. Her face is pure beauty. And she always wears the tightest blouse.

Those fully explained why he was staying and fucking her with his eyes all day long.

But to understand doesn’t necessarily means to approve. I had to confront them, to see their guilty faces when they will admit they cheated on me. So, I invited her one day to visit us.


When I opened the door, my jaw dropped. I’m sure I closed my eyes for one second, because I was a little bit unsure about what I was seeing.

Right in my face, there were whopping some of the biggest and firmest tits I did ever see. Three buttons of her flowery blouse were opened, and the first one closed was ready to crack under the huge weight of her DD’s. As usual, she didn’t use any bra. She didn’t need it. Her rack was perfect and perfectly complemented her athletic body. I hardly noticed what else she was wearing. As usual, she had one of those skin-tight suit denim skirts and it showed off her tight ass and perfect body. A pair of high heels sandals made her legs look even longer, if possible. Her toenails were painted in a scandalous bright red. She was dressed very comfortably and certainly not provocative in the least, but because of her smoking hot body, it almost seemed obscene.

I had no choice but to invite her inside and place her on a couch, next to me. I went to bring some drinks and I was terribly happy to find her on the couch and Steve staying on an armchair, instead of fucking like rabbits.

As I sat down next to her, she crossed her legs, and her skirt rode up her shapely thighs. I had to admit I had done a big mistake. She was showing too much legs, too much tits, too much arms, too much skin. I could feel with my own eyes the hotness of her flesh. Steve even didn’t try to act like he was listening to our discussion. That bastard had no more control than a teenage boy. It was useless, anyway. It was just plain gossip about cosmetics, neighbors, and her continuous complaining about everything. She was only telling how to look always as good as possible, as if she was trying to convince me that she has the best lifestyle and I should follow her immediately. Bullshit, I wanted to grab her hair and twist it, and she was converting me!

I looked in disbelief as she opened the last two lower buttons to reveal her perfect ripped six pack, I wanted to check out my husband, I knew his eyes were görükle escort ready to burst, but I couldn’t take my own eyes off her abs. Only one button was left!

“I really work out very much for keeping my abs as hard as possible!”

She took my hand and put it on the hard muscles to feel them. I don’t know why, but I felt they were unbearable hot and I had to take my hand off instantly. I was somehow ashamed in an awkward way, although I was not sure why.

She smiled. Strangely, I was out of words. She was superior to me in many ways, that was clear! She continued to talk about the many sacrifices she had to keep the cellulitis away from her body, not to gain weight and so on. Was that dirty hypocrite complaining she looked perfect?

I wondered if my hubby could hear anything from what she was saying, because he was way too busy with the difficult task of memorizing the geography of her endless legs. He already finished all that work, but I still was not able to intrerrupt that annoying chat. I was sure by now that any male would gag her mouth in less that five minutes with his dick, just to finish that countless amount of useless words.

After half of an hour, I began to be sure that I will never have even the smallest opportunity to say anything, and it will be impossible to discuss that I was suspecting my husband was banging her. I was already finding him excuses: she was a really good fuck, always outgoing and ready to take it, and any male would rush to get away from such a wordy bitch, as soon as he came properly.

I don’t know why, but her legs really had something hypnotic. I couldn’t keep myself from admiring them, as I imagined her creaming her limbs, sliding her long fingers over her perfectly outlined muscles of her shiny thighs. From time to time she would catch me starring at her legs; she never said anything but I felt a faint smile on her lips and it seemed that her skirt would then creep a little higher up her thighs and her legs would spread apart just a bit.

I don’t know when she started to tell us how upset she was when her old good friend came to her and ask her to take his nineteen years old boy’s cherry.

“She and I were really close. She always did things for me and I did things for her like helping around her house. What did she think about me? The fact that I look so fine at my age doesn’t mean I am a whore! Look what envious women can think of a better looking one! To ask me to fuck her boy, while my daughter is almost 5 years his senior!”

“You should be proud a teenager lusts after you, Vicky!”

“Gina, I am a woman that seeks excitement and I crave new experiences.! I’m intelligent, unconventional and independent minded. I only get laid with younger men, but I am choosing them according to my own taste, not to their mother’s taste! That’s the problem!”

Steve was only ears by now. He even forgot about watching her legs! Unfortunately, he couldn’t reach up her face, since he was stuck between her breasts.

“Frankly, I invited you to visit us because I was sure Steve is fucking you, and I wanted to be sure about that!!”

“What?” She looked even dumber than before.

“Now I am 100% sure he fucked you, but I don’t blame him, since you are such a good looking woman! At least he scored with an amazing hot lady; you have a superb physique, and an absolutely wonderful body tone!

“So why do you think that I screw him?” Her voice was really menacing. Strangely, I felt I had to step back. I couldn’t believe myself how stoopid I was. I was in my own house, accusing one bitch she had been screwed by my husband, but I was stepping back!

“I really mean it, I understand why he did that, you have such a shapely body and you worked so much for it… Look, I really admire you… But, look, this is so embarrassing… ”

She took a moment to fluff her hair.

“You are jealous, don’t you? You wish you were the first one to fuck me, instead of Steve, don’t you?

“Vicky, this is silly! I just said that given your appearance – a perfectly sculpted knockout from head to toe, it was normal for him to want to do that!”

The shameless bitch fell back into the couch and stretched her long legs, putting her feet up on the coffee table.

“You also want to fuck me. Don’t you? You are craving to taste my pussy. I’m sure you’re already wet down there!” she said.

She let her arm down under my skirt and her fingers lightly caressed my bikini clad crotch.

“Please Vicky”, I whispered. “Stop! This is embarrassing.”

That’s when she slapped me.

“Am I teasing you too much, horny little cunt? Did you believe that I didn’t notice you were lusting for touching my tits? Just tell me how many pussies did you lick?”

My tearing eyes were stuck down on the carpet, so I didn’t see the next slap.

“Tell me! I noticed you liked looking at my legs. You were embarrassed, but you couldn’t help but doing it. How could you think you could fool me?”

My eyes were bursa escort bayan tearing even more, but my lips were sealed.

“Ohh, you little hubby didn’t know you like women, too!” Slap! “Are you ashamed of that?” Slap! “You shouldn’t!” Slap! “You are a little dirty bitch!” Slap! “You know what?” Slap! “He’s also a cunt licker, just like you!” Slap! “Tell him what do girls taste like?”

Vicky’s fingers stucked into my hair, and forced me look into her eyes. After that storm of slaps, I was barely seeing anything.

“Just tell me how many cunts did you lick before!”

“Vicky, please, stop, I beg you!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! It looked like every slap was turning harder than the previous one.

“Just five”, I replied almost impossible to hear.

Slap! That one really hurt! And the fact that Steve was watching us completely stern was even more painful!

“Speak louder, slut!”


The menacing hand turned into caressing my devastated face.

“Here we go!” Vicky said, smiling broadly while she was starring into my eyes. “Now you’re even with him. Too bad your hubby didn’t know how to make you share his secrets!” That was true. When I married Steve three years ago, I really didn’t tell him everything about my past.

Vicky grabbed my hair again, pushing me down on my knees. That really hurt. I felt weak and very intimidated as she released me.

“OK, Steve, shall we continue interviewing your wifey about her little dirty secrets, or would you like to see her in action licking my precious cunt?”

“I’m not sure which one was my favourite choice: knowing what’s going on or not knowing” Steve replied. “I prefere to see her licking your pussy! I think I’ve heard enough words!”

“I was sure about that!”

In a blink of an eye, Vicky sticked painfully her fingers under my cheekbones. “From now on, you are not allowed to ask me whom did I fuck or not. I may fuck whoever I want, including you or your hubby. Is that understood?”

“Yes!” I replied in a trembling voice. This woman was definitely nuts, and I decided myself to do whatever she says until I get rid of her and I will be able to call the police. I felt a terrible joy when she stood up, like she wanted to leave.

“Good! You will take as a big favor the fact that I’ll fuck Steve to show you what a proper fuck means! And you know why?”

“W-Why?” I asked, before she slapped my left ear. She wait for a few seconds, until she thought I was able to hear again. Now I’m sure she slapped me as light as possible.

“Steve, your wife is really stoopid”

“Vicky, she may be stoopid, but please take her more easier. She’s just at the beginning, you know?”

I was overwhelmed. Was my husband afraid of that bitch?

“OK, if you can explain to her and she will listen to what I say, it is OK for me!

To my surprise, Steve came an kneeled next to me, trying to fix my messed hair.

“Honey, please, just listen to what Vicky is asking you to do! I know it’s hard for you to understand, but do it for me, please!”

That was clear, Steve was out of his mind. Those were the most stoopid words he had ever spoken to me. I was drenched in tears.

“Steve, I can understand that you desperately want to fuck this old bitch, but why do you accept me to be humiliated like that?”

“It’s OK, Steve!” Vicky replied calmly. “You tried to explain to her, but she’s dumber than you thought. There’s nothing you can do about it. She cannot get the simple idea that I am making the rules here by now. Why don’t you go and get me another drink, maybe I’ll give you something to do besides watching me taming your wife?”

Steve went to the bar, while I stood up. I was trying to find myself all senses. I thought she would resume beating me, but she was unbelievable cold blooded, as if she was finishing her make-up, not distroying my body and mind.

“As you see, Steve had already understood his place. It was fun making him my bitch. It’s time for you now to learn yours, too.”

She suddenly put her hands on both sides of my head. I tried breaking free of her iron grasp, but the fight lasted less than a second, ending when she dug her strong fingers into my left asscheek. I went limp and she ran her tongue along the my lips. I opened my mouth to say something, but her tongue made its way through inside of my mouth. I had a cry of frustration when I thought she had me. She was taking what was hers. I closed my eyes, trying to control my breathing, hoping she would not notice me I was getting excited.

I was so terribly ashamed to feel deep inside me that she was right! I was feeling an irresistable urge to feel that marvellously tanned skin of her legs, to slip my hand between her beautifully muscled thighs. I wanted to feel her long fingers cupping my hardening tits. She kicked her shoes away. She was still towering me a lot.

“It’s sooo easy! You just have to admit you’re a horny lesbian bitch, craving to lick my spicy pussy! That’s bursa escort all, dear…. And you will be allowed to do it!”

She was right… but deep inside me I was hoping she would take me by force. “You know what? A lot of males, including your hubby had told me I am the best cocksucker they’ve ever seen… . But I have a little dirty secret to share with you” she said, as she leaned to whisper right into my ear. “I am a much, much better cuntlicker”. Then she removed her skirt and stepped out of it, and her blouse went on the floor, too.

“Come on….it’s so easy… . It’s enough for you to admit you want to fuck me…”. She stopped talking for one second, to remove her panties.

She stood right before me. My mouth dropped open. She was a real amazon, in flesh and blood. A tall woman, with an amazingly toned body. One endless moment we were starring in each other’s eyes. Then she moved. She reached out and very calmly proceeded into ripping my blouse off easily, as if it was made in paper. I said nothing, I just tried to break free from her. Whenever she felt me about to resist, she’d grab my wrists and push them away, laughing.

“Comm’on, little one, just behave, you know I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.”

I had no verbal objection as she ruined all the rest of my clothes. All I wanted was to abandon myself to that powerful bitch. She was so strong yet tender, I felt I had to be hers. I was motionless like a statue when she finished.

“I love your tits”, she said. “They are sweet like ripe fruits, and I have to be very careful, because I’m so afraid I will crush them under my heavy hand. They are small but so hard. You’re such a petite hottie. It’s so nice and easy to manhandle you….”

We kissed passionately, while my hands started to explore her perfect mounds.

“That’s how I like you, baby”, she said smiling viciously. “Just don’t be shy, OK?” I slowly lifted my right hand toward her breast. We both watched, with out temples touching, as my hand moved very slowly until it cupped her right tit. At least I tried to, because her breasts were too large for my small hands.

“Play with them the way you want…. I know you need to….”

We touched again our lips in a lustful kiss – our tongues snaking around. Her daring hands were greedily exploring my breasts, working my mounds, in the most possesive way I’ve seen.

I could smell the warmth of her perfume, I watched the movement of her body and the caress of her hair surreptitiously. I wanted to touch her, be touched by her. I was hornier than ever before in my life. She gently touched my too sensitive nipples, smiling. I was not able to control my lust for her anymore. I couldn’t help but sigh loudly when she planted her voluptuous lips over my left nipple. Her long fingers went down my crotch. She sunk them into the moist of my lips, just outside the slit, playing with it and lifted them, licking her fingers, admiring their flavour. She was such a tease!

When she penetrated me with the second finger I felt like I was climbing the walls from pleasure. She was posessing me by her like nobody did before. She engulfed my other nipple and I felt drowning into an orgasmic wave. I took hold of her beautiful head to remove her from my oversensitive breasts. I didn’t expect to cum so soon, I was still so much horny, I was needing a lot more attention from her.

She layed down on the couch, on her back. I went down on my knees. I was now staring at her crotch. I didn’t forced myself to look away. She spread her smooth legs either side of me.

“OK, my little cunt lover” she said, “It’s time for you now to show Steve what a skilled pussy licker you are. Take out your cock, Steve! Stroke your cock while you look up at me fucking the shit out of your precious wife!!”

Her pussy was awsome beautiful. It was so smoothly shaved, and the wetness of her puffy lips was hypnotic. Her scent had a enticingly fragrance. There was no need to force me to do it. I was not anymore able to fight my urge to satisfy the goddess. But I felt so vulnerable when she grabbed my hair, looking me directly in the eyes and then thrusted my head between her open legs so far that my nose sinked into her glistening pussy. She was very dominant and controlling. She knew what she wanted, and I loved that. I like people who get what they want.

“Tongue fuck me! Yesss! As deep as you can….”

I was doing my best. Her wide hips began making upwards thrusting motions. I felt the sole of her left foot pressing on the small of my back.

“You love eating my pussy. Don’t you?” I tried to moan an approval, my mouth was too busy working on her slit. I sticked two fingers inside the sloppy cunt hotness. I slided them until I reached the G point. When I felt her heavy thighs draping over my shoulders, I knew it was time for me to have her pleasure at my disposal. She took me by the hair with one hand pushing my face deeper into her crotch.

“Keep jerking your cock, Steve! Jerk it harder!”

This woman was amazingly unsatiable, she wanted to control both of us and to have us as her sex slaves. I started pumping inside her furiously, using the third finger. She soon lost control and squirted her love juice all over my face. I hardly handled the huge flow of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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