Tough Class Leads to Great Sex Ch. 02

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Janie and I got together a few times during that semester, about 15 more times but who is counting!!! We had some hot fun every time, and for some reason her room-mate was never in the room when we got there.

The next semester our schedules did not line up at all and we had no classes together. We chatted on IM and tried to get together a few times but it never happened. This was very disappointing to me because I figured we would never get back together.

The summer passed and I had fun with a couple of girls but none of them measured up to Janie. We talked very few times over the summer and when we did it was always short. I feared that we had lost touch.

Then one afternoon in the first week of school I happened to be on IM and she popped up. I immediately sent her a message: “Hey!”

“Hi how are you?” she replied.

“I’m doing well, how about you?” I answered.

“I’m ok.” She said.

“Only ok?” I asked quizzically.

“Well, we didn’t get together at all last semester brazzers and I thought you had lost interest in me.” She responded.”

“Are you kidding me? I was waiting for our schedule to open up and we could get together. I really don’t want to lose touch physically or mentally!” I said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Of course, no girl on campus measures up to you.” I replied.

“Thanks, well what does your schedule look like?” She asked.

We then compared schedules and found out that we both had a class in the same building from 12:30 until 1:45 then a break from 1:45 until 3:30 and then a class in the same building afterward on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also I found out that her room mate was at class from 1:45 until 3:30. GREAT!!! I figured that she would want to hang out a little before we got back to it.

The next Tuesday that came we met after class in the building where our classes were. She asked if I could take her to the bank because she really needed to make a deposit. cuckold porno I agreed to and joked that I had a deposit to make as well. She said in time but we won’t have time today hopefully Thursday. I took her to the bank and then on the way back she told me to turn down an odd street then into a scarce parking lot and told me to park. Before I could ask why she pulled out my cock, which was semi-hard, and began sucking. I merely reclined my seat and relaxed into the great feeling.


Next Tuesday came surprisingly fast. We met again at 1:50 and went to her dorm room. She opened the door and thank god her room mate wasn’t there. In no time at all, I was lying on the bed with her riding me relentlessly bringing herself to her first orgasm. As she reached her heavenly climax, she screamed so loud that we got a knock on the wall from neighbors politely asking us to quiet down!!

I pushed her off me and assumed control. I started with long deep strokes and could czech porno feel my head hit her cervix with each thrust, which brought forth a delightful moan each time I pushed. I had grown over the passed year and it certainly made a difference. In no time at all Janie was reaching her second climax and my first was strongly approaching. I told her so and she asked me not to cum in her because she missed a pill over the weekend. So I asked “Where do you want it?”

She replied “Do you like titty fucking?”

Without an answer I pulled out and positioned myself between her d-cups. I pumped vigorously in and out until I could fell my whole body shake then I threw myself forward enveloped in her breasts and let out spurt after spurt of cum.

I had my eyes closed the whole time and didn’t realize that the head of my cock poked out the top of her breasts while I was cumming. She had a streak of cum from her forehead down to her chin before she could react and block it with her hand. I laughed when I saw what had happened and she laughed as well.

I got up and dressed myself. She took a shower while I lay on her bed watching TV. and when she came out we walked to class. This was a great beginning to what I hoped would be a great semester…

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