Torrie , I Meet!

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Well well. I didn’t believe it! One of my first stories here was an encounter I had with a woman while I was staying at a Casino, a few hours from here. I never did get her complete name or cell number or email but I did say at the end that if she by some chance read this, she should contact me.

I DID get an email from Torrie! She told me that she regrets that we never did exchange that information and she would like to keep in touch and possibly meet again.

A few months have passed since then and we agreed to recently meet at the same Casino for a weekend. Her email did not mention anything about her husband or where we would meet. I didn’t assume that she would sleep with me the whole weekend.

I made reservations for a King Size bed in a luxury suite. The Casino is about a 3-hour drive from here. That would give me time to avoid any rush hour and drive there leisurely. Even thou we had a sexual encounter that lasted for a few short hours, this was something that I really was looking forward to.

Torrie was a striking looking woman. Shoulder length blonde streaked hair and a great body. I was her first and only sexual encounter outside of her marriage. I befriended her in the Casino and we went to my room and she told me “I’ve never done this before with a stranger but we don’t have all night! Let’s fuck” and believe me, we did plenty of that plus we shared a shower and I performed oral on her. She moaned, “He never did that.” After that shower we dried each other off and had sex on a king sized bed. “Now stick your hard cock in and fuck me hard. PLEASE fuck me” When I woke up, I found her panties along with a note thanking me again and that she had a great time.

I checked in at the Casino, and went up to my room. There were no messages so I assumed that she didn’t get there. I also went to the gaming area and looked around. No sign of Torrie.

Taking the express elevator up, I found the room and slid the key card and opened the door. WOW! There she was in front of several windows, the sunlight in back of her. She was wearing a white babydoll. The front had a rhinestone canlı bahis zipper and a satin support for her 34C bust. There were ties across the open back and she was wearing a barely there matching satin thong.

We didn’t say a word! Just looked at each other, smiling and thinking that we’re alone! For an entire weekend! We kissed like we were hungry for each other. My arms around her, hugging her close. We both smiled and stepped back. Torrie whispered “Hi babe. Here I am.” I started to undress her. First pulling the zipper down, her full breasts spilling out. Torrie was blushing.

“I missed you too” as I undid the ties, the babydoll falling to the floor, leaving her thong on. I cupped her breasts, taking each pink nipple in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around each until they hardened. I reached down and pushed against her pussy. Here juices were flowing, getting the thong wet. A finger pushed the thong aside so I could explore her. We each shivered with excitement. She was ready to undress me.

As she removed my shirt, I could see her aureoles had goose bumps. My cock ached in anticipation. She loosened my belt “I want them off” and I helped her remove them. My erection was in her hand, getting harder as I stood before her.

I undid the ties and her thong fell as I looked at her glistening pussy. We went to the bed. Torrie sat at the edge with her legs spread, watching me. I came closer with my fingers and tongue. “Taste me!” First teasing her, opening her outer lips, running my tongue around the edges. I lightly teased her clit till she was moaning and begging me to eat her.

Torrie lay back. Her legs spreading more. I covered her pussy with my mouth. Licking her and teasing her clit barely touching it. She was crying with pleasure. I then sucked on it like a candy. “Ohhh yes. That feels so good.” She was coming close to the edge. Her hips were moving. Shivers were spreading before her face got red, she sighed. “WOW! You’re the first man to do that to me” smiled and shook several times. “Ohh God! Another one.”

“Come lay down Babe. I want to do something special for you.” bahis siteleri Torrie said. I was on my back and she straddled me. First she covered my face & chest in kisses. Then she lowered her wet pussy onto my erection. Sliding in completely, her tight but very wet pussy. “ahhhhhhhh!” she moaned in satisfaction. Then she began to move slowly up & down, her body flushed red, pinching her own nipples. We were both on the way to cumming! My hands on her hips, grinding up & down. The rhythm picked up as we fucked. Closer & closer, then I shuddered. Her pussy got tighter around my cock. “ohhhhhhhhhhh god I’m cumming too” she moaned as she slid up, my cock slid out. She collapsed next to me, our bodies were one.

She whispered “do you like my pussy? Babe?”

“Yes I do” we kissed. “I like all of you.”

“I like doing this.” Torrie said as she reached down for my cock.

“ohhh yes, Babe. Stroke me! Harder! That’s it! I love it when you do that.” I said, kissing again.

“hmmmmm, you like it that this?” As she squeezed out the last drop of cum.

We kissed, touched and kissed and finally dozed off in each other arms.

A few hours passed and I was awakened by kisses and the shower was running. Torrie standing beside the bed said ” Hi Babe. Join me?” Reaching out for me, I stretched and got up. We walked hand in hand to the Rainforest shower.

Our bodies pressed together, our tongues dueled under the hot water. She had a handful of bathing gel, which she rubbed all over me, from my neck to my balls. Her breasts pressed against my chest, her nipples felt like two hard pebbles. Torrie sighed as she felt my fingers exploring her wet pussy. “ohhhh Babe, ohhhhh! I lifted her left leg up, as I entered her, “omfffffff! Oh God!” and placed my right hand under her thigh to support her.

We both moaned as I slid inside her hot pussy. Raising her knee gave me even more penetration. As I slid in and out, Torrie started to rock her hips as well. She leaned forward and I penetrated deeper. My balls tightened and I shot my cum and she came too. My cock slipped out after that and we collapsed bahis şirketleri under the water.

We grabbed some robes & towels and dried off. Last time I helped dry her off as well. Paying attention to her breasts! Rubbing her nipples! Getting them hard as well, I saw goose bumps on her aureoles She liked it so I did it this time too. I couldn’t help thinking that here was a beautiful woman who obviously wasn’t getting enough attention and sex from her husband.

We got dressed: Torrie put on a white lacey see through front close bra and a matching thong. She wore a nice blouse & tailored slack and a light jacket over that.

Guys! If your wife or girlfriend has never tried a front close bra, buy her one! It IS a real turn on when she opens it in front of you and her breasts spill out into your hands.

I wore a nice dress shirt with a pair of slacks.

Just before we left the room to go down to the Casinos’ Torrie asked me “Babe? Before we leave, can you tip fuck me in the shower like you did last time we were here?”

We kissed “Anything you want Babe.” I replied

We each tried different games of chance like Slots, Poker, and Roulette. Either of us was winning like we did a few months back. I had about two thousand dollars to gamble with and Torrie had about five thousand. I also think that in the past, guys tried to make a pass at her but all they wanted was her money. I did not and she saw that.

With my last 500 hundred set aside we met in the same area that we were in when we met. We decided to play the same $5 slot machine and see who had the highest score with each pull. The winner would decide what to do to the other when we went back to our room. I was winning by the scores but about an hour into the game, Torrie pulled and she won $4,500! We hugged, jumped, yelled! “What are we going to do with the money?” she asked me.

I suggested “that we get cash, maybe $20 bills, spread it on our bed and make love on top of it.”

“Ohhhhhhh Babe. I love the way you think,” she replied with a hug and a kiss.

On the way up to our room, Torrie reminded me that she had the most points so when we got back to our room she wanted to watch me masturbate and shoot cum on her chest! She would also like to try the 69 position, which she never did with anyone!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32