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Big Tits

Jack and I had been enjoying each other alone for several weeks. After one steamy session, we were lying in his bed, my ass leaking his cum after a wonderful time, when he surprised me with a question, “Have you ever thought about topping someone, yourself?”

I thought about it for a moment before replying, “Well, I am not nearly as big as you, but I have thought that I might be good at it, after all, I know what it takes to be a good bottom for you. My smaller cock means less initial pain for someone being broken in…it would be hot as fuck! Why do you ask?”

Jack smiled and said, “Evan has a friend, who is curious about a male sexual experience. He is afraid of being hurt, and Evan was wondering if you wouldn’t mind breaking him in, giving him a taste of what being a bottom is like.”

I smile, snuggling against Jack, feeling his cum leaking from my ass, “Tell Evan, send the guy to my place tomorrow night. Evan can tell him how to prep, and how to dress. I will give him a good time!”

I spent the afternoon preparing myself, trimming and shaving, setting the right mood in my apartment. I found some very sensual porn to put on my TV, made sure I had beer in the fridge, my bar was stocked reasonably well so I felt comfortable I could put him at ease. When my door rattled with a knock I looked at my watch; he was ten minutes early! I supposed he was eager…

I opened the door and saw a man about my height, slender, his eyes were a light gray, and very intense! I smiled and opened the door wide, “Come in, my name is Alex, and I am your host for the night.”

As he stepped in I could see his nervousness. I closed the door behind him, and motioned to the living room, the TV was just then displaying a scene of two men, kissing, fondling the other’s cock with their hands. I looked at him, realizing he had yet to speak, I didn’t even know his name. I cleared my throat gently, looking at him, “So, you know my name, what’s yours? Can I get you something to drink, beer, wine, something stronger?”

He started, as if hit by a sharp stick, “Oh my goodness, I am sorry! My name is Dave, and I am a friend of Evan, who recommended I come see you tonight. And yes, a beer would be wonderful!”

As he finished speaking he turned his attention back to the TV screen, one of the men was on his knees, just beginning to suck the massive cock of the other man. I could see Dave swallowing hard. I quickly went to the fridge and came back with two cold beers, handing one to him and motioning to him to sit down on the couch. I considered where to sit, and decided to join him, leaving the middle section open, assuming he wasn’t quite ready for close, physical contact, yet.

I sipped my beer, looking at Dave. I glanced down, and noticed the bulge in his sweats. I smiled as I realized he was turned on by what he Bodrum Escort was watching. Sitting my beer aside, I said quietly, “Dave, I understand you are curious, about having sex with a man. I put on the porn to see if it would turn you on, and I can see that it does. So, let’s be open about this, both of us should get naked, and take things slowly from there. How’s that sound?”

I stood up, and pulled off my t-shirt, and lowered my sweats, having nothing on underneath them. My cock is average, maybe a little over 7 inches long, not overly thick, and uncircumcised. Dave’s eyes went a little wide as I stripped off my clothing, swallowing once again as he saw my cock, his eyes on me making me grow hard with a suddenness that surprised even me. My balls are my best asset, as they are large and hang down perfectly.

Dave stood up, peeled off his polo shirt and unzipped his pants. He hesitated, and then a look of resolve crossed his face and he shoved down his pants and boxers. His cock was maybe six inches long, hard, twitching slightly, thicker than mine, and his balls were probably not quite as large. I let my eyes roam, admiring his slender build. I sat down on the couch, and pointed beside me, ‘Sit beside me, and if you’re ready, I’d like permission to touch you.”

Dave nodded as he sat beside me, his hands on his thighs, looking at the TV, where the two studs had moved into position for the top to take the bottom, he was using his fingers to lube the bottom’s ass. Dave gulped, looked over at me and almost whispered, “Is that what you’re going to do to me?”

I nodded, saying softly to him, “If you want it, yes. First, I think you should have this experience…” As soon as I said that, I let my hand move to his cock, gripping it gently and slowly stroking it, feeling the heat as it pulsed in my hand, his eyes opening wide. I continued stroking his cock, looking at him, watching his face, seeing the sudden delight come into his eyes.

“You like that?” I asked. His head nodding was all the encouragement I needed. I reached over, taking his hand, and placing it around my own member, letting him feel it throb in his grip, seeing his eyes look down, as he realized he was holding my cock.

“Would you like to feel it in your mouth?” I asked. Once again, he nodded, seemingly too afraid to speak. I released his cock and gently guided him off the couch, between my legs. “There is no pressure for you to do anything you don’t want to do, but if you want, lick and suck my cock. Let yourself feel what it’s like to have a man in your mouth…”

It was as if a switch had been flipped, he leaned his head down and eagerly took my cock into his mouth, gently pulling back my foreskin, with one hand, his other reaching down for my balls. His tongue seemed to dance over the head of my cock, Bodrum Escort Bayan making my head fall back. I could hardly believe this was his first time, as he seemed so skilled. My hands slid down, holding his head, not forcing, my fingers gentle as I watched him work on my cock, taking it slowly deeper.

He suddenly pulled back, looking at me, “Did you cum, I tasted something in my mouth!”

I smiled, looking at him, “No, that was precum, slippery, slightly salty perhaps. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

He grinned like a kid in a candy store, nodding his head, saying softly, “Oh, that tastes goood!” Without saying a word, but nodding before he dropped his head, he took my cock back into his mouth, sucking eagerly now, his hands playing with my shaft and balls, moaning around my manhood. I could feel the fire build in my thighs first, moving to my core, my balls beginning to tingle as Dave worked diligently, his head bobbing on my cock, my hips beginning to thrust back into his mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I gave him one last warning, “Dave…fuck, I’m going to cum!”

He didn’t stop, he didn’t pull away, he simply looked up at me, his eyes seemingly begging for my cum to fill his mouth! I closed my eyes, my hips lifting, grinding my cock into his mouth as the fire exploded, my balls pulling up tight and pulsing hard, cum jetting into his willing mouth, my hands tight on his head. I held him in place, letting him have every drop of my cum. I opened my eyes, seeing some leaking from his mouth, smiling as I watched him trying to swallow. Such an eager slut! I wondered if I had looked like that my first time.

Dave finally pulled back, swiping some of my cum from his chin and cheeks into his mouth with a finger. I watched him carefully, seeing only desire written across his face, I pulled him up onto the couch with me, my hand moving to his cock, stroking it gently, kissing him…my heart skipping a beat as I realized I might scare him away.

I was pleasantly surprised when Dave returned my kiss so eagerly, I could feel his hands slide down and grip my now semi-erect cock, breaking the kiss to mumble, “I want this in my ass.” With that, Dave shifted, getting onto the couch, on all fours, pulling aside his ass cheeks, “Please!”

How could I say no?

I reached for the bottle of lube I had stashed, anticipating Dave’s desire, and drizzled some at the top of his ass crack, letting it run down over hit tight, puckered opening. I used my fingers to massage the lube around the little brown eye peeking at me, listening to Dave moan as I gently worked a single lubed finger into his ass. I slowly thrust it deep, pulling it back and pushing in again several times. Hearing Dave’s responses told me all I needed to know as I added a second finger, Escort Bodrum stretching his sphincter gently, adding more lube to make sure he was ready for more.

I leaned over him, saying gently, “Are you ready to become a true bottom bitch? Are you ready for more than my fingers?”

Dave moaned louder, nodding his head eagerly, “Yes!”

I quickly lubed my now fully erect cock, rubbing the head against the tight little eye of his ass, “Relax, remember to breathe, tell your body to not fight…” As I finished speaking, I started adding pressure, the head of my cock pressed tightly to the center of his opening, my hands holding his hips in place. I could hear Dave’s breathing slow, and suddenly, his ass opened to my pressure, the head of my cock entering him. I groaned louder than he did! His ass was the tightest thing I had ever felt as I slowly inched my length into his once virgin ass.

As soon as I stopped, Dave said only two words, but with a passion I didn’t fully expect, “FUCK ME!”

I needed no more encouragement, pulling my hips back until my cock was nearly fully withdrawn, I surged forward, driving my cock into his ass, beginning rapid, sharp thrusts. With my smaller cock, Dave was apparently well beyond the pain stage! As my hips slapped against his ass, I found my hand reaching under and gripping Dave’s cock, the head slippery with his own precum! While I continued pumping my hips, my cock opening his ass, I also kept stroking his cock.

My own moans and groans mixed with Dave’s! As I fucked his tight ass, taking the cherry, my own cock was beginning to twitch and throb. I could feel the fire building, the tingle in my inner thighs moving to my balls. I wasn’t going to last long! I threw my head back, groaning and almost roaring as the sensations spread, becoming even more intense as I let my mind slip to the fact that this man had just given me his ass!

Without much warning, I felt Dave’s body begin to shake, his cock in my hand jerking suddenly, then releasing his cum onto the cushions of my couch, some splashing onto his belly and chest as I stroked his manhood. That was all I could take, my own cock exploding in spasms of pleasure inside his ass, my balls pumping cum into him as my thrusting stopped, my cock buried inside Dave’s no longer virgin ass. I held myself there, shuddering as my cock jerked and twitched, filling his ass with my seed.

“Oh fuck, Dave, you are going to make an excellent bitch for Evan!”

After a few moments I finally pulled back, my cock slipping from Dave’s ass, cum leaking out slowly as I turned him over gently, kissing him, my body almost pinning him to the couch. He returned my kiss eagerly, his sticky cum between us, under us, our tongues gently teasing against each other as we came down from our high together.

“Thank you, Alex, for being my first. I think I can handle Evan now; I know I can relax enough to take him!”

I smile and say simply, “It was my pleasure. Maybe I will get invited to join in with you and Evan. I have enjoyed being the center of attention, it is intense!”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32