Tommy Pt. 04

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That Friday afternoon as I sat day dreaming and ruining another pair of panties, I went against my better judgement and decided that I was going to fuck my nineteen year old son Tommy. I knew this would have to be done very carefully and with the use of great caution. Even though I was quite sure that Tommy wanted this as badly as I did, I would have to be one hundred percent positive without a shadow of a doubt. I knew this would change our lives forever and I did not want an awkwardness between Tommy and myself for the rest of our lives.

I knew I would have to very slowly seduce Tommy and almost make him think it was all his idea to get the answers I really needed. Then I suddenly remembered Tommy would be out later that evening with his buddies attending a bachelor party at a local strip club. Tommy would arrive home late and a little drunk and very horny, so I thought what a perfect time to start. I immediately knew the scenario likely wouldn’t get any better than this, so I carefully began planning for Tommy’s arrival.

A little later that night, I was still in deep thought and a good two hours into my plan on how I was going to go about getting the chance to wrap my lips around Tommy’s big dick, when things suddenly took an unexpected turn. We all know how plans can suddenly change in the blink of an eye without any prior notice whatsoever, and that’s exactly what happened as two of Tommy’s buddies suddenly burst through the door carrying Tommy, one under each arm. Tommy was shit-faced drunk and passed out cold!

The original plan I was working on just moments before had actually involved Tommy being conscious and alert and was expected to take weeks to pull it off, but without even thinking about it, I suddenly knew exactly how this new twist was about to play out! I acted as if I were very upset and quickly told the two boys to take Tommy to his room, strip him down to his underwear, put him in his bed, turn out the lights, and close his bedroom door behind them.

I was trembling all over and my voice was very, very shaky as I thanked the boys for all their help and then quickly locked and bolted the door behind them as they left. I was soaking wet and throbbing inside as I realized Tommy was drunk and completely passed out and I was going to suck that big fat fucking cock right now, right this very minute, no matter whether Tommy liked it or fucking not!

I slowly opened Tommy’s bedroom door and reached for the light switch as I stepped inside. Tommy was lying flat on his back and my big braless tits jiggled and swayed as I leaned forward and bent and carefully began easing Tommy’s underwear down bit by bit to his knees. Tommy’s big soft dick lay across his huge nut sac and the big bulbous head was stuck to Tommy’s leg. I stood and untied my robe and let it slip to the floor as I made my way back to Tommy’s door and once again flipped the light switch off.

I carefully felt my way back to Tommy in the dark and eased myself down on his bed. I found Tommy’s big dick and wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed it softly. Even while soft, the girth of Tommy’s fat cock wouldn’t allow my finger tips to touch and I wondered if Tommy’s big fence post would even fit in my mouth once it was hard! The big bulbous head was huge and the shaft was long and heavy, and the thick fatness of it was just astounding as I gently flopped it back and fourth in my hand. I quickly realized that if I was going to get all of Tommy’s big one-eyed monster down my throat, I would have to swallow it while it was still soft. I might choke to death once it hardened…. but what a way to go!

As I slipped my wet lips around the big bulbous head and sucked it into my mouth I knew this was going to be close to impossible as my mouth was completely filled and stretched to it’s max just by Tommy’s big knot of cockhead alone. Even so, I slowly began swallowing Tommy’s massive meat pole inch by inch. I gagged a little as the big head rubbed my tonsils and then pierced my tight throat but I managed to overcome it just as I felt the big head pop past the small opening of my throat and began slowly sliding down as I gulped and swallowed it!

I felt Tommy’s cock tighten and began to swell and stiffen and I quickly gulped down the last remaining few inches until my lips were buried in Tommy’s pubes and rested against his soft ball sac. I could feel the big bulbous head twitch and then began to jerk deep down within my throat as all of Tommy’s eight inches slowly became semi-hard in my mouth. I relaxed my jaw and throat muscles as best I could and tried to prepare for what I knew was coming as Tommy’s cock suddenly became rock hard and swelled to twice it’s size as I gagged and snorted and fought for air!

My lips, mouth, and throat were stretched way beyond what they were intended to allow for, and I was just ecstatic and dripping wet as I gagged and felt Tommy’s warm pre-cum running down my throat. I slipped one hand down my panties and found Avrupa Yakası Escort my big stiff protruding clit and I gently stroked and jerked on it as I felt Tommy continue to grow in my mouth. Tommy suddenly moaned softly and I knew he had awakened as his hands found my full head of hair and he began bobbing my head up and down a little over his fat cock and slowly started pumping his huge organ even deeper down my throat.

We moaned out loud together as I sucked Tommy’s monster cock as best I could and abused my clit with my fingers. I was soon squirting and filling my panties with my warm cunt syrup as I felt Tommy suddenly spasm and thrust his hard meat even deeper down my throat and then that big cockhead jerked and began pumping me full of Tommy’s huge load of sweet sticky man jam!

As I lay there moaning around Tommy’s big dick and squirting a river into my panties, Tommy’s sweet salty seed ran from the corners of my mouth as his big cockhead continuously jerked and spurt after spurt of Tommy’s hot wad quickly filled my esophagus and began spilling over. I gagged and gulped as I swallowed as much of it as possible as fast as I could, but I could barely breath as Tommy held my head tightly to him and dumped his hot load deep down my throat.

As I lay there letting Tommy’s huge cock soften in my mouth a bit, I heard Tommy began to snore, he was out cold again, and I wondered if he would even remember any of it the next morning. I left Tommy’s underwear down around his knees and peeled my soaking wet panties off and placed them on his chest. For the rest of my plan to go smoothly, I needed Tommy to suspect that his own mother had crept into his room and sucked his big dick, sometime in the night!

Tommy was absolutely beaming when he came from his room the next morning, and I immediately knew, that he knew! He came to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said “thanks mom”. I quickly replied “why whatever for Tommy?” And Tommy just said “you know mom, for everything, just for everything you do”. I smiled and felt my hairy pussy quiver as I realized without a doubt that Tommy knew I had sucked him off during the night!

Tommy suddenly said he was going to shoot hoops with the guys and quickly rushed out the door. As I turned to go make coffee I felt a heavy weight tugging at my robe. My big bushy twat suddenly gushed as I reached into my pocket and removed the small morning jar full of fresh warm wad Tommy had just slipped in there as he hugged and kissed me moments before! My sweet boy Tommy, always looking after his dear mother!

A couple of days later I had the second part of my little scheme all planned out and was growing very eager to execute it. That night after Tommy showered and shot his enormous load into the little wad jar that he left on top of the toilet tank lid for me, I was on the couch wearing nothing but my robe and asked if Tommy would come sit and watch a little TV with me. He quickly accepted as my robe was completely open at this point and my big puffy pink nipples were alert and shining like headlights! After a bit I reached up beside myself and casually flipped on the little lamp which sat there on the small end table, then I got up and turned off all the rest of the lights in the small apartment and returned to the couch where I laid back with my legs parted slightly in Tommy’s direction.

I took it very slow at first but soon I had parted my legs a little wider and as I watched Tommy’s eyes find my hairy quim I reached for the TV remote and clicked it off as well. I let Tommy stare at my thick pink pussy lips for a bit and then as our eyes suddenly met I reached down with both hands and spread my long pink fat pussy flaps wide open for him and without muttering a single sound, I looked Tommy dead in the eye and silently mouthed the words “eat me out”. I watched a second as Tommy’s eyes grew big as saucers and then I repeated myself again to make sure Tommy had read my lips correctly “eat me out” I very slowly and silently mouthed for a second time! I then quickly reached up and clicked the small lamp off and we were suddenly thrown into complete pitch black darkness! As I put my hand back to my pussy in the dark, I could feel the slick cunt juice flowing from me and spilling out onto the leather couch cushion!

In the thick darkness that surrounded us I suddenly felt Tommy’s hands rest upon my shins and he slowly slid them up to my knees and gently pushed my open legs wide apart. I moaned softly as I continued to hold my wet swollen lips open for Tommy and I shivered and jerked uncontrollably as Tommy slowly kissed his way down the inside of my thigh. As I felt Tommy’s soft lips brush lightly over my big protruding clitoris I released my thick pink lips and Tommy softly sucked them into his open mouth!

After Tommy lapped up the sweet nectar that was escaping my hairy box he found my hard stiff clit and gently Bahçelievler Escort licked and sucked on it as I moaned loudly and gyrated my hips into his face. While I fondled my big tits and puffy pink nipples with one hand Tommy ate my hot hairy twat out just as if he knew exactly what he was doing and soon had me withering in ecstasy! As I held my thick forest of pubes open for Tommy with the fingers of my other hand, I could feel the build up began and Tommy suddenly shoved his tongue deep into my hairy pussy and then drug it up through the middle of my fat pink cunt lips until finally sucking hard on my huge swollen clit.

I was trembling and shivering from head to toe and my insides were jerking and convulsing uncontrollably as Tommy continued to drive me mad with his wonderful technique. Each time Tommy scooped out my sweet quim candy with that very talented tongue and then sucked my long dangling lips into his warm wet mouth, I thought I would pass out!

Tommy finally put three fingers inside my hairy sopping wet box and gently began pushing them in and out of me as he sucked my big long clit deep into his mouth. As Tommy finger fucked me faster and faster while sucking on my big clitoris with real purpose now like it was a tiny penis or something, I sprayed my sweet cunt sauce all around Tommy’s fingers and onto his face! Tommy just lay there quietly a moment afterwards with his dripping face still between my legs and resting against my thigh while I trembled and jerked and my orgasm slowly faded. To this very day it may be the best orgasm I ever had!

When Tommy finally sat up I moved as quickly as I could manage and on very shaky legs I quietly slipped away into the dark and carefully found my way to my room. Later after Tommy was in bed fast asleep, I went to the bathroom and retrieved my little wad jar full of thick goo!

Tommy and I were both very much aware that the cat was completely out of the bag at this point, but as a mother and son we were still a little wary to just openly discuss it with one another. But, I also knew that it was only going to take just a little bit longer, as I carefully thought out the final chapter of my master plan!

The little glass wad jars weren’t seeing much nightly action anymore as Tommy and I were performing oral sex on one another quietly and in the dark, always quietly except for our moans and groans and always in the dark where we could not look each other in the eye, but Tommy still continued to pump one of them full for me each and every morning before leaving for his classes.

Sometimes Tommy and I would just lay around in the pitch black dark late at night for hours and quietly play with each other. Sometimes Tommy would just finger me while I pumped his big cock with my hand. I would often squirt all over the couch but Tommy would always pull my head to that big cock when he came and blow it down my throat. Tommy would often spend long amounts of time just licking and sucking my big puffy nipples. I would hover over Tommy sometimes in the dark and let my big tits hang down in his face and he would quietly lick and suck on them. We did not speak to one another at all during our little romps together.

It was approaching late spring now and the weather had been quickly warming up a little more each day and Tommy and I decided that after being cooped up in the tiny little apartment all winter we would need to get out and go to the beach very soon.

I had a dimmer switch installed in the living room and I was ever so slightly cutting the darkness just a little at a time whenever Tommy and I played and got each other off! One night I decided to step up my plan a little as we sat in the brightly lit room watching TV and each other. My big pert tits and Tommy’s fat dick were both hanging out of our open robes and as our eyes suddenly met I reached and opened the bottom half of my robe and let Tommy watch me slowly pull two fingertips through my soaking wet cunt. While looking each other right in the eye and right under the big bright lights, I held them to Tommy’s lips as he licked and sucked them clean. Afterwards, I quickly jumped up and went to bed with my pussy throbbing like a fucking jack hammer!

The next day was a Saturday and later that afternoon Tommy and I hailed a taxi cab and set off to the beach with just our towels and a cooler full of beer. I was wearing the tiny white bikini beneath a thin white sundress and Tommy in his swim trunks and tee shirt. As we rode in the back of the taxi towards the beach I hiked up the sundress a little and reached over and placed Tommy’s hand high up on my bare thigh and quickly put my towel down over it, hiding his hand and my legs.

As we rode along chatting as usual with our eyes facing forward Tommy began ever so lightly stroking the inside of my thigh with his fingertip. I was debating on whether I should open my legs a little when we hit a Bahçeşehir Escort big bump in the rode. My legs suddenly flew opened on their own and I felt Tommy’s hand slip further up my thigh until his little finger was resting against the thin white cloth of the crotch of the bikini bottoms. I knew Tommy could feel the thick dark pubes that were escaping the suit beneath his finger. Omg, Tommy was almost touching my pussy and not in the dark at all, but right out in the broad daylight, where we could look each other right in the eye!

By the time we arrived at the beach my legs were spread wide open and Tommy’s little finger was pressed firmly to the soaking wet material beneath it and he was ever so slightly wiggling it back and forth over my hard button. I shook and shivered all over as the taxi came to a stop at our destination.

Later that evening as we stood real close to one another in the salty ocean with the water almost up to our chest, I let Tommy gently rub my big pussy lips thru the thin wet material beneath the water, as I jerked him off into the sea.

It was a long dark cab ride back home and Tommy fingered my hairy cunt every step of the way as I held the wet crotch of the suit to the side for him with one hand and gently rubbed my big hard clit with the other as Tommy quickly dipped his slick fingers in and out of me. Just before we arrived back at the apartment I squirted all over the back side of the front seat and as we got out and the street lights shown brightly into the car, I could see it slowly dripping to the floorboard!

When we had both showered and were preparing for bed I dimmed the lights very low, not quite dark this time but still very low. I called Tommy to the couch and as he sat beside me I gently reached and pulled his face to mine and began to kiss him directly on the mouth. It was closed mouth at first but then I gently parted Tommy’s lips with my tongue and kissed him passionately before I jumped up and ran off to bed!

I awoke the next morning feeling quite satisfied that I had discovered all the answers I needed and that it was finally time to fuck Tommy! And I had absolutely no intentions of doing it in the fucking dark either! As a matter of fact I simply refused to do it in the dark! I knew we had all day and night to spend together and that at some point, I was going to ride that big fat cock while I looked my sweet boy Tommy right in the eye!

Later that night as darkness was falling I put on my robe and nothing else and then went and turned on every single light in the house. My pussy was dripping to the carpeted floor as I trembled violently and with a very shaky voice I called for Tommy to come to me. I stood beside my bed jerking inside and flowing like a fountain as Tommy entered my room wearing his open robe and I softly told him to close the door and lock it.

When Tommy turned back to me I untied my robe and let it slip to a heaping pile on the floor. As Tommy took in my totally nude body I sat on the bed and then laid back and gestured for Tommy to come to me. Tommy let his robe fall and climbed up between my open legs and hovered over me with his big rock hard dick bobbing back and forth between us.

I reached and took Tommy by the cock and pulled the big bulbous head to my wet succulent pussy lips and gently swiped it up and down between them coating the big knothead with my sweet creamy secretions. I moaned softly as I reached up with my other hand and pulled Tommy’s ear down close to my mouth and while still rubbing his big dick head up and down between my thick pink lips, I softly whispered “please be gentle with me Tommy, I have never taken anything this big before!”

It was the very first words ever spoken between us about any of it, ever since the very beginning. Tommy didn’t say anything, he just leaned into me and ever so gently popped the huge knothead into my tight wet opening. I squealed with delight as I immediately felt my tight walls close and wrap around the big knot and gently begin to pull and suck at it! My tight wet cunt wanted more and I knew Tommy was about to give it to me, probably all I could handle, and then some!

Tommy fucked me long and hard that night, I squirted on Tommy’s big dick four times and Tommy pumped six nuts into me! I could barely get out of bed the next morning and it was days before I could walk right again. Tommy fucked the shit out of me!

It has been a few years now and Tommy lives just down the street from me and is happily married with a small family of his own. Tommy has a beautiful little wife but she is so tiny I honestly fear for her life. I’m afraid Tommy is going to stab her to death with that big fucking tool her totes around between his legs! The first time I ever laid eyes on her I thought, my God Tommy’s gonna split her wide open, right down the fucking middle!

Tommy still stops by every few days and feeds me a big hot load and then fucks me down hard before returning back home to his loving family. On the rare occasions which Tommy stops by and I am out he always pumps me a jar full of his sweet wad and leaves it for his dear mother!

Lately, I have been wondering if I can take Tommy’s big knothead up my ass!

The End

This is part four of my very first story and I would dearly love any kind of feedback, good or bad. Thanks in advance.

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