Tom, Peeping

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When I and my wife divorced, I went my way and she went hers. She had her problems, mostly a lack of veracity, commitment and fidelity. I got an apartment and licked my wounds.

I wondered if there was something wrong with me. My ex-wife was the only relationship that lasted longer than a year. And it was over before it was over, if you know what I mean.

My apartment looked out over the bay and I used to sit on my balcony and read. I wasn’t up to going out yet. I liked the warm evenings, the sounds of the street, but I didn’t have to mix with the people.

After being there about two months, I saw Nick down by the pool. He was about 6’2″, 200 pounds. A real manly man. I’m 5’11”, 175. Not bad shape, but not like Nick. I didn’t know his name. I just noticed him swimming in the morning. Alone.

It seemed that I saw him around more often. He was always alone. I saw him on nights that most men would be out dating. Alone. I felt that too, because I was alone.

His apartment was several floors down from mine. I didn’t know that until I looked out over the edge of mine, down at an angle, and saw him laying back on his chaise lounge and pull open his robe. He was freaking naked! Damn, what a body. And I wasn’t even gay!

He was down below the edge of the balcony railing and hidden. I started looking for him down there, every time I went out on my balcony. And I would see him. That body and that cock. I saw the cock the first time. Men’s bodies are different than women’s, and there is that cock right in the middle. Not getting around it. It is a cock. It was a nice cock. It always seemed almost erect.

I began to think about that cock a lot. I would see him down by the pool or in the parking garage and I would think about that cock. Nice and fat, laying on his leg, his legs spread slightly.

Sometimes, Nick would be on his belly and I would see his ass. Nice globes of ass, parted slightly. I wished I had an ass like that. I wished I had that ass.

I started jerking off to images of sex with men again. When I divorced, I went through a period where I didn’t feel like sex. I worked in a small office and didn’t meet many new women. I would play with myself and I would think about cocks. I would think about asses. I would run my hand down between my legs, spread my legs out and think about someone rubbing their hand there, playing with my anus, lubing it up, sliding a finger in. I thought about actually sucking on a cock. I had been very close to it once in college, but never did. I had chickened out. Now I regretted it. What was it like.

It wasn’t too long before I was thinking about Nick and his cock. I wanted to suck it. I wanted him to feel me up. I wanted him to slide between my legs, push them apart and put his cock in my ass. That is what I wanted. I wanted to find pleasure with another man’s cock up my ass. Not just another man’s cock, but Nick’s cock.

I became self-conscious around Nick. I found myself near him in the parking garage and the idle image of being on my knees, sucking him off right there almost overpowered me. I looked at him and realized that I was licking my lips like a nervous school girl. He looked at me and I was afraid that he knew what I was thinking.

He introduced himself. Nick. I half expected his last name to be manly, like Steel, or something like that but it wasn’t. Nick Wilson. Tom, I said. Hi Tom. And the small talk flowed. Lived here long? Which floor? Like the weather. Nice pool. Like to swim?

I’m not a strong swimmer, so I said so. He said that he would be glad to give me some tips. He had swum in college. I wanted to say that it looked it, but didn’t. He said that he swam in the morning, come on down.

Cool. I’m crazy about his cock, and he is straight. Okay, I can be straight also. I wondered if I should wear a Speedo and see what he did. He wore a stretchy suit but it was a longer cut. So we were on for swimming in the morning.

I went down in the morning. It was Saturday morning. Another Friday date night gone with no date. Nick came down and stretched a little. We talked about the cool morning air. He took a couple of laps and then told me to go. I swam as best I could. I was gasping after one turn.

He told me that I just needed some confidence and practice. He gave me some tips and told me to try again. We spent about two hours in the water, talking about stuff, swimming, talking, swimming. I liked Nick. I was sorry that I ever had thought about his cock.

He was also recently divorced. His wife left him for her boss and a big house. We talked about being alone and how it sucked. We talked about women and he said that he was not ready to start dating again. He thought that he needed to take a break from dating.

He asked me what I was doing that night and I said that I was thinking about a movie. He said that he wanted to go out, but that he didn’t want to go out alone. Would I want to go along? Hell, yes, I wanted to go along. The way I figured it, if I picked up what bounced off bayburt escort him, I would be doing okay. He told me to swing by his apartment at 7 pm.

I was rocking. I went out and did a little shopping, got a new shirt, a haircut. I wanted to look my best. At 7, I was at his door.

He opened it and he was still in his robe. I knew that robe. And I knew what was under it. I tried not to think about it, but that was like telling a duck not to swim. All I could think about was that sweet looking cock. Here I was, thinking about scoring some babe tonight and then there he was in that shorty robe with that cock hiding just under the hem.

Tom, you look great! Yeah, you do too, but I couldn’t say that. I’m running late, sorry about that. Glass of wine? Okay by me, just don’t pick up a penny in front of me wearing that robe. Couldn’t say that either. Yes, I’ll have a glass of wine.

He had the bottle on the balcony. I went out with him. The balconies of the building were staggered. I looked up at my apartment. I turned and I was looking right into his eyes from about 12 inches away. I took the glass of wine and knew that I was busted. Shit! He knows I’m a perv.

I like to lay out up here. Was he smirking at me when he said that? I don’t think anyone can see me. He is smirking. What the hell is going on? Lay down on the chaise, Tom, and tell me if you can see your balcony.

I lay down and look up, backward. I can see my balcony. And then Nick blocked my view. Then what I saw was his face and my eyes uncontrollably went south and there was that cock, hanging down under his robe. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. When I did, he was more than smirking now. Nice view, huh? He was laughing.

I was very embarassed. I started to get up to leave and he said to sit back down. He sprawled in a chair on with his legs splayed. The robe pulled up and his cock was hanging right out there. Tom, you gotta relax. Relax, hell, I was about to jump out of my skin.

He got up and walked back of me and started to massage my shoulders. It felt like his cock was rubbing against me. I could feel a warm lump where his cock would be hanging.

He said that he wanted to go out with me tonight, but that there was one thing that I should know. He was bi and that we would probably go to a mixture of clubs. How did I feel about that.

BI? Damn! I felt alright about that. I was very confused. I wanted to go out and I wanted to stay in. I wanted to fuck. He said that he had waited to see how I was dressed so that he could dress in a similar style. He invited me into his bedroom to help pick out some clothes.

I followed him into his bedroom and he had me sit on the corner of the bed. He had to walk back in forth in front of me as he went from dresser to closet and back. It only took a couple of trips, but I figured that he was showing off and wanted me to make a move if I was going to. He was still wearing the robe and had put on a pair of white jockeys. I saw his half hard cock go into the jockeys. He saw me watch it go. He went to the closet and pulled out a shirt, then decided that he wanted to wear bikini briefs. He pulled the jockeys off and pulled on some white nylon bikinis. They were only one ply thick. I could see ever vein on his cock.

I looked up and he said that maybe some black ones would be better. He was standing in front of me when he said it and I reached out and put my hand on his hip. I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I started to pull his bikinis down and he moved closer to me and then his cock was right in front of my eyes and pointed right at me and I could see the little bumps on the skin of the the head of his cock and the slit and the wetness of it and I put it in my mouth. I realized that my eyes were closed and I was going at his cock for all I was worth. I had to have it.

I realized that he had pulled his bikinis off and spread his legs, shucked his robe and was standing in front of me in all his naked glory and I had his cock in my mouth. I slid my hands over his legs, around his buns, slurped on his cock. I had a cock in my mouth. I had his cock in my mouth.

I felt him pulling me up. I was a few inches shorter than him, and I felt him pull my shirt out and rub his warm hands on my body. At that point I was no longer sucking on his cock, but kissing him on the face. I wanted to kiss him so much. I wanted him to kiss me. I helped him get my clothes off and then we were on the bed. I was still wearing my jockeys. We were laying on our sides, kissing and he had his hands inside them, playing with my buns. I wanted to feel his hands pull them apart and find my anus. I wanted to feel his fingers there, knowing he was going to have me.

I was thinking maybe later, but if now is good for you. If now was good for me? It was all good. I was hard as a rock and he pulled my jockeys down. My cock came free and he took it gently in his hand. I knew that I was going to give it up to him.

He slid bilecik escort a knee between mine and spread my legs. I pulled my leg up over his, liked his hand playing with my ass. His fingers slid around the curve of my ass and found my anus. Yes! Go for it!

This was pretty wierd. I was straight one moment, gay as hell the next. I wondered what all the hangups were about. I wanted to experience man to man sex, all of it, and it seemed so natural. What do you want to do? All of it. He laughed. Sometimes people want to do somethings more than others. I hesitated. He looked into my eyes. He knew. I was faking it. You have done this before, right? I couldn’t say anything. Oh, yes, I’m a pillow biter from way back. He knew. I thought that you were bi like me. I didn’t say anything. I don’t want to pressure you into something that you don’t want. I looked at him and kissed him on the lips. Our tongues met and danced. I wanted it all.

I want to be your boy tonight. I didn’t want to sound melodramatic, be a queen. I want to have it all. What ever you want to do, I want too. I felt like a little girl next to him. He rolled over on top of me and I spread my legs, wrapped around him. Okay, you can be my boy.

Damn. I was his tonight. He found my nipples and started sucking them. I had never had my nipples sucked like that. I was hard as a rock. He worked his way down to my cock with his lips, playing with my nipples with his fingers as his tongues found my belly, then my cock. I had my legs spread as far as I could spread them, and he helped himself to what he found. I had never had a blowjob like that. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum in his mouth and then have him feed it back to me. I wanted to be a cum slut. He had a finger on my anus, pushing slightly. I wanted it in me. And then I was cumming, spraying it out, body flopping on the bed like a fish gasping for air.

He licked up the drops where he found them on me and then he was on me, my arms were around him and he was kissing me again. I wanted to do the same for him. His cock and gone down a little, but I started on his nipples. I really went at them, kissing, sucking, teasing, but it wasn’t having much of an effect on his cock. I wasn’t doing it right. I felt some pressure on my shoulders and I slid down to his cock. I took it in my mouth and started working on it. I could feel it start to swell in my mouth. Damn, that was cool. Soon it was as hard as it could get, pumped up like a balloon. I wanted to do good so I slurped on it, took time to suck on his balls. That had never worked for me before, but maybe men are different. My nipples worked, his didn’t. Go figure. I let my tongue go as close to his anus as I thought I should go. I was right there on that little bit of skin just in front of it and he started to pant. I was tempted to slick my tongue across his anus, but I was a little scared of that. I worked my way back up to his cock and slurped on it, then went back down toward his anus. I think I had him figured out. I went back up to his cock and then made the slow journey down toward his anus. I took the plunge and trailed my tongue across his puckered anus. He flopped back on the bed, his magnificent body open to me. I did it again and he spasmed. I did it a few more times and it seemed like he was going to lose control. I got my lips around the head of his cock just as he came. I didn’t do a good job of catching it all. I got some of it, but some ended up on my face.

He pulled me up and kissed it off my face. I was on top of him and he wrapped his arms and legs around me. I felt like I was being eaten. I had found his weak spot. Tom, I want you to fuck me. What? He had it backward. That was my deal. He pulled me up from the bed and into the shower. I liked being slippery with him. I liked it when he washed me from top to bottom, playing with my anus, cleaning it. Tom, I want to put my tongue and my dick in there later, but first I want you to fuck me. Okay, I think I’m up for it.

We’re back on the bed, both soft and I’m thinking about what has happened. I like it. It feels good. Tom, make love to me. Who am I to say no? I take my time and explore his body. This is different from a woman. I like it. I didn’t know it could be this way. I am a man and I like men’s bodies too. I just found out. I work my way down to his ass and spread those round buns. He is on his tummy and there it is, all tightly puckered. I go around the outside of it, then gradually work my way to the center. Goddamn it Tom, quit teasing me and give it to me. I thought he was talking about my tongue, and slipped into the center of the ribs of skin. Nick let out a big ahhhh. Come on, Tom, I can’t take any more. Give me your cock. Fuck my ass. Give it to me, man.

This was a first for me and I got the lube out and slicked up his ass. I slid my fingers down his crack and found his balls and cock. I rubbed them lightly with my lubed up fingers. He was laying with one leg cocked, mostly on his belly and I was in back of bingöl escort him. I slid my middle finger into his ass. He rolled up and we started kissing as I finger fucked him. I put more lube on my fingers and pushed it into him. He pushed back against my hand. I added my index finger. Feeling another man’s ass is different that feeling your own.

He was getting hard. Tommy, give me your cock. I didn’t know if I was ready for this. I was hard. I was ready. I put a little lube on the head of my cock and then pulled a condom on. Nick was on the bed with his ass in the air, ready for me to take him. I lined up my cock with his anus and he pushed back against me, reached between his legs and lined my cock up, then pushed against me again.

A tortured AHHHH seemed ripped from his lungs as the head of my cock slipped in, followed by the rest of my cock. I could not believe how warm and tight it was. This was good. Tommy, give me a good fucking. It had been several months, but I hadn’t forgotten how. I fucked him for about 15 minutes, giving him the best strokes I knew how. After about 10 minutes, he wanted to be face to face and he flipped over onto his back. I took him in one push and he like that. There I was, pounding his jock body with my cock and that is what he wanted.

I could feel myself getting close so I started to pull on him. He had his hands above his head and I felt like a stud. I reached down and started rubbing his cock. Yeah, Tommy, fuck my ass and fuck my cock. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous guy was talking to me that way. I started banging him and jerking on his cock. I pushed hard into him and started cumming. His ass spasmed on my cock and he started cumming. I had never jerked another guy off and it felt like power to have his cock in my hand as he came.

We collapsed on the bed, his cum between us. I was sweating up a storm. We laughed and he kissed all over me. Tom, that was great. Damn! Why didn’t we do that before?

We took another shower and then went out. I was hungry so we had a lite bite, went to a gay club that he knew. It felt good to be in on the secret. I liked feeling his arm around my shoulders. More than a few times, he pulled me back into him and I felt his cock against my ass. He slid a hand in my shirt and played with my nipples and I rubbed my ass against him.

We went back to his place and I wondered what we were going to do. He pushed me down on the couch, pulled my pants down and took me into his mouth. I was hard in a hurry. He pulled his pants down and straddled me with his cock right in front of my mouth. I slurped on it and then he had me kneel in front of the couch, lean my weight onto it and he fucked me there.

I lost my cherry, draped forward onto the couch, legs spread while Nick fucked me silly. I want to see your ass spread out for me. I want to see your little ass spread open around my cock as I am fucking you. Nick could really talk up a storm and did while he was fucking me. I was worried that it would hurt, but Nick lubed me up good, almost too good because I could feel a little bit run down my leg. I helped him put a condom on and then he was in me. He had stretched me out with first one finger, then two. I loved the feeling of his live finger in me. I was awash with feeling and when his finger first entered me, I wanted to be like a bitch. I wanted him to slap my ass, tell me what a great fuck I was, beg him for his cock. I wanted to slut out. I was hunched over the couch, ass in the air, getting ready to get fucked and that is all I wanted. Putting the condom on, knowing that this cock was going to take my cherry, rolling it down, wanting to suck on it and get fucked by it at the same time. I wanted him to want me.

And he did. He put his cock against my little cherry ass and said Tom, I want to fuck your little ass. I wanted your ass from the first time I saw you on your balcony. I saw you once in the parking garage and your pants were in the crack of your ass and I wanted to pull them down and fuck you right there. Hello. Nick wants me. Has wanted me for a while. I could feel the tip of his cock on my ass. This is it. It is going to hurt. He is pushing in. Tom, baby, push back on me. I started to and it seemed that if I acted like I was taking a shit that it felt better. I worried for a moment that I would shit. It’s okay, Tom, you are doing great, keep pushing.

Goddamn, I have a cock in my ass. Fuck me. Come on, fuck me. It’s okay, Tommy, I’ll pick it up. I love your little ass. I want to fuck it again and again. And then I felt his hair against my skin. All of that cock was in me and it didn’t hurt. A little discomfort, but not pain. I like this. I can take it. I can take a fucking. Fuck me.

Tommy, give me your ass, baby, let me fuck your ass. I want your ass. I loved to hear him and I wondered if he wanted me to respond. Fuck me, Nick. Just fuck me with that great cock of your. I have my face on the sofa cushions, totally laid out for him and I want it. He gives it to me. I had to brace my hands over my head so that I wouldn’t get pushed into the back of the sofa. Bam, bam, bam. He was in and out of me and I liked the feeling. The emptiness and then the fullness. The skin around my anus loved the crinkliness of his pubic hair as it ground into me. I thought I was going to cum from that alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32