Tom Billionaire Ch. 08

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— CHAPTER 8: Massachusetts —



“Mmm… honey…” Taylor crooned. “If you can come back with more girls who eat pussy like Evie, I should send you to Europe more often.” Her eyelids fluttered, long dark eyelashes beating like the wings of a hummingbird. She groaned as her head fell back onto the top of the sofa’s backrest. And with her eyes closed, she spread her legs further to the sides and pushed Evania’s head a little deeper into her crotch.

“Oui,” Vivienne giggled, before adding in her sharp French accent, “Evie iz zee best!”

“The best?” Cassandra sat back on her heels, glaring up at my girlfriend with mock indignation. With an overemphasized sly Aussie drawl, she then scolded, “Thet’s noht the niycest thing to sayh while ahm down heeyah.”

Vivienne giggled and then patted the top of Cassandra’s head, which was perched between the French girl’s thighs. “Je suis désolé. Please, you are *very* good.”

“Uh-huh,” Cassandra replied with a smirk. She ducked her head back down, but rather than resume licking Vivienne’s snatch, she went lower and gave my balls a tongue bath.

“Ohhh…” I groaned, feeling both pleasured and tickled at the same time. The end result was that my whole body quivered, including my dick which was spearing upwards into Vivienne’s pussy while she reverse-straddled me on the couch. And I reached around to grab her big tits and bite down on her shoulder as my girlfriend’s reflexively clenching cunt finally set me off.

“Oh, shit,” I finished, grunting as my tickled balls began ejecting great plumes of jism through my shaft and up into Vivienne’s quivering quim. My hands tightened their grip on Vivienne’s tits, holding on as she continued to rise and fall, pumping me for more and more cum like an oil derrick. And I continued growling until I’d finished filling the dirty-blonde French babe full of my spending.

Taylor wasn’t far behind me. My wife now crossed her legs around Evania’s head, suffocating the poor girl with her thighs and drumming her heels against the Greek brunette’s back while her hips bucked up off the cushions. And after about thirty seconds of trying to hold it in by clamping her lips shut, Taylor’s mouth jerked open as a scream tore its way out of her throat. “AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!”

The sounds of hands slapping naked flesh soon followed, Evania not quite panicking but still urgently trying to pry Taylor’s legs apart. Finally, my wife’s body relaxed and Evania was able to yank her head out, gasping loudly for oxygen.

Cassandra had turned around at the sound of Taylor’s scream. She, Vivienne, and I all cracked up with laughter at the sight of Taylor completely wiped out and limp on the other couch, with Evania hunched over her while heaving for air. Eventually, Taylor’s eyes started fluttering and Evania caught her breath. And after another minute, both brunettes joined in on our amused laughter.

But then Vivienne lifted herself off my lap. Cassandra quickly turned around, shoving her face back into my girlfriend’s crotch and extending her tongue out to lick up the trickle of cream oozing out between Vivienne’s pink lips. And Taylor pulled Evania up to her so that she could kiss the Greek beauty in happy thanks.

Right here, in this moment, I couldn’t imagine being any more content. I was rich, I was healthy, and I had four spectacularly gorgeous women fully naked and taking turns fucking me.

Well, that wasn’t _entirely_ true: three of the girls were fully naked, but Cassandra wore a sheer pair of bikini-cut panties that covered the tampon plugging up her pussy. She’d stopped taking her birth control pills, and I’d gotten my RISUG injection reversed. But despite our best efforts over the past few weeks, my loyal assistant had not gotten knocked up. We weren’t agonizing over the momentary delay; her OB-GYN even said it was safer to wait until after a normal period anyways. Pregnancy would happen when it happened, and we weren’t stressing out about it. The statuesque blonde was out of commission for now, and we would try again later.

But menstruation aside, yes, the four of them had been taking turns fucking me at every possible opportunity over the past few weeks. Taylor was making up for lost time, her sexual appetite in overdrive after going months without, cold turkey. Cassandra similarly was making up for the time apart, although she was especially horny in the bloom of our new love and her recent openness to fully sharing her heart with me. Vivienne was her usual energetic nympho, although with an increased drive to maximize her time with me while getting used to sharing me. And of course, Evania was ready to service me at the drop of a hat.

With all four of them wanting attention, and with none of them having anything so mundane as a *job* or other obligations to occupy their time, I pretty much found myself in demand 24/7. I began eating ravenously just to keep up with the calories I was burning through extreme cardio exercise. kızılay escort And after a couple weeks of lounging around the Montauk mansion, getting myself settled back into familiar and comfortable surroundings, I realized I had to get OUT and get my girls distracted with other things lest they literally kill me through fucking.

Even if they wouldn’t go back to their jobs, my girls would have to find *hobbies*. That wasn’t going to happen immediately; they were all too focused on me. So we did what we always did: we traveled.

After a few days of no news, with me and my family staying behind locked gates, the paparazzi had given up on stalking me. The action was in Manhattan, not way out in the boonies of Montauk, a good two-and-a-half hour drive for a busy-busy media type behind the wheel. True, my extended family was a little more vulnerable. Cameramen were trying to track Ashlyn and Joey after they moved back to the 5th Avenue Penthouse. Similarly, there were the occasional harassing questions for my mom, and Cassandra’s mother as well after the whole kidnapping thing. But even they were forgotten when the next Brangelina scandal hit the newsstands.

So we were free to get out and travel again. Yeah, the media might come snooping once I poked my head out, but that was just routine. And this time, I had a better plan.

We first flew out to Mount Rushmore. I felt a twinge of regret at Ashlyn not being present, but Taylor solved that problem by getting a photo of me having a threesome with her and Cassandra in an open field with the big granite heads in the background. We emailed it straight over to my ex-girlfriend with the caption: _Wish you were here._

“Maybe this’ll get her to come back to us,” Taylor had quipped while grinning evilly.

I wasn’t worried about any paparazzi following us. Even if they tracked the jet, how many tabloids have an office in South Dakota? And even if they did, we only spent a day and night there before getting back aboard and flying off to Idaho.

Yes, I said Idaho. Though she was surrendering some of her duties to Evania, Cassandra had decided to keep her official title of “personal assistant”. It was easier than trying to become “wife

” or something, and besides, Cassandra actually *liked* running my household. Taylor might have been the alpha female of the family, but Cassandra would continue being in charge of the staff. And there was simply no replacement for the knowledge she possessed of where to go and how to get it done, at least until she managed to teach Evania everything she knew.

In any case, it was Cassandra’s idea to go whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. Careful application of money had gotten us not only a private tour, but also a female guide with a promise to turn a blind eye to any of our sexual shenanigans.

That only half came true. We got our private 5-day tour. But Chrissy, our 25-year-old freckled hottie of a Midwestern farm girl tour guide, couldn’t quite keep a blind eye to our sexual shenanigans.

As I’d hoped, spending most of the day paddling on the river wore down my girls enough that they couldn’t devote all their energy into draining me of all sexual fluids. But there were still four of them, and only one of me, so we were still making our tent move and shake quite a bit in the night. And that’s not to mention the times one girl or another (or two at once) dragged me off into the bushes during a break for a quickie.

The point is: listening to all that action (and voyeuristically watching, since my girls weren’t really too careful about finding privacy) for three days was putting quite the itch in Chrissy’s shorts. And though both Taylor and Vivienne independently offered to help her out, the girl swore up and down that she was 100% hetero and replied a polite “no thank you”.

So by the third night, Chrissy was practically climbing up her walls with pent-up horniness, and we could hear her moaning in her own tent during a break in our own orgy. And the very next morning, after Cassandra mounted me on a blanket in broad daylight and fucked herself to exhaustion *without* quite getting me to spooge inside her, all it took was a minor nudge from Taylor to get the young Idaho redhead to pounce on my cock and start sucking for all she was worth.

Of course, Chrissy couldn’t stop there. The instant I pulled her head off my dick, the 25-year-old farm girl flopped onto her back, ripped her plaid shirt open and yanked down her shorts, begging me to fuck her. I did just that, sinking myself into her very tight twat and then banging away, giving the young girl the ride of her life.

She came twice before I pulled out and jizzed all over her tits. She was so lost to her pleasure that she didn’t even notice Vivienne and Evania slurping my cum off her bare skin. And she was certainly beyond caring about her so-called 100% heterosexuality by the time Taylor stuck her nose into the redhead’s crotch and tongued poor Chrissy to a *third* maltepe escort climax.

The 5-day tour turned out to last six days. We simply weren’t covering very many river miles, what with the frequent breaks to stop and have sex and all. Taylor talked all five of the girls into going topless for the rest of the trip, Chrissy included. And although they wore life vests over their torsos, there were still lots of nipples becoming exposed and plenty of access for roaming hands beneath the protective foam pads.

The last night, Chrissy even got a taste of her first pussy, letting Taylor squat over her face with a full load of cum inside, shivering as the creamy goodness oozed out onto her tongue while Evania did the honors of eating Chrissy out at the same time.

But eventually we arrived at our destination and bid our cute river guide goodbye. And then it was off in the jet, flying to Fresno Yosemite International Airport and on by rented Suburban into Yosemite Valley itself.

Dinner was at the Ahwahnee Hotel Dining Room. After six days of roughing it on the river rafting trip, our meal felt like that of a Michelin Star-rated restaurant. We gorged ourselves and then retired to the penthouse Library Suite with a couple of bottles of wine. And after the wine, we all got naked and made love.

Evania ate out Taylor. Vivienne reverse-straddled me until I spunked inside her. And Cassandra sucked it all out.

Right here, in this moment, I couldn’t imagine being any more content.

Of course, I was proven wrong a second later. Cassandra got up to snowball my load back to Vivienne. Taylor came over, extending her wickedly long tongue to join in. And even Evania came over to make the three-way kiss a four-way.

Cum was shared and then eventually swallowed. The girls got to talking, and then a new plan was formed. Taylor, Vivienne, and Evania all got up and sashayed into the bedroom, Taylor gracefully gliding her hips left and right like a runway model, with Vivienne and Evania giggling as they copied her. Cassandra then took me by the hand, pulling me up to stand with her for a quick kiss. And then she led me after the others.

In a row, Taylor, Vivienne, and Evania knelt doggy-style on the bed, their asses pointed back at me and their knees spread to give me easy access to six holes with wet pussy lips already spread open in invitation. Cassandra stood me behind them, and then knelt at my feet. I looked down at my always loyal, always loving assistant, watching her watching me as she took my semi-hard cock into her mouth and began blowing me back to hardness.

Then I looked up again at the three exquisitely beautiful women on the bed just waiting for me to ravage them, and I decided that *now* I couldn’t imagine being any more content.


Panting softly as my heartbeat gradually slowed, I turned my other cheek against the pillow and blinked to get my eyes to focus on the digital clock on the nightstand. When the time registered in my brain, I sighed and commented, “We’d better get up. Our rock-climbing appointment is in two hours at the base of El Capitan, and I want to have enough time to enjoy my breakfast.”

I felt Taylor’s lips softly peck the back of my neck, followed by a murmur of contentment. She hugged me, tightening her hands behind my back. And then she sighed, “If you want me to get up, you’ll have to get *off* me first.”

I chuckled and did a push-up to lift my chest off of Taylor’s firm tits. I kissed her lips and then bent to kiss the tops of her breasts, reassuring them, “This is just goodbye for now; not goodbye forever.”

My wife chuckled and let me pull back, my softening dick exiting with a noticeable ‘squish’. She giggled and reached between her legs, coming back with a finger moistened by the remnants of our morning orgasms still inside her pussy. She popped it into her mouth and then got up to head for the bathroom.

I then turned to look at the desk, where my big-titted blonde assistant was typing away at her laptop with thin-frame glasses perched on her nose and a bluetooth affixed to her right ear. “That means you too, Cassandra,” I sighed.

“Just a few more minutes, sir,” she replied flatly without looking away from her screen.

“‘Sir’?” I queried, a little hurt.

Cassandra’s fingers froze, and her face went blank for a moment. In addition to keeping her “personal assistant” title, she was keeping most of the job functions as well. Despite my suggestions that she let go of those responsibilities, especially in the wake of what happened in Marseille, she insisted that running my household and managing my business affairs were things that she truly enjoyed. And after a couple of weeks just relaxing, screwing, and traveling around the country, Cassandra had gotten the itch to get back into the game.

Realizing what she’d said, her face softened and she turned to look at me. Her sky blue eyes sparkled and a little smile came to her face. “My apologies… _sir_.”

It’s mamak escort amazing how the same word in one tone can be so radically different from another tone. Cassandra’s purr with that low rumble that made my pulse quicken. I’d spooged my wife not two minutes ago, but the mere sound of Cassandra’s husking voice could stir me back toward hardness.

I grinned. “That’s better.”

Cassandra looked up at me and took off the bluetooth earpiece. She sighed and said, “I was just checking in with George,” she informed me, referring to George Karr, VP of Finance. “Things are a bit of a mess with me being gone for the last few weeks. These sanctions still have us running really tight, and a lot can go wrong when no one is at the wheel for this long.”

I winced, realizing that she was right. But at the same time, I didn’t want to dive back into the grind again. Over the past few months, leading two different lives, I’d learned that there was more to my existence than making more money.

Cassandra looked at me seriously. “If you’re not going to go back to JKE, you’ll have to find a new President.”

“I know,” I replied, raising my eyebrows while staring at my assistant.

“_Other_ than me,” Cassandra stated emphatically. “I’m not accepting any job that’s going to take me away from you.”

“Fine, fine.” I held my hands up, nodding my agreement. “We’ll work it out later. The company will survive for a few more hours. But for now, come get breakfast with me?”

She smiled at the warmth in my voice. After a moment’s hesitation, she closed her laptop and took off her glasses. “With you? Anywhere.” Cassandra took my extended hand, and together we joined Taylor in the bathroom.

When the three of us finally emerged, Vivienne and Evania were already seated at the suite’s dining table, eating room-serviced breakfast. Evania quickly bounced to her feet and came over to me. “What would you like, sir?”

I grinned. “Coffee, but I can get it myself. Finish your meal, Evie,” I insisted. Then I turned and went behind Vivienne’s chair, bending to kiss her cheek. “Good morning, cheri.”

“Bonjour, mi amour,” she replied a little quietly. I noticed her looking up at Taylor and Cassandra, who were giggling about something as they filled their plates with food. But then she turned back to her cup of coffee, inhaling and pulling her heels up to perch them on the edge of her seat.

I collected a plate of food myself and then sat down at the head of the table. I looked down its length, seeing the charming faces of my four favorite people in the world staring back at me. And I grinned. “Today is gonna be a good day.”


It was a *very* good day.

Like the whitewater rafting adventure, we’d gotten a private tour with guides who wouldn’t hit on my girls. In this case, I was more worried about one of the guides hitting on *me*. Louise was an exceptionally experienced and deceptively strong 44-year-old female climber who’d been teaching in Yosemite for two decades. She had a weather-beaten face, with hard but patient eyes. And she had ZERO interest in flirting with me or anyone else. Gary, on the other hand, was 27, slim, wiry, and quite handsome. Gary was also quite flaming gay, and he got along famously with the girls, Taylor especially.

Since none of us were experienced climbers, our guides spent most of the morning teaching us the basics and having us go up about twenty feet or so before coming back down to Mother Earth.

I spent most of the morning watching my eye-candy instead of paying very much attention to the guides. I mean, it’s not like I hadn’t seen my wife both naked and in various states of undress a million times already. But watching her butt rising into the air, with those long, _loooong_ shapely legs flexing, was a little distracting. Not helping matters was that her khaki shorts were so brief that they didn’t quite cover the bottoms of her buttcheeks. And her safety harness cinched that up even higher. I swore I could actually see the black strap of her thong if I looked carefully enough.

The rest of my girls were dressed the same way. For obvious reasons, no one was in a dress or skirt. Shorts and comfortable cotton tops were the uniform of the day, the skimpier the better. Vivienne wore the tiniest tee shirt that hugged her ample assets and left five inches of her flat belly bare. Taylor’s was a similarly cropped belly-top, although her sleeves were three-quarter. Evania was in a tank top with a semi-plunging scoop neck. And Cassandra wore a powder blue polo shirt with a half-zipper that was dropped all the way down, ostensibly so that she could cool down in the August warmth.

The shirt might have cooled her, but the sight of my assistant’s cleavage was heating me up. But then it was my turn, and all the blood rushed back up into my head so that I could focus on not making a complete fool of myself.

Eventually, we all felt confident enough to attempt an actual climb. Louise and Gary took us up The Footstool, taking us 120 feet into the air onto a ledge on El Capitan that afforded us some spectacular views across the valley. No, we didn’t climb all the way to the top of the mammoth granite edifice, but it was high enough for us beginners to appreciate our accomplishment. Plus, we were able to hang out at the top for a long while, enjoying our lunch, before working our way back down.

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