To Please a Woman (with a Man)

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Having her perfect ass up in the air, Najica is on all fours on the bed. Dress in nothing but hot sweat, she is playing with her harden nipples as she moan with joy. I slid two of my fingers up her tight wet cunt. Finding it perfectly moist and hot.

Taking my 10 inch hard cock, I slowly push it into Najica cunt and feel the sensation over taking my mind. She moans with joy as I slowly fuck her tight twat. I slap her perfectly shape ass as she moans even louder. Her twat grows tighter and tighter while my cock grows bigger and bigger. Causing intense form of pleasure to build within us.

Before I knew what happen next, Najica came all over my cock. As her cum send intense heat all over my cock, I am losing control and unleash an ocean of cum all inside her cunt.

Our minds fall into an ocean of solace. Brining peace that could last forever.

Laying on top of Najica, I feel my hard cock slipping out of Najica tight twat. Falling on to my side, I stare at Najica untamed beauty.

God, I thought to myself, how I got so lucky to get a woman like Najica?

I would thank God for Najica sweet ass, but I knew it was all me. I played the bad boy, I played hard to get, and I drove her wet cunt insane.

Now, she is all mine.

Before I could kiss her, I felt Najica soft silk hands rubbing my huge cock.

“My birthday is coming up.” Najica whisper into my right ear. “And you know what I want this birthday.”

I blush to what Najica hand in mind.

“Najica!” I gasp. “I am no fag!”

“So?” Najica said as she lower her head towards my harden tool. “I done plenty of girls and I’m still straight.”

Before I could object, I felt Najica tongue playing with my piss hole.

“The answer is still…” I could not finish my sentence for she stuck her pinky up my asshole.

I felt her pinky hit my prostate as she slowly finger fuck my asshole. Then she inserts another finger to intensify the pleasure.

Looking at Najica, I saw she is swallowing my whole cock with great ease. Nothing but Najica hot throat and her tongue.

Hitting my prostate, I feel my asshole throbbing around Najica’s fingers. As Najica continues to finger fuck my hole, I feel the pressure starting to build within me.


I couldn’t finish my words.

I shoot my load right into Najica mouth. Swallowing every inch of spunk, Najica crawl right up to me and gave me a deep kiss. I still taste my sweet spunk right illegal bahis on Najica tongue.

“So?” Najica said in a low and seductive voice. “Did that change your mind?”

I thought for a few moments about Najica proposal. Keep Najica happy and have sexual encounters with a guy? Or keep my masculinity and loose Najica?

First option.

“Fine.” I told Najica. “But I am tops and that’s it!”

Najica gave me a cheerful joy and kiss me deeply.

Najica, and I, are in a porno studio. There are props of all kinds to fill in everyone sick imagination. Luckily for us, the whole place is deserted.

Dress as a police officer, she has hot pants on while wearing a dark blue shirt that shows a major part of her cleavage. God, she looks so sexy.

I am strip naked and oiled in grease. I have a huge erection while walking to my masculine doom.

As we walk to the prop set, Najica is carrying a night stick. She smacks my firm ass with it as she calls me: “prisoner”. I can tell she is enjoying this for her nipples are rock hard.

We stop at a jail house. Inside the jail house is a naked blond stud. Now, I may be straight, but I have to admit this guy is hot. I mean I only watch gay porn once, but I had to admit the men were hot.

Opening the gate, Najica push me into the prison. Before I could change my mind, she locks the cage, and put the key in her breast.

“Now,” Najica said in her usual husky voice. “you two are going to play nice. I am going to get a few things for your incarceration.”

Leaving me alone with this guy, I saw Najica walking away slowly. I stare at her perfect ass as she shakes it right in front of me.

The bitch.

As I am left alone with this total stranger, the stranger walks up to me and puts his hand out.

“Hi,” the stranger said. “My name is Jack.”

I gave him my name.

“So,” I said as I try to break the ice. “What brings you here?”

“I am one of Najica gay friends.” Jack said as he took a seat. “I thought this would be a good birthday present for her.”

“Oh really.” I said, feeling extremely uncomfortable right now. “That is something new.”

“What’s that?” Jack asks.

“A gay guy performing in front of a woman.”

Jack laughs at my statement.

“You don’t know how perverted women really are. I am a male stripper and women are completely wild creatures. One time, I went to a bachelorette party and they paid me to fuck one of illegal bahis siteleri their boyfriends.”

I gasp to the very image.

“It drove them wild.” Jack continues. “They were masturbating to the very scene. Of course, the boyfriend got some major dosage of pussy for this. Despite moaning like a bitch in heat when I fucked him.”

I felt my head become light as I try not to think about how sore the guy’s ass must be.

“Lighten up, dude.” I feel Jack’s hands on my shoulder. “You’re the not the one who is going to be bottom.”

Before I could agree, I see Najica standing right in front of the cell. She has an evil smirk on her face knowing that she is about to have the night of her life. In her hands she has two cups of water.

“Alright, prisoners.” Najica said in a playful authoritarian voice. “Drink this.”

Like obedient dogs, Jack, and I, took our drinks. Without questioning what inside the drinks, we drank it all in one gulp.

With a satisfy look on her face, Najica slips in a bottle of lube into our prison cage.

“Now make my big boy comfortable, bitch.” Najica orders Jack.

Before I could object, I felt my body relaxing all of the sudden. I mean, I feel totally at ease right now. As if nothing else matter.

It did not take a genius to know that Najica drugged our water. But I am in no position to argue right now. For I lost all control of thought.

Taking a seat on the wooden chair, I lean back as I feel the relaxation take over me. Getting on his knees, Jack takes hold of my cock and starts to rub it.

“Look…” I said as I feel my cock becoming stiff. “I am not into…”

Jack sticks my huge cock into his mouth. I felt no teeth. Only his hot tongue and throat. As he sucks on my cock, I felt his hot saliva adding pleasure beyond belief. I gasp at how good of a cocksucker he really is. Even better than Najica.

As I enjoy the cocksucking, I see Najica opening her shirt. She is playing with her rock hard nipples as she watches me get my cock sucked. As she loosens her hot pants, she drops it on the floor that exposes her shaven pussy. She started to play with her clit as she licks her lips in a slow and seductive fashion.

I swear. Najica watching me getting a blow job is so hot.

Before I knew it, I cum all over Jack’s face. With a smirk, he licks the cum around his lips.

“Did the bitch enjoy that?” Najica asks the Jack.

“Yes, Officer Najica.” canlı bahis siteleri Jack said as he wipes his face off.

I see another evil smirk on Najica face. Telling me it is time for the main attraction.

“Good.” Najica said. “Now lube that tight hole of yours. I want to see some ass fucking tonight.”

Getting on all fours, Jack took the lube as start to lube his asshole.

Now, I am NOT gay. But seeing how firm his butt looked made my cock hard again. It reminded me of Najica ass so much.

But for some strange reason I felt super horny. I needed to fuck something and bad. Najica is safety outside with that stupid smirk of hers. And the only hole that is available to me now is this hot queer stud.

Jesus! What is happening to me!

Taking my huge cock, I press the tip of my cock against Jack well lube asshole. It is steaming hot that made me wanted to fuck it even more. Without a moment hesitation, I push my cock into Jack’s tight asshole.

The tightness is too much for me. I seen came again into Jack asshole.

“Well…” Najica said as gave me a hateful glare. “I expected a little bit more excitement than that. Fuck him until I say you can stop.”

Like an obedient dog, I slowly pull out of Jack asshole. Only to push it back in.

God, it feel so tight in there.

As I push deeper into Jack’s asshole, I hit his prostate. The feeling as I rub it against my cock head send a wave of pleasure all across my body. Soon I am speeding up as If fuck Jack asshole.

Slapping against his ass, Jack is moaning like a bitch in heat. He is rubbing his cock as I fuck him like he is the only asshole left in the world.

I turn my head to see Najica is lost in an ocean of pure pleasure. Using the night stick as a dildo, she fucks herself as she rubs her clit. She is moaning with joy as she switch between nipples.

“Fuck him!” Najica moans. “Fuck that bitch until he cums!”

It did not take long for Jack to cum. He shoots a huge load on to the ground as he moans with joy. His asshole tightens up so much that I shoot another load as well.

Najica could not take it anymore. She screams as she cums all over her night stick. She falls on to the ground as she tries to comprehend what she just saw.

“That was hot!” Najica gasps. “That is so much better than the gay porn out there.”

Both Jack and I blush to Najica comment.

Taking the keys out, Najica unlocks the cell.

“Alright boys.” Najica said with a wink. “You can go now. Jack the payment is in the locker room. You, on the other hand, have your payment right here.”

Najica spread her legs to expose her wet pussy.

This just gets better and better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32