To Kiss a Stranger at the Hotel du

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It was such a beautiful warm balmy evening, the sun is just starting to dip below the trees on the horizon, from the balcony of her room, suite no 206 no less!!, she stood looking out to sea at the stunning view, a feeling of contentment overcoming her as she contemplated the last few days and then thought about the evening ahead. Dinner and drinks with friends at the Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat! She had imagined this for years and now here she was finally living the dream!

The only snag was there was no man to share it with, oh well she thought, I’ll just go and have a bath and a quick play with my special toy to set me up for the evening. As she started to turn to go she caught sight of an interesting figure walking in the grounds below her, he was tall, well built and very easy on the eye, at least from this distance, she was intrigued enough to watch him walk nearer and take in the easy style of his clothes, casual but expensive, the dark hair, sea tousled and the confident walk that says so much about a man. She thought he had seen her but wasn’t sure. Anyway, time for a bath and get dressed for dinner.

In the bathroom she slipped out of her swim wear as the bath ran, and started just idly stroking her thighs near her pussy, feeling warm and horny, the bath smelt deliciously of Eau de Soir, she stepped into it and felt the warm water envelope her, her hands moving over her body to smooth the day away, her breasts felt good in the water, the nipples standing up and looking good, she rubbed them with her finger and thumb feeling the arousal getting stronger as she moved her other hand down to her pussy and started circling her clit with her finger nails, her clit grew hard as she did so. Hmmm she felt horny, she thought briefly about a longer play but there wasn’t time, she would just have to come back to that later…

Dressed in a beautiful grey silk evening dress she made her way down the stairs, her legs were looking good with the light tan from the sun and the dress cut perfectly to flatter them and her figure, the back of the dress dipping low to the base of her spine where the curve of her buttocks began, she felt sexy and judging by the looks she was getting as she walked through the hotel, she was looking sexy.

As she entered the bar her friends were all waiting, all looking gorgeous and sexy, everyone enjoying themselves and feeling a little flirtatious. Most of them were married but still enjoying each other, the evening was going to be fun.

Much later, after dinner she wandered out of the hotel and found herself on a terrace looking over another garden, sarıyer eskort lit with discreet lights showing off the sumptuous greenery and pretty fragrant flowers, the aroma filling the night air. Standing with a glass of Sancerre in hand she heard someone approach and turned to see the man from the garden earlier, they smiled, he said ‘Hi’ his voice a deep strong accent against the quiet of the night.

She felt suddenly unsure of herself and fumbled for something to say that didn’t sound trite, he looked gorgeous, dark dinner suit, jacket removed and top button undone on his crisp white shirt, she could see the deep tan of his skin below the collar of his shirt, could just imagine touching him…it didn’t help her think of something to say, he filled the silence introducing himself and asked her name, she smiled and said, ‘Maria, nice to meet you ‘ ‘I was just enjoying the beauty of the place’. He moved slightly closer as she spoke and rested his arm on the wall of the balcony next to her, she took a sip of her wine aware that he was so close and such a stranger to her but that she already wanted him, maybe it was the wine and the romanticism of this grand old hotel, it was renowned for it after all. He smiled at her and said ‘So much beauty’ and she felt the compliment was directed at her as much as the surroundings.

They chatted comfortably about the hotel, what they were doing there, all the usual things but all the time she was aware of a deepening attraction. The sense that the evening could be about to get a lot more fun was growing. Noticing that she had finished her wine he asked if she’d like another drink, how about some champagne? Was this man a mind reader?

They took the champagne back to his suite, he took her on to the terrace where he poured the drinks and they toasted to strangers, she told him how she had always dreamed of kissing a stranger on the terrace of the hotel du Cap-Ferrat. He moved closer to her and using one finger traced a line down her face to her chin, gently pushing her chin up as he leaned in to kiss her softly on her full lips. He moved slightly back so their eyes could meet as she smiled at him and then kissed him back, the kiss grew harder and more passionate as they started to touch each other. She felt his strong arms around her and traced the shape of his muscular back beneath his shirt, wanting to discover more she stroked the length of his back to his waist and round to his firm stomach. He had one hand in her hair as it fell down her back, he brought his fingers up to the nape of her neck and softly twisted some hair escort around them as his other hand travelled down her bare back to the top of her dress where he traced a line with his fingers. With his mouth he was teasing her, gently flicking his tongue into her mouth as she kissed him, their tongues meeting and playing with each other. He moved from her lips to her neck and kissed her slowly and smoothly down to the base of her neck she let out a small groan of pleasure as he did this feeling his hands move around to the front of her dress and sweep up to the fullness of her breasts, she loved the feel of him cupping her breasts through the sheer fabric of the dress. She watched his head move as he kissed her shoulder and started to take the straps of her dress down kissing the flesh as he exposed it. Her fingernails were tracing light patterns on his back wanting to feel more of him.

She pulled back and removed her dress, watching his face as the dress fell to the floor and she stood before him in just silk panties and high heels. He looked at her with such hunger in his eyes and kissed her hard, she felt his cock pressing against her through his trousers. He undressed quickly revealing a tan and muscular body with dark hair, she couldn’t resist kissing his chest and stomach, little fluttery kisses following the hair as it disappeared into his trousers and sliding her hand over his cock as it strained inside them she felt him running his hands down her back.

Undoing his trousers she released his cock, hmm no pants for him, very sexy, his cock was now before her in all its splendour, it was long and thick, gleaming with pre-cum at the tip which she just had to lick off. He moaned as she brought her lips into contact with it and then flicked her tongue over the tip encircling it slowly whilst she cupped his balls and stroked the shaft with her hands, he tasted good; clean and slightly salty with the pre-cum, she opened her mouth wide and looking up at him took his whole length inside her mouth rubbing his cock end against the inside of her cheek as she moved her mouth up and down loving the feel of him filling her mouth and the sounds that were escaping him as she did this.

When he could take no more he pulled her up and kissed her hard, telling her wanted to kiss her pussy and moving her to the bed, she sat on the edge as he knelt before her and kissed her legs from the ankles to the tops of her thighs, slowly circling his thumbs over the smooth flesh and feeling her shudder with anticipation as his lips mover closer to her pussy. Using his tongue he circled around her kağıthane eskort wet lips as she moved her hips to find him. He held her still with his big hands and still using his tongue licked gently over her clitoris, she gasped and grabbed his head, forcing him to lick her more she was very wet now as his fingers moved to her pussy, he moved them inside her, from side to side enjoying the sound of the wetness and her groans as she got closer to orgasm.

As she reached down to rub her clit, he placed two fingers deep inside her and moved them fast in and out finding her g spot, she rubbed her clit furiously while he watched and played with her breasts. Her juices were flowing out of her all over his hand, he loved that and used them to rub up and over her clit and stomach to her breasts, tracing the wetness along her. She pulled him to her and kissed him saying how she wanted him to fuck her hard, and fuck her now. He smiled at her but moved away, teasing her some more.

Standing he pulled her to her feet, ran his hand down her stomach to the mound of her pussy, teasing her with the palm of his hand as he used the other to pull her legs apart so she stood with her feet wide and then he moved around behind her, feeling her lovely arse as he went and taking in her figure, she loved feeling so exposed and wanted him to touch her pussy, finger her again, she moved her hips back as he knelt behind her and stroked her pussy from behind, pushing his thumb inside her while stroking her pussy lips with his fingers, her smooth pussy shone with her juices and was swollen with desire for his cock. She bent forward and waited for him to enter her but he didn’t, he started to lick her again and lap up the juices as they ran out of her, she could see their reflection in the mirror to the side of them, they looked so good together, he was stroking the full length of his cock as he licked her. She was loving watching him, seeing his hand move over it and knowing it was going to be inside her aching pussy soon.

She very reluctantly pulled away from him and moved him to the bed where he lay down as she straddled him. She kissed him lightly biting his lips as she moved her pussy just over the tip of his throbbing cock and just lowered herself onto him, feeling him just inside her as she moved around to feel him press inside her, she leaned forward to kiss him again and let him push his whole length into her wet, warm wanting pussy. He filled her so well, the feelings were intense as they fucked, her juices over his cock and balls and his pre-cum mixing to make it so smooth. Their eyes met and locked as they both came, the rhythmic spasms of her pussy gripping his cock as he gushed his cum into her, her nails digging into his chest as his hands grasped her breasts, together they both came and knew they had found something special.

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