To Be Loved

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I met Jim on one of those on-line dating services. At first I was skeptical, you see, he’s 37 experienced, and sweet. I’m a 19-year-old Goth who only lost her virginity six months ago. A one night stand, I was too drunk to care….

Anyway, at first I was unsure about a relationship, but after meeting him, I was very impressed. The general ease at which conversation flowed, and how comfortable I felt. It wasn’t long before we started talking about sex. He understood that I was unsure, and he wanted to teach me. I was, of course, excited.

The first time we were together, I was surprised at how much control he had over me. He would tell me what to do, and I would do it. I realized that he had complete control over me. As scary as that was, it was scarier to realize, I liked it.

Then I angered him. I was supposed to go see hum, and circumstances permitted our meeting. I went through two days of feeling insecure, and scared. This man, who could make me do things with just a wave of his hand was mad at me. Could this be the end? Then this:

Attourneyman: Are you at work?

Anjil: No, sex izle you?

Attourneyman: Yes. Why aren’t you at work?

Anjil: I work swing today.

Attourneyman: Are you alone?

Anjil: Yes…..

Attourneyman: Until when?

Anjil: Two-ish, Why?

Attourneyman: Can I come over?

Anjil: Sure, I could make lunch if you want to come on your lunch break.

Attourneyman: No, I have a meeting…

Attourneyman: I could come after….

Anjil: What time would that be?

Attourneyman: I don’t know. I could come now. We could get a quickie in before the meeting. But I’d have to leave by 11:50.

Anjil: Well, it’s 11:10 now, take you, 15-20 min. to get here, that would give us 20 min. So ok…..

Attourneyman: ok… I’m leaving now.

Anjil: ok….

I heard Jim’s Mustang pull up outside the house. Scared for a minute, I hesitated, then went to open the door as he walked around the bend in the walkway.

“Hey sweetie,” I said in the calmest tone I could muster, “welcome, the house is kinda a mess….”

“Thats ok,” Jim said, “you’ve seen alt yazılı porno my place.”

He stepped in the house, and I put my arms around his neck, “I guess it could be worse.” I said before kissing him deeply.

“Show me your room.” So, I took him back to my room.

“It’s kinda a mess, and the bed is a little broken,” I explained as I led him back to my room. Thinking What am I doing? This is my Parents house! As we come into the room, he kisses me, the whole time taking off his shoes, and his pants w/ his boxers. Standing there in nothing but a shirt he said, “Suck my cock.” It had been so long since I had tasted him, that I immediately knelt down in front of him. He was already partially erect, but Id seen him harder. So I started, gently at first. I could feel him growing in my mouth.

“Do you like that?” he asked. “Mmmm” I replied without taking him out of my mouth. He stepped back, depriving me of his now fully erect cock. He sat on my bed, rearranged the pillows, and laid back. Without hesitation, I scooted forward and resumed my ministrations to altyazılı sex izle his erection. “Suck my balls” I heard and obeyed, a little dismayed at the idea of not getting to swallow his cum. I Sucked and twisted my tongue around his balls while my hand took the place of my mouth.

“Thats it baby,” he said once again, “You like that don’t you?” Yes, I liked it, okay, what did he want, a sonnet on how wonderful I found his cock? “Yes.” I replied.

“Watch me cum!” he ordered, and I sat up. He grunted in the cute little way he always does, and cum started to spurt out of his penis. “Lick me clean.” So I did. He was done, and when we caught our breath I gave him a hand getting up, and he put his clothes back on.

We left the room, and walked around the house for a few. He made me explain the pictures on the wall, and the things scattered around the house. Until I realized what he was doing. Now every time I looked at those pictures, or heard an explanation of the various things, I’d think of him. He knows that it’s an inevitable probability, that whenever I think of him, I get wet, and eventually it gets so bad, I have to relieve myself.

So with all the things, and the knowledge that I didn’t get any, people would ask what’s the point? I want to make him happy, it’s what makes me happy. Besides, he may not have said it, but I know he loves me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32