Tinder for Teacher 5

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The weekend passes with minimal texts from Caleb. Just good morning and goodnight texts. So on Monday, I dress to make his jaw drop.

I put on my maroon velvet body suit with the piece of fabric that goes around my neck like a choker. It makes a window to my cleavage. And I put on my black jeans that hug my legs and ass to make it look plump. And I pair that with my black chunky boots. I look sexy as fuck in my fall outfit.

I always dress nice to school, but never to this extent. He’s for sure gonna notice me.

I walk into the school and make my way to my locker. Mandy is waiting for me.

“Wow! You’re looking extra sexy today! I take it you got laid?” She asks.

“Obviously. Like twice. And I got off with four guys watching. Well probably more, but I only noticed four.”

“Damn girl! I’m jealous!”

“And we said ‘I love you’ to each other.” I say as I open my locker. I grab my books and turn to see Mandy staring at me with her mouth wide open. “I know. It just felt right. He makes my tummy flutter. And I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I only need him.”

“But don’t you want Dylan still?”

“I enjoyed being with him, but if Caleb told me not to again, I would listen to him. But he loves hearing about my sexual escapes after they happen. I fucked one of the guys from the band we went to go see. I haven’t told him the details yet, but he knows it happened.”

“That’s hot!“ a group of giggling girls pass us. “Wanna go to the ladies room?” Mandy asks.

I nod and we walk to the nearest bathroom. But as we walked down the hall, Mr. Jacobsen steps out of his classroom.

“Hello ladies. Good morning.” He says with a smile.

I smile at him and look back as I catch him staring at my ass when we pass. Mandy and I stumble into the bathroom while giggling.

“He TOTALLY checked out your ass.” She says and sets her bag down at the sinks. “I can’t stop thinking about the fun we had together.”

I look under the stalls to make sure everyone was out. We were in the clear.

“That was fun. I love how he was shocked when he found out we had messed around before.”

“Those were some fun times.” I say and smile as I remember our drunk sleepovers.

“Nothing will ever beat watching you suck his cock tho. That was hot AF.” Mandy says and fans herself sarcastically.

I realize that someone has come into the bathroom and looked shy and maybe a little traumatized.

Mandy and I giggle and collect our things. We quickly head to class as the bell rings. I was flustered all day thinking about Caleb and our crazy adventure that weekend. I didn’t even hear as Dylan complimented my outfit later that day as he sat in the seat behind me.

“Huh?” I ask and turn around.

“I said you look hot as hell.” Then he puts his hand on my shoulder. “Is something up? You look nervous.”

“I… I… no. Everything is great.”

“If you wanna talk about it, I’m here.” He sits back in his chair and fiddles with his hoodie strings.

“Hey.” I say and wait for him to look up at me. “Thanks.” I say and turn back around.

He’s too fucking good for me. So is Caleb tho. I love Caleb so much, but I still wanna kiss and fuck other people. Why isn’t he enough?

As class starts, my teacher announces that todays history class is a free day to do group studying for tomorrow’s exam. People spread out in groups in the classroom and in the hallway. Dylan Masters and I go to the hallway to study.

We take seats by the water fountains, which are a bit down the hallway. I can hear Caleb’s voice boom as he teaches math inside a classroom not too far away.

“So, how prepared are you for this test?” Dylan asks snapping me back into reality.

“Not very prepared. I was busy this weekend.”

“Gotcha.” He sounds a bit disappointed.

“How about you? Are you prepared?” I ask.

“Yeah. I studied a bit last night. I’ll test you. How about that?”

“Sounds good.”

He tests me on the study guide for about thirty minutes. Then he asks me a question that isn’t about history.

“Who’s in there that’s got you so distracted? You keep glancing at that classroom.” He asks, setting down the study guide.

“No one. Sorry. Where were we?” I say shaking my head.

“If I ask you a question, will you answer it honestly? I swear there’s no judgement here.” I nod. “Have you been seeing the new teacher in secret?” He asks really quietly.

I look like a deer in the headlights for a second and then laugh it off.

“Ha! Are you being serious Dylan?”

He continues to look at me very seriously. “I’m very serious. I’ve seen him look at you as you walk by. That same look that I give you every time you walk by me. Except you return the look with him. I’m not judging. And I won’t tell a soul. Just curious if my intuition is right.”

I take a second to read him and realize he isn’t going to tell anyone if he knows. That he is serious about no judgements.

I sigh and start to tear up. I look away and cover my face. I feel him hug me tightly and I melt into him. He feels safe. I try to push my tears away and they stop flowing after a few moments. Then I pull myself from his embrace and look into his eyes.

“No judgements?” I ask.

“No judgements.” He repeats and holds my hand.

“I feel silly for crying. I just hate secrets.”

“I get it. In fourth grade, the class pet died in my care and I lied about it for a whole week. Until the teacher wanted it back. Then I broke down in tears and fessed up. The whole class laughed at me tho. I was humiliated.”

“Well, you’re not laughing at me for crying.” I say and wipe my eyes again, careful to not smudge my mascara.

“No. I would never.”

“You’re too good. Why are you my friend?”

“Well there was that thing that happened.” We both chuckle and glance away. “And I realized I like you. Even if we don’t do that again. I still wanna be your friend.”

I blush profusely. And smirk.

“I still wanna be your friend too. And who knows…” I say with a shrug.

“Oof don’t tease me like that. Don’t forget, you just told me who you’re dating.” We sit there in silent for a minute. “He’s the early morning car sex guy you told me about isn’t he?”

I start giggling and glance over at him. His right hand is in his lap and he looks embarrassed.

“Reminiscing about our bathroom encounter?” I ask and he looks away.

“It’s your shirt also. But mostly that, yeah.”

“I think about it a lot too.” I say and grab his pinky with my pinky

“Alright I’ve got to go to the bathroom before you make it worse.” He says and stands up.

He walks to the bathroom that we first hooked up in and closes the door.

A few minutes later, the bell rings and Mr. Jacobsen steps out of his classroom. All of his students pile out of the class room as we continue to smile awkwardly at each other, while trying not to make it obvious.

Dylan comes out of the bathroom and I stretch out my hands with his backpack in one. He grabs my hands and helps me up. He takes his bag and study guide and hugs me goodbye.

Dylan walks to his next class and I see Mr. Jacobsen’s eyes flicker with jealousy. I grab my bag and walk into his classroom. He follows me in and guides me to his desk. No one else has showed up for his class yet so we’re alone.

“Who’s that?” He asks sharply.

“A friend. We can talk about him at lunch. Wanna go off campus for lunch?” I ask as I sit in my seat.

“What do you mean, I have my whole meal in front of me.”

“Well, your meal is hungry for Taco Bell.”

A few people walk in and he clears his throat.

“Okay. See me after class.”

He really played that off well. Except he kept staring at my tits. But hopefully no one noticed. I sit forward in my seat and pull out my finished homework that I did this weekend.

Class dragged on as we learned about graphing functions. When the lunch bell rang, everyone hurried out to the cafeteria or their cars and I stayed behind and slowly packed up my bag.

“I don’t think I had the chance to say it today, but damn. You really know how to turn heads.” I hear Caleb say quietly behind me.

He walks to the door and closes it and pulls the window shade down.

“You like my outfit?” I ask as I stand up and do a little catwalk walk.

“You’re drop dead gorgeous. But you always are.” He says and pulls my body against his.

We kiss briefly and he grabs my ass with purpose.

“These jeans are incredible.”

“You really know how to stroke my ego baby. Now how about that Taco Bell?”

“I’ll drive. Pick you up by the soccer fields.” He says and spanks my ass cheeks.

I grab my bag and leave his classroom. I walk to the soccer fields and pace around by one of the goals. I see his car pull up and I quickly hop in.

“We’ve gotta stop meeting like this.” He jokes.

“8 more months until I graduate.”

“Wow. That long huh?”


He pulls into Taco Bell’s drive thru and we order together. We get our food and he parks on the road, somewhere in a neighborhood between there and the school.

“So, it’s lunch. Who was that boy?” He asks and hands me my burrito and hot sauce.

“That was Dylan Masters. Class president. You’ve probably heard him during morning announcements.”

“Who is he to you? You’re obviously close. He hugged you for longer than a second.”

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” I tease him. He gives me a look that says ‘knock it off’. “Okay, we hooked up. Remember that lunch meeting I had?” I ask and realization settles over him. He definitely remembers. “But we’re just friends right now. I won’t mess around with him again if you don’t want me to.”

“Do you like him?”

“He’s funny and nice. He’s hot. But he’s not you. You make my tummy have butterflies. And my pussy tingle with just your bayan escort gaziantep eyes. He was fun when I was desperate for touch, but I was only desperate for touch cuz I was still horny from you. Please don’t be jealous. You can tell me he’s off the table and I won’t think about him like that again.”

“I can make your pussy tingle with just my eyes?” He asks as he glances over at me.

I nod and feel my heart speed up. I unwrap my burrito and start eating. He keeps glancing at me as he eats. I glance too, admiring the way his pants are almost tight enough, while seated, to see his cock. How his shirt hugs his torso in just the right spots. How the sunlight reflects the golden flecks in his eyes… so sexy. My pussy is throbbing by the time I finish my burrito.

“He won’t make me jealous anymore. You can call him if you’re desperate again. As long as you’re horny because of me.”

“I’m always horny because of you.” I pause and smirk at him. “I wish we had a longer lunch.

“Me too. I have tutoring after school. Wanna come over for dinner? We can have pizza. Hawaiian. Your favorite.”

“I don’t know if I can make it until then.”

“I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

“Okay. Dinner AFTER we fuck.”

“A girl after my heart.”

“Nah, I’m just after your dick.”

We both laugh and Mr. Jacobsen starts the car. Then we head back to school. He kisses me briefly before I hop out of the car. His hand lingers on my inner thigh making me wanna say fuck school and take him right there, but he has a class to teach so I refrain. I get out of the car and walk from the soccer fields to finish out my day of classes.

After school, I drive home and take a shower. I wanna be fresh when he goes down on me. In the shower I get a bit distracted with my thoughts. I need fucked now. I push down the urge and finish cleaning myself. I hop out of the shower and walk to my room. I look in my closet for something to wear with easy access. Either a skirt or dress. I decide on a dress. It’s a simple navy blue wrap dress with a very deep v neck. I put on my best push up bra, a black lacy thong, and I step into my black flats. I blow dry my hair and brush my teeth, then I grab my purse and drive to his house.

As I pull onto his street I get a text.

‘Just come in. I’m in the bathroom finishing up.’

I park on the street and walk into his house. I take off my shoes and drop my purse at the door. I lock the front door before I sneak quietly up the stairs.

I enter his bedroom and see a few candles are lit and his bathroom door is ajar. I knock and open the door to reveal his bare ass facing me as he’s bent over the sink.

He’s obviously freshly showered and is just trimming up his facial hair.

“You’ve never looked sexier.” I say as I hop up on the counter.

“Same can be said for you. Except I saw you in that one outfit earlier today. So that’s debatable.”

“Well I showered and shaved so I figured I should put clean clothes on.”

“Were your other clothes dirty?”

“Well I had some dirty thoughts while wearing them.”

“Have you had dirty thoughts while wearing this?” He asks as he sets the razor down and stands in front of me.

“A few… Maybe you should get me out of this then.”

“Oh I definitely should.”

He pulls the bow holding my dress together undone and my dress falls open to expose my lingerie.

“Mmm sexy.” He says and starts leaving kisses and love nibbles on my cleavage.

He pulls the Taco Bell hot sauce packet out of my bra with his teeth. I hid it there after I wrote a message on it. It had said “current mood: ____” and I wrote in “HORNY”.

He read the sauce packet and chuckled.

“Bed. Now.” He demanded.

I love when he gets bossy. I push past him and leap on to his bed while removing my dress the rest of the way. I toss it to the floor and face him waiting for his next move.

He approaches me and I instinctively lean back. He hovers above me and kisses my neck and traces his fingers over my skin.

My heart is racing and I’m panting for more. I try to grab his hand and place it between my legs where I want it, but he frees his hand from my grip and smacks my thigh near my ass.

“I’m in charge.” He booms.

He reaches into the drawer behind him and pulls out some fuzzy handcuffs.

“I’m going to put these on you. Is that okay?” He asks. I nod, offering him my wrists.

He removes my bra first, then puts the handcuffs on me, looping them through the headboard so I can’t move from the center of the bed. He kneels at the end of the bed and slowly removes my panties.

“Mmm. So wet already.” He says and rubs his fingers on my wet slit.

My pussy lips open for him and invite him deeper in. My legs spread and open up as he slips a single finger inside of me.

“Please” I beg as he teases me.

“I wanna make this last. I’ve waited all day for this.”

“Please” I plead again.

He goes back to the drawer he pulled the handcuffs from and pulls out a simple vibrator.

“I love hearing you beg.” He says as he clicks it on.

My body shivers in anticipation. He lays down next to me on the bed and runs the vibrator along my inner thighs and around my pussy lips. Never once touching what’s aching to be touched. He moves the vibrator to my nipples and circles them with the vibration. He watches my face as I react to the sensations.

“Does this feel good?” He asks.

“Mmm so good. My clit is pulsing.”

He glances down in hopes to see it pulsing, but from his perspective, it’s just very red and poking out of its hood.

He turns off the vibrator and lays it next to me. He teases my nipples with his gentle fingers and kisses my lips softly. The more I try to deepen the kiss, the softer he kisses.

“Patience.” He whispers. He pinches my nipple and then flicks it with his tongue. It soothes the pain he inflicted and makes it feel so good.

“Please.” I beg again.

“Please what?” He asks.

“Touch my pussy. Rub my clit. Let me cum. Please! Please.”

“What’s my name?”

With the authority he’s showing tonight. I opt for his last name.

“Mr. Jacobsen.”

“Good girl.” He says and trails his finger tips down my body.

My legs fall open as he parts my pussy lips and rubs my wetness on my clit.

My body writhes in pleasure and I tug at the handcuffs connected to the headboard. The bed shakes as I shiver from his touch. His touch didn’t last long, but the absence of his warm touch on my clit makes me grow frustrated.

I grunt and reach behind me and undo the handcuffs.

Mr Jacobsen looks shocked as I roll on top of him and press down on his chest. “You’re bad!” He scolds.

“I can’t handle it tonight. And you love when I’m bad.” I say with a naughty wink and reach behind my ass for his cock.

I line up his tip to my pussy hole and start to slide on to him. It takes a second for me to fully accept his size, but we both sigh as he fully settles inside of me.

“Now it’s your turn to beg.” I say and teasingly grind on him.

“Bounce. I wanna see those titties bounce.” He says with a chuckle.

I start bouncing a little and then he helps by thrusting from below. Every time our bodies meet, my titties bounce. Eventually I am arching my back and using his thighs to balance as I bounce up and down hard. He slaps my bouncing boobs right on the nipples a few times, making me squeal with surprise and pleasure.

Surprisingly, he grabs my hips to slow me down. He instructs me to get on all fours, so I do. He presses all the way into me and I moan as I relax into the mattress. Then he pulls my arms back towards him and I fall face first into the mattress. He pins my arms behind me as if they were handcuffed and starts fucking me again. He pounds into me roughly and my moans and screams are muffled in the bed. The speed feels amazing, but I can’t breathe very well with my face pressed into the bed. I start fucking him back, in hopes that I can free my face from the mattress, but no such luck. Luckily with me fucking him back and squeezing my pussy muscles around his cock, it didn’t take long for him to finish.

He spanks my ass really hard, making me yelp, and then he holds himself deep inside of me as I feel him cum. My body shakes as something deep inside my pussy erupts. He fills me like a cream filled donut and then pulls out.

I flop to the side when he lets go of my arms.

“What the shit was that?” I ask in surprise, trying to fill my lungs with air.

“I’m so sorry. I got a little animalistic there. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay? Did you get to finish?” He asks concerned, flopping down next to me.

“Don’t apologize. I mean, don’t do that again, but that was… strangely hot. I couldn’t breathe and my neck kinda hurts, but you reached a part of my cervix I didn’t know existed!” I sit up and look at him. His cock is slightly deflated and covered in a white goo. “I gushed cream all over your cock! You rocked my world.”

“You’re not mad?” He asks.

“Well a little… but you can make up for it by making me cum now.”

“Do you want me to do the tongue thing that made you pass out last time?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I retort.

He pushes me down on the bed and opens my legs to dive into my pussy. I love that he’s not a man afraid of his own cum. While gripping the sheets, the vibrator rolls and hits my thigh. I grab it and turn it on. I tease my nipples like he did to me earlier and he watches as I writhe in pleasure.

“Oooh. Babe… can you… mmmm. Can you fuck me again? Slow?” I beg with my eyes closed.

His mouth leaves my pussy and I pout until he starts rubbing his very hard cock along my slit again.

“Mmm that’s a good boy.” I tease as he presses into me. I open my eyes and look into his plotting eyes. He grabs the vibrator from my nipples and places it on my clit. “OH FUCK!” I exclaim and pull my legs to my chest.

He fucks me with the vibrator on my clit and his other hand pinching and smacking my nipples. It was every sensation that I love at once.

It very soon became too much for me to handle and I stop resisting and came hard on his cock. As my first orgasm subsided, I felt my second orgasm approaching.

“Again.” I pant out and he speeds up his fucking. “Harder.” I beg. He throws the vibrator to the side and grips my hips tight. He trusts into me hard and fast. Then he leans back and changes the angle. I feel a sharp pain on my clit and realize he just smacked it. “Again” I beg, he spits on my clit and then smacks it.

I whine but it feels so good. Then he pulls out of me and rubs his wet cock on my clit. The throbbing of his cock and my clit together felt euphoric. He was getting close again too.

“Just the tip. Tease my pussy.” I beg, fully out of breath.

He pops just the tip inside of me and pulls it out. My pussy pulses, trying to pull him in more. He does it again and I reach down with my fingers to rub my clit.

“I’m so close.” I pant out.

He pushes more than just the tip in this time. I gasp and then he removes it. Then again but a bit deeper. And the last thrust, he went all the way in and we both shivered as my orgasm took over. He held still inside of me as my walls pulsed around his very hard cock for a few moments.

“That was amazing Caleb. I think you can pull out now.”

“I didn’t finish yet. Just waiting for your pussy to stop pulsing.”

“It was an intense orgasm. It’s gonna do that for a minute.” I say as I slowly rub my clit. “I’ll suck your cock…” I suggest.

“You’re too good for me. In the shower tho. I’m covered in sweat and cum.”

“I love you Caleb.” I say as he kisses my neck.

“I love you too babe.” He whispers to me.

He slowly pulls out of me and he carries me to the shower. We let the water heat up as we make out. He pushes me up against the shower door and kisses me with passion. Making out after you say ‘I love you’ to the person is on another level. Our tongues dance together and my body is immediately on fire.

I open the shower door and we slip into the warm embrace of the water. His cock is hard against my thigh so I grab it softly and start to stroke it. He brushes my wet hair off of my face as he pants in pleasure.

I step out of the water stream and drop to my knees. I tease his cock with the tip of my tongue. He glances down at me with such intensity that I feel like he fully sees me. As a whole. And he thinks I’m beautiful. He once gave me this look in class. I was just doing some math problems and happened to glance up as he was making lovey dovey eyes at me.

“Hey, come up here. I just wanna kiss you.” He says softly with his hand on my cheek.

I stand up and drop his cock from my hand and watch it bounce for a second. I chuckle cuz dicks are funny and then we kiss. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. I put my hands on his face and feel his smooth face. Then an epiphany hits me.

“Homeschool.” I say as I pull out of the kiss.

“Homeschool?” He asks.

“Yeah. If I do homeschool, we don’t have to hide. I’ll do it online.”

“Homeschool.” He says with a big grin.

“And pizza. I’m hungry. Let’s wash up so we can go eat.” I say and slap his naked ass.

Content with that idea, we wash up and go to his room to dry off. He opens his top drawer and pulls out a brand new pair of panties and rips the tag off. He tosses them to me and I put them on.

“Do I look sexy in these?” I ask teasingly as I catwalk across his bedroom.

“So sexy. Figured you might want fresh panties after showering. Maybe you should bring some clothes over since we’re always here.”

“You’re right. Maybe I should. I like that idea. Do I get a drawer?”

“Of course. Only the best for you.”

“Where’s the pizza? I’m hungry.”

“I called it in right as you got here. Should be here soon. It’s been almost an hour.”

We get dressed and then the door bell finally rings. I rush down the stairs in an oversized t shirt and his smallest pair of sweats. I open the door and it’s Dylan.

“Fuck.” He says as he and Mr. Jacobsen lock eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything. I don’t know anything. Here’s your pizza. It’s on me.”

Dylan shoves the pizza into Mr Jacobsen’s hands and hurries down the driveway.

“Should we be worried?” He asks me as I close the door.

“Honestly Caleb, I think he just never expected to see us together. We’re safe.”

“Did he already know?”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“You’re a bad girl. You know that?” He asks me cheekily.

“What are you gonna do about that?” I ask.

“I’m gonna beat your ass for telling another one of your friends about us.”

I turn around and wiggle it and take off running. I hear him start chasing me and I make a dash for the stairs. I run up to his office and hide under the desk. He enters the room panting but doesn’t check under the desk. Instead he falls to the floor and tries to catch his breath.

“I see your toes.” He says finally.

I prepare myself to run again while grinning like a madman. I giggle as I jump over him and run into the hallway, but he catches up to me and pins me against a wall.

“Ready for me to spank your ass?” He breathes into my ear and I shiver.

I involuntarily moan as his hand rubs my ass. I nod. His hand leaves my butt and I wait in anticipation until it makes contact again. It wasn’t hard enough.

I arch my back to get my booty closer to his hand as he smacks it again.

“Ooh!” I exclaim. It was good. The shock and vibrations spread down to my pussy.

“You like this, my naughty girl?”

“Yes Sir.” I say and nod with my face against the wall.

He pulls down the panties I just put on.

“Wet already, I see.”

“Spank me please.” I beg.

He smacks my ass with such force that I almost scream. But all I feel is my pussy dripping down my thigh.

Then the tip of his cock is on my slit. I arch my ass up and give him more room. He slips into me and slowly fucks me against the wall.

“You know I want it…faster.” I moan.

“I know. This is… a punishment for being so bratty. You were a bad girl… You told someone else about us. Someone you want to fuck.”

“I love fucking you.”

“Don’t deny it.” He says sternly and spanks my ass again as he pauses his thrusts.

“Fine, I wanna fuck his thick dick. I wanna have him rail me.”

“That’s more like it. Tell me more.” He says and speeds up.

“Mmm mmm! I want him to lick my pussy for hours. Making me cum over and over.”

“Yes. Yes. Go on.” He says and fucks me harder against the wall.

“Fuck me! Oh god! Yes! I want to… him…want to suck him until he cums down my throat… and I taste him for hours!” I say as best I can while being pounded from behind.

“You’re a bad girl.” He says and fucks me so hard, my body slaps against the wall.

“Ah! Ahhh! Ah! I’m close!” I shout.

“Cum for me you slut. Thinking about another guy while I’m inside you. You’re so dirty.”

I cum hard and my knees buckle. He slips out of me as I fall to the floor and finish cumming while I rub my clit. I feel warm liquid dripping down my back to my ass.

“Oh shit. You’ve got to shower again babe. It’s in your hair.” He says, breathing heavy.

“Fuck it. I’m eating pizza naked and then showering.”

“That was the hottest sex I think we’ve had.” He pants.

“It was pretty hot.” I agree. “Hey I might have soaked your carpet here.”

“Hahaha! Go eat. I’ll clean it up, you sexy nympho.”

I stand up and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Thank you.” I say sweetly and peck his lips softly.

He pulls me in for a deeper kiss. Our tongues dance together and his hands wander. I feel his cock harden between us.

“No more. No more. I can’t handle any more.” I say and pull away from the kiss. “No more sex tonight.”

“Alright. Go eat so I don’t get any ideas.”

I go downstairs and eat some pizza while I wait for Caleb. While I wait, I take a selfie of me with a slice of pizza and send it to Dylan.

“Thanks for the pizza! Sorry if we scared you off. Would have loved to have you join ?”

The reply was immediate.

“Pineapple DOESN’T belong on pizza.” He replies.

I chuckle and then Caleb walks in.

“Are you turned off enough to hear about the drummer? I don’t know how you are still ready to fuck more.”

“I’ll behave myself. I’d love to hear about that night.”

He plops down next to me on the couch and grabs a slice of pizza. I start my story.

“So… Logan hit me with the bathroom door on accident and then apologized profusely. I said I was fine and then we flirted a bit. I kissed him to apologize for turning him on at the show. And one thing lead to another and I end up on my knees, sucking his cock. That’s when you tried checking on me. Then he wanted to finger me. His long fingers felt so good inside of me…” I say and set my pizza down.

“Better than my fingers?” Caleb asks.

“Honestly? Yeah. Sorry babe.”

“It’s okay. I can’t be the best at everything.”

“But you are the best!” I say and kiss his cheek. Then whisper, “especially when you fuck me like you did tonight.” I kiss his cheek again and lean back into my spot.

“You’re not helping me control myself, missy!” He says as he rubs his cock through his boxers.

“Sorry sorry! Ready for the rest?” I ask and he nods. “so after he fingers me and I’m dripping wet, he asks to put just the tip in. I let him. He fucks me slowly as I rub my clit. He gets lost in the moment and slips more in to me. I love the feeling so I pull him all the way into me. He fucks me while I cum and then he pulls out and cums on my pussy like I asked him to. Then we cleaned up. He was such a gentleman and cleaned me up first. And that was it. Oh, wait. I also left my panties for Mark to find in his dirty clothes. I figured he’d appreciate it.”

“My dirty dirty girl. That sounds like it was hot. Wish I could have watched.”

“You’d like to watch guys fuck me?” I ask, a little surprised.

“Oh yes.”

“Is that why you were so into Mandy and me kissing?”

“Yes. She should join us again. I loved that. Maybe I’ll just watch the whole time. Watch you go down on her. Or the other way. Give her some pointers.”

“Mmm. You’re making me turned on again babe.” I say and run my hands along my inner thighs.

“Go shower. No more tonight. You already said.”

“I knowwwww!” I say and slowly walk up to his bathroom.

I shower and put my blue dress back on. I wander around the house looking for Caleb and find him in the kitchen. He’s leaned up against the counter and jerking himself off.

“I have… homework… for you.” He pants after he realizes I’m in the room.

“Yes Mr. Jacobsen?” I tease.

“Fuck the pizza guy. I want… to hear about you being a slut at… school. Oh god.” He pants out and then shoots two ropes of cum out of his cock.

“Okay. Come kiss me goodbye. Tomorrow is a school day. Gotta go do my homework.”

“Don’t bother doing math. You more than showed your work tonight.”

He steps over his cum and kisses me. We make out against the wall and then finally he backs up.

“Love you. Sweet dreams.” He says and I kiss him again as I leave.


The next day I jog down the side walk to catch up to Mandy.

“I’ve got homework.” I announce as she notices it’s me.

“From your lover?” She asks already knowing the answer.

I nod. Then I pull her close to whisper in her ear. “To fuck Dylan at school.”

“Oh my god! Where will you?” She asks, freaking out.

“Probably the bathroom or an empty classroom.”

“I feel like it has to be more public.” Mandy says and giggles.


“The football field. Or under the bleachers.”

“Ew. The bleachers are the biggest hookup place at school, I would never.” I reply.

“You didn’t say no to the football field.”

“I have a better idea.” I say mischievously.


In history class I turn around and smile at Dylan.

“Hey.” He says.

I pull my top down to reveal more cleavage. I slide him a note I wrote and wait for him to read it.

It says “fuck me in locker room? Pretty please!”

He looks shocked but nods. Moments later Mandy walks in with a forged note from the office saying they needed me and Dylan.

We both grabbed our stuff and walked out of history. Mandy kisses my cheek and I drag Dylan to the boys locker room.

They were out on the field already and wouldn’t be back for 15 minutes.

“So how do you feel about other guys seeing a girl suck your cock?” I ask as I push him down on the bench against the wall.

“Okay I guess.” He says.

“Whip it out then. I’m gonna bounce on it.”

“Is this because of last night-?”

“No. I’ve wanted yo fuck you forever and I finally got permission.”

He didn’t question it anymore and set his backpack down and undid his pants. His already semi hard cock springs free and I slurp it up. He gasps and throws his head back. I make sure it’s really wet and hard before I hop on it. When it’s sufficiently hard, I stand up and take my panties off. I stuff them in his mouth and straddle his lap.

“Mmhmermwim?” he mumbles.

I ignore him and slip onto him. We both moan and I steady myself on the bench. I start bouncing up and down as he changes colors. I cling to his body tightly as I pump up and down his cock. I don’t hold my moans back knowing that the football guys will be in the locker room soon. I cuss and enjoy myself as Dylan helps me go faster by holding my hips.

“Mmhmmmhm.” Dylan mumbles and I notice he feels close.

I hop off and get on my knees. I flip my skirt up to show my bare pussy and ass off to whoever walks in. They will get a great view. I start sucking his very sloppy cock after I get situated and as Dylan erupts down my throat, I hear movement, gasps, and whispers behind me.

I say “ahhh!” Like I just had a nice sip of refreshing lemonade and swallow his load. I stand up and turn around while adjusting my skirt.

“Enjoy the show?” I ask as I grab my panties from Dylan’s mouth and toss them into the crowd. Chaz Nichols caught them and smiled big.

Dylan puts his pants back on and follows me with our bags.

“What the fuck.” Is all he says multiple times the whole walk back to history.

Before we reach the room, the bell rings. I turn around and kiss Dylan and grab my bag from him.

“Wasn’t that hot?” I ask.

He nods. I walk to mr Jacobsen’s and when the room is empty except for him, I close the door and lock it. And pull the shade down.

He looks confused. I flash him my titties as I walk over to kiss him.

“Blowjob? Oh my god you already did it. You dirty girl.” He whispers and smacks my ass.

“Finger me.”

He slips two fingers up my pussy and I gasp. He hushes me. I giggle. And then I go unlock the door. Students trickle in as I get situated at my desk.

When class starts, mr Jacobsen announces that I’ll pass out the quiz and everyone complains at once. My Jacobsen hands me a stack of papers as he stays seated at his desk. I smirk. He smirks too.

Quizzes get passed out and I take my seat. I hear little throat clears and groans come from Mr Jacobsen. I wonder if the girl behind me knows what he’s doing under that desk right next to us. It’s hard to focus on the quiz, but when the bell rings, everyone turns in their test and leaves. Everyone except for me.

“Go lock the door again.” His voice booms next to me.

“Yes sir.”

I lock the door and pull down the shade. He stands up and I can see his cock is already out.

“Bend over.”

I bend over his desk. He flips up my skirt and he fucks me hard.

He holds his hand over my mouth as he pounds me. Just as I’m about to cum he pulls out. He sits in his chair and grabs my hair. He pulls my face right in front of his cock so I drop to my knees. I like this rough Caleb. He holds my mouth on his cock until I gag. Then he lets go and I suck him off. Until someone walks in.

“Hey Jacobsen!” A man says.

“Hey Robert.” He replies and I pull my mouth off his cock. He rolls his chair under the desk and pins me under there. I’ve still got my hand on his cock tho so I still jerk him slowly. He puts his hand over mine and controls the speed while he has a convo with the teacher.

“How are you today?”

“Good! You?”

“I’m great, man.”

“Woooah!” He exclaims on accident as he cums. “New shirt?” He asks to cover up his outburst.

“Yeah. Wife bought it. Don’t think purple is my color tho.”

“Nah man. Looks great.” Caleb says and then a loud bang happens above my head.

“Anyways, Here’s that book I said I’d return.”

“Thanks. See ya later.” Caleb says and Robert leaves the room.

He rolls backwards and laughs hard.

“That was fucking close!” He says and passes me a Kleenex. I clean up his cum that hit the bottom of the desk and dripped down.

“I’d say. But hot as fuck. I need to cum.”

As if on cue, Dylan knocks and steps in.

“Hey Mr Jacobsen. Just wanted to apologize about running away last night. And to say thanks also.”

Before he says anything more I pop up from under Mr. Jacobsen’s desk.

“Oh. Didn’t realize you were here.” He says and blushes profusely.

“Actually you have perfect timing. Sit in my seat.” Caleb says and goes to actually lock the door.

Dylan sits and then Mr Jacobsen picks me up and sets me on the desk. We kiss for a moment as he fingers me. I blush as Dylan clears his throat.

“Make her cum.” Caleb says and pulls his fingers from me.

My glance turns to Dylan and he looks surprised.

“Please.” I beg Dylan.

“You’re gonna watch?” He asks Caleb.

“Of course.”

I lay all the way back on the desk and spread my legs. Dylan goes down on me and I cover my mouth. I can’t stop moaning as he eats me out. My legs are shaking and I look down at him. His whole face is buried between my legs.

“Fingers.” Mr Jacobsen tells Dylan.

Two fingers slip into me and I gasp in pleasure. My fingers slip into his hair and I hold his face to my pussy.

“I’m close.” I say.

Warm waves were flowing through my body and I know I am gonna cum in the next few seconds. As Dylan’s fingers curl inside of me, my legs shake and liquid gushes as I make eye contact with Mr Jacobsen.

“Holy Fuck, oh no my shirt.” Dylan says surprised and then immediately takes it off.

I look at his wet chest and my pulsing pussy twitches for him. He’s fit! I sit up and pull him into a heated kiss. Dylan quickly pulls out of the kiss and readjusts his pants and brushes out his hair with his fingers, nervously.

“Well thank you Dylan.” Caleb says and pulls a t shirt out of his desk drawer.

Dylan puts it on and quickly scurries out of the classroom.

“I guess I should go too.” I say and adjust my skirt.

Even though the door was open, Caleb still kisses me goodbye. I stop by the cafeteria and get a bite to eat and sit with Mandy.

“You’ll never believe what happened.” I whisper to her.

“Tell me!”

“Caleb watched Dylan… eat me out.” I whisper in her ear.

“Get out!” Mandy says freaking out.

“It’s true. And Caleb wants to watch you and me together sometime too.” I mention.

She looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Oh it’s happening.” She says seriously.

“I knew you’d say yes. You love being watched.”

We eat our lunch and giggle and chat about our plans for the weekend.

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