Tina and Jacie

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Adult Funnies

Tina and Jacie

MF FF IR Piercing Consent

Part one, life changes

My name is Tina and here I am sitting on a park bench across the street from a popular night spot crying my eyes out. I’m 22 years old and already been used and abused by my only two boy friends. Men are such assholes.

Like it’s not painful enough to go through a break up, yet they have to really fuck your mind in the process. My first boyfriend dumped me at the high school prom. He was mean, a bully who enjoyed extracting humiliation and pain out of anyone he could. Including me.

He made it a point to very loudly belittle me and tell me to fuck off because he was leaving with my bestie.. He told terrible nasty lies about me and had the entire class pointing and laughing at me. I felt like crawling under a rock.

A few weeks later after my eighteenth birthday I hooked up with Carl. He was nice at first, but had a mean temper. We were going out for about six months when he talked me into moving in with him.

Mom and Dad tried talking me out of it but I insisted I was in love and knew what I was doing. I was so wrong. Shortly after we moved in together he changed. He would get angry and hit me. He would get drunk and abuse me physically sexually and mentally. He’d get me drunk and pass me around like a party favor.

I really didn’t know too much about that because he would spike my drinks and I’d lose track of time and events. I’d wake up the next morning with my cunt feeling like it was on fire and a river of cum would dump out of me when I’d get up to go to the bathroom.

I confronted Carl the first time and we had a loud terrible fight with him using me as a punching bag. He called me a whore and said I was nothing without him. He was very controlling., he would make me remove my panties and he would check them to see if I was fucked while He wasn’t home. I felt so trapped and alone but convinced myself that I loved him and needed him.

In our fourth year together he passed me around again at least twice. Id come to naked, in bed or on the Livingroom floor, totally smelling like a fuck fest. The last time, two days ago, I woke up covered in Hickie’s and cum. My cunt and asshole were feeling raw and sore.

My jaw was hurting, I had cum in my hair on my tits and belly. I sat up and the cum gushed out of my abused cunt and asshole. My mouth tasted like stale cum.

I looked around and saw Carl passed out drunk. The apartment door was open and there were cigarette butts all over the place. I knew he would wake up hungover and mean so I pulled on a housecoat, closed the apartment door and started cleaning up.

I cleaned up the apartment being careful not to wake Carl. I was a mess, cum leaking out of both my asshole and cunt. I knew he trained me. He passed me around like a cheap six pack. I felt so degraded, used and worthless. I found a video on his phone of me getting fucked and sucking numerous cocks. I deleted it and wiped any picture I found. Then I went to the bathroom and took a sock in the tub to relax my sore body and cleanse it of the filth all those men dumped in and on me.

Although I could cleanse batıkent escort my body of the cum and scum, I could not cleanse my abused and degraded mind.

When Carl woke up we argued, he left, storming out after again calling me a worthless cum bucket whore and punching me in the face and gut. The punch in the gut forcing me to puke up the contents of my stomach with included all the cum I swallowed while being gang fucked by Carl and his friends.

Carl didn’t come back home, so tonight after hiding my black and blue face with makeup, I tracked him down at his favorite bar. I walked in to find him in the corner fucking some eighteen year old pig in a back corner. I screamed his name out and the bar went silent. I kept screaming, attacking the blonde pig and Carl punched me in the gut again, causing me to puke and says get your shit and get out of my apartment.

I stumbled out of the bar with everybody laughing at me and crossed the street into the park. Here I am, crying my eyes out, abused and battered, finally accepting that men are assholes and I’m just a cunt for their pleasure.

I’m not just telling you, the reader, of this story but I’m doing so while telling it to Jacie who found me sitting here disheveled and crying. I didn’t know her name yet but I welcomed her holding me and her comforting words. She asked me to accompany her to a local coffee shop where we sat and talked for two hours. She is so kind, sensitive and beautiful. She was medium dark skinned, average height well built.

I didn’t know it yet but she is a dominatrix and a lesbian. I felt safe with her. She was very nice and good at listening. She took me to her place for the night where we talked until I fell asleep. The next day she accompanied me to the apartment I shared with Carl to get my things.

While we were there, Carl came in and started pushing me around telling me I was his fucking cunt whore and I wasn’t going anywhere. He made a fist raised it up to take his shot then found himself on the floor against the wall with his nose broken. He yell out you fucking cunt. You broke my nose.

Jacie stepped over him and very softly and quietly with a commanding self assurance told him to get out and don’t come back until we leave or she would break his arm. Unknown to me at the time, Jacie is a mixed martial arts local champion. She fucked him up in one move.

Jacie and I went back to her place and over the next few days we talked a lot. I bared my soul to her, telling her everything. She told me about her life, her likes and the fact that she was a lesbian. She told me I could stay if I wanted, I didn’t have to sleep with her, if I didn’t want to.

I didn’t, we were living together for two weeks before I gave her my first willing sober girl on girl kiss. Her lips were soft, her kiss was sweet. We kiss like a kiss of innocence, undemanding, unexpected, unencumbered. I think that was the point of no return for me. I was falling in love with this beautiful ebony woman.

The first night we made love, it was in her bedroom. Her bed was in the middle of the room surrounded beşevler escort by mirrors with candles lit surrounding the bedroom. It accentuated my stark white skin against her ebony body. It had such an erotic glow. We made love that night. I willingly ate and sucked her beautiful black firm tits and hairless black cunt with its deep red pussy lips.

I sucked her cunt to her urging and instruction and was rewarded with a gusher of sweet girl cum in my mouth, throat and belly. Jacie rolled me over and made love to me sucking my firm large tits and my very white dark haired cunt. Jacie made me cum harder than any man has ever. I was totally drained.

The next morning we made love again with me initiating by waking her up with my mouth attached to her beautiful bald black pussy. Jacie reciprocated by giving me another massive climax.

Later we talked, Jacie asked me how I liked her bald pussy. I answered truthfully that I had never before seen one and I couldn’t understand how it was so smooth. She then told me about her business as a dominatrix, she is also a tattoo artist. She does piercings and permanent hair removal mostly for models, male and female. A process called electrolysis.

Jacie further explained that it was a painless procedure that was done over several appointments. She added that she would do the same for me only if I wished to do it.

I loved the look so I asked her to remove my pussy hair. That day she shaved me bald. The following day she started with the process of permanently removing all my pussy and armpit hair. Over the course of a month, my pussy and armpits were smooth as a newborn baby and had no bumps or rash.

I love Jacie so much and I wanted to pay her back by working for her. I worked as her assistant in the tattoo and piercing shop and when she had private dominatrix sessions. It was in the tattoo shop that I saw my first pierced cocks and pussies.

I don’t care much for cock any more, most are attached to some arrogant assholes that treat women like fuck meat. I have seen a few very well endowed ones that got my juices flowing and Jacie and I would take a break to put out the flames.

Sometimes Jacie would ream out my pussy with a strap on dildo. Over time she kept banging my pussy with larger and larger ones until I am now comfortable with a nine in dildo called the mule.

I love Jacie and would do anything for her. Eventually, I asked Jacie to pierce both my tits and cunt. A term I became comfortable with in conversation. Jacie doesn’t call me a cunt, in fact she has never used demeaning terms with me except in conversation.

Jacie loves and respects me as I do her.

So here I am, Living with my black lesbian dominatrix I’m completely happy, denuded of all body hair, my thirty-six inch tits are pierced with sterling silver rings as well as my navel and cunt lips. I also wear a fine chain that connects both cunt lips together then passes through my navel ring to attach to another chain that is connected to both of my tits.

I might mention that one unique feature of my tits are the very büyükesat escort large pointy nipples that look as if Gerber used them to mold baby bottle nipples.

Lately Jacie has had me wearing teardrop shaped weights to both my nipples and cunt lips. Causing my cunt lips to stretch and become sensitive to the vibrations from the weights clanging together.

In the shop I stay in the back because Jacie likes me to dress in very short dresses that are low cut. My tits are exposed and the hem so high that my stretched weighted cunt lips are exposed for anyone to see.

It helps the guys get hard for their Prince Albert piercings. A lot of the chicks dig it and curiously ask a lot of questions.

I used to be very embarrassed about my near nudity but, because of Jacie’s loving undemanding ways, I learned to accept it and in fact I love knowing I turn them on and Jacie will protect me.

We had one particular customer, a very large black man that kept begging Jacie to let him fuck me. Jacie told me that he brings her a lot of business but the choice to fuck him would have to be mine.

It started out slow, with him touching and fondling my tits and cunt while he was getting tattoo work done. One day he asked me to suck his cock. So I thought why not? This is a good way to see if it will change what Jacie and I have.

His cock was huge, I could barely hold it in one hand. When I put him in my mouth I actually split the corner of my lips. When he came he dumped so much cum I couldn’t swallow it all fast enough.

He didn’t come back for a few weeks. My life with Jacie never changed. She is the kindest sweetest most gentle understanding person I ever knew.

Three weeks later he returned for Jacie to finish filling in some color on his arm. After she was done he looked at me and asked if I’d like to try and fit his immense fuck stick in my cunt.

I agreed and he instructed me to climb up and place his cock at the entrance to my cunt and lower myself at my own pace. I positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt and started rubbing him back and forth through my wet glistening cunt slit.

My large stretched cunt lips were lathering his cock shaft with my flowing juices. I forgot to mention, my cunt lips now resemble slabs of pink German bologna hanging down past my outer labia.

My god I said he was huge, but wow, I never felt so stretched. Jacie fucks me with a nine in strap on and it fills me but this cock is nearly splitting me in two. I slowly moved up and down, taking more and more of his big black cock into my very white totally grossly stretched cunt.

After what seemed like an hour, with beads of sweat rolling off my body and my girl juices coating his mammoth spear, I finally bottomed out. I looked down at the juncture of his pelvis and mine, realizing this black man’s cock is deeper in my body than anyone has ever been.

I started bouncing up and down riding that huge black cock like a princess on a black steed. I was Cumming in rivers, the suction noises of our coupling driving me over the crest of a full on total climax when suddenly he grabs my waist pushing me down while he bellows out and empties his baby making loads of potent black sperm into my unprotected white cunt.

I rolled off of him and stumbled into the back room where I laid down and passed out with his sperm swimming around in my fertile womb. Not knowing at that moment that I was pregnant with his black bastard child.

The end of part one

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