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“My sister, oh my sister!!” I yelled into the darkness. My cock coughed again and again into her depths. Searingly hot semen shot through the fish-mouth of my cock to coat her cunt’s walls, enriching her body with live seed.

Her thighs tightened about my torso as she, too, arrived at the terminal. I felt her muscle clenching around my cock, increasing my pleasure twofold. If I had more semen I would willingly have given it to her. We both fainted away from the power of the joint orgasms. But I am running ahead of myself. Let me tell you how it all began some two years earlier.

Tijiki worked at the library where I liked to make haste after school to snatch some reading time before the special bus service from Bus Station arrived at our bus stop to take the first passengers there. The bus company did this because there were many Government ministries around the library and buses usually got there already packed. We became a common sight on the bus, a tall boy in school uniform with two smartly dressed ladies, who talked incessantly and laughed at the jokes they shared. Tijiki’s colleague was already married with two children, but this did nothing to hinder the unlikely friendship forged among the bookshelves of the library. I, too, loved Tijiki despite being eight years her junior, but in those years it was merely a platonic love.

There was a year’s break after I finished school, because I could not go to the library on a daily basis, nor walk down from the library to the bus stop of an evening. I went to change my books during the daytime hours and returned home. So our regular meetings did not take place that whole year. When we met again, I was an adult with a job at the Bank, which was in town. This too did not permit our meeting on the way to the bus stop, or ride the bus together enjoying each other’s company. I only went to the library to exchange books at the weekend.

One such Saturday, I stayed on reading until I suddenly realised it was nearly closing time. By coincidence, Tijiki was at the counter stamping out books. When our eyes met, she beamed her large smile at me causing me to smile back. When my turn came she greeted me effusively, as she stamped my books.

“Are you working late?” I asked her.

“No, it’s Nellie’s duty today.” Nellie would have given Tijiki a run for her money in the attractiveness department, as she was very beautiful facially and dressed very stylishly. But her waist was too thick, I always thought.

“So we can re-enact our walk to the bus stop?” I asked, my heart beating with excitement.

“Yeah, but a different bus stop,” she told me, smiling cryptically.

“I will pass through the gents’ then we can meet on the main door stairs. Is that OK?”

“See you there in five minutes, Tim!”

We took a bus into town, where she invited me to take another to Lavington with her. I was so glad to see her and be able to spend time with her that I readily agreed. At Lavington Green we got off and walked the short distance to a new block of flats, where she had recently bought one. The windows were hung with floral-patterned curtains. The sofas were of a pattern picking up the brown and pale greens of the curtains. The carpet was a lighter shade of the brown. Even the colouring of the dining tables wood and its six chairs echoed the other furnishings’. Coming from the village illegal bahis environment this seemed like paradise to me.

Once inside her door we clung to one another. She told me that she loved me powerfully, that my height (nearly 6 2) was a strong draw to her. On top of that I that I loved books, her first love. She kissed me hard on the mouth, to which I gave enthusiastic reply. I was all the more excited that I was now living my fantasy of holding this wonderful woman who was about to initiate me into the world of love and sex, I felt sure.

I peeled off my shirt and discarded it onto the carpet. Then I unbuttoned her white silk blouse, revealing her large boobs on a slender frame still encased in her bra.

“How naughty you are, undressing your big sister!”

“I have only begun,” bending down to draw her skirt down her legs. She kicked it off and behind her without hesitation. I placed my hands on her panties over her buttocks, rubbing them gently. I felt her pelvis pushed into mine as her desire mounted. I swung my hips slightly to bring my cock in line with her panty-covered pussy. Our kiss intensified as her boobs rubbed against my chest. She tugged at my belt and soon succeeded in opening it and the zip. My trousers cascaded down my legs, and following the example of ‘big sister’ kicked them away.

It was the turn of her bra to join the untidy heaps on the floor. Fumbling a bit, I managed to unclasp it and let it slide down her shoulders and off. Pulling my chest an inch away from her torso allowed the bra to fall completely off leaving her nipples, as erect as a Yeoman guard, to poke into my chest. I had felt nothing so wild-making before that time. My cock jumped in my briefs. She felt the seismic force of my erection and placed her tender, slender fingers around the cotton-clad weapon, soon to bludgeon her pussy. “What a strong man you are down here, small brother!” as she fondled me, driving me yet higher.

“Oh, Tijiki,” I wailed between kisses. “Please take the underwear away. I want to feel your soft hands on my cock.” Presently I felt the delicate fingers curled over my bare cock, gently pulling the skin up and down.

“It feels both soft and hard. How is that possible?”

I am sure your vagina prefers the hard part!

“My, lord! Who would have known how naughty you are, with such a small-boy innocence on your face!

Soon the only garment on either of our bodies was her brilliant white panty. It did not withstand much longer as it too was added to the heap. She pulled me backwards into the bedroom and onto her large bed, in the process opening her legs wide, greedy for my cock to enter her. Her tender fingers parked the head of my rampant cock against her lips. Then she ran it down her slit, writing the first roman numeral with my cock as pencil. I felt her wetness and jumped. She pulled me back again and wrote another two numeral ones on her slit, now covered in her wetness.

“Come in now, baby!” I felt the helmet of my cock swallowed into her warm channel. I drew back a bit and then drove forward. “Welcome to your domain!” she purred. When I had plumbed her depths I stopped to let us feel the join. I looked into her wide-open eyes. They looked as if she were suffering some excruciating pain, yet the rest of the face showed enjoyment. I made a shallow movement. If possible her eyes became illegal bahis siteleri even wider. Now lust showed through clearly. I made some more shallow strokes.

She sucked her breath in like she was eating sugarcane. I kept that tempo somehow feeling that these slow, shallow strokes suited her. Sure enough before we had gone very far, I noticed an indescribable change in the quality of her eyes. Her breathing became heavier, and her thighs tightened about my groin. She opened her mouth wide, and let out a hoarse cry. I felt her muscles clenching over my cock causing me to slow down. A trembling set up in her body. Her hands held me tightly as if fearing I would run off before she was quite done. Tijiki was coming for me. How proud did that make me feel!

Gradually her breathing slowed back to normal. “How many months we have wasted! We would have been taking each other on this kind of trip since last year.”

I replied with, “You know?” And we hugged each other laughing with relief that we have launched into a new phase of our lives, one filled with many delights.

That was merely a test-drive, to let you get a feel of what I can do for you.”

Really? You can do more to your big sister?”

I mumbled my reply as the mouth was now sucking her breast. I ran circles around her aureoles, occasionally nudging her nipples. I wandered over the wilderness of her chest and tummy, until I licked the first pubic hairs. This excited me so much that I had to pause to gather my wits. I realised that she was so eager for me to arrive at her cunt that she had thrown her legs wantonly apart. I descended slowly down one outer lip, then up to the head of the wobbly capital A formed by her newly-fucked lips, down the other leg of the letter. At times I could feel the slippery wetness welling up from within, but that would come later.

Savagely I dipped into the space framed by the letter, that is, into her gaping slit. Aiiieeee! Rob! I flattened my tongue into a doggy one and, starting at the bottom of the letter A I licked all the way up to her clit, pushing it sideways. She had a very long slit, echoing her long legs, especially when she was wearing trousers. I could feel that her clitoris, hidden inside its hood, was fully engorged with blood, making it like a miniature cock. I then let the tip of the tongue flick that nub first one way then the other. I heard a deep groan from where I would have expected her elbow to be. She had twisted herself grotesquely in the throes of what she was going through. I flattened the tongue and ran it down that long slit again. A deeper-pitched whine was my reward. Her hands clamped around the side of my head.

On the next trip up I moved, reversed, moved up again. You are torturing me, little brother! How delicious those words sounded to my ears, for I understood them to mean that I was giving her the sweetest pleasure. I arrived at her clitoral hood, and played a game much like I had done when I was last in this neck of the woods. She screamed her delight, while I moaned into her wet flesh.

Suddenly I pulled the whole into my mouth, drawing an animal-like sound from my beloveds throat. I pushed it out then in again rapidly. Then I bit it between my lips while most of it was inside my mouth. This finally became too much for her to bear and she screamed at the top of her lungs, canlı bahis siteleri Roo-ob! Oooooh, aiiieeee! I am comiiiingggg! Her hands squeezed my head harder as her thighs clamped tightly around them locking me solid. Even had I wanted to move my head it would have been impossible. Big sister came for a long time, nearly suffocating me between her thighs and the beddings.

When I finally lifted my face from that dark dungeon, I was covered in a wetness no doubt from her coming. She panted heavily from her exertions, then her whole body loosened, her hands fell to her side and the legs slumped back onto the bed. She continued breathing heavily as she subsided. I was gently licking the top of her mons, while my hands fondled her hips, sides and tummy. Then I lay my head on the side of one thigh, as I too caught my breath.

That is truly a trip to paradise, my love!” she said breathlessly. I sidled my body up along hers until I could meet her eyes. They were filled with a deep gratitude that needed no words to express.

Just imagine! And I am not charging today. She held me tightly and drew me in for a kiss. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, wrestling my own inside its domain. She then dragged mine into her mouth and continued the wrestling match. Unfortunately my cock, on recess for a considerable time now, started to stretch itself against her tummy. She felt that movement and her hand gripped the stem with great force, almost hurting me. Apparently she too was ready for another romp.

Without releasing her mouth, I rolled her on top of me and manoeuvred her legs astride me while she lay on me. She needed no bidding to guide the weapon in her hand to her receptive cunt. As wet as it was, it swallowed the rod in one movement all the way up to the balls. “Aaaah,” she sighed. She held it still for a short moment before beginning a soft gentle movement, giving herself the long slow strokes that I had given her earlier. Her tits were bouncing about in front of my face.

I held her firmly by the hips, bringing her down into my cock with some force.

“That’s right my love! Drive that huge black cock into my ripe cunt!” I goaded her. I felt my cock head butting against her cervical entrance, exciting her even more. She bounced higher as her fires mounted, giving herself longer and longer strokes. Deeper I drove into her hungry cunt. On an especially deep, long stroke, I let out a yell, “Yeooow! Tijiki, what a great fucker you are!”

“Aaaah, I am comi-iiiingg!” she yelled. Her thighs clamped tightly against my slender hips, her arms straightened out as hands rested on my chest, eyes closed in that moment of final ecstasy. I clenched my buttocks as waves of pleasure washed all over me. Sperm shot out like missiles from a launcher, bombarding her walls with fertile seed. She screamed again from the sheer pleasure of taking me to the point of helplessness, for even if my boss or other leader burst into the room and ordered me to stop, I would have been completely unable to obey.

She collapsed onto my chest squashing her tits against my chest, panting like a steam engine. “Good work, my love! You have taken both of us to the pinnacle!” I whispered in her ear, which was very close to my face. I tightened and then loosened my buttock muscles to move by hips gently thereby pushing my cock into her in gentle movements. “Woooi, please have mercy on me, darling!” I held her hips firmly as I made my movements even gentler. She held me tightly by the neck, moaning her pleasure as my cock slid along her channel softly.

We then fell into a deep, satisfied slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32