Tight Places

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After an adventurous freshman year of college that included my first lesbian experience, my first sexual experience with two guys at one time and several sessions of mutual masturbation with my roommate, I was determined to have as much fun during my sophomore year. After the first week of classes was over, my new roommate, Tara, and I decided Friday night was going to be a busy one. As we were getting ready, the phone calls were made and a plan was put into place to make our rounds at on “The Strip”, a row of bars tucked into a corner on the edge of campus.

Tara was about 5’5″ and 100 pounds with perky B Cupped breasts that stood at attention. She wiggled her way into a form fitting black dress that came several inches above her knees. Up top, it had thin straps and was low cut that gave a generous view of her cleavage. Though I didn’t pay too much attention as she got dressed, I was pretty sure she hadn’t put any panties on underneath, perhaps expecting some excitement from her boyfriend, Rob, during the evening. Being that I didn’t have a boyfriend to excite and frankly wasn’t looking for one, I dressed a bit more conservatively. I pulled on a red satin thong with a t back over my freshly shaven mound before putting on a red, white and black sundress that came just to top of my cleavage, low cut enough to show the valley between my C cups. A bra just wasn’t practical so I went without.

Heading down stairs, we were picked up by Rob, who had his friend, Trevor with him. Both fit the tall dark and handsome cliché and were the typical frat boy stereotypes. Tara and I hopped in the back seat of his two door and we headed out. We met up with several others and mingled early on. Tara and I were not quite 21 yet, but never had a hard time with getting drinks at the bars and tonight was no exception with Trevor and Rob bringing us whatever we wanted. After a few drinks we hit the dance floor with the guys joining.

I had known Trevor since my freshman year, but there was never anything sexual between us. As the drinks set in, Tara and I began getting giggly and I could tell that she was feeling frisky on the dance floor. I moved into Tara and we danced face to face. Tara was running her hands up and down my sides with the occasional brushing of my breasts and pulling up of my dress. I watched as Rob came in behind her hand wrapped his arms around her hips, running his hands up over her beasts and down onto her thighs. Trevor came in behind me and I could feel his hands loosely placed on my hips. Trevor kept a safe distance, an attempt I believed was in a way to prevent me from feeling awkward, but with my liquid courage, and current state of arousal, I pushed my ass back into his crotch, and proceeded to rub it up and down on his ever swelling member. In no time, I could feel that Trevor’s cock was rock hard, and it was BIG. Trevor bent lower than I causing my ass to grind into the area above his cock. I arched my back and slide my ass up and down his hard shaft. Trevor put a hand on each side of my ass and helped to guide my ass up and down. Sneaking his fingers toward the inside of my cheeks, Trevor clinched and spread my cheeks, causing my pussy to spread with them. Trevor guided me back a bit more and I could feel his member sliding up and down between my cheeks, separated by just the fabric of my dress and the thin string that ran between my cheeks. I could feel the moisture between my legs and ever so cautiously slid a hand between my legs to check. It was obvious by just a quick touch that my stain panties had collected quite a bit of my moisture. Trevor released his grip, causing my ass and pussy lips to snap back into place. As they did, I felt my soaking panties get pulled into my sloshing hole.

As Tara and I faced each other in the middle, with the boys on the outside, grinding their cocks into us. Watching as Rob would dip his hands below Tara’s dress and seeing the smile on Tara’s face, I leaned in.

“You didn’t wear any panties did you?”


With that, we both laughed as she tilted her head back to accept Rob’s kiss on her neck. Tara whispered something in Rob’s ear and that when I felt the row of dance partners close in. Rob’s hands began to wander onto my hips as Trevor’s went to Tara’s. The more we danced, the more wandering hands were doing. I could see that Tara’s hand was behind her and apparently rubbing Rob’s cock as his facial expressions were confirming just that. Trevor ran his hands up the front of Tara’s dress and over her tits, stopping as he traced her cleavage with a finger. Watching Trevor run his hands over his friend’s girlfriend, while he stood right behind her made me wonder if Tara had ever fucked Trevor, then my naughty thought kicked in that maybe she had been with both at the same time. Abruptly ending my thought was Trevor bringing his hands back to my body and running a hand down the front of my dress and testing how far down he could go. Going a little further with each pass, he finally made it to the area above my satin covered mound. Only two thin layers of fabric separated him from my ever moistening pussy. Giving him a little encouragement, I hiked my dress up a bit, so the bottom of it rested just even with the entrance gaziosmanpaşa escort to my sweetening hole. Trevor let his hand linger at the hem line of my dress as he built up the courage to go underneath.

Tara obviously saw what was happening as I could see her looking down, trying to catch a peek at what was underneath, with Rob doing the same. Finally, Tara reached down and flipped up the front of my dress, showing herself and Rob my damped red satin panties that had slid their way into my hole. Instead of covering my entire mound, they now looked like a single thing strip of fabric barley covering my slit. Reaction set in and I snatched it down, but it was too late, I had been discovered. Rob laughed knowing that Trevor had missed the view. I responded by pulling at the top of Tara’s low cut dress which resulted in one of her breasts coming out. She quickly covered it with her hand as Trevor, Rob and I got in a quick laugh. Rob quickly came to her aid and slid both his hands inside the top of her dress cupping each breast. Rob offered a quick massage to each before returning his hands to her sides.

With that, we decided to leave the dance floor and after discovering how busy the bar had gotten decided to leave. With all of us feeling extremely randy by now, we made our way to the car as Rob and Tara teased with playful pinches and erotic grabs. We all stood outside the car as Rob lit a cigarette and he and Tara stood by the driver’s door. With Rob leaning back on the door, Tara stood just in front of him, noticeably rubbing his cock through his jeans. They were making no attempt to hide their actions as Trevor sat on the trunk and I stood facing him between his legs. We both watched as Tara stroked up and down on Rob’s jeans. After a moment, Tara looked up and saw she was being watched. Breaking out in laughter she stopped and ran to and opened the passenger door.

Rob got into the driver’s seat with Trevor in the back behind him as I got into the back behind Tara who sat in the front passenger seat. We sat for a few minutes figuring out where to go next. As we did, Tara leaned into the center console and put her left arm in Rob’s lap. Beginning by rubbing the outside of his pants again, as Rob began pulling out of the parking lot, she had un-zipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out and began stroking it. I adjusted me angle and I was able to see her pumping up and down on his cock. Rob had a pretty nice sized cock, but didn’t look as big as Trevor’s while grinding it into my ass on the dance floor. I wanted to see Trevor’s huge cock, but hadn’t quite brought up the nerve to reach over and pull it out yet. Rob had decided to leave the strip and we were heading to another club across town.

My side was up against the passenger side of the car so I could see what was going on in Rob’s lap and Trevor soon noticed that I was so intently watching. Trevor slid over the seat and was now sitting right next to me. Trevor began watching as Tara continued to slowly stroke Rob. During all my adjusting trying to get the best angle, my dress had ridden up and Trevor was able to look into my lap and see the red satin peeking out from my crotch. Trevor put his hand on my thigh and began to slowly slide it up and down, each pass inching closer to my wetness. I adjusted again, spreading my legs slightly too silently give Trevor the go ahead. Trevor reacted by guiding his hand onto the front of my panties. Using a finger, he began to rub my slit and instantly noticed the wetness that had been oozing out of me all night. Trevor quickly pulled my panties to the side and began to run circles over my swollen clit. After letting a quick moan slip, Tara looked back and saw the action of the back seat. After seeing the excited look on her face, she leaned over the console and put her head into Rob’s lap and began bobbing up and down him, taking his cock into her mouth. My view of his member was now blocked, but I could see her going up and down on him and could hear the slurping sounds being made by the mixture of her mouth and his pre cum which was surely by now leaking from his cock.

As Trevor continued his slow assault of my clit, Tara had adjusted herself to her knees on the passenger seat as she leaned over the center console. Tara’s ass was up in the air and her dress had ridden up allowing the bottom of her ass cheeks to peek out, giving anyone who passed our car a great view of her surely wet pussy from behind. I reached into the front and ran my hand over her ass. Hiking her skirt up a little more, I exposed her full as and gave her a gentle smack. She responded by letting out a moan on Rob’s cock as she continued to suck. I continued to rub my hand over her ass as Trevor watched. I could tell his anticipation was building on what would happen next. Wanting to give him and her a little shock, I slid my hand down the split between her cheeks and grazed a finger over the puckering bud of her asshole. I knew Tara was into anal sex and knew she would get a rise out of a teasing of her blossom. After a quick circular massage, my finger traced the outside of her wet lips and pressed gently, separating the lips and feeling the juices gölbaşı escort that were building and sneaking out of her heated cunt.

Returning my hand to the back seat, Tara reached into the back with her left hand, feeling her way up Trevor’s leg to his crotch. Grabbing at what was obviously his hard member; Tara reached his zipper and pulled it down. Sliding her hand into his pants, she retrieved his erect cock and sprang it out of the opening. Clearly seeing that I hadn’t built up the nerve, Tara had taken things into her own hands as she was now reaching for my hand, which I had held out to her in anticipation of what was going to happen. She softly guided my hand down onto Trevor’s manhood and I began to slowly stroke it as he slid a finger down my slit and past my wet lips into an eager opening. As he began to splash in and out of me with his finger, I sped up my stroking on his enormous two hand length pulsing cock. A brief moment of nervousness came over me as I thought of the possibility of this huge rod pounding my ever eager hole and how I’d never had anything nearly this size before. That quickly went away as Trevor had worked my hole close to orgasm.

Feeling me tense up, and approach orgasm, Trevor sped up the pounding he was giving me with is finger. I was soon cumming and splashing his hand with my orgasm. As my body pulsed, Trevor slid his finger out of me and gently massaged my lips with my juices while my body calmed. After slowing my stroking of his cock and catching my breath, I pushed him back to his side of the car and knelt on my knees, putting my face down into his lap to get my first un-obstructed view of his huge cock. Guiding it into my mouth my hand, I had to open my mouth more than I ever had during any blow job I had ever given. Taking the head into my mouth I circled it with my tongue then pulled my mouth off. I traced the length of his shaft with my tongue before returning to his mushroom and taking him as deep as I could. As I began to bob up and down and coat his shaft with saliva, I could hear Rob reaching orgasm as he began to moan. I wanted nothing more than to look up and watch him fill Tara’s mouth with his warm, thick cum, but I didn’t want to take away what I was giving to Trevor. While my mouth was pumping away on Trevor, I couldn’t help but think of Tara’s mouth surrounding Rob’s throbbing cock as it erupted and splashed the back of her throat with the warm liquid. Then I thought of how I was bringing Trevor to the point where it would be the back of my throat being coated with his thick splashes.

Shortly thereafter, Tara sat up and looked back at Trevor and I, as she wiped the mixture of cum and saliva from her lips. As Rob pulled into the parking lot of the club, Tara leaned back against the passenger door, with her legs in front of her and her feet on the center console; she spread her legs and began to slide her hand up and down the wet swollen lips of her heated cunt. Rob parked, sat back and lit a cigarette as he watched his girl playing with herself as she watched me giving head to his friend. It was clear no one had any intention on getting out of the car and go inside the club. To give a better show, I unbuttoned Trevor’s jeans and he helped slide them down to his thighs. Giving me access to his balls, I rolled them in the palm of my hand. I slid my mouth up over his shaft and shroom with a powerful sucking and taking my mouth off his cock. My mouth and hand quickly switched positions as I began to stroke his shaft and tongue at his shaven balls.

While teasing at his balls and steadily stroking his shaft, Tara put her hand onto my ass which was in the air as hers had been. She softly traced my cheeks with her fingers before sliding them down into the crease of my ass and over my rose bud asshole which was covered by a wet, cummy thin strip of satin. Tracing back up to the top of my thong, she pulled the waistband over my hips and down onto my thighs, freeing my lips to her eyes. Leaving my thong around my thighs, she slowly traced up my inner thigh before reaching my smooth and lubricated heat, the whole while running circles over her swollen clit. Tara split her fingers and ran one on each side of my slit, softly rubbing each side of my lips. Returning my mouth to Trevor’s throbbing head, I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer before allowing me to taste his juice. While stroking his shaft from top to bottom, my lips and tongue followed up and down, up and down fiercely. After getting her fingers lubricated with my juices, Tara ran her fingers over my pussy and with two fingers circled my bud, causing me to assault Trevor’s cock even harder.

Hearing Trevor beginning to moan, I slid my mouth off his cock and looked up and him as I eagerly stroked him. His face told me he was so close and it wasn’t going to be long. As I tried to figure out how I wanted his cum, Trevor put his hand on the back of my head and led my back to his cock. Wrapping my lips around his mushroom where it met his shaft, I continued to stroke him as he bucked his hips and let loose and powerful burst of fluid into the back of my mouth. I didn’t even get a chance to taste it as it shot past keçiören escort my mouth and straight down my throat. As I felt the warms oozing down my throat, a second and third burst came, each as powerful as the next. I slowed my stroking and began tracing his shroom with my lips still around his head. He continued to fill my mouth through not with powerful shots. Now it was gently oozing out of his head and filling my mouth faster than I could swallow it. I could feel it escaping my lips and providing my hand continued lubrication as I gently ever slowing stroked him. As he finished, I stopped stroking and slowly slid my mouth up and down to clean what had seeped out of my mouth.

As Trevor came all over my mouth, I never noticed that Tara had leaned her seat back and laid back in it. She had put her feet on the dashboard as she was allowing two of her fingers to penetrate past her lips and into her pussy while watching Trevor and me. Rob had pulled his pants down to his knees and was climbing between Tara’s spread legs. As I sat up and wiped Trevor’s thick cum from my lips, I slid my panties the rest of the way down and over my heels and placed the now dark red sopping wet satin material on the center console. Trevor picked up the thong and rubbed it over his cock, soaking up any bits of cum that had been left, mixing it the juices that I have recently left. He finished up and put them back on the console.

As Rob passionately began kissing Tara while positioning himself between her legs, she took a firm hold of his regained erection and guided it toward her awaiting pussy. She rubbed the head of his cock up and down in her slit as he pulled the straps of her dress down over her shoulders, allowing her perky tits to pop out. As Rob leaned in to suck on Tara’s hardened nipple, she showed his cock in and allowed it to slide past her lips and into her juicy pussy. As it went in I could hear the suctioning and slurping as his head spread her walls and moved the juices, no doubt causing them to drizzle out of her and onto the seat. Rob increased his speed as the two found a steady rhythm with Tara laying her head back and moaning.

Entranced by watching Tara get fucked, a whole new level of horny came over me. Trevor took notice and laid me back against the side of the back seat. Pushing my legs up and spreading them, Trevor took place between my thighs and began licking the lips of my waiting pussy. Trevor licked up my slit and began circling my clit with his tongue. Utilizing his hand, Trevor teased and stretched my hole, by putting two fingers just past my lips and spreading them. As Trevor delivered a tantalizing furry of patterns over my clit, I slip the top of my dress down, allowing my tits to be captured by my hands and immediately massaged. Feeling the excitement in my nipples, I laid a soft pinch and pull to my nipples.

Looking to the front, I saw Rob looking down at his friend eating my pussy. His head turned and we locked eyes. Rob increased the pounding he was giving Tara’s cunt and it almost seemed as though he may have been thinking of as his cock slid rapidly in and out of Tara, splashing each time it did. Tara laid her hand across the back of the seat and reached back. I took her hand in mine and guided it to my lips. She traced my lips before I took a finger into my mouth and softly sucked it. She slowly slid it out and blindly felt to my breasts as she where she found my hard nipple and circled it with her lubricated finger.

Rob stopped his assault and pulled Tara up to turn her around. With his back to the windshield she turned to face me, offering her dripping pussy to him from behind. Rob leaned forward and easily slid his cock back into her hole. Resting her head on the seat, Tara reached with both hands and began rubbing my breasts and sneaking in a pinch and a tug to my nipples. Trevor was sitting up and leaning to me as he leaned into kiss. Offering his tongue to me immediately, I offered mine back and tasted all of my juices from his mouth. As he continued to lean in, I spread my legs as far as I could, one up the back seat and to the rear window and the other through the separation of the front seats towards the dash. I knew I was going to have to give him extra room is I was going to take his whole cock in me. I knew I was wet enough and knew I would be able to take it with ease.

As Trevor slapped my lips with is cock and rubbed it in my slit, Tara took her hands back and braced her self on the seat. I grabbed on of them as if I needed support while taking this huge cock into my stretching pussy. Trevor gently slid in and as I felt him forcing my inner walls out, I pulled Tara’s hand to me and forced two fingers into my mouth as I prevented a scream of pleasure from alerting everyone in the parking lot to our actions. I was able to take Trevor’s entire shaft into me. After a few slow thrusts, Trevor began working my hole and gradually increased the thrusting until it was a steady pounding making audible the smack of his balls under my pussy. I know I was continuously leaking juices as I could hear them splashing with each thrust he delivered as his balls would smack into them. As Trevor reached maximum speed, I could feel my pussy begin to convulse around his massive cock. As Trevor continued to beat and pound my pussy wider and deeper than it had ever been stretched before, I began forcefully squeezing by breasts and pinching and pulling my nipples. As I came closer to orgasm, Trevor leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth. What started as a soft suck quickly turned to soft biting and pulling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32